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SION 911 Conference (vids) and UPDATE: Two members EDL Arrested in UK !
October 24, 2012, 3:48 am
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UPDATE from Pamela Geller (10-26-12) on arrest of Carroll and Robinson. Please scroll down:


Posting these videos belatedly (they’ve already gone up at Atlas Shrugs and Jihad Watch) from September 11, 2012. But, with the dramatic arrest of members of the EDL (Kevin Carroll and Tommy Robinson)…

And the arrest of Paul Weston of The British Freedom Party…

Paul Weston Arrested Outside Wormwood Scrubs

 … An organization like SION is needed now more than ever.

From Atlas Shrugs:

On September 11, our organization, SION (Stop the Islamization of Nations), held a historic conference at the UN on the war on free speech (at the same time that our embassies were being attacked in Egypt and Libya). The war on our very basic freedoms is being waged on all fronts, in all countries and on the voices of freedom.

The SION freedom congress was an incredible event: world leaders converged at UN Plaza to brainstorm and strategize in the offense against the blasphemy laws under the sharia. Tommy Robinson is part of SION’s first activist leadership team, uniting counter-jihadists in Europe, the U.S., and Australia: the President’s Council of Stop Islamization of Nations (SION) that we formed in Stockholm back in August. Other members of the President’s Council are SIOE’s Anders Gravers; Kevin Carroll of the EDL; Debbie Robinson of the Q Society of Australia, Robert Spencer and me.

We were fortunate to have the singular Tommy Robinson come to New York and address the first SION World Freedom Congress on September 11th. Robinson has been arrested for his participation in this effort (video of his speech above). This is the latest outrage in a relentless campaign of attrition, harrassment and political persecution of Robinson by a weak, sharia-compliant UK government. We consider the political persecution of Robinson an attack on all of us. And we will fight alongside him.

No western nation is racing to Islamization as furiously as the UK. I have often said that the UK will be the first Islamic country in Europe.”

Answeradcair F

The videos from the 9-11 SION (Stop Islamization of Nations) Conference are a powerful testament to the bravery and dedication of those who lead and inspire us: Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, Anders Gravers, as well as those who were unjustly arrested in the U.K.

Playlist – 12 videos – 3 amazing hours

Slide show of a few pictures from the conference:

Stop Creeping Sharia. Stop the Stealth Jihad. Stop their “Final Solution”,  the Islamization of the West and the eradication of our freedoms. Can’t happen in the States? It HAS already begun: Take a look at what the dhimmis in Washington, DC are up to as they chip away at the First Amendment. We MUST FIGHT BACK.

What ‘s happening to the U.K. is of grave concern to the world… We are ALL Tommy Robinson!


UPDATE on arrest – complete article – ” Darkness Descends On England”

“The arrest of over 53 people in the United Kingdom is the beginning of the end for the once-great Britain. The leaders of the English Defence League (EDL), Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll, were among those arrested, as well as Paul Weston of the British Freedom Party (BFP).  I spoke with Kevin Carroll about his recent arrest and that of Robinson and Weston, and he told me the appalling details.
Carroll told me that British authorities tried everything in the book to stop him from running for Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) for the Bedfordshire Police Authority. Nonetheless, he officially won the right to run for PCC last Friday. But then the very next day, British authorities carried out these mass arrests of EDL and BFP members, stripping them and forcing them to wear white paper overalls like those that are given to incarcerated terrorists. They were allowed no phone calls.
Meanwhile, British police raided the homes of Carroll, Robinson, and three others who had been arrested. “They absolutely ransacked mine,” Carroll told me. “They smashed the door off and wrecked my home. They took my only vehicle, with all the tools of my trade inside, and impounded it, as well as Tommy’s car.” The police the bomb squad, forensics teams and sniffer dogs spent seven and a half hours stripping Carroll’s van to the bone. “When they finished,” he said, “they found nothing! They loaded it up with bugs and GPS monitors and threw everything in the back; it looks like it’s been in a blender.”

“…is there no one is the political establishment in the U.K. who has any decency, integrity, or spine?  No one who will stand up against these outrages?”


