No Mosques At Ground Zero

Ground Zero Mosque will be Dawaah’s greatest CONQUEST
August 31, 2010, 5:15 pm
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Check out one of their dawaah sites..>> Dawaah: Invitation to Allah

This is what Imam Rauf has been doing for 3o years, TEACHING the  infidel about the ‘beauty’ of  Islam

What’s in a Word?

By (American Spectator)

“Dawa” […]  the motivation behind the drive to build the “Ground Zero” mosque in Manhattan.

[….] As Andrew McCarthy, the former U.S. prosecutor who put the “blind sheik” and his allies in prison for their part in the 1983 World Trade Center garage bombing, puts it this way:Dawa, whether done from the rubble of the World Trade Center or elsewhere, is the missionary work by which Islam is spread...The purpose of dawa, like the purpose of jihad, is to implement, spread and defend sharia.”


Imam Rauf, now on a U.S. State Department-sponsored “good will” tour of Muslim countries, is widely considered to be an example of “moderate” Islam; however, among his more memorable quotations are these:

  • …United States policies were an accessory to the crime (9/11) that occurred.
  • …the United States has more Muslim blood on its hands than al Qaida has on its hands of innocent non-Muslims. You may remember that the US-led sanctions against Iraq led to the death of over half a million Iraqi children.

While Rauf does not endorse violence, he professes to understand its roots; that it is the reaction of oppressed people to authoritarian regimes supported by the U.S. He has declined to describe Hamas as a terrorist organization.

Rauf has been heading the Cordoba Initiative which professes to create “an atmosphere of interfaith tolerance and respect.” […] they should note also that the name of the proposed mosque-community center is Cordoba House… from the Cordoba, Spain mosque built on the ruins of a Catholic church after the Muslim conquest of Spain in the 8th Century. The Christians reconquered Spain in 1492 and Islam lost “al Andalus.”

This is one of the “humiliations” that ardent Muslims want to avenge.…the name “Cordoba House” stands for “conquest” … an example of dawa in action: Islamist triumphalism.

[snip]  Muslim purists, however, believe that every aspect of life is prescribed in the Koran and the hadith (the writings of and about Mohammed) which makes secular government superfluous. Militants such as al Qaida and its allies seek to eliminate these “infidel” institutions by violence. Other determined Muslims, such as the Muslim Brotherhood (founded in Egypt in 1928) choose to accomplish it by dawa — stealth.

Rauf (and others like him) hopes and works for a world that has fully adopted Islam and sharia, but wants to do so without violence. Dawa is a one-step-at-a-time process. Rauf’s State Department trip is dawa in action as is the fact the FBI hired him after 9/11 to conduct sensitivity-training sessions for its personnel[…]

(Regarding the Ground Zero Mosque)  It is not a matter of religious freedom or property rights. It is a matter of appropriateness. If it is allowed to be built virtually next door to Ground Zero, it will be dawa‘s greatest triumph in the United States to date.

Peter Hannaford is a member of the Committee on the Present Danger. He was closely associated with the late President Reagan for a number of years.

And  to UNDERSTAND Bloomberg’s reasoning, the facts are in, it IS  ALL ABOUT THE MONEY —>>

Robert Spencer: Bloomberg’s Ground Zero Mosque Dividend

9/11 Ground Zero Rally Needs Help
August 31, 2010, 4:20 pm
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9/11 Ground Zero rally needs help

editor’s note (American Thinker)

