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Anti-Israel Protests & LIES vs PRO-Israel Rallies
November 27, 2012, 8:49 pm
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November 15, 16 and 18th. This was a very busy week checking out  the protests against Israel and demanding that she not defend herself. There were also Support Israel rallies at the same time. Happening daily and culminating in  with an Israel-Has -a Right-To-Defend herself Press Conference  that barely preceded the infamous ‘cease-fire”.

First in the string of hostile-to-Israel protests was on Thursday, November 15th, where the usual propaganda and hatred for Israel and the Jews was chanted outside the Israeli Consulate. Lies AGAINST Israel that go unchallenged meant to destroy the only democracy in the Middle East.

“Come to protest Israeli crimes in Gaza as Israel continues to attack Gaza, killing innocent people and destroying infrastructure.”

Of course, RT (Russian Today) was on hand to cover only the “fakestinian”  lies. Found  Lamis Deek and the RT reporter. Lamis, and eventually the reporter, went ballistic when they saw me filming them (at a public protest); both were  nasty, abusive and VERY entitled.

Lamis, while continuing to talk to the R.T. reporter, used her nice bag to block my camera…

This is “Eddie”, “Eddie Pages”, another of Lamis’ cohorts.  He’s not just a ‘fakestinian”,  he was also a facilitator with the OWS bunch.

“Eddie” loves to get in front of the camera and not move. His entitlement?  Denying First Amendment rights to anyone who opposes “fakestine”. Oh Eddie…what big EYES you have…..

Other Leftist groups gathered each day. Groups like the Answer Coalition, World Can’t Wait and many Socialist Parties under many names…

Al-Awda, whose sole purpose is to  support TERRORISM …

Does the media actually believe these LIES? That with some odd faux “Justice” & “Peace” will come from Hamas??

Hostility towards American “Imperialism” as well as Zionism.

Lori Arbeiter brought her Jewish traitor-signs to grab the media attention…

The media loves their BDS signs…

They shamefully walked back and forth on the sidewalk…pushing for a boycott of Israel…. Causing as much confusion with the passers-by as do the Neteuri Karta.

Another reporter tried to interview them. Even though she was press, she did not support the protest, so she was told to move-along.

And a brave Pro-Israel sign-walker attempted to walk the same public sidewalk as the  leftists.….

Police told her she had to leave….

Slide show of the anti-Israel faction on the 15th.

Video of the anti-Israel tirades on 15th. On camera, the RT reporter chases after me and offers a ‘challenge to “Pam” Geller:

That same night, the 15th, there was an enthusiastic Pro-Israel rally gathered at the corner 42nd and 2nd ave.

Slideshow of the Pro-Israel Rally on the 15th:

The SUPPORT for Israel Rally should have appealed to the media, in the interest of a ‘fair and balance’ story …should have…

But, the media showed more interest in the Lies-of-Hamas.

They just can’t handle the truth… it was there…across the street at the  Pro-Israel Rally (video)


NEXT evening, on FRIDAY, November 16, 2012. I returned to the Israeli consulate. As Hamas continued to rain rockets on Israel and while Israel continued to defend herself, the ‘fakestinians’ and their Marxist-Leftist-Socialist friends (even the OWS loons joined them) spewing hatred for all things  ISRAELI.

The Israelis are the victims of Hamas, but you’d never know it. Sadly, the public is bombarded by  relentless hate-propaganda like chants of “Judaism Yes, Zionism No” and promises of a peace that Hamas will never honor.

The media continued to ignore those who support the only democracy in the Middle East: Israel. They much prefer the hate-propaganda. They too are products of our college Marxists and “Middle East” programs. They want the story they’ve been force-fed for years.

Anti-Israel Video on the 16th

The video  from the 16th includes my on-camera harassment because I am known to support Israel. “Dima of ‘Fakestine’ ” and her Marxist ‘chum’, Bill Doar, told the police I couldn’t film their PUBLIC protest because I didn’t support Fakestine. But, I wasn’t there as a protestor, I was reporting on the protest.

What followed was a sad case of  the “weak-knees” syndrome from the NYC police. They bowed to the decrees of the Marxists. However, I refused to be banished from the public sidewalk, so a ridiculous rule was imposed on me…because (in my heart) I oppose Hamas and Fakestine.  I was told,” As I film, I must keep walking. I cannot stop to take pictures … Do not pass Go…”

A one-sided rule that the frauds and commies don’t have to abide by. They stopped all over the PUBLIC sidewalks while handing out propaganda and chatting-up unsuspecting passers-by.

