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PRESERVING FREEDOM CONF CANCELLED Hutton Hotel in Nashville Caves to Islamic Supremacist Demands
October 24, 2011, 9:49 pm
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BREAKING From Atlas Shrugs:

                                                 Egypt, Libya, Tunisia now …… Nashville.

Sioa book banner ad

The Hutton Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee is now sharia-compliant.

Steve Eckley, Senior Vice-President of Hutton Hotel, has caved to Islamic supremacist demands and cancelled our entire Preserving Freedom Conference scheduled for November 11th in Nashville. Eckley notified us that they will not honor our contract. Steve said that if we showed up we would not be let in. He said he has been getting threatening letters and calls. We are currently awaiting the written notification of the cancellation.

Steve Eckley’s phone number is 720 318 4238. He said he would not let us in the hotel if we showed up.  He was so ugly and hostile, it was shocking.

I was a scheduled keynote speaker, along with Robert Spencer, Wafa Sultan, Mark Durie, William Murray, Father Keith Roderick, and a host of voices for freedom.

This is the second time in no less than a week that a major hotel has capitulated to intimidation and demands to enforce the blasphemy laws under the sharia here in America. Opposing the most radical and extreme ideology on the face of the earth is now forbidden in the war of ideas.

Just last week the Hyatt Place in Sugarland canceled a tea party event where I was scheduled to speak. They have since apologized, but that is hardly enough. Free speech, the cornerstone of our constitutional republic, is in serious jeopardy. Under the Shariah, criticism of Islam is blasphemy (punishable by death in Muslim countries living under the Shariah). This is the death of free speech in the continuing Islamization of America. This is yet another shattering demonstration of why I wrote my book Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance.

The silencing of free speech is key to the islamization of America.

Americans must boycott these cowardly enterprises and raise their voices in protest.

Hutton Hotel
1808 West End Ave
Nashville, TN 37203

Tel: 615-340-9333, Fax: 615-340-0010

EMAIL form:

Here is the email of the current manager of the Hotel, Steven Andre (hat tip Rob)

Nashville is a gateway city for refugee resettlement — whole Muslim communities are resettled in “gateway” cities like Lewiston, Maine; Shelbyville, Tennessee; St. Cloud, Minnesota; Clarkston, Georgia; and Jamestown, North Dakota. Nashville has one of the country’s highest Muslim populations.

I strongly urge all Atlas readers contact the Hutton Hotel and voice your concern with the abridgment of our cherished and hard-fought freedoms. This continuing restriction of free speech is a key front in the war on the truth. Your future, your children’s future and that of our country is at stake. I cannot impress this upon you enough.

Get this out to your lists, your friends, and all the freedom lovers that you know.

This cannot stand. Start calling. Now.

UPDATE: The cretins at Hutton Hotel are referring callers to their PR firm. Don’t accept that. Politely insist upon speaking with hotel senior management. The attempt to blow you off to their spinmeisters at their highly paid PR firm is not going to cut it.

Check this out — here’s the latest info from Lou Ann Zelenik:

Mr. Eckley told me that they cancelled the event because of “risk to their property and staff” and numerous threatening calls they received. I asked him where the threats were coming from and he refused to answer that. He indicated he did not contact the FBI or Homeland Security or local police, because he cancelled the event and there was no need to do so. I asked him if the hotel gets a bomb threat over a particular event to they simply cancel the event and fail to contact police in that case, too? He then hung up stating I was “so right wing” he didn’t want to talk any longer. The hotel has referred any contacts to their pr agency.


And there are more helpful hints from the comments section at Atlas Shrugs . MAIN ONE is to be POLITE. This is not a request to send threats.

One reader said, “Apparently the Hutton Hotel is a tony property belonging to Amerimar Enterprises, while mfcpr is their pr company.

If this cancellation was made on the corporate level I don’t think that the PR firm should have the final authority, as if this is simply a public relations issue. Steve Eckley works for Amerimar as Senior VP of Hotels, so I’m contacting Amerimar corporate: Gerald Marshall, President & CEO along with Mr. Eckley.

In any case, I don’t think the hotel manager should be making decisions involving the abridgment of freedom of speech.”

Others responded, “I just called the hotel and was transferred to the manager. I asked the manager if it was true that Hutton Hotel had canceled the Preserving Freedom Conference. He would not answer the question but, rather, referred me to an email address of the “corporate office.” Before the call ended, I told the manager that a cancellation of this conference represented an assault on constitutionally-protected free speech and, as a result, I would never do business with them.

