No Mosques At Ground Zero

SIOA “No Mosque at Ground Zero” June 6 Rally (videos and pictures)

June 15: ALL 22 VIDEOS OF SPEAKERS ARE NOW POSTED . (June 21) Have added some photos as well.

Here we have the intrepid (audacious: invulnerable to fear or intimidation; “intrepid pioneer” ) The Pamela Geller…

Please scroll down for more pictures and videos….


The D-Day at Ground Zero Rally sponsored by SIOA (Stop Islamization of America) was a success!

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We honored those who died on the beaches of Normandy and those who were murdered on 9-11 .


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There are many videos posted of those who spoke. Leading off with one of the co-sponsors of the rally, Pamela Geller of SOIA (Stop The Islamization of America). Let the videos “do the talking”…


Pamela Geller


Robert Spencer


Nonie Darwish (ex-Muslim and author)


Anders Gravers


Jim Lafferty  (Virginia Anti-Shariah Task Force)


Simon Deng (ex-Sudanese Slave)


Nelly Braginskaya, 9-11 Family Member (whose  son was murdered at Ground Zero)


Larry Savinkin , President of September 11 Family Group, uniting 9/11 families from the Russian-American Community.


Germano Rivera worked and was buried under the South Tower when it collapsed (he’s introduced by Pamela Geller) Germano talks from his heart of the pain he felt struggling to find someone ANYONE alive in the rubble and he pleads,  ” Teach our children to never forget!”


Beverly Perlson of The Band of Mothers mentions that  440 of our troops have died since 2009, with no mention of their sacrifice in the media. Also , someone needs to call-out the Muslim mothers to denounce this murderous behavior against our sons and daughters.


Richard Connerney, Professor of Philosophy at Pace University. Forty-seven Pace University students and alumni were murdered by Islamic supremacists on 9-11


Babu Suseelan , Hindu leader and Human Rights Activist


Robert Spencer introduces Alan T. DeVona a WTC Patrol Sgt. who was on duty during the terror attack and Officer Michael Symonds.


Robert Spencer introduces  Herb London of the Hudson Institute


Jay Townsend , Candidate for US Senate against Chuck Schumer.


Dan Maloney, NY State co-ordinator for Gathering of Eagles and a Candidate of NY District 4


C. Lee Hanson whose  son, daughter-in-law and 2 and 1/2 year old granddaughter were murdered by the Islamic supremacists on 9-11


Two Coptic Christian human rights activists, Nabil Asaad and Dr. Esmat Zaklama, talk about the horrors of living in a country ruled by Sharia Law.


Pamela Geller introduces Pamela Hall-New York leader of SIOA and Human Rights Activist


Keith Le Bow. Ironworker at First Responder on 9-11


FINAL VIDEO Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer (co-founders of SIOA) wrap up the Rally and on  September 10, 2010 they will return! Be there!


The planned Mega- Mosque that would offer swimming pools and pretty meeting rooms where people can gather and read and ‘ask questions’ would  become Dawah Central ”  at Ground Zero. It must be stopped!

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Slide Show of more pictures:

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Great pictures at The Peoples Cube and Looking at the Left and Urban Infidel .More posts are adding to the pictures of the THOUSANDS (don’t let “them” downgrade it into hundreds).

Pictures at Eye On The WorldPipeline News and of course, Atlas Shrugs and Jihad Watch!


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Comment by George Reisman


Comment by George Reisman

If we need to explain the why to you…than you are really much dumber than we thought!

Comment by Helli Zona

I’m with Reisman, Geller, Spencer 100%.

Comment by Andrew

i will do whatever i can do to make sure this mosque is not allowed on ground zero!!!! No mosque on ground zero. Stop the Islamization of America and Europe!!!!!!

Comment by tonya byrum

[…] Pamela Hall posted the videos — terrific coverage here. The blogosphere doing the work of the mainstream […]

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No Mosque at Ground Zero and nowhere in the free Democracies! The 9/11 attackers are pious Muslims also Osama Bin Laden who only follows the evil teachings of the pedophile mass murderer Muhammad

Comment by Stepnanie

If the Muslims success to build this mosque,It’s mean that United States of America honor “Usama Bin Laden” and the 19 Muslsims and all the other terrorists that they win to destroy this beatiful country.
All the muslims terrorists was a member of one of the Mosques. Islam was never a religion of love and peace,if you do not believe me give a proof.
Muslims use the freedom in USA to destroy USA.
To Lie in Islam religion is not a sin.
Muslims use the petro dollar to buy some Americans for their own purpose.
This Mosque at ground zero will be the begining of the end of USA.
In any Muslims country thousands of Christians are killed every year by Muslims according to the books of the Koran, Hadith and Shariaa Alla.
By “El Jazeera” Arabic news More than 7 millions Muslims living in the Middle East and Africa
was converted to Christianity, they rejected this bloody and devil religion.All of them are living under threat and has a death penalty if the Muslims government success to arrest them.
Thank you
Nabil Bissada
Ex prisoner for 6 months in Egypt for my Christian faith.