“Human Rights” Rabbis PRO-Jihad ads hit NYC Subways
October 19, 2012, 8:48 pm
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October 17, 2012. NYC Subways. As the ad-wars continue, I went trolling for the next ad in the “enemedia” war against the Civilized Man. BINGO! The VERY misguided Leftists Tools at the Rabbis For “Human Rights”-North America now have their ads up at some of the stations where the AFDI ads are posted:

To the right of the picture is the Rabbis Pro-Jihad ad. In distance, marked by two arrows in the 44th  St and 8th Ave corridor, is the AFDI Anti-Jihad ad as well as the Lefty Jim Wallis Sojourner and Lefty Methodist Ladies Pro-Jihad ads.

Found the “Human Rights” Rabbis  up at Penn Station.

Please Note, the AFDI ad has NEVER been replaced at 34th St (#1) where there used to be an AFDI ad…. Not any more.

This is the same location (34th st- Penn Station) and the AFDI anti-Jihad ad has been replaced by the Methodists Pro-Jihad ad.

So, let’s get honest (if possible) WHAT! are these Jihad Enablers protesting at Penn Station?

Then, I made a very interesting discovery, by accident. I took the wrong train. Got off at 28th street (#1 line). This is NOT a station with an AFDI ad (ever). But, look at what’s peaking at me from across the tracks…

Guess those Jihad-Loving Rabbis have some ‘friends’ in the MTA cause, ya gotta ask, “WHY is their ad placed in this station?”

Moving on to the 23rd Street (C line). It still has the AFDI ad but, NO Rabbis (yet) just Methodists and Sojourners….

The “Rabbis” are now posted in the Times Square Corridor at 7th Ave and 42nd st. The arrows in the distance are the AFDI ad and the Lefty Jihad Enablers behind the Sojourner and Methodist ads. The Rabbis are to the right in the picture

Finally, on the 17th, there was a surprise at the 49th Street station(N/R line). Found the MTA actually REPLACED the sliced up AFDI ad….

BEFORE (October 14th)

AFTER (October 17th)

The Rabbis ad joined up with AFDI, Sojourners and Methodists ads. Perhaps the 49th st MTA crew was feeling ‘generous’ so the replaced the AFDI ad at the same time.

Here’s some powerful new posts on the subject.  First, the perfect response on Atlas Shrugs from a Rabbi who ‘gets it’  and why we must support Civilization and NOT the Savage.

After all, to support Jihad, to enable Jihad, to spread “mis-information” about Jihad, AKA LIES, enables the ‘enemedia’, who are bent on fufilling the suicidal Goebbels/Alinsky meme that if you “tell a LIE long enough, it becomes the “Truth”… but, then we ALL lose.

Islamorealism ad updated

Hello, New Jersey! What could you be thinking!!!! when you passed a PRO-Jihad Bill…

New Jersey Assembly passes pro-jihad bill: Dismantles counter terror measures to appease Muslim Brotherhood organizations

Allowing the ENEMY to control the message and the investigation are the Fools and Tools of New Jersey…..Dead-Men Walking….

Answeradcair F

If we remain silent, we Enable the Enablers and the Grand Jihad will succeed by destroying CIVILIZATION from within. The Nice-Guy SAVAGES will WIN.

Robert Spencer  at Jihad Watch shines a spot light on those NICE-GUY Jihadis

“Great guys all. Some partied and some embarked on a spiritual search, but they all ended up in the same place, committing acts dedicated to furthering the cause of jihad, or facing charges of having done so.

…they may be genuinely decent fellows….But the continued reference to such people as “terrorists” pure and simple, and the refusal of the media and most law enforcement officials to examine their ideology at all, only reinforces the idea that these people are raving maniacs, interested solely in chaos for its own sake.

The society they want to build, and the means besides guns and bombs that they are using to build it, is a forbidden topic for government analysts. People like Quazi Mohammad Rezwanul Ahsan Nafis are just “terrorists,” interested only in “terror.” And so we’re continually surprised when they turn out to be nice guys after all. Decent fellows. Like the SS.”

