No Mosques At Ground Zero


UPDATE (Aug 23) for Transport info   go to the Ground Zero Transport Exchange on FB!/group.php?gid=112502342135070&ref=ts

Remember June 6th?! Were you there amongst the thousands??

Protest mosque

When Stop The Islamization of America and The Freedom Defense Initiative organized a protest at Ground Zero to Stop the 911 Mega Mosque.

All those photos and images that FOX, CNN and the now dying big media have been currently airing (without identification of course) was the SIOA rally!! El Marco had extraordinary coverage here and here.   No Mosques at Ground Zero has the video coverage here.

Thousands of  Americans came out to say “No Mosque at Ground Zero” and now YOU CAN DO IT AGAIN!!

Ground zero bus

JOIN US on  SEPTEMBER 11, 2010 at 3:00 PM ON THE CORNER OF PARK  PLACE AND WEST BROADWAY and Meet-up with the Largest Caravan in America!

WHY: A  15 story mosque looking down at the cemetery of Ground Zero in the location of a building partially destroyed in the 911 Islamic attack  is wrong. It is indecent. The Burlington Building is Ground Zero.

WHY: September 11th was chosen because the Imam and Daisy said that would break ground on the tenth anniversary of September 11, 2011. That cannot stand.

From Pamela Geller, ” One other thing bears noting about the day of the greatest ground assault on US soil in our nation’s history. I go down to Ground Zero every 911. I do not get to go into the pit where the services and ceremonies take place as I have no “special status or press creds.” Only the families and the media can access the those events. So I (Geller) stand outside the pit and it is the most depressing place to be. Not for the obvious reasons but also for a little known reality most Americans know nothing about. Ground Zero becomes a magnet for every crackpot, anti-war, commie, socialist, 911 truther, sufferers of Bush Derangement Syndrome …..enemy of the state.”

September 11 since 2001 , every year ,  lower Manhattan has been dominated by America-haters who come out to dishonor those murdered and their families with offensive 9-11 conspiracy screeds.

NMAGZ: You can see those crack-pots  in action in 2008 (video)  here and (pics)  here


Geller continues, “We can expect them again. and we do not want to leave the day to them. We will honor the victims and all Americans to fill Ground Zero with patriots on September 11th, 2010 at 3 :00 PM.

We are beginning with a brief memorial service honoring the victims and are not beginning our rally until the morning memorial services for the victims are concluded.”

Speakers for the 9-11 Memorial Rally: Members of victims 911 families, John Bolton, Geert Wilders (LIVE!), Andrew Breitbart (either live or via video stream) Gary Bernsten, Ilario Pantano ,Steve Malzberg ,Gary Berntsen,  Michael Grimm, a candidate for Congress from New York’s 13th district and a 9/11 first responder, ACLJ, and more soon to me announced.

Grammy Award winning producer, Trade Martin will be performing live “Salt In the Wound” (a song written by Rita Jones to express the feelings of all Americans who oppose the building of the mosque at Ground Zero)

Hosting the rally are Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer of FDI/SIOA

AND: Our sister organizations in Europe and Australia are holding solidarity rallies on September 11th. My colleague, Anders Gravers, will be speaking at a solidarity rally.

9/11 demo’s in US, Australia and Europe

We leave you with this thought from Robert Spencer who blasted the New York politicians and dominant liberal media:

“Are you tired of being smeared?

Every NY politician and every mainstream media source on this story has said this is a story about tolerance, against bigotry and who do you think they’re calling the bigots? The Americans who are standing up for American values against the most radically intolerant and hateful agenda on the planet…”!!!

JOIN US! September 11, 2010

3:00 PM

Corner of West Broadway and Park Place.

The time is NOW to say No to a Mosque at Ground Zero and demand transparency: Show us the Money!

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If you really want to stop that mosque, you must bring a pig on their premises. People has done so in Italy, to stop muslims from building a mosque here.And it worked.

Comment by Carmen

Let us pray that this heinous initiative will not succeed. The arrogant leftist liberals who support it “in the name of freedom of religion” (while they deny it to others, especially Christians) are such fools and idiots! They do NOT understand the Arab-Muslim mentality. They wish to conquer the West and, just as they did in times of old, they build on or next to a hallowed site (as at Cordoba, Hagia Sophia in Turkey, in Jerusalem, at Nazareth, at Bethlehem…). Nothing would be more insulting to that hallowed ground, the memories of those who died there and their families and friends than to have to suffer hearing the call from the minarets 5x daily. I can think of no religion more insulting to humanity, especially to women, than Islam. Why any person of color would want to embrace it, the religion of those who first enslaved them, is beyond me. This “Cordoba initiative” cannot yet give an account of its funding (no doubt Saudi Arabia is involved). No one can account for why the nearby Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas, also damaged on 9/11/01, has not been given clearance to be repaired. Be wary, America, to give the green light to Cordoba. “We will use your very laws of democracy to overcome you.” -words of a very high Imam in Turkey to the once Capuchin Archbishop Bernardini of Izmir. Catholics: bury blessed miraculous medals at the site. God protect us!

Comment by Theresa

Theresa, I appreciate your comments, and I agree. Your sentiments are spot on. Proponents who cite anything to do with religion in this case are just plain wrong!

The building of a Mosque near ground zero is simply in bad taste and has NOTHING to do with religion. NOTHING. It is no more religious intolerance or bigotry to oppose a mosque at ground zero than it would have been to oppose the building of a Casino next to Gettysburg’s hallowed grounds or a shopping mall next to Mannassas Battlefield. Protestors didn’t oppose these structures out of some disdain for private enterprise or gambling. They blocked it because it was simply insensitive and in bad taste!