ACTION ALERT: The rally planned for Ground Zero on September 11th, protesting the planned mosque, needs assistance.
Ground zero bus
Jihad Watch explains the situation:
Our rally will be on September 11 at 3PM in lower Manhattan, at the corner of Park Place and West Broadway.
Speakers will include 9/11 family members, former U.S. Ambassador to the UN John Bolton; Dutch freedom fighter Geert Wilders (LIVE!); journalist Andrew Breitbart (either live or via video stream); NY Senate candidate Gary Bernsten; war hero and NC Congressional candidate Ilario Pantano;  NY Congressional candidate and 9/11 first responder Michael Grimm; Coptic Christian activist Joseph Nassralla; a spokesman for the ACLJ, and other freedom fighters and proud Americans.
Our expenses for this are enormous. The staging and video screen for the speakers who will be joining us remotely costs over $12,000 alone. We also have to hire a large number of security guards: our speakers need to be guarded from the proponents of “tolerance” and “multiculturalism.” Both of us have received recent, specific death threats from the supporters of the “moderate” Ground Zero mosque. And we need people patrolling through the crowd, ejecting plants and agitators trying to create an incident that the Leftist media can exploit to tar opponents of the mosque as racists and bigots. We need money for posters, fliers, press releases, food and lodging for speakers, and more.
It’s a massive undertaking, and we need your help. Our total expenses for this rally could exceed $50,000. Politico is answering Nancy Pelosi’s authoritarian, un-American call to investigate opponents of the mosque, and is nosing around our finances — all they’ll discover is that we have no huge donations, and are relying on the support of free Americans to make this rally a reality. Please consider giving $100. If we could find just 500 people who could each give that amount, we would be able to meet most or all of our expenses. If you can’t give $100, please give what you can and what you think this cause warrants. Donations to Jihad Watch will be devoted to the mosque rally, and are tax-deductible.

Make your tax-deductible donation here.

September 11 , 2010 at 3 :00 PM

Ground zero bus
More on the Rally here

The Best of : Sharif “I am a resource” el-Gamal (video)
August 30, 2010, 8:16 am
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Some clips from recent appearances of Sharif el-Gamal, the intended owner of the Ground Zero mosque (once someone in Saudi Arabia  coughs up the rest of the money)

El-Gamal is also the newly revealed waiter cum real estate mogul and  also a thug who punches out tenants who don’t pay their rent; but doesn’t bother to pay his taxes on the Ground Zero Mosque .

After all, as he so coyly revealed at a CB #1 meeting ,  “I am a  resource” Whatta guy….


Read more about el-Gamal’s good friend, Imam Rauf- Slumlord, —>here

Feisal rauf qatar

And Atlas Shrugs has more on “I don’t pay taxes” el-Gamal —>here

And from Jihad Watch —->>

“The mosque developers are tax deadbeats,” to the tune of $224,270.77

Thanks to  Ravi in the comments section for the next tid-bit: The billion dollar face behind NY mosque (and , of course, are any of us  SURPRISED?)

Saudi Arabia’s Al-Waleed bin Talal is back in the spotlight for allegedly being one of the financers of the mosque near 9/11 Ground Zero in downtown Manhattan.

One of the richest men in the world, Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal bin Abdulaziz al-Saud has recently been named as being one of the financers behind the planned Islamic center in downtown Manhattan by Fox News — which is owned by a company in which, ironically, he is also a major stakeholder, reports Foreign Policy magazine.

It is believed that bin Talal has pumped more than $300,000 into the project headed by New York imam Feisal Abdul Rauf as part of the prince’s campaign to ‘improve the image of Islam among the American public.’

It is to be noted that in October 2001, following the World Trade Center attacks, New York mayor Rudy Giuliani turned down a $10 million donation from Al-Waleed for disaster relief after the prince suggested the United States ‘must address some of the issues that led to such a criminal attack,’ and ‘re-examine its policies in the Middle East.’

However, Giuliani interpreted his statements as drawing ‘a moral equivalency between liberal democracies like the United States, like Israel, and terrorist states and those who condone terrorism.’

El-Gamal-waiter to real estate mogul-paid cash for GZ Mosque !
August 27, 2010, 1:07 am
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Vodpod videos no longer available.

MYFOXNY.COM – by CHARLES LEAF: While Imam Faisal Abdul Rauf has dominated headlines about the proposed cultural center and mosque near Ground Zero in lower Manhattan, developer Sharif el-Gamal, 37, is actually the central figure behind the project.

Yet just a few years ago, el-Gamal was waiting tables in some fancy Manhattan restaurants.

Naturally, we wanted to talk to Sharif el-Gamal to learn more about the man and his plans, but apparently he didn’t want to meet us. We made repeated requests for a sit down interview with him, left him multiple voice mail messages and he never returned any of our calls. We even went to his office and talked to colleagues, but we were turned away. He left us with no choice: We had to go find him.