Wake UP AMERICA! Failure to stop the Jihadi Warriors is NOT an Option.


Lara Logan: “Major lie propagated” by Obama on #savage jihadists in Afghanistan, Libya etc (video)
October 16, 2012, 3:03 am
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“CBS’ Lara Logan Slams US Government and Says The Taliban Is As Strong As Ever”   The Blaze

“Reporter Lara Logan brings ominous news from Middle East” Chicago Sun-Times

CBS correspondent, Lara Logan, is the wartime journalist who endured an horrific ordeal in Egypt when she was beaten and sexually assaulted by a mob of angry Egyptian men during their Arab Spring ‘celebrations’. This was near Cairo’s Tahrir Square on Feb. 11, 2011, the day that President Hosni Mubarak was finally driven from power.

Logan has a message for the public that she gave in Chicago, October 2, 2012, at the Better Government Association annual luncheon.

“They” (the Taliban and other Islamic operatives) are as strong as ever.

“During a recent keynote address at the Better Government Association annual luncheon , Logan delivered what the Chicago Sun Times called “a provocative speech” to some 1,100 movers in government, politics, media, and the legal and corporate arenas. She explained that the Taliban, al Qaeda and its proxies haven’t gone away and are in fact re-energized and coming back in force. Logan also informed the crowd that a “lie” is being propagated by the American government.

“I chose this subject because, one, I can’t stand, that there is a major lie being propagated…” Logan announced. The lie is that the U.S. military has tamed the Taliban.

There is this narrative coming out of Washington for the last two years,” Logan began. It is driven in part by “Taliban apologists,“ who claim ”they are just the poor moderate, gentler, kinder Taliban.”

“It’s such nonsense!”

From 2:22 to 5:59 is the 60 Minutes segment that Lara includes in her presentation. However, whoever filmed it was so distracting by flailing the camera all over the room, that I recommend you skip this section and continue at 6:00 with Lara Logan live.

“Our enemies are writing the story, she suggests, and there’s no happy ending for us.

As a journalist, I was queasy. Reporters should tell the story, not be the story. As an American, I was frightened.

Logan even called for retribution for the recent terrorist killings of Christopher Stevens, the U.S. ambassador to Libya, and three other officials. The event is a harbinger of our vulnerability, she said. Logan hopes that America will “exact revenge and let the world know that the United States will not be attacked on its own soil. That its ambassadors will not be murdered, and that the United States will not stand by and do nothing about it.”

In the “good old days,” reporters did not advocate, crusade or call for revenge.

In these “new” days in a post-9/11 world, perhaps we need more reporters who are willing to break the rules.”

Hat Tip Atlas Shrugs

“Obama’s #Savage cover-up of an Act of War against America: What really happened in Benghazi”
October 16, 2012, 1:05 am
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From Atlas Shrugs, where the TRUTH continues to come out.


Photo: Ambassador Stevens being paraded through the keffiyeh-clad streets of Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012

“Despite the lies and blame-game of the Obama administration, we finally have an accurate account of what really happened during the jihadist attack on our consulate in Benghazi, from two two senior State Department officials.

It was, without question, a full-out military attack on the US.The Obama administration knew from the start that this was a very well-organized jihadist attack. Blaming our freedoms, our first amendment rights for the jihadist attack, was a second attack on the American people (perhaps even more frightening) perpetuated by the Obama administration. “
A MUST READ! here on ” What Really Happened In Benghazi at Powerline, October 13, 2012″

MUST WATCH! – Muslim protest outside Dublin Google HQ (& briefing)
October 16, 2012, 12:53 am
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Exercising free speech to silence free speech.

The original video, knowing North American ears often have trouble making out sub-continent accents, a patriot spent some time making this subtitled version below to this startlingly honest footage.

The recent demonstrations in London outside Google’s offices over the Innocence of Muslims trailer, have drawn a lot of international attention, though the protest two weeks’ previously (September 30th) in Ireland is far more illuminating, and under-reported.

The London speakers largely spoke Urdu, but these remarks given outside both the Dublin US Embassy and the local Google offices are in English and are clearly intended to communicate as much menace as possible. (Like many multinationals Google is registered in Europe in Ireland, for tax purposes.) The speaker is the Sufi cleric Moulana Ghulam Ahmed Rabbani one of the key figures behind the growing Muslim Action Forumwho are coordinating these anti-Google/YouTube protests in the British isles.

Does anybody really think these demonstrations would be happening, if the Obama administration hadn’t vocally validated the false flag narrative that the planned embassy attacks were about the video?

Something for Americans to ponder.

Mid-Oct. Report : Anti-Jihad ads vs the Jihad Enablers
October 15, 2012, 5:22 am
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October 14, 2012.  Hoping Sunday might be easier to check on all of the AFDI ads, I headed for the NYC Subway. WRONG. Weekend Subway construction kept me from getting to 23rd St and 8th Ave. and the F Train was impossible to get to simply because it’s not near ANY of the other locations. But, I did get to two new (for me) locations: 28th St on the #6 and Rector Street on the #1.

And now the updates and observations:

44th St. and 8th Ave,  all was unchanged. No need to duplicate pictures. Then I headed for 23rd St and 8th Ave. But, after a couple of trips back and forth between 14 st and 34th street, while I TRIED to catch a glimpse of the 23rd stations while speeding thru on an express train. Not as easy as I had hope, so….with eyes glazed over, I moved on to the #1.

34th St (#1) used to have an AFDI ad.

The Methodist ad is in the AFDI ad location and which has not been restored. There are now TWO pro-Jihad ads at this station and  NO AFDI ad.

Pro-Jihad ad is in the distance in picture 2

The Sojourner ad and the Methodist ad  promote Jihad in response to WHAT? There is no AFDI Anti-Jihad ad at this station.

Rector Street (#1) Pleased to find an AFDI ad so close to Ground Zero (hanging next to an anti-fracking ad)

The pro-Jihad ads were on both sides of the station. The green Methodist was peaking through the girders

But, the orange Sojourner, which came out after the Methodists, is on the same side as the AFDI

Heading for the the East side ( #6) took me above ground for a glimpse of Ground Zero

28th St (#6) I think the ad that Pamela Geller found has been moved. (guessing based on the tiles around her picture)

Seem as though the MTA crews are “oh so busy” moving these ads around…

And this ‘helpful’ PAINT HERE sign (that is no where else in the station) Perhaps it’s a new form of ‘helpful’ vandalism; encouraging the MTA to ‘paint-over- the AFDI sign.

Shuttle back to Times Sq where the Times Square Corridor was  unchanged so, I took the N/R to 49th St and wrapped up the day’s journey at this location.The missing AFDI anti-Jihad sign had been replaced and was now centered in the station

  BUT, it didn’t last long

And, of course, the PRO-Jihad signs, which are at both ends of the platform,  remain UNTOUCHED.

Those who support Jihad ( the Enablers)  will not win this war against Free Speech. They may win a few battles, but they will NOT win The War as the current anti-Jihad campaign continues with new ones: Pick Your Favorite Quranic Quote and  Support for Victims of Jihad , all preparing to be go live.

Stay Tuned!


UPDATE: The AFDI Anti-Jihad vs the Pro-Jihad Ad-War continues + the DC Ads are up!
October 13, 2012, 1:08 am
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I have two reports to post. I started at the beginning of the week, October 8, 2012 and wrapped it up on, Friday , October 12, 2012

To Re-cap a bit of the ad-war:

“Following the lawsuit, the MTA changed its advertising rules last week to ban ads that could “imminently incite or provoke violence or other immediate breach of the peace.”…  the new ads “are accepted and conform with our guidelines,” adding, “ The MTA doesn’t endorse any of the ads we carry.

Both religious organizations and transit officials have confirmed that the new ads will be purposely placed near the anti-jihad spots in the same subway stations.” **

While looking for the ads that the Leftists claimed were going up on October 8, I checked two of the Times Square AFDI anti-Jihad posters. The Lefties threatened there would be a glut of posters opposing the AFDI ad, an ad that has been vandalized by these ‘progressive’ tools and/or removed (pasted over) by the MTA.

