No Mosques At Ground Zero

Geller, Spencer & Sheepshead Bay Residents Say “No” to illegal Mosque (vids/pics)
March 14, 2011, 8:03 pm
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On March 13, 2011, Voorhies Ave and 28th St, Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn

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There was a protest by the citizens of that community

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They were protesting the planned Mosque/Community Center to be built on Voorhies Ave. (in this empty lot behind the supporters of the mosque).

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This is a RESIDENTIAL community and the Community outrage regarding this still unexplained decision to choose their street for this mosque is of great concern.

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But the interlopers came out to yell racist (and much worse) at the local citizens. The supporters of the illegal mosque were joined by the discredited ex-principal of KGIA , Debbie Almontaser (she was enjoying the megaphone) But Almontaser took a “break” when she saw her picture being taken by moi (at a public rally with plenty of press-coverage).

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Guess she relaxed later when the press was her own (Robert Spencer is being blocked from taking pictures by two of the World Can’t Wait Leftists). Yet their photographers were all over the other side of the street.

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Back to mosque-crowd . Also, joining Almontaser, in support of the mosque/community center, was Imam Shamsi Ali.

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Shamsi Ali is the Imam of the “Mega-Mega” Mosque on the upper east side, that just happened to have been  built by the father( no less) of Imam Rauf. Imam Rauf is that Sharia-promoting and currently former-head of the Bloomberg-supported Ground Zero Mosque aka Park51.

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And no hard-core sponsored rally would be complete without the familiar hard-core Lefties. Ted “the Troll” (grey-bushy hair) was there. Ted is a retired teacher (oy) but he seems to have found a new calling (perhaps PAID) since no matter what , if there’s a Hard-core Leftist protest, Ted is there.

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AND Screetch Marini (a chum of Elaine Brower’s) hiding behind his sign blocking pictures of his crowd. Free Speech for the Lefties Only.

DSCN8969 copy

But, where or WHERE was the profane Elaine Brower (of  the VILE World Can’t Wait). See scary picture below that I found of her with her Marxist CHUM, Charles Barron.

No matter. There were others to carry the torch of Elaine.  Watch the video at  of this ‘sweet’ child  from approx 7:16 to 7:52 . And be sure to READ his lips for an example of the disrespectful profanity that came from the mouths of babes. Taught by example?

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And WHERE were the politicians (like the truant “I-wanta-be-the-next-mayor” Anthony Weiner) The pols are very silent. Elections are over. So they are no refusing to give the community even a simple  guarantee that there will be no more illegal building of this mosque/community center.

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So we ask again, Why HERE in this quiet residential neighborhood? The demographics don’t support changing the make-up of this community. And as Pamela Geller said, in her passionate speech (in video starting at 1:42) “If that mosque is built, in 5 years no one will recognize this community.”

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Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer were there in support of the residents and as always they spoke the truth. No lies. No hatred. No racism. (their speeches are from 1:42 to 6:20) they spoke confidently while hatred was spewed at them and the community from the mosque supporters across the street.

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See VIDEO for Geller and Spencers rousing speeches:

Take Note: This is not a community built on hatred or racism. A diverse community of immigrants.

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The Bay People simply do not see why a mosque/community center should be built on Voorhies Avenue. They continue to ask: Why here? Why in this neighborhood?  They are met with silence or insults but the questions remain unanswered, Why has M.A.S. chosen their neighborhood?

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For a few more pictures see  Slide Show

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The People of Sheepshead Bay need help.  They are fighting City Hall.

They are fighting ignorance.

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God help them. Their future is our future. We must Fight Back. Fight Back. Fight Back

Imam Rauf & “I am a Muslim Too Rally-Times Square
March 7, 2011, 10:09 am
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Times Square. March 6, 2011 . The big day arrived…and so did the RAIN.

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From the Cordoba Initiative- ”In response to Congressional hearings dubbed “The radicalization of Muslim communities in America” led by Congressman Peter King (R-LI), members of diverse faith communities throughout New York City will join in unity to support American Muslims.Stand with us on March 6th to show Congress that we are all together, that we share friendship and trust and cannot be divided.”

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And their associates at Change the Story – ”These hearings promise to play into, as well as further, the negative discourse on Islam in America, and completely counteract the positive work done to further interfaith understanding and acceptance.”

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Over 75 interfaith coalitions and civil liberties groups are joining together on Sunday, March 6, to take a stance against bigotry, ignorance, and prejudice across the country, particularly against Muslims. (and seems there were even some  Atheists…at this INTERFAITH coalition)

DSCN8694 copy

Def Jam‘s Russell Simmons was headlining the rally,

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Russell Simmons,  Chairman of RUSH Communications said, “However, we’re concerned the hearings will send the wrong message and alienate American Muslims instead of partnering with them, potentially putting their lives at risk by inciting fear and enmity.” Simmons also wrongly claimed the the King Hearings were not having any muslims testify (in this video he released)

Guess he never heard of Congressman Keith Ellison…muslim…

Imam Rauf of the Cordoba  Initiative was front and center….with the press all over him

DSCN8710 copy

DSCN8709 copy

And the unfortunate  Rabbi Marc Schneier, President of the Foundation for Ethnic Understanding (FFEU), who suggested that the hearings should be “broadened in such a way that other ethnic communities and faith communities can attest to the tremendous contribution and solidarity that American Muslims have for our country.”

DSCN8734 copy

Basically….they were basically ‘preaching to the choir’…Which seemed to include many young families

DSCN8682 copy

DSCN8743 copy

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We also noted many familiar representatives of the Far Left/marxist/socialist (like bill doar and donna nevel) whose groups unswervingly support  the annihilation of israel, open borders and the end of our military.

DSCN8670 copy

And this gem of a banner ( must be a cause near and dear to some Lefties heart)

DSCN8683 copy

And the infamous interpretor of the nyc intifada t shirt , debbie almontaser.

DSCN8722 copy

And , Imam Rauf’s wife , Daisy (the con) Khan (on the left)

DSCN8779 copy

All doing their best Woodstock imitation at the end of the rally (as the floodgates  opened up and ended the peace and love rally 45 minutes early)

DSCN8762 copy

so….they are all muslims now.

DSCN8672 copy

do they know once a muslim…you can’t leave? methinks a bunch of leftist tools…got snookered.

DSCN8738 copy

Captured a bit of some muslim prayers and i guess it was a song. is he saying…unity…unity…like in the umma…. and all those new converts they snookered today in to saying the shahada….

geeze….with friends like these, who needs enemies.

DSCN8737 copy


And…a Slide show of a few more pictures

Vodpod videos no longer available.


We here at NMAGZ support the planned hearings in Washington , DC  but are saddened to see Congressman King buckle under to the CAIR /Muslim Brotherhood machine that always plays the racist/victim card. Peter King had an opportunity to include men and women who are respected and would have been fair-minded in their presentations.  It seems now that the hearings have  become a weak-sister of what it could have been. Sad indeed to see a fine man blink under fire:

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