El-Gamal is an American Muslim reportedly born to a Polish mother and an Egyptian father. He was raised in Brooklyn.

Today, el-Gamal’s company, Soho Properties, owns the building where arguably the most controversial mosque in the world will be built. He bought the old Burlington Coat Factory building at 45 Park Place, two blocks from the World Trade Center site, for $4.8 million in cash in 2009.

We asked him where he got the money to put down on the property, but he stayed silent when we approached him.

His newfound notoriety was an extraordinary leap from his not-too-distant days as a waiter at Serafina, a trendy Upper East Side eatery, and at Michael’s, an upscale celebrity-filled restaurant packed with a veritable who’s who in media.

El-Gamal’s former restaurant bosses and co-workers told Fox 5 that the young and opportunistic el-Gamal thrived on the buzz from bumping elbows with marquee names and relished the opportunity to schmooze the high dollar clientele.

“Customers would come in and ask for him, he had his regulars,” said Cosmo Sammarone, a Serafina waiter.

El-Gamal left Serafina in 2002 and started selling real estate. But in just a year, he went from broker to business owner and launched his own real estate company, Soho Properties, in 2003. Records show he is the president and chief executive officer.

A long-time associate of his says el-Gamal isn’t quite who he seems to be. The associate asked Fox 5 to protect his identity because he fears retribution.

“I was pretty much in shock when I saw him on the news as the developer,” the associate said. “What I can say about Sharif is nothing good.

He said el-Gamal liked living in the fast lane, meeting celebrities in the restaurants were he worked, and partying with them at nightclubs.

“Very persuasive, master manipulator,” he said of el-Gamal.

Today, el-Gamal’s holdings included at least four buildings in Manhattan, including the site near Ground Zero, one in Chelsea, and two residential buildings in Washington Heights, where tenants seem to like him.

Records show el-Gamal bought the Washington Heights properties in 2007 for a little less than $3 million each.

Ken Brandman, president of N.Y. Commercial Real Estate Services, knows el-Gamal well. He, too, was a bit surprised to hear el-Gamal is the developer in the mosque near Ground Zero.

“I don’t think he has a lot of money,” Brandman said. “I’m sure he didn’t buy it with his own money.”

Soho Properties bought the site for the mosque for $4.8 million in cash. Just four months later, with Manhattan’s real estate market collapsed, el-Gamal made an even bigger deal.

With credit super tight, and prices plummeting, he paid $45 million for a 12-story commercial building in Chelsea that sold three years earlier for $31 million.

“It seems like a lot of pay in a downturn, considering it went for considerably less during the boom,” said Stuart Elliott, the editor of Real Deal magazine.

El-Gamal, the waiter turned mogul, plunked down another $5 million as down payment on the Chelsea building.

“Something’s up with that deal,” Ken Brandman said. “Unless someone gave him a lot of money, or he won the lottery, than somebody else put up the money.”

Fox 5 News has learned that el-Gamal did have help from a man named Hisham Elzanaty. Mortgage documents show that Elzanaty is the guarantor on the $39 million loan el-Gamal’s company secured to buy the building.

We repeatedly asked El-Gamal where he raised the money, where it was coming from, but he refused to answer our questions and run from us. He also did not answer the question of whether he would consider relocating the mosque

INSERT: some background on Hisham Elzanaty from jammy wearing fool

Now we assume Elzanaty is local and can find very little information on anyone with that name. But it appears to be this guy.

Interesting who this Hisham Elzanaty has donated money to in recent years: Barack Obama, Kirsten Gillibrand, Lyndon LaRouche and Cynthia McKinney. In fact he’s donated to Gillibran, a mosque supporter, just two weeks ago. He’s listed as a doctor here, which matches the address on his donation. He’s also been listed as living in Searingtown, NY, and in an interesting twist lost his parents in this air disaster.

He’s also listed as a co-defendant in a 2007 federal RICO suit here, although it’s unclear how that case was resolved.