I passed by two locations that have the sickly-green “Methodist” Women’s Organization’s posters hanging beside the AFDI anti-Jihad posters.

[42nd St and Broadway] Since we last saw it, it has gone from this smudge:

To this …

Please note that the only vandalizing and denial of Free Speech continues to come from the Radical “Methodists”, Radical “Rabbis”, and the very Radical Jim Wallis.

The hostile actions of these Leftards, groups like CAIR, Existence is Resistance and their supporters, are dedicated to stomping on the Free Speech Rights of AFDI; rights to be Eradicated/Obliterated/DENIED.

[44th street and 8th Avenue] Reveals an attempt at tearing the ad:

In NYC  the desecration continues: “Free Speech for ME but not for THEE” their mantra…”Hypocrisy…Thy middle name…”

++     ++       ++       ++

Went looking for the Pro-Jihad ads on Friday, October 12 as “The War of the Ads” continued. The Jim Wallis Ad has now displaced the Methodist Ad…..

44th street and 8th avenue. They actually replaced the slightly torn AFDI ad (see above) .

BUT, the MTA has now posted the Sojourner orange ad  just a few Ads north….

The Times Square Corridor (the scene of Mona Eltahawy’s Spray-Paint Vandalism) is keeping the MTA very busy. The Ads positions are floating around the corridor wall. At this time, The “Methodist’s” sickly green Ad has been moved and replaced by the Jim Wallis Sojourner orange Ad.

BUT…there are still two more pro-Jihad ads to be put up. Can’t wait  to see who gets moved  next…

As I wrap up today’s journey, I stopped by the 72nd street poster (C line) . It went from being seriously torn, to being replaced and it seems …. it’s location in the station also seems to keep changing….

It now looks like this (different location):

And for another comparison, pictures of the Ads were previously posted here.

++    ++     ++

Meanwhile , in Washington, DC the anti-jihad campaign went up on Monday, October 3….And it is amazing!!

From Pamela Geller:

” These are not posters, these are huge displays in light boxes. Gorgeous!”

Read more  at Atlas Shrugs

++    ++    ++

The Four Stages of Islamic Conquest – Video
October 10, 2012, 3:13 am
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“The goal of Islam is to make all of humanity submit to Sharia law.”

  1.  Infiltration
  2.  Consolidation of Power
  3.  Open Warfare
  4.  Totalitarian Islamic Theocracy

After watching this powerful 9 minute video, if you didn’t know what has been happening here and Europe, GLOBALLY,  you will now….


Free Speech & the MTA Ad-Wars continue (Update)
October 8, 2012, 4:06 am
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Have a new picture of the F line vandalism along with the United “Methodist”  Women’s sickly green poster yet, they didn’t post this location with the vandalism exposed.

I have now managed to catch THREE faces of the F line poster beginning with Day 2 of the ad campaign, September 25, 2012

The”cleaned-up” version after I scraped away their vandalism. (Note the pink poster that shares the space. )

Though close to the MTA booth, the AFDI ( American Freedom Defense Initiative) ad is conveniently obstructed by an MTA map. Did the MTA ignore/look ‘the other way’ at this location, so the vandalism could continue ‘unnoticed’?

(in picture below,  posters can be seen next to a large “A”)

Perhaps, as this newest picture reveals,  the United “Methodist’ tools avoided publicizing this location because it shows what hypocrites they are. Not only was AFDI’s First Amendment rights to Free Speech: obliterated… so was the pink poster that had shared that space. It’s GONE….

Even though October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, their poster has been removed, pasted over … obliterated…in the name of ‘free speech’ for the “Methodists”. And the ‘social justice’ poster… untouched….
Approval of all of these new ads went through with amazing speed, even though AFDI’s ad took a year to be approved.

