No Mosques At Ground Zero

Hijab & Niqabs in Times Sq 2013
September 6, 2013, 1:41 am
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Today is September 5, 2013. WW3 , our worst nightmare, is perhaps upon us. Insanity rules. But, it never had to happen. Obama did NOT have to be re-elected after the failure of his first term. Reason, however, took a rain-check.


So I took another look at the growth of Islam in America as the Obamacracy continues to deconstruct America. The proliferation of the veiled oppression of Muslim females stares back at those willing to see that all is NOT quiet on the Western Front.

What you see, may not be an example of Friendly Tourism.  Assimilation, we are told,  is not desired by these families. We are expected to accommodate them;  Islam. So, it begs the question, “Are they Friend or Foe?”

Muslim tourism is booming with lots of niqabs, burquas and hijabs. Are they passing thru or planning to stay?

The Marriott Marquis at 46th and 7th seems to be a popular destination. Maybe offering a great deal to their families. It’s not just couples traveling to Times Square. It’s the whole ‘fam’ taking the ‘vaca’.

Fast food halal is always available, but McD’s and Shake Shack are also quite popular. So …halal is not always on the menu….

And eating that ice cream cone under the niqab veil, is such an unfortunate challenge.

Taking pictures of themselves ‘On Broadway’ includes the ubiquitous cartoon characters that hit the tourist up for $5 a picture (so I hear). The colorful family-friendly characters busking-for-$$.

Last year I spent many more days observing and taking pics of hijabs. It was a tighter window this year around Ramadama-ding-dong. I saw niqabs, yes, but maybe not as many as in 2012.

Yet, there are no shortage of  hijabs on-the-street.

And new styles. There’s a ‘hat’-hijab that many are wearing this year, instead of the wrapped/pinned scarf.

Perhaps to seem less Muslim? More Western?

So, How Goes It America? Will We Submit? As the Islamic family-friendly infiltration continues, will we see more Reverts to Islam?

Are we ready to suffer under Islam for another 1000 years?

Islam. It’s our  RIGHT to criticize, to REJECT Sharia Law; Sharia Finance.

  • Freedom of Speech in America: Use it or LOSE IT.
  • Reject. Expose the Jihadis and their sympathizers.
  • Support the Civilized Man.

israel-620x217 crop

Obama has weakened America. Weakened our military. The Pretender-in-Chief  leads us into WW3 while Russian warships head to Syria.

Al Qaeda is emboldened. Their murderous ranks growing, killing Christians, Jews, Hindus, even Muslims all across the Middle East, Europe and Africa.

TERRORIST TRAFFIC-JAM: Jaw dropping display of Jabhat Al’ Nusra (al Qaeda) moving their men and some weapons in hundreds of vehicles to murder Shi’ite muslims  in Nobul, Zahara and Aleppo

Our schools. Colleges. Textbooks. Media refuse to mention al-Qaeda. Refuse to expose the enemy within. All programmed to promote Islam. Not to criticize or warn. A culture/ideology that has restricted women, females in general, gays and non-Muslims as well as Muslims. Denied them their individualism. FORCED them to be Muslims or DIE. 

We are sitting ducks. Our country is naive. Vulnerable. The Islamists know it. I fear for America. Our future. Ignorant by design. THEIR design. We no longer understand what it means to defend ourselves from a terror that wants to destroy all we hold dear.

Jihadis in the U.S. support Hamas, Hezballah, Fakestine, Afghani Iraqi, Syrian and Saudi militants. Without fear of reprisal. Eagerly preparing for the next wave, the next attack on America.

HEADS UP AMERICA. Ground Zero Press Conference on 9-11-2013

For those who know better, who will NOT remain Silent, please join us on 9-11 (2013) at Ground Zero for a press conference hosted by AFDI’s Executive Director, Pamela Geller, and Associate Director, Robert Spencer, along with featured speakers.


A Memorial as well as Press Conference where they will address the non-patriotic theme of the National September 11 Memorial and Museum, including the absence of American flags on the site (there is only one flag at the site and that one was originally put up by construction workers and then moved to the edge of the site where it can barely be seen at all)…the rejection of the iconic flag-raising photo in the Museum was because it was “too rah-rah American.”