Leftist Press Conference in support of Ground Zero Mosque (8-25-10)

WHAT: Press Conference to Announce New Coalition Supporting Religious Freedom  called “New York Neighbors for American Values”

DSCN1543 copyright

WHERE: NYC Municipal Building (One Centre Street)

DSCN1531 copyright

WHEN: August 25, 2010 at 11 AM

It was a NEW ‘coalition’ of every Leftist, Progressive, Soc/commie/Dem who work together constantly to subvert America. So what’s  with the  NEW name? Old friends who are  “New York Neighbors for American Values”. They claim that they embrace the American constitutional values of religious freedom, diversity and equality. (as in SHARIA?) And that they  “…. stand together today to reject the crude stereotypes meant to frighten and divide us.”

A predictable press conference where (surprise-surprise) they came out in  support of Imam Rauf and (in his own words)….  his “ICONIC Ground Zero Mosque”.

DSCN1540 copyright

The sycophant press came  out in droves to this last-minute press conference. It was a scramble for everyone to get there but they did and their  eagerness for “the story” was palpable. After all, this coalition would deliver what was considered a most important message about ‘what has happened in America”. And I don’t mean the attack on 9-11. NOPE. It’s that terrorists and  Islam, there is  no connection, one to the other. In truth, they never met a  terrorist who wasn’t a victim of America . That’s right, put the blame on the Right-Wing, Hate-Mongers , and they did just that.

The Press Conference Video:

Looking around at the crowd of supporters, there were many familiar faces. Some well-known (as in Debbie Almontaser of NYC Intifada fame)

And others such as Bill Doar (a professional commie agitator)DSCN1584 copyright

He can be seen assaulting me and a NY Post photographer while the NYC Muslim police just watch(Go  here for video)

This is Bill Doar’s “resume” :

Workers World Party (also writes for the paper),
NYC Labor Against War (NYCLAW)
Al-Awda NY
International Action Center

If we are known by the company we keep then the Imam has some seriously flawed and highly suspicious characters on his team.

Slideshow of pictures:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

WHEN will our dear Mayor Bloomberg start to ask the hard questions of the Cordoba Initiative. The lack of transparency, the obfuscation , the cover-up goes all the way to the White House, but you’d never know any of that from the fawning press and our Dhimmi Mayor.

BTW, when  Faiza Ali , of NY-CAIR, DSCN1550 copyright

sweetly made a passing reference to a taxi driver knifed because he was Muslim, she did  NOT mention that he was employed by “Intersections” and the  Rev Chase who  is seen towering  in the background.

DSCN1565 copyright

Nope. Not necessary. All she did was drop ” Right wing, Islamophobia “. Forget the facts, that the attacker was one of their own! [NY Daily News says, ” In an odd twist, (Michael) Enright was a volunteer for Intersections International, a Manhattan-based group that promotes peace among different religions. A spokesman confirmed he was filming for the group, which recently threw its support behind the controversial Park 51 mosque project near Ground Zero.]  Nope. that unfortunate connection….so NOT necessary to their meme-of-the-day.

Intersections and the Rev Robert Chase were  covered at a screening for “What A Billion Muslims Think”.


A quote from Susan  Lerner of Common Cause, one of the organizers of this “NEW” coalition:  of

” I am sure many of you are as angry as I am at the furor going on around the Cordoba House, the Islamic cultural and community center proposed for lower Manhattan. Well, under the leadership of Common Cause, many civic, progressive, labor, community and religious groups are getting together to take a stand.”  Their mantra, *Fighting for Social, Racial, Economic and Environmental Justice***

DSCN1576 copyright

And their Press Release, PUBLISHED TUESDAY, AUG. 24, 2010

NEW YORK, Aug. 24 — September Eleventh Families, Religious Leaders, Civic Groups, Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Groups Announce Coalition to Support Religious Freedom – New York Neighbors for American Values Speaks Out in Support of Park51

NEW YORK, Aug. 24 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ –– On Wednesday, August 25, more than 40 prominent organizations, civic groups, leaders and religious and interfaith groups will join together to announce the creation of a coalition in support of religious freedom and diversity and to rebuff the increasingly strident opposition to a proposed Islamic center near Ground Zero.

New York Neighbors for American Values embraces the American constitutional values of religious freedom, diversity and equality. We stand together today to reject the crude stereotypes meant to frighten and divide us.