The ads in the NYC ad-wars now include one created by Rabbis for Human Rights North America

A response from Pamela Geller:

“These are the same rabbis who reassured the German Jews that “arbeit macht frei.” These “faith groups” are faithless, soulless tools who say nothing in the face of the mass slaughter and ethnic cleansing of their own people at the hands of savage Muslim jihadis.”

Another ad from the Marxists at the The International Action Center. They claim they will have an ad up on October 8th. Sara Flounders, Secretariat of Workers World Party  and a principal leader of the International Action Center announced their ad on Sept 30th.

And the charlatan, Jim Wallis, who, like the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, has more in common with Marxism than Christian theology:

Thankfully, there will be a fabulous new bus campaign from AFDI . Go here to see them all

And, after the victory for Free Speech in DCAFDI’s subway ads will also be  going up there.

Will AFDI’s ads go unscathed? Will the MTA take any action to protect them from vandalism?  Will there be ANY vandalism of the Lefties ads?  Unless they decide to vandalize over one of their own, will the violation of Free Speech be one-sided, all aimed toward the AFDI ads?

In an article at the NY Post, Free-speech free-for-all , they observed:

“.. how you counter something you consider to be hate speech. With more speech. Not spray paint — like self-promoting Muslim activist Mona Eltahawy.”

As we go about Manhattan and perhaps see the new ads, will they ALL be required to add this statement to the bottom of their ads?

“This is a paid advertisement sponsored by…..

The display of this advertisement does not imply MTA’s endorsement of any views expressed”

Let us know what you see….

Part 2- MTA & “The Case of the Disappearing AFDI Ads”
October 4, 2012, 1:10 am
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Originally, this follow-up post was going to focus on the parodies that have sprung up around the ridiculous “Mona E“.  Mona Eltahawy’s credibility as a journo is in tatters, I hope,  with her audacious “Free Speech for ME but not for THEE” ; as these posters and video so deftly reveal:

From iOwntheWorld:

And The Peoples Cube

A “John Smith” had some fun with this musical parody. Mona is now One Big Joke.

Even the NY Post  got in to the act:

This exposure should have been the end to the insane vandalizing committed by the rabid lib/progressive/soc/commie  free-speech opponents. However on October 2, as I conducted a follow-up on the ads….Something just didn’t seem right…..There was something a foot, but what?

Late Night Edition, Tuesday, October 2. Found in a few subway ad locations, that the ads are either grossly damaged or gone . Seems the “Thought Police” are still roaming through underground.

The ad at 23rd street and 8th Ave went from this:

To this mess below….

Also, on Tuesday evening I noticed, two ads are gone. No where to be seen. This one at 49th street (the N/R) : GONE

The other at  34th st (1 line) – GONE

Mona’s spray painted ad was replaced

But, next it was carefully vandalized with pink signs taped on. (Thanks to TD for this catch)

And now, the new sign, post-Mona, has an odd glop on the ad…

The 44th street ad is right by a Transit Police station.

Perhaps that’s the only reason the ad at 44th St and 8th Ave has just a few scratches.

And the FABULOUS Pamela Geller confirmed we still had an ad at 28th Street (6 line)! But, that was Tuesday. I still wanted to know why some ads were missing.

2nd Update. Wednesday-October 3, 2012. The Case of the Disappearing Anti-Jihad Signs” continues. Made a discovery at the TWO locations I had returned to. They had been replaced, not damaged, REPLACED by two very sickly-green ads connected to the very ‘social justice’ commentariat aka: the “Methodist Church-USA”.

The Methodists For Social Justice” pukey green signs can also be found at their Face book page,  here.

Here’s a look at how those locations look now, on Wednesday October 3.

49th st ( N/R)

34th St (1) the AFDI was covered up by the Social Justice ad

44th St ( 8th Ave)

Times Sq corridor

It took AFDI a YEAR to get their ads approved by the MTA and yet, somehow, the  “Social Justice” propaganda machine not only got the MTA to put up their signs, but to also cover up …to remove the AFDI signs. Co-incidence? Or, perhaps….something is VERY rotten at the MTA!

This arrogant destruction and obstruction of Free Speech, could it actually turn the tide against these tools? We can HOPE….

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