Email address = = website of MFC Public Relations in NYC.”

“Here is the email of the current manager of the Hotel, Steven Andre”

“You might also want to call the sales dept” 615-712-2319

And lastly, “I do believe their Twitter account is @HuttonHotel, for anyone interested.”

St. Nicholas Church at Ground Zero to be rebuilt- FINALLY!
October 16, 2011, 5:46 am
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From Atlas Shrugs: “Huge props to Congressional candidate George Demos (who spoke at our 911 Freedom Rally) and Governor Andrew Cuomo.”

9/11 Church to be Rebuilt 

St nic church

 George Demos, the Conservative Republican candidate for US Congress in New York’s First District, who helped lead the effort to bring national attention to the plight of the 9/11 Church today praised Governor Cuomo for fulfilling Governor Pataki’s pledge to rebuild the only house of worship destroyed on September 11th.

George Demos said, “Fifteen months ago when the ember of hope to rebuild St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church was nearly extinguished and our nation was embroiled in a controversy about the propriety of a Mosque at Ground Zero, we stood up and let the nation know that it was our obligation to rebuild the only house of worship destroyed on September 11th.


Sadly the breakthrough only came after the Port Authority’s Director Christopher Ward, who had been maliciously blocking the rebuilding of the Church, was forced to resign.

Deal Struck to Rebuild NY Church Destroyed on 9/11

It took a decade, but a deal has finally been struck to rebuild a church destroyed on 9/11, the church and a public agency announced Friday.

The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey said they have resolved their long dispute over how to rebuild St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, a small, 85-year-old chapel that stood across the street from the World Trade Center and was destroyed when the towers fell.

The church and the public agency had been at odds over the details of a land swap that will move the church slightly down the street to make way for some of the giant construction projects now under way at ground zero.

The settlement, mediated by the office of Gov. Andrew Cuomo, will end a lawsuit filed by the archdiocese earlier this year. Under the deal, the Port Authority will pay for site-work and below-ground infrastructure. The cost of that work is estimated to be about $25 million, according to the governor’s office. The archdiocese will pay for the construction of the chapel.

The new church will be about 3½ times as large as the old one, and also house a nondenominational bereavement center.

The leader of the Greek Orthodox Church in America, Archbishop Demetrios, said the church’s continued presence at the trade center site will be “an affirmation of the significance of religious freedom and experience for all New Yorkers and all Americans.”

“We will again light many candles in the new St. Nicholas Church and remember those who were lost to us, and those heroes who so nobly sacrificed their lives,” he said.

Two NY Subways ads: Support Israel & Against Israel BUT…..
October 16, 2011, 4:09 am
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October 14, 2011. Found two ads that made it up in the NY Subways. Same Times Square station , across from each other.  But, a 3rd ad remains hidden from view.

One is from those who are clueless about the history of Israel and the Holy Land. Their propaganda supports a false history bent on wiping Israel off-the-map and remains untouched even though it is anti-Israel and anti-America.

DSCN7884 copy

The other ad is from Stand With Us. It supports Israel’s Right To Exist. But even with their gracious support, those who are bent on the destruction of Israel have defaced this ad with graffiti.


But, this ad from SIOA and AFDI is an ad that isn’t afraid to tells it like it is. There ARE savages determined to destroy Israel but this ad has been censored. The outrage is not the ad, it’s that it has been censored…. Freedom of Speech DENIED

NY Law School Symposium “Sharia in America” The Plenary Panel (Day 2) Audio
October 4, 2011, 12:33 am
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Part 10 of 10 of an eight hour Symposium at NY Law School Law Review On “Sharia in America: Principle and Prospects”.  (click image to enlarge)

The purpose was to examine the place of Islamic Law in The United States.

The Plenary Panel is the conclusion of the Symposium. Two of the seven panelists, Michael J. Broyde (Emory University School of Law) – Jewish Law and Mohammad Fadel  (University of Toronto, Faculty of Law)  Professor of Religion and the Liberal State: The Case of Islam, were unable to stay for the Plenary, where the audience asked questions of the speakers.

The Panel for this final Q and A was Umar F. Moghul (University of Connecticut School of Law, Murtha Cullina LLP) who spoke on Sharia Finance; Asifa Quraishi (University of Wisconsin Law School) – Family Law; Kristen Stilt (Northwestern University School of Law) – Constitutional Law; Frank E. Vogel , an independent scholar and consultant on Islamic law and the laws of the Muslim world and Sadiq Reza (New York Law School) – Criminal Law.