WHAT: Press Conference to Announce New Coalition Supporting Religious Freedom

WHERE: Municipal Building (One Centre Street)



* Faiza Ali, Council on American-Islamic Relations-NY, 212.870.2002, (C) 718.724.3041

* Deanna Bitetti, Common Cause/NY, (C) 917.751.2342

* Jennifer Carnig, New York Civil Liberties Union, 212.607.3363, (C) 845.553.0349

* Shonna Carter, Riptide, 212.260.5000, (C) 917.453.8286


* September Eleventh Families for Peaceful Tomorrows

* Faiza Ali, Community Affairs Director Council on American-Islamic Relations –NY

* Ro Scheffe, Community Board 1 (DID NOT SPEAK)

* Rev. Dr. Donna Schaper, President, New Sanctuary Movement and the Judson Memorial Church

* Donna Lieberman, Executive Director, New York Civil Liberties Union

* Susan Lerner, Executive Director, Common Cause/NY

DSCN1528 copyright

Added speakers: Imam Ayub Abdul Baki of the Islamic Cultural Center of NY and Rabbi Arthur Waskow of the Shalom Center and Donna Marsh O’Connor from 9-11 Families For Peaceful Tomorrow

DSCN1546 copyright

The  representatives of over 40 groups expressed  support for allowing a Muslim cultural center to be built near ground zero during a news conference in Lower Manhattan August 25, 2010 to introduce ‘religious freedom’ coalition, The Coalition of NY Neighbors for American Values.Groups to Announce Coalition in Support of Park51, Religious Freedom

DSCN1545 copyright

WHO: The Coalition of NY Neighbors for American Values: Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund (AALDEF), Auburn Theological Seminary, Brooklyn for Peace, Citizen Action of New York, Common Cause/New York, Community Voices Heard, Convergence of Cultures/NY, Council on American-Islamic Relations-NY, Demos, Downtown Independent Democrats, Good Jobs New York, Greater NYC for Change, Greater New York Labor-Religion Coalition, Interfaith Center of New York, Islamic Mission of America inc., Jews for Racial and Economic Justice (JFREJ), Judson Memorial Church, Lower Manhattan Democrats (LMD), Manhattan Young Democrats, Middle East Crisis Response (MECR), Muslim Consultative Network, Muslim Public Affairs Council -NYC

New York Civil Liberties Union, New York Theological Seminary, New York City New Sanctuary Movement, Pax Christi Metro New York, The Dialogue Project, The New York City Chapter of Humanist Party, The Shalom Center, Woodstock International and Talat Hamdani

Mother of Mohammad Salman Hamdani NYPD Cadet, EMT< WTC II, Hester Eisenstein, Sociology, Queens College and the Graduate Center *, Jennifer Baumgardner, Co-Owner, Soapbox Inc.*, Serene Jones, President, Union Theological Seminary* , Rev. Charles H. Straut, Jr., DMin, Consultant in Ministry, New York Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church*, Dr. Diane Steinman, Co-Chair, New York State Interfaith Network for Immigration Reform*, Luis Barrios, Ph.D., BCFE, St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, Professor, John Jay College of Criminal Justice- Department of Latin American & Latina/o Studies*, Peter Marcuse, Professor emeritus of Urban Planning, Columbia University*, Rev. Freeman Palmer, Metro Association Minister, United Church of Christ, New York Conference*, Rev Dr Rita M Root, Interim Conference Minister, New York Conference, United Church of Christ*, Rev. Dr. Robert L. Brashear, Pastor, West-Park Presbyterian Church*, Tarak Kauff, Veterans For Peace, MECR, Editor Woodstock International newspaper*

*Organization listed for identification purposes only

SOURCE Council on American-Islamic Relations

End of Press Conference, as I turned to enter the subway:

DSCN1594 copyright

and then as I was exiting the subway... it may difficult to tell, lacking EYES, but she was walking TOWARDS me….

Bloomberg bends over for Islam at Iftar Dinner (2010) in Gracie Mansion

Mayor Bloomberg hosted his annual  Iftar dinner at Gracie mansion this evening, August 24, 2010 at 8 PM.

