No Mosques At Ground Zero

Ground Zero Bus Ads Hit NYC Streets!!
August 19, 2010, 3:43 am
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FROM ATLAS SHRUGS: ” After successfully fighting and winning against the embargo on 911 images enforced by a sharia happy MTA (under Bloomberg), the FDI/SIOA Ground Zero bus campaign finally hit the streets, after a month of wrangling. It asks the essential question, “Why there?”

The banning of 911 images deserves serious examination. The whitewashing of history to “spare the feelings of those directly affected by 911″ (weren’t we all?) flies in the face of these very same people who advocate for a Ground Zero mosque on the site of a building partially destroyed by the attack.”

Seen in Brooklyn today 🙂 (Thanks to Dave jr.)


Backstory: SIOA Lawsuit against NYC: Bloomberg’s MTA Refuses to Allow 911 Images: Bans Ground Zero Bus Campaign

WPIX: “what’s more insulting and offensive — that image of truth, or a 15 story mega-mosque looking down on the sacred ground of Ground Zero?”


NOW whatever happened to the taxi ads…bought and paid for yet have NOT been seen!!


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I am so repulsed by the plans to build a mosque at ground zero. I am very grateful to see that at least some New Yorkers are protesting this ridiculousness.

Comment by Jennifer Sims

Hi dudes! I am from Italy and i want to support your site and your work about this SHAME about the mosque near Ground Zero. I don’t want to write here all my HATE about this story, probably my weak english don’t permit me to make you know how many misfortune i feel about this story so i just want to repeat to you : YOU HAVE ALL MY SUPPORT. And the answer for the question (why there?) is : Because they have no respect, because they enjoy to make us sas about that, because they think Ground Zero is their new land after the bloodly conquer of 9/11. And the biggest sad thing is all the western peoples supporting they.
Sorry again about my really bad english but i am sure you understand the sense of my post.

Thankyou again and again for your work dudes!

Comment by Aldo

I’m appalled by the nerve of the Muslim community who seem to have no respect or consideration for those families most deeply affected by this tragedy. They dont seem to be listening to anyone or honoring these families wishes in this controversey.I think they have thier own agenda and it has nothing to do with “bringing peace”

Comment by patti burns

Can we plan an opposition ralley in the San Francisco area? I’ll crawl if I have to in order to attend.

Comment by Ann Montgomery

I would like to know where they will find the necessary construction workers to put up the building. I doubt that they will.

Comment by pafmurray

Probably with a nonunion firm…think KBR.

Comment by Adam

I was looking for the about page but could not find. I just read another blog supporting the mosque written by a New Yorker, basically telling everyone to shut up about it because it’s a NY issue and most in NY are ok with the mosque.

That sounded like BS to me. Your blog seems to be locally written and you certainly appear to be against the mosque site. What is the vibe in NY regarding the mosque site?

But I really don’t agree with the other blogger because the attacks of 9/11 were against the nation as a whole not just NY. This is a national issue not a local issue. As an American I am hurt and offended by the choice of location for this mosque. I do not believe the Imam is attempting to build a bridge but rather he is seeking to build a victory monument.

Whether it is ever recognized as such by most Americans it certainly will be by radical Muslims in the Middle East and beyond.

Comment by SickOfIdiots -

I was reading something the other day that said Mayor Bloomberg had opened a company in Dubai two years ago. It appears his business will be ‘blooming’ soon and he will be quadrupling his staff. To me, I find it strange all this good news for Bloomberg soon after promoting the mosque. I feel there is a money trail here and that Bloomberg sold out his citizens for the benefit of his pocket…

Comment by SusanK

Bloomberg is a coward and not a real Jew. He has been paid a big amount from muslims.
American christians must arise and take stand They have no rightto build a mosque over there. It is your country. Can you build a church in Saudi Arabia.

Comment by frank

Odd that the ad would be put on buses in Brooklyn! (I can tell what series that is, but this is a politics board—not a transit board.)

Ironically, I was looking for it in Manhattan – and I live in Brooklyn. If I see an ad on a bus in Brooklyn and it fits in with the numbers in my unrelated NYC Bus gallery, I’ll post it.

Comment by Adam

Thanks for organizing!!! Any rallies here in LA? Or I guess I have to fly to NY.

Comment by padma

Don’t know of any (yet). Come join us at Ground Zero!

Comment by neveragain911

Try this link:the Ground Zero Transport Exchange on FB!/group.php?gid=112502342135070&ref=ts

Comment by neveragain911

And the liberal news media plays along… The AP has instructed its employees not to use the phrases: “mosque at ground zero” and “ground zero mosque” in all of their media platforms, but to instead refer to it as “mosque 2 blocks away from WTC site”, Muslim (or Islamic) center near WTC site”, etc…

Comment by Joe

It gets more obvious every day…we are fighting the enemy WITH-IN

Comment by neveragain911

Well if Bloomberg did sell himself out he is gonna need that money now because he will NEVER get re-elected again for any public office!!!! My heart goes out to those families that lost loved ones on 9/11 and this Mosque at ground zero is shameful we should not even be having this conversation. Who would do such a thing?

Comment by Sharon

Yes, the enemy from within America itself, 2 million and counting

Comment by fury

We cannot let this mosque move forward. How dare anyone who supports this insulting idea; how can they be so ignorant. I wish I could articulate my anger and rage about this; it is enormous. I hope we are not powerless to stop it.

Comment by Tracey Harris

Has anybody considered that the location of the proposed “ground zero” mosque is the exact location at the outer perimeter of ground zero where the high jackers would have seen the buildings looming at the very last second. This would be the exact location at which they would have cried out their final prayer to allah “Allahu Akbar”. I believe these Muslim extremists know this, and want this exact location for the mosque. No other location will do for these extremists. This would be the ideal location in which to celebrate our great loss, their great victory, and would unite their prayers with the terrorist high jackers prayers.

Comment by Tom

I just heard Daisy Kahn on CNN say they are waiting for the people that maatter in NYC and the politicians to support them in their efforts that is what is most important. Seems they have already been welcomed!

Comment by Susan C

This so-called mosque will be nothing more than a cowards trophy of triumph. It will be their way of rubbing our noses in it every single day for decades to come.

No one is interfearing with their religious freedom. Here they’re free to be muslims, but they are not free to spit on the graves of the innocent victims of this cowardly attack.

Stand up and fight AMERICA !

Comment by SHMystique

Better picture of the mosque ad…and I suspect that it may be the same bus, 4525.

Comment by Adam

Picture moved, here it is.

Comment by Adam

You can build a mosque any where in the U.S why whould on ground zero, how do you families of the lost ones feel. Yes not all muslims are terrorist but all terrosrist that attactes the twin towers were muslim. In my opinion i think a mosque should have never been even thought of.

Comment by Ana

I want know of the 68% americans who oppose the building of mosque on ground zero how many are muslim?! Loyalty to your fellow citizens (for those muslims living in the US) comes before your loyalty to the religion. Not all muslims are terrorists. But building a mosque there shows that the peaceful muslims are supporting the fanatic islamists.
What about when a church wanted to get built there? Was it denied?

Are they still finding bodies there? Isn’t this a bit uncaring and insensitive of muslims of others? All religions teach tolerance, patience, kindness and sensitive and just basic decent values!

Comment by p

It’s been a while since any bodies were found. As I see it, if there were bodies there, the city would never have released the building back to the Pomerantzes (owners of it at the time).

Comment by Adam

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