As I dared to pause at one point,  one of the Commie ‘sidewalk police’ hurried over to block my camera: Caleb Maupin .

Caleb, like “Eddie Pages”, Lamis Deek and the RT reporter from the night before, finds it most amusing to block cameras. They enjoy denying First Amendment Rights to others. Workers Rights for All!  (we have our colleges to thank for these tools)

Next a short slideshow of both sides, the pro and anti events on the 16th.

One nice bright spot on this night, I saw CBS interviewing one of the supporters of Israel.

It was a small gathering at the corner of 42nd and 2nd ave because it was shabbos, but they did not lack in enthusiasm. No video of the Pro-Israel  his evening… sorry…


Finally, November 18, 2012. There were two big gatherings, a rally and a protest in mid-town; from Duffy Square to 42nd St and 7th Avenue. It all started with the PRO-Israel Rally at Duffy Square.

Later they went  to 42nd st to counter the anti-Israel protest.

A wonderful turn-out in the heart of Manhattan.

PRO-Israel VIDEO-18th


At 2:30, I checked out the anti-Israel protest at 42nd St.  I also found our young patriots at 41 st.

Today there many Leftists in the Times Square crowd who brought new signs. Signs that were pointed at Obama and Bloomberg…even the NY Slimes!

Not happy with the Big Zero, but you know they voted for him anyway (probably 3 or 4 times)

So, these fools and tools, they’re thinking they have a future with Morsi, the Muslim Bro, A’jhad and company?

The usual Marxists, like Bill Doar and Andy Pollack, and the offensive Neteuri Karta were screaming for Death to Israel . There were moments where it seemed the public wasn’t buying.

Familiars like Fascisti, Ann Shirazi joined the crowd. Ann loves to screech to the police that I’m a ‘Zionist-NAZI‘.  She’s tiny and standing next to the very dated World Can’t Wait “Drive Out the Bush Regime” Poster.

Noticed this woman passing out a “Democracy Now” flyer.

Met-up with “Donald” the Stalker when he stopped me in the middle of 42nd street . Donald laughingly told me they all know where I live.

What’s your point, ” I asked. “Are you threatening me?”, which “Donald” denied, then he laughingly repeated his veiled threat.

Middle East propagandists like “Dima of Fakestine” . Caught Dima in her best Lamis Deek tough-broad-pose. No coffee, but she does have her “Lamis Deek cigarette” at hand…

They are LOUD. Very LOUD. Marxist, Bill Doar, spoke forcefully every time they needed to energize the “workers”.

Same speakers. Same speeches. Same Propaganda. All practiced at the art of crowd-incitement as they shout their vile lies at the tourists passing-by.

The Israel Supporters had plenty of lung-power, too.

Had some fun watching our-side give it right back to the “fakestinians”.

Guess the police got tired of all the shouting cause in the blink of an eye….every one was shoved wa-a-a-y back from each other…

It must be difficult for our young patriots to deal with the constant pressure and harassment in our colleges, demanding that they must accept these lies as fact.

I admire these kids and their parents who have nurtured their courage to hold-fast to what is right and good when assaulted daily by the mind-police.

Video of those who Support Hamas in two parts….

Part 1

Part 2.

On this day, the 18th of November, the Neteuri Karta ripped and burned the Israeli flag during a particularly long , offensive and relentless rant.

I filmed a young man’s arrest that, I’m guessing, may have been connected to the N.K. tirade…..or … was he goaded into over-reacting by Andy Pollack?

Andy and his chum Bill Doar , two dedicated Marxists who are practiced at manipulating crowd behavior at these rallies. They lo-o-o-ve to get inexperienced supporters of freedom and democracy to slip-up…to get in trouble with the police by over-reacting to their Alinskyite tactics.

It seemed to work against this poor fellow.

Slide-Show of the anti-Israel crowd on the 18th.  Insurgents using their propaganda to discredit Israel AND the United States.

Slideshow of pro-Israel crowd18th


In conclusion:  By Tuesday, the 20th of November, the very Leftist NY City Council and other Democrat politicians were actually speaking out in support of Israel. LOTS of press was on-hand, but predictably the story never “got legs”.

The focus remained on ‘fakestine’ and their claims of victim-hood which was followed by another  coerced ‘cease-fire’. A ‘cease-fire’ that HRC and BHO were all-to-keen on using to promote themselves as “great mediators”. ( link to press Conference)

A faux peace by faux-kestinians, that was all the press wanted to hear.