And his speech to those in attendance (and to the suckered press) continues to shows how little respect he has for the articulate and NON-RACIST protests of his constituents. No matter how they arguments are parsed, in Bloomberg-Town, if you don’t march to his drummer, you are UN-American. Period.

Bloombergs opening remarks, ” We call this ‘The People’s House’ because it belongs to all 8.4 million New Yorkers who call this city home. People of every race and religion, every background and belief. We celebrate that diversity here in this house with gatherings like this.

And for me, whether it’s marking St. Patrick’s Day or Harlem Week or any other occasion, these gatherings are always a powerful reminder of what makes our city so strong and our country so great.

America is a nation of immigrants, and no place opens its doors more widely to the world than New York City. America is the land of opportunity, and no place offers its residents more opportunity to pursue their dreams than New York City. America is beacon of freedom, and no place defends those freedoms more fervently, or has been attacked for those freedoms more ferociously, than New York City.”  His entire speech, if you can stomach it,  is posted here>>. Otherwise, just jump to this next bon mot.

Bloomberg continued to exhibit how solidly he has been bought when he said , “Islam did not attack the World Trade Center — Al-Qaeda did. To implicate all of Islam for the actions of a few who twisted a great religion is unfair and un-American. Today we are not at war with Islam — we are at war with Al-Qaeda and other extremists who hate freedom.”

The press  seemed to have left Bloomberg’s ’emotional’ speech as teary-eyed as Daisy “I was almost in tears”  Kahn 

and Sharif  “He touches my heart”  El-Gamal. 

(The Imam is still out of the country fund-raising for the mosque on OUR TAX DOLLAR. So no weepy thank yous from him this evening) NY 1 has  short video here

OUT side the dinner, the press actually decided to do some interviews with the protestors.      DSCN1439 copyright

DSCN1512 copyright

The impromptu protest was small because the information about the Iftar dinner was sent out with only about 90minutes notice, but the press did take the time to approach them with a few questions,  even though they can’t bear to alter their pre-ordained observations.

They remained stuck-on-stupid with , ” How far is far enough to build this mosque/community center”  and “Why are you blaming all Muslims for 9-11.”

DSCN1500 copyright

A slide show of the protest and the press :

Vodpod videos no longer available.

With Bloomberg so firmly in the pocket of the Saudis (for surely that will be exposed )we can expect more of this  insanity from our Mayor until we VOTE HIM OUT OF OFFICE.
DSCN1494 copyright

Otherwise, Bloomberg is going to get us all murdered… DSCN1502 copyright

JOIN US when we do a shout-out to Mayor Bloomberg and company.  9-11 at 3 PM

Ground zero bus

NYC arrival of America’s 9/11 Memorial Ride (8-21-10)
August 22, 2010, 7:01 am
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UPDATE Aug 23: added more pics (slide show) Please scroll down

VIDEO as the bikers  exited the Holland Tunnel:

August 21, 2010. The Holland Tunnel, NYC. Americas 911 Foundation Memorial Ride. Bikers (700-800) rode from Shanksville, Pennsylvania to the Pentagon and the came roaring into NYC .

DSCN0846 copyright

In the morning they will form a memorial line on the north end of Ground Zero.

CIMG0069 copyright

The America’s 9/11 Ride is about remembering the Heroes, Volunteers and Victims who lost their lives on September 11, 2001 and since.

CIMG0074 copyright

It was an amazing and thrilling and deeply moving experience to welcome them as they exited the Holland Tunnel.

bikes 8-21-10 010 copyright

The bikes formed a caravan uptown (with police escort) to 54th Street and 7th Avenue.

bikes 8-21-10 013 copyright

bikes 8-21-10 003 copyright

bikes 8-21-10 005 copyright

And then they had a great ‘block party’ at 54th street.

DSCN0888 copyright

DSCN0896 copyright

More pictures will be posted of the bikes, particularly the police bikes which had the State ID on them. Lots of pics were taken of the 700-800 bikes parked at that location. That will be posted next.

DSCN0814 copyright

DSCN0833 copyright

Part 2 Slide show at Ground Zero:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Part 3 is different States ID when they were at 54th street

Vodpod videos no longer available.