Comment by Nabil Bissada

Namaste. Thanks for organizing this Pro-America protest rally. Can you please share videos of speeches by Hindu speakers at this rally?

Comment by Satyabhashnam

YES…they will be posted. Going as fast as I can. More will go up tomorrow.

Comment by neveragain911

many of us know that we’re living in perilous times. It’s time to take the gloves off and if we have to we need 200,000 people to put their bodies at ground zero and stop all construction. The current Govt. has gone insane and it’s up to the people to take the country back.

Other peoples in countries do just that. so what if some of us good americans die in the streets. someone has to be on the front lines and i’ll volunteer as being the first. this so called mosque project is not to bring the city together but pride in the minds of those who seek to do this (with i bet some democrats pushing behind closed doors).

Rather than have the muslims bring flowers, they rather erect their allah mosque as a token of what the believers in the Koran did. Ask them if they believe in the entire Koran where it says to annialate those to do not believe? Come on Talk tv hosts?

We must physically stop them if need be. A civil war might come and we better be ready to defend that piece of property. Then and only then will our traitor govt. see that we the people mean business if the deplomacy actions do not work.

Comment by grizzly900

We don’t need an Islamic Center so Americans can learn more about Islam in order to foster a better understanding between us all — I say: THIS IS AMERICA – OUR HOME – THE ISLAMISTS NEED TO LEARN MORE ABOUT AMERICA SO THEY KNOW WHAT WE’RE REALLY ABOUT – not the other way around! They’re here! They’d better learn how to become Americans, or else — THEY OUGHT TO LEAVE and go back to an Isalmic nation, so they can be muslims among muslims. HERE – they must be made to play by our rules. It’s our home – our backyard, and it can never be anything else.

Comment by Lee Blair

Why is this not covered in the news anywhere anytime? That’s what I want to know. I’m with u grizzly. I will lay myself down on the ground too to prevent this from happening. Ill be at the next rally to all the way from nc.

Comment by tonya

Is anyone aware of what Cordoba House means to the Muslims?The first one was built in the 8th century in Spain after Muslims basically occupied the country,which was Christian for the most part.They killed the men and took the women to various countries and sold them into slavery.They are very proud of this history,it shows their strength and superiority,they assume.

So why do they want this “mosque”named after something that shows their true colors?inquiring minds want to know.

Comment by refuse2lose

Many who oppose the building of the Cordoba House/Mosque at Ground Zero do know the history of the 8th Century Muslim Conquest of Spain. And for those who do not know that the naming of the Ground Zero mosque is a Red Flag of new conquest….we must EDUCATE EDUCATE EDUCATE!

Comment by neveragain911

Excellent coverage! Thank you for doing the job the minion media will not do.

Comment by NYCEagleD


Comment by Dennis Briels

We were ATTACKED by MUSLIM ISLAMIC TERRORISTS and we are at WAR with them.

ANY religion which attacks another through VIOLENCE is not an AMERICAN religion.


There should be NO mosque anywhere near ground zero period.

Comment by ecclesiastical

To all you peacefull muslims….build a super church in Mecca ( in matter of fact, build one of all faiths in Mecca) and then, first then, you come to the free world and ask about your Moske construction.

Comment by HenningKristensen

[…] -No Mosques at Ground Zero blog: See speeches from the protest […]

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Show respect to the memory of the people murdered in 9/11. Do not dishonour their graves or cause more grief to their loved ones. Of all the religions in the world and all the beliefs of the people who were murdered, do not choose to honour the religion of their murderers. Compassion to the victims means saying no. Don’t let their deaths be for nothing. Let us learn.

Comment by Elli Klajn

I live in Australia and had heard rumours of a proposed new mosque at or near Ground Zero, but hadn’t heard follow up news and assumed it was just that, a rumour. A friend just sent me the June 6 video and I am utterly horrified that New York politicians could have possibly given permission for the building of this mosque. I agree with the speaker (I am still shocked from watching the video and can’t remember exactly who said what) who called this an “insanity”. I hope you manage to stop such a desecration of the Ground Zero site. You must. On that day, September 11, 2001, our then 9 year old daughter wandered into the room as we watched the breaking news on television, and we huddled together as a family, watching in horror, powerless to send her away, something I will never forget. Everyone I knew here in Australia felt for you in America. I still do.

Comment by Nadia Bloom

[…] mega-mosque at Ground Zero — the highlight video! For videos of individual speeches, go here. Thanks to JW Cordoba House, Ground Zero and “Overcoming the Fear of Islam”Mehnaz M. […]

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I want to ba part of this/ it was a great rally/wish I had been there! Thanks to all of you for what you are doing,i.e., trying to stop the take-over of this country & the installment of Sharia law here for the millions of us who do care/ some do not seem to care.

Comment by Wynnell H. Nowell

Dear Islamists,
There are those of us, Christians, Jews, Hindus, and other peace-loving religions that know you, know your history since the 600’s AD and who you really are. We will not stand by as pacifists waiting for you to slaughter us. We will fight you until your kind are finally exterminated. Look at what is happening around you today in the world. Your countries have become war zones. You have brought wars upon your own heads by your hate and violent-filled religion. It is being rained back upon your heads.
This is your future.