FACT: The rockets continued to rain on Israel. But, if you are a member of the MSM, the directive must have ‘gone-out’, “Do NOT talk about rockets or bombs falling on Israel.”  It’ll spoil the illusion of “Peace’.

Hard Times for those who love Freedom.

If only the media cared to report the Truth…If only….

NYC Elected Officials Support Israel’s Right of Self Defense
November 22, 2012, 1:51 am
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On Tuesday, Nov. 20, 2012 at 11 AM, a press conference was held in support of Israel outside the Israeli Mission in NYC.

This was not your usual press conference, since many of these politicians in attendance were not only Liberal Democrats but also “Far-to-the-Left” Leftists.. Leftists whose predictable support leans towards the Socialist-Marxist-Lefty-Labor and Leftist-Illegal Immigration causes. People who think that “Marxism Rules. That the “American War-Machine &  American Imperialism” are destroying our country. That #OWS is good and Wall Street and a Free Economy is  bad. ( a list of the speakers can be found here) They often turn out to support the “Paleostinian” causes rather than support of Israel, so this was an amazing change-of heart and their Fakestinian-Muslim chums must be furious.

This support  for Israel was unexpected from a few of these politicians. Is there an election coming up? Oh yeah….The Race for Mayor of NYC….Could “we” be trolling for the Jewish vote? Perhaps this explains why “King” Bloomberg is MIA, perhaps he’s letting the potential candidates take the spot-light?

Before I continue, an up-date before I publish. Wednesday, November 21, 2012. Today, Madame  Hillary (and Obama) claim to have pulled-off another “cease-fire” in the Middle East (Huff-Po jumped on this report)

“The deal marked a key victory for Egypt’s new Islamist government, which is caught in a balancing act between its allegiance to Hamas and its need to maintain good relations with Israel and the U.S. Hamas is an offshoot of Egypt’s ruling Muslim Brotherhood.”

Will the peace hold? What makes this cease-fire different from all others? Will the Savages finally decide to resist the anti-Jewish teachings of the Koran? Will the Netueri Karta and the Marxists decide that Israel is now an “A-OK ” country with a right-to-exist?

Their frothing hatred for the Jews and Israel, will they stop teaching it in the Muslim Brotherhood sponsored Middle East courses in our schools and colleges? Will they stop preaching a violent bigotry against the Jews and Israel and the United States (a “3-in-1” hate)

Will they will now teach, “Can’t we all get along” instead of shouting endlessly for another Jewish holocaust with the offensive “From The River To The Sea”.

Will we see the usual 24 hrs or 48 hrs of supposed ‘peace’ before the suicide bombers return? History does keep repeating itself.  Will Netenyahu let down his guard, forgetting an ill-wind still blows in the Middle East supported by a generations of lies.

Next the video from the Press Conference. The order of the speakers I captured in these excerpts from the press conference follows:

Carolyn Maloney (opening), Sheldon Silver (approx. 3:00), Eliot Engel ( 3:29), Gregory Meeks (6:47), John Liu (7:20), Christine Quinn (9:11), Jerrold Nadler (12:37) and two final speakers that I don’t have names for. The final speaker I think was an (the?) Ambassador from Israel (15:32) I will add the missing names once I can figure them out.

After the Press Conference, Stand With Us held a Rally of Support with many speakers. I was unable to stay but did grab a couple of pictures as the  rally began to gather.

And the familiar ‘loon’ who was yelling from across 42nd street.

I have MORE to post from four days of Pro-Israel Rallies and “Fakestinian” protests that preceded this press conference. Even though we hear talk of a cease-fire, Face book and Twitter are now the eyes of the world and a movement of hatred for Israel runs deeply though the Internet. This remains their goal, Terror and the Annihilation of the Jews.

They will most likely stay potent and active on the street of New York….and so will WE!

Some Final Thoughts. In spite of a HEALTHY turn-out of the MSM recording this bevy of New York Democrat politicians, that included  a quorum of  the NYC Council and it’s  Speaker, Christine Quinn, it seemed that the media failed to publish their coverage of this  press conference. There was much PRESS assembled to hear these wonderful words of  support for Israel’s “Right-To-Defend” herself yet I was unable to track down any reports.

Not a surprise, really. The “Fakestinians’ and their Marxist chums control the Leftist media, even going so far as to dictate to the police who may cover their protests (or NOT) on a PUBLIC street. This is a familiar quote from the mouths of the ‘Fakestinians” and Company,  ” Leave. Get out of here. We don’t want YOUR press.” Too often our police bend to the “Paleos” intense manipulations.