Press conference speakers will also note the fact that the photos of the 9/11 jihad terrorists, plus their martyrdom quotes, will be prominently displayed in the Museum while information on the victims will be in a kiosk much less prominently displayed. The victims’ photos will be twelve feet above the floor on one wall (3,000-plus photos) while those of the 19 jihadis will have their own wall with their murderous statements and artifacts at eye level.

And in a stunning development re 9-11, 2013.

9-11 is a day Obama declared to be a Day of SERVICE, not a day in memorium of those murdered. The outrage grows as we learn that CONGRESS will be meeting to VOTE ON GOING TO WAR WITH SYRIA (and her belligerent friends)

“Are we so far gone ( as a Nation)  that our elected officials would vote to authorize military action in support of Al Qaeda on the twelfth anniversary of the day al Qaeda declared war on American and slaughtered 3,000 or our sisters and brothers?”


I’m enraged and confused by the silence of Free Men.


Part 1 Slide Show (2o13)

Part 2 Slide Show (2013)


And please follow link for a look back at 2012 Hijabs and Niqabs in Times Square

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When your enemies are killing one another don’t stop them.


Comment by George Reisman

Such a 9/11 Memorial Service and press conference to be held on Septermer 11, 2013 is both a good and necessary thing to be done. For the public need to become more aware of the threats and dangers of Islam’s militant jihadism. For other such characters of this mindset as those jihadists who commited heinous acts of mass murder and mayhem on Septerber 11, 2001 are still around and active for their violent amd mad Islamic quest. To to repeat such a memorial service and press conference to be held that day is both good and necessary. To put this in another way, As Thomas Jefferson had stated “Our part, then is to pursue with steadness what is right… asured that the public approbation will in the end be with us.” Furthermore, Mr. Jefferson also declared the truth when he said “Fortitude…teaches us to surmountdifficulites; not to fly from them.”

Comment by Walter Sieruk

The question may be asked “Just what is Islam.” One of the answers that may be given is that Islam is a religious/political/cultural system of tyrranical mind control that has power over the lives of millions of people around the world.
With that definition the wisdom of the words of Thomas Jefferson very much apply. For Mr. Jefferson had stated “I have sworn upon the alter of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.”

Comment by Walter Sieruk

Today marks twelves years to the day that on September 11, 2001 which operatives of al Qaeda launched their mad and murderous Islamic quest by engaging in the heinous and deadly violence of Islam’s militant jihadism. That is real hard core non-watered down Islam and not some kind of warped or hijacked Islam as the apologists for this death cult claim as an attempt to coverup the truth. To site only two of the many places, for example, in the Quran that teach violence and killing are Sura 9:112. Which teaches “The believers fight in Allah’s Cause,they slay and are slain, kill and are killed.” Likewise, in Sura 47:4 it also instructs “Whenever you encounter the unbelievers strike off their heads until you make a great slaughter among them…” Using a jet aircraft as a missle of bomb can make a greater “slaughter among them” then a sword can. Moreovwer,all this brings to mind the wisdom of the words of Thomas Paine from this book THE AGE OF REASON which reads that “Any system of religion that has anything in it that shocks to mind of a child, cannot be a true system.”

Comment by Walter Sieruk

Yesterday marked the twelfth anniversary of the September 11, 2001 jihadist affront against both humankind and America. We must never forget the heinous evil that the forces of Islam did on 9/11. As for the futrue it’s important that we keep a balance. Foremost,we should not live in fear of be afraid to go places or do things because of any jihadist threats. For to live in fear would make the jihadist enemy happy. Nevertheless, eventhough we should not live in fear we still aware of our surrondings for things that seem not to look quite right. As in “What’s wrong with this picture ?” For example that Tee-shirt vender at Times square in NY,NY. Who saw some smoke come out of that parked van and then let a police officer know about it. As it has been said “If you see something,say something” To put this in another way, Thomas Jefferson had explained something which applies even more today then in his own time. For Mr. Jefferson stated “Let theeye of vigilance never be closed.”

Comment by Walter Sieruk

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