Next are some written notes from the Plenary Q and A, followed by the audio:

Q – A woman asks Prof. Reza about the punishment and apostasy in the context of treason.

A Reza refers to the Sunna and the template he used in his slide presentation. Confirms it is a death penalty at a time when renouncing God was seen as a treason, endangering the Muslim Community. Modern Muslims now see this as inconsistent with modern human rights and freedom of religion

Prof. Moghul adds this is not just a modern position. In the Prophetic Era, those leaving the Faith of Islam were left alone; not seen as a threat.

Q – A man asks about problem of marital courts and Islamic legal experts. Can American judges be equipped to perform or is it better to have Muslim Tribunals that are legitimized by American courts.

AProf Quraishi replies, problem under our First Amendment. Non-credible people like bin-Laden don’t help. Needs to be a standard. She doesn’t want State to decide, interpret, Muslim Law. She mentions Gov. Christie.and reminds that just because someone is a Muslim does not mean they’ll infiltrate.

 Prof. Vogel (as he and Prof. Quraisha talk back and forth) mentions something about Common-law/Muslim Law in the Academic Community. Quraishi adds that with a theoretical point one can go to a mufti and get a fatwa which is not necessarily a death-threat.

Q – A woman asks who are the progressives. Is it Prof Quraishi?

A Quraishi says it’s too early to know…

Q – A woman says she has heard a lot about fear. Why isn’t the Muslim Community speaking out to the America Public

A – Prof Moghul says Muslim Community is tiny, it is speaking out, bt it is being drowned out by greater funding. To build bridge, dialogue, quite a bit is being done but voice is being pushed aside.

Prof Reza puts on his ‘scholarly hat’. He rejects notion Muslims  ( any group) has obligation (morally) to address anything said because they are just people going about their jobs as accountants and janitors, with kids; not a duty to refute everything said. ( similar he said to an American Black kid being asked to speak for all Blacks…he’s just a kid.) Those with the job of speaking up for the Community are being drowned out.

Prof. Stilt mentions David Yerushalmi, that he goes after CAIR heavily, when they are supposed to be doing this (as moderates). She admits they don’t always do this well (she may even disagree with them) but claiming they are Stealth Jihadists doesn’t help.

Prof Quraishi continues that it is bad. They are vulnerable to speak out against this level of hate. She was criticized at her campus ( in Wisconsin) for supporting a speaker invited there. She was attacked as an Islamo-Fascist; her tenure was threatened. Community can’t handle such pressure, the tsunami, the burden against reasonable thinking

Q- A very strident man (oddly dressed in high-water pants) goes on-on-on about how ignorant we all are and  takes forever to get to a ‘question’…

In his ‘lecture” he says, “What is the agenda behind and who are those behind it? He is pessimistic . These are Know-Nothings. Rants on about Teddy Roosevelt, a racist. and a Social Idiot. Most people are boobs (he of the odd-attire) Anybody can be an idiot (no kidding!) He proclaims, “It takes TIME to be educated! There are so few (out there) like him .” (says he proudly)

He seems to inspire Prof Stilt who starts in on David Yerushalmi (again). Yerushalmi is not a white-man in North Dakota. He wouldn’t belong either. This hatred of a people or a religion, she asks, “WHY don’t they worry about immigration? The Economy? Why hate? This Ignorance in Oklahoma and Tennessee where there are a lack of Muslims, they should worry about the immigrants taking their jobs.

The Odd-Fellow responds, “This is a Fashion; a fashionable position to Hate.”

Prof Stilt concludes that it is not insignificant that most of this rhetoric comes from Republicans, without criticism; no Party criticism because it scores points at the polls. It’s a political tool, fear. To be afraid like of Gay Marriage, it’s an elaborate ruse to get people to the polls.

Skipping ahead to other moments in the Q and A that are unrelated ….

Prof Quraishi asked,”Why is the Tea Party worried about Muslims taking over; this Islamo-phobia They should be worried about Economics; things International.”

Prof. Reza mentions Tariq Ramadan and a couple of Iranian writers. He says writing on Criminal and Constitutional law not confined to one country

Prof Vogel says there is a lot of disagreement when scholars interpret Qur’an as there are many interpretations. Not one better than another.

Prof Reza  suggest that critics use stray guys on internet to suit their purposes

Prof Quraishi asks, “What is orthodox?” Changes. Organic relationship with scripture to get to changes.  She mentions Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence) is just an understanding of the Law. Fiqh deals with the observance of rituals, morals and social legislation in Islam. With the laws against Sharia, Muslims are afraid to naturally challenge (Sharia).