The Leftists in the anti-Israel media must not control the outcome in Israel. If we can encourage some to join forces with the CIVILIZED MAN”, we are winning.

But, sadly, with what appears to be a general news black-out on this day, the media chose to side with the SAVAGES.

Yet, John Liu of the “Working Families” Party, Comptroller of New York City,  ‘got-it’.  Liu came out to support Israel, to carry the Torch-of Freedom for Israel as he cried out for all the Leftist Press to hear, “Am Yisrael Chai!!”

The SAVAGES must not win!

Defend Israel. Defend America!

Fight Back. Fight On!

Civic Duty Done! VOTED Romney & NoMoreBama!!
November 6, 2012, 10:49 pm
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VOTED! NYC. GO Romney!!!

Manhattan. 2:30 PM  and the polling place I go to was lightly attended. Noticed I was #334 on the scanner that (I hope) read my ballot CORRECTLY. Nervously took a picture of the ballot before I left the very exposed ‘booth’….noticed that the second language on the ballot is Chinese!Not even Spanish on this one…Go Figure…

Praying we can end the nightmare of Obama. Not even SEIU’s stitching-up of their banner TORN by Hurricane Sandy Banner is going to hide the truth

NoBama has broken this country! Don’t try to repair it…CHANGE IT! NoMoreBama.

Might depend on how many illegals, felons & dead people are allowed to vote once or twice…. you know the game… all those hidden ballots that show up in trunks and closets. And Black Panthers are intimidating voters in Philly and Pittsburgh…. AGAIN…

We MUST Take Back America:


Anti-Israel Philharmonic Protest @ Carnegie Hall
November 6, 2012, 6:13 am
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On the evening of, October 25, 2012, jihad-supporters came out to protest the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra’s performance at Carnegie Hall.
They gathered on the north side of 57th street where they sang LOUD,  RUDE and  obnoxious protest songs .

From their email:
The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra (IPO) brags of its partnership with the Israeli army. It is held up as Israel’s premier cultural ambassador. The IPO is an important component of the “Brand Israel” campaign, which seeks to distract from Israel’s illegal occupation and the suppression of Palestinian rights. Responding to the call from Palestinian civil society to isolate Israel’s apartheid regime, we will protest against the Israel Philharmonic during its 2012 tour.
NO whitewashing
NO impunity
NO business as usual for the apartheid state!
There will be theater, visuals, music, fun and passion for justice! (Signs will be provided)
(The woman with her mouth wide open was recently arrested for vandalizing the AFDI Anti-Jhad signs that were posted in the NY Subways)
Sponsored by: Adalah-NY: The NY Campaign for the Boycott of Israel Endorsed by: Brooklyn For Peace; International Socialist Organization; Jews Say No!; New Yorkers Against the Cornell-Technion Project; Queers Against Israeli Apartheid; Students for Justice in Palestine at Columbia, Brooklyn College, Hunter, and John Jay; WESPAC Foundation; Women in Black, Union Square
This protest was sponsored by the usual organizations who never met a savage terrorist they couldn’t support. They ignore the victims of terrorism, those murdered through out the world by the jihad-loving savages.
To support Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East… to support their own country….America…. is more frightening to these Marxist Fools & Tools than the very real death and destruction of the Fakestinian Shaids.

Next, the VIDEO of the very un-funny street theatre protest….A disgusting display of evil, hatred and ignorance protected by our First Amendment.

A vote for Obama, our First Muslim President, is a vote to abandon Israel, to abandon America…..It’s a vote FOR Terrorism….
A slide show of a few pictures:

10/25/12 – ANTI-Israel LEFTISTS & “Free the Holy Land Five” Protest
November 6, 2012, 4:35 am
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Thursday, October 25th, 2012. The OWS-Marxist-Leftists met outside Federal Hall to demand a  “Day of Action” and to call for  “Justice for the Holy Land Five!” Release the Five Now!”
Accusing Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East, of horrid crimes while ignoring the very real crimes of these five men who supported terrorism.  Most Freedom Loving Americans and certainly Israelis fee that Justice was served when these five were CONVICTED of supporting Savages and Terrorism.

RELEASE the “Holy Land Five” so they can continue to “donate” to Fakestinian ‘charities’?
I found familiar anti-Israel Leftists and commies gathered outside the Federal Building in Lower Manhattan…. along with OWS “Fellow-Travelers” and their media-team…

Commie-agitator – Bill Doar – looking closely at my I.D.