For more info on their ride, go to


UPDATE (Aug 23) for Transport info   go to the Ground Zero Transport Exchange on FB!/group.php?gid=112502342135070&ref=ts

Remember June 6th?! Were you there amongst the thousands??

Protest mosque

When Stop The Islamization of America and The Freedom Defense Initiative organized a protest at Ground Zero to Stop the 911 Mega Mosque.

All those photos and images that FOX, CNN and the now dying big media have been currently airing (without identification of course) was the SIOA rally!! El Marco had extraordinary coverage here and here.   No Mosques at Ground Zero has the video coverage here.

Thousands of  Americans came out to say “No Mosque at Ground Zero” and now YOU CAN DO IT AGAIN!!

Ground zero bus

JOIN US on  SEPTEMBER 11, 2010 at 3:00 PM ON THE CORNER OF PARK  PLACE AND WEST BROADWAY and Meet-up with the Largest Caravan in America!

WHY: A  15 story mosque looking down at the cemetery of Ground Zero in the location of a building partially destroyed in the 911 Islamic attack  is wrong. It is indecent. The Burlington Building is Ground Zero.

WHY: September 11th was chosen because the Imam and Daisy said that would break ground on the tenth anniversary of September 11, 2011. That cannot stand.

From Pamela Geller, ” One other thing bears noting about the day of the greatest ground assault on US soil in our nation’s history. I go down to Ground Zero every 911. I do not get to go into the pit where the services and ceremonies take place as I have no “special status or press creds.” Only the families and the media can access the those events. So I (Geller) stand outside the pit and it is the most depressing place to be. Not for the obvious reasons but also for a little known reality most Americans know nothing about. Ground Zero becomes a magnet for every crackpot, anti-war, commie, socialist, 911 truther, sufferers of Bush Derangement Syndrome …..enemy of the state.”

September 11 since 2001 , every year ,  lower Manhattan has been dominated by America-haters who come out to dishonor those murdered and their families with offensive 9-11 conspiracy screeds.

NMAGZ: You can see those crack-pots  in action in 2008 (video)  here and (pics)  here


Geller continues, “We can expect them again. and we do not want to leave the day to them. We will honor the victims and all Americans to fill Ground Zero with patriots on September 11th, 2010 at 3 :00 PM.

We are beginning with a brief memorial service honoring the victims and are not beginning our rally until the morning memorial services for the victims are concluded.”

Speakers for the 9-11 Memorial Rally: Members of victims 911 families, John Bolton, Geert Wilders (LIVE!), Andrew Breitbart (either live or via video stream) Gary Bernsten, Ilario Pantano ,Steve Malzberg ,Gary Berntsen,  Michael Grimm, a candidate for Congress from New York’s 13th district and a 9/11 first responder, ACLJ, and more soon to me announced.

Grammy Award winning producer, Trade Martin will be performing live “Salt In the Wound” (a song written by Rita Jones to express the feelings of all Americans who oppose the building of the mosque at Ground Zero)

Hosting the rally are Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer of FDI/SIOA

AND: Our sister organizations in Europe and Australia are holding solidarity rallies on September 11th. My colleague, Anders Gravers, will be speaking at a solidarity rally.

9/11 demo’s in US, Australia and Europe

We leave you with this thought from Robert Spencer who blasted the New York politicians and dominant liberal media:

“Are you tired of being smeared?

Every NY politician and every mainstream media source on this story has said this is a story about tolerance, against bigotry and who do you think they’re calling the bigots? The Americans who are standing up for American values against the most radically intolerant and hateful agenda on the planet…”!!!

JOIN US! September 11, 2010

3:00 PM

Corner of West Broadway and Park Place.

The time is NOW to say No to a Mosque at Ground Zero and demand transparency: Show us the Money!

Ground Zero Bus Ads Hit NYC Streets!!
August 19, 2010, 3:43 am
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FROM ATLAS SHRUGS: ” After successfully fighting and winning against the embargo on 911 images enforced by a sharia happy MTA (under Bloomberg), the FDI/SIOA Ground Zero bus campaign finally hit the streets, after a month of wrangling. It asks the essential question, “Why there?”