RE the audio : For the audience questions, I had to reposition the hyper-sensitive recorder when people were not speaking directly into mic (but the rustling noise is usually brief). However, Professor Vogel has a few moments where he, unfortunately, spoke too softly and off-mic. (That too, will pass) The other speakers were always audible.

The VIDEO/AUDIO of the Plenary Panel

I hope you found this series interesting. It has left me with much to ponder and to question.

Register Now for Sharia Awareness Action Network Conference (11-11-11)
October 3, 2011, 9:04 pm
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November 11, 2011 in Nashville, Tennessee

For more information :


NY Law School Symposium “Sharia in America” Sadiq Reza (Day 2) Audio
October 2, 2011, 1:22 am
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Part 9 of 10 – Aug 26, 2011 – This was an 8 hour (2 day) Symposium at NY Law School Law Review On “Sharia in America:Principle and Prospects”. The purpose was to examine the place of Islamic Law in The United States.

On Day 2, Professor Sadiq Reza , is the last speaker of the Symposium. He speaks on Criminal Law (Sharia and Western Law).

Notes from Professor Reza’s presentation

Islamic criminal punishment most feared of Islamic Way; Sharia crimes and punishments. 

Least likely to make way into U.S.

Least favored by moderate Muslims and most understand the fear. Unpleasant doctrines, some are not indigenous to Islam, honor killings and genital mutilations, didn’t originate or and are not limited to Islam.

These pre-date Islam, they are not Islam, even though published by some Imams

Fewer than 50% of women live in Muslim world where cuttings and killings happen. 

Not-tradition. Not Muslim practice or Doctrine. He is sure there are some Imams and jurists who favor these…re dishonor of community and family, this is not a majority opinion in Islam

Mentions in Western Law, catching wife in adultery, is one of first 5 categories of provocation in a partial defense. In U.S., in 1970s, the courts did not consider spousal rape and spouses were exempt from charge of marital rape until 1993. Today all 50 States ( and D.C.) have laws that forbid forcing sex on anyone

Yes marital rape is in Quran. He reads the well-known quote re “woman is like a till” 

Re-interpret scriptures, binding law open to evolution,  fluid. 

Shows us his Qur’an (filled with tabs) If your Qur’an is not filled with tabs, then you aren’t studying/reading your Qur’an

Starts his slides and speaks of three categories of  Islamic Penal Code: Hudud (an eye for an eye), Qisas (retribution) and Ta’zir (chastisement). Represent the Rights of God, the Rights of Person and the Rights of Society. This is the template of Islam; the Crimes and Punishment


Where is this system practical? Shows map of countries, showing their relationship to Islam.  Mentions that Egypt is not a sharia-centric country. Should not be on the list.

Has nothing to say re U.S. and Sharia. Not seen anyone call for Sharia Criminal Court here.  Muslim-Americans are not asking for stoning and whippings. It is repugnant. Moral sensibilities reject that category of crimes.

Ta’zir would offend our Constitution

Mentions NY Times article on David Yerushalmi, Says critics are cherry-picking Sharia

Notes from the Q and A

Q The need for 4 witnesses to Act of Adultery. The Sunna. Pakistan, Saudi  Arabia, do not follow the evidentiary rules.

Q- Sexual Slander. False accusations. Social attitude among Muslims when women make false accusations (as in Sadik-Kahn) 

A- mentions the need for 4 witnesses being a deterrent

Q- Bigger threat to Criminal Law and Islam over-use of material support statute by American  Criminal Courts . The ramifications for the Muslim population in the U.S (Peter Beauchamp)

A- Has to with Civil Rights and the Patriot Act (tried for terrorism). Allows for lower standard of proof of criminal intent

Q- the materials she has read imply. “You can’t pick and choose. Muslims believe in a package of items.  We do want Family Law ( not Criminal Law) It’s just a strategy…”

A – Muslims can pick and choose. If American Muslims are ever in a position to implement any form of Sharia, they will be the measure of what that Sharia is. According to the polls (assuming they are not lying) Muslim Americans have no interest in implementing the Sharia Criminal Law. They have always picked and chosen.   And to be implemented it must be accepted by the people.

Professor Reza spoke for approximately 28 minutes. His Q and A was about 18 minutes. This is the audio of the presentation (with some slides) followed by the Q and A.

 The Symposium concludes next with  (Part 10 ) “The Plenary Panel” and Final Q and A

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