Comrade-bully, Andy Pollack (in green cap)

Ann Shirazi, marching in circles with her anti-Semitic chums, Jenny Heinz and  Joan Pleune (Code Pinkos and Grannie “Peace” Brigaders). Spent about 20 minutes watching them walk …slowly…in circles….

Ann tried to hand a hate-the-Jews flyer to a Vet passing by:
And, of course, Lauri Arbeiter … on the right… arrived with her very black “We Will Not Be Silent” placards (as Andy and Joan go circling by)
Commie-Chums, Caleb Maupin of the Workers World Party (with flyers and the long red-hair) as Bill Doar goes passing by…

BTW- you might find this interesting. Caleb’s you tube speech HERE ….from Oct 2011…

A Workers World Party forum entitled “Socialism In the United States: Is It Possible?” directed at members of the Occupy Wall Street movement who had become interested in Marxism-Leninism and Socialism.

My associate, TTD, points out that the Workers World Party is a front group of  Ramsey Clark’s  International Action Center (aka the “Cancer from ANSWER”). And they are marching not for Freedom and Peace but, instead, in support of Terrorism!

At this link you can read more on why they were supporting the release of these terrorist-enablers. The writer warns, ominously:
“…the ongoing law enforcement spying on Palestine solidarity activists in Boston and New York, and this is what you get: a process of criminalizing Palestine solidarity activism. Taken together, these measures could having a chilling effect on people wanting to get involved in this type of activism.”
One small pleasure, as I covered these savage hate-mongers , it was a NOT a large gathering!

A VIDEO of anti-Israel chants as they sloped-by  in a circle:
Even though I have heard these professional agitators, OWS-Marxist-Leftists, complain about Obama not meeting their “Dreams”, on November 6th most will  vote once, twice, three times, if possible, while dragging every illegal, felon and the “long-dead” to stuff the ballot-boxes for NoBama… They are that dedicated to the Take-Down of America AND ISRAEL.
Hoping that America will rise-up in large enough numbers to stop this insurgency from succeeding in winning the White House… AGAIN.
A slide show of a few more pictures:
Next, Part 2, Carnegie Hall and the obnoxious hate-Israel Protest against the Israel Philharmonic.

Vote Once -Twice: Unions, Leftists & Hamas-CAIR Ready to Take-Down America
November 5, 2012, 5:59 am
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November 6, 2012. It’s almost here and once again, the Gap Stores are working to get out the vote…

Will felons, illegals and dead-people also vote, again? Will they vote TWICE. GAP 2008 wasn’t shy at all  with the , ” VOTE TWICE” meme.

SEIU, ACORN, teachers unions…. hard-core Leftists…are working hard for an Obama “Victory”.

Will voter turn-out suffer because the polling locations were blown away by ‘Sandy’ ? Will Hurricane Sandy’s tragic winds help NoBama hold on to the White House?

Our first Muslim President, turning his back on the principles that made America Great. Will America continue to be snookered by the Obama-machine?

The End??

Will American dhimmi-jurists legislate for Sharia and ignore our Constitution? Will Hamas-CAIR joined with Leftists to keep Zero and his anti-American, Islamist Lobby in the White House succeed?

This year’s NYC Muslim Day Parade arrogantly waved the Black Flag of Jihad as they marched down Madison Avenue…. and was ignored by the media. Not good.

Can they be stopped? Will the Soros machine challenge every close ballot count? Will they “find” boxes of hidden and ‘lost’ ballots til they get their New World Order? Will November 7th, 2012, be the first day of the “Global” States of America?

OR, on November 6th, 2012, will AMERICA be able to stop the barbarians and their enablers at the gates?

Can we be as resolute and strong as our heroes:

As Ex-Liberal, David Mamet points out in this fabulous article, there is a segment of the American  populace who ‘get it’….they are finally seeing Obama and Company for the traitors they are. Perhaps now they are willing to join with the rest of America; to follow the lead of other ex-liberals :

Irrespective of your endorsement of liberal sentiments, of fairness and “more equal distribution,” will you explain to your children that top-down economic policies will increasingly limit their ability to find challenging and well-paid work, and that the diminution in employment and income will decrease their opportunity to marry and raise children?

Are you prepared to sit your children down and talk them through your vote on the future you are choosing for them?

Please remember that we have the secret ballot and, should you, on reflection, vote in secret for a candidate you would not endorse in public, you will not be alone.

Vote now!

Vote for the AMERICAN!

God Bless America and keep her Safe and Strong


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