A Japanese Shinto Shrine on Ford Island in Pearl Harbor next to USS Arizona’s sunken burial hulk would be in equally BAD TASTE.

Mosque defenders & organizers cite honoring the memory of 9/11 dead as their motivation, but perpetuating this controversy dishonors them and they are relentless in their pursuit, despite the fact that NYC has literally already a HUNDRED mosques in NYC.

Imagine Muslim reactions to the building of a Christian Crusader House in the midst of the Holy L funded by the Roman Catholic Church and dedicated to Jesus, Lord of all?

Comment by Wedge

And you don’t need a live pig or a whole pig either. Just buy some pig parts in a supermarket, and throw it in there. They are already holding services there, 4 times a day. They do’nt give a damn about our feelings and words. America, stand up!! Sending a Muslim to power has ben a mistake! Europe is starting to stand up to them, now. Switzerland rejected their request to build towers around their mosque (they said it was for architectural reasons: it did not fit in with the wiew…LOL)
France is beginning to stand up to criminals, and sending them back to their own countries, when they act criminals. I Italy, a political group that stands against the islamic invasion has formed an army, and is actively monitoring and controlling them. When they tried to buy a big building to have another mosque, italian citizens did put their money together,and beat the to it. THEY bought the buiding, instead.
Come on! It’s not too late! They won’t manage! And I think it’s quite good that this is happening just before the elections. This issue will be discussed and used in the electoral campaigns, and you’ll be able to see who is with you, and who is’nt.

Comment by Carmen

The muslims are doing this to be spiteful why are they even moving to the US droves? America is supposed to be a melting pot so melt and knock off your sharia halal. Last i heard there is plenty of space in the Empty Quarter build a mosque there oh wait you already have Mecca! Islam is NOT compatibale with western countries they do not have and don’t want any democracy! This is about quality of life. The lefties want you to bend overt o the muslims no questions asked! Having lived and shopped in that area for 34 years you can’t make me believe a mosque has to expanded to serve a community? Really? how many muslims really live and work down there? 100 maybe 200? not 2,000.It’s going to be a transit hub for all muslims who live in the US and the world. I want Police Com. Kelly to put police and cameras on this building 24/7 because before the year ends muslims will “prove” New Yorkers who don’t let them have it there way are “islamaphobes” by spray painting anti islam graffiti slurs on the front BUT they will put the blame on 9/11 families and supporters.

Comment by kittyowl

American christian Churches are DEAD now. America needs SACRIFICE.
If american have become cowards,then surely muslims will secceed to build their mosque. Americans need to use their tacts.

Comment by frank

It’s not a coincidence that they are choosing the ninth year to start this. They probably have the eleventh hour chosen also!

Comment by therese horvath

You should join in the debate on our conservative expat blog. Leftwing Americans are running down the protestors, but some of us out here stand by our American friends.
Ross’s Right Angle, published in Jakarta, capital of the world’s largest Muslim country!

Comment by Connie

Somehow we have to figure out a way to unite ourselves regarding this travesty. Suggestions PLEASE.
SIOA is a great start. Thank you so much!

Comment by Rachel

“Every NY politician and every mainstream media source on this story has said this is a story about tolerance, against bigotry and who do you think they’re calling the bigots? The Americans who are standing up for American values against the most radically intolerant and hateful agenda on the planet…”!!!”

Why is tolerance a one way street? The muslims are not tolerant of any other religion or being! They are not even tolerant of women getting education or being free to wear what they like or dislike. They are controlling.

Comment by p

If this is an issue about religion, why christians have not a right to speak? There are nearly 300.000.000 people in USA. 85% are Christians, 2% are jews, 1,8% are muslims.Why those who uphold muslims rights are muslims, and those who uphold christians rights are bigots? Is there anyone that still aknoledges christianity as a religion, I wonder?

Comment by Carmen

We need to get the word out and have a mass protest. Iam telling everyone I know. If their is a flyer to post on public places-let me know

Comment by Gaby Dibene

Please scroll down past the crowd picture of the June 6th rally. That is the flyer you can post for Sept 11. It says “Why There”

Comment by neveragain911

[…] September 11 at 3 p.m. Pamela Geller will lead a second rally in New York against the Cordoba initiative […]

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we went to the aug 21 rally( we live in western ny south of Buffalo)…It was great!!!!!….I was very disappointed with lack of informing ….even Fox only mentioned it once….my wife and i came to the city for 3 days and no one knew a thing about it…..including a woman who was in one of the Trade Towers on that day …and could once see the trade towers from her apartment….LETS GET THE WORD OUT !!!!!….I EVEN EMAILED AND CALLED fOX news mid week before the rally to ask them why they didnt mention the rally…(to no avail)….LETS GET THE WORD OUT!!!….see you 3pm….Sept. 11th……….

Comment by earl j seeley


Comment by earl j seeley

ok…no signs….how about t-shirts????….i have one that says…..I LEARNED ALL I NEEDED TO KNOW ABOUT ISLAM ON 911…..IS THAT OK????….PLEASE ADVISE

Comment by earl j seeley

Sounds appropriate! Thanks for asking. See you soon….

Comment by neveragain911

Great Rally…drove over 700 miles with daughter,granddaughter……got lost, got there at 3pm….could hardly see or hear anything….because of LARGE crowd size…THATS A GREAT THING!!!!!…There were alot more people who only stayed for a few minutes and left….due to crowd size……next time bigger area….and it sure looks like that Eman…isnt backing off…..see you next rally….

Comment by earl j seeley

[…] 3 p.m. Sept. 11, Geller will lead a second rally in New York against the mosque […]

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