The banning of 911 images deserves serious examination. The whitewashing of history to “spare the feelings of those directly affected by 911″ (weren’t we all?) flies in the face of these very same people who advocate for a Ground Zero mosque on the site of a building partially destroyed by the attack.”

Seen in Brooklyn today 🙂 (Thanks to Dave jr.)


Backstory: SIOA Lawsuit against NYC: Bloomberg’s MTA Refuses to Allow 911 Images: Bans Ground Zero Bus Campaign

WPIX: “what’s more insulting and offensive — that image of truth, or a 15 story mega-mosque looking down on the sacred ground of Ground Zero?”


NOW whatever happened to the taxi ads…bought and paid for yet have NOT been seen!!

Update from the LARGEST CARAVAN Across NORTH AMERICA! The Spirit Grows !!!
August 19, 2010, 3:14 am
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CORRECTION for Transport info : Go to the Ground Zero Transport Exchange on FB!/group.php?gid=112502342135070&ref=ts


September 4, 2010: Current List of States in the caravan is now at  27 and CANADA! So don’t think about it any more, come join the”Largest Caravan in North America!”

Previously, we’ve posted the flags from each state that’re forming a caravan . We’re all  looking  forward to seeing them AT Ground Zero but, please, TAKE NOTE: your States’ Flags must be on something like  PVC (plastic) . NO wood, NOT  even small sticks  are permitted at NYC rallies .
Also, we look forward to any  updates  we can post this week from any of  the States and after the rally, pictures! Lots and lots of  pictures from your caravan to Ground Zero.
And finally, for those of you who do not use Face Book and want to join a Carpool and the Caravan there is no longer an email address to use. But, here at NMAGZ,  if we can help in anyway, we’ll try.
You can write to us at
(BTW- If you have a Bolt Bus (owned by Greyhound) near you. It’s safe, cheap and VERY nice new busses!)
HERE’S OUR UPDATED LIST of  the Twenty-Seven  States and Canada :
  1. Arizona
  2. Connecticut
  3. Delaware
  4. Florida
  5. Georgia
  6. Illinois
  7. Indiana
  8. Louisiana
  9. Maryland
  10. Massachusetts
  11. Michigan
  12. Mississippi
  13. Missouri
  14. New Jersey
  15. New York
  16. New Hampshire
  17. North Carolina
  18. Ohio
  19. Pennsylvania
  20. Rhode Island
  21. South Carolina
  22. Tennessee
  23. Texas
  24. Virginia
  25. West Virginia
  26. Wisconsin
  27. Washington


August 30, 2010 PENNSYLVANIA says Yes and joins the Caravan

Aug 20, 2010: DELAWARE has joined the Caravan!


Many people are planning to go PATRIOTIC  as they caravan and car-pool to Ground Zero.  State Flags and Red, White and Blue Ribbon will be festooned all over their cars, trucks and vans.

The administrator for the caravan reports that everyone is  really excited. She is  absolutely blown-away by the response she has gotten about this caravan.

People  are coming from:



Washington flag 2 x 3 feet Nylon


Arizona 3ft. x 5ft. SpectraPro Flag



Indiana flag 2ft x 3ft Nylon



Michigan 3ft. x 5ft. SpectraPro Flag



Tennessee flag 3 x 5 feet superknit polyester


West Virginia

West Virginia flag 3 x 5 feet Superknit polyester


North Carolina

North Carolina  flag 3 x 5 feet Superknit polyester

South Carolina

South Carolina flag 3 x 5 feet Superknit polyester


and Texas

Texas flag 2 x 3 feet  nylon

(that’s just to name a few)

DELAWARE comes on-board!

Delaware State Flag





Rhode Island


File:Flag of Maryland.svg

New Hampshire

New Jersey



New York



And who knows how many more that know about the Caravan and just haven’t posted yet! To quote the administrator, Kelli, ” I mean just, WOW!”


See you at Ground Zero. September 11, 2010 at 3:00 PM.


Ground zero bus


America says No to a Mosque at Ground Zero. NOT HERE. NOT NOW. NOT EVER.

Protest mosque
For those of you who do not use Face Book and want to join a Carpool and the Caravan, send  your info to

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