Comment by Templars

It is their way of rubbing our nose in it. They think we are weak and our leaders give them good reason to think that!
When will the libs learn that pluralism is a total failure.

Comment by Ray Lyne

100% with you on this issue. The nerve of this Imam to desecrate this burial site is beyond belief. Mayor Bloomberg should be ashamed of himself for supporting this monstrosity.I will be at every rally to try to prevent the building of this mosque on sacred ground.

Comment by Juggler


Comment by KRISTI

It’s time the “sleeping giant” is reawakened. It is time to stop being so TOLERANT before we have no freedoms left. WAKE UP AMERICA….. STAND-UP AND MAKE YOUR VOICES HEARD……STOP THE MOSQUE AT GROUND ZERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Comment by Floyd

let’s appreciate what the Muslim mosque-building threat REALLY is: a slap in the face , i.e.,– the traditional challenge to a duel — So let’s don’t cry about it!: BRING IT ON! I think our guys can handle job!

Comment by Gorky Gorkadinsky

No! No! No mosque on Ground Zero! This is Sacred
Ground! Only when “Hell Freezes Over”.

Rex George
Cave Creek, Az

Comment by Rex George

denouncing the building of the mosque on the site of ground zero (which is a spit,and a slap in the face not just of american people,but all the non-muslims in the world!)is an expected,and logical reaction of all non muslim world not just in america but world wide,but here’s also the bigger picture that most of us are not seeing is that every mosque built is like a cancer cell!you let it grow,and before you realize it it metastasize into an incurable,and unpreventable disease!wake up america,and the rest of the world,and come out of the cave before it’s too late!

Comment by jan

The idea of a mosc at ground zero is insane,,, what is America doing why are they all just sitting there letting this happen,,, wake up America and see what our country is becoming!!! Don’t just sit there,,, look at the world look at what is taking place. Muslims are trying to show you by having a mosc at this spot they have won!! You are allowing this???? Israel has to help America learn and America needs to help Israel learn. We need to fight the terrorist war on the world together!Israel needs better media coverage and voices to help show what is being done to us here and America needs to learn about security, and how to protect themselves.Fight against terrorism! Freedom and democracy is what you are fighting for!!God Bless America and Israel!

Comment by Yona Morgenstern

I heard that the Israelite would hang bags of pigs blood in their buses to deter suicide bombers. Sprinkle pigs blood on the site.

Comment by Rick

[…] group Stop Islamization of America, or SIOA, led by Pamela Geller, Atlas Shrugs blogger and columnist, hosted a “No 9/11 Mosque” […]

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Way to go America!!
Keep up the good fight!!
We also need to stand up here in Canada because our government is also trying to cater to these terrorizing Islamists! We support your fight!!

Comment by Manny

This makes me sicker than anything has in a long time. Wake up people, get together for ONCE and do NOT let this happen. IF you believe in this, make sure you are there on September 10th to fight this battle.

Comment by Shanna quickly people forget!!! Let’s join hands, hearts and minds to STOP this insanity! It is not only a degrading, demeaning slap in the face to all of the HEROES who lost their lives on Sept. 11th, but is a call to those who value freedom in our country. STOP THE INSANITY….get those in power who condone this OUT as soon as possible. Regain what is ours!!! Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness – IN GOD WE TRUST!!! STOP THE MOSQUE!

Comment by Michelle

IMPEACH the Mayor and who is the moron that entertained the idea of even remotely having a mosque anywhere near Ground Zero???

Comment by Denise Martin

I am disgusted by our government to even consider building a mosque on ground zero.This is pure insanity and we the people need to stand up and stop the islamic explosion here inthe United States.

Comment by Karen Sears

This is so appalling to me, clearly money is the root of all evil. God Bless America

Comment by Susan

Muslims do not allow the building of synagogues or churches in Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries. The Taliban says it’s OK to throw acid in the faces of young girls who want to go to school to be educated. Muslim fathers and brothers kill their daughters and sisters whenever they say she has brought dishonor to their families. Muslims, I guess, don’t think women are as important as dogs. Women can’t even drive cars in Saudi Arabia. The Taliban can beat them or jail them if their ankles show. Is this the kind of life American women would have to tolerate if Sharia law was established here. And yet people who only care about Saudi money like Mayor Bloomberg don’t seem to realize that this is exactly what the Muslim world wants, to make us ignorant misogynists and murderers like they are.

Comment by Kathleen McCarthy

Our government is failing us on a day to day basis. It sends our loved ones in to fight a war against terrorisim, yet is so worried they will loose a dollar that they invite the same people to corrupt our way of life. No tollerance to those who are intollerant. No respect awarded deserves none in return. PEOPLE NEED TO TAKE BACK THE POWER FROM OUR CORRUPT GOVERNMENT. IT STARTED OUT GOOD BUT HAS LOST ALL MORALS AND THE ABILITY TO DO THINGS FOR THE BETTER OF OUR COUNTRY BUT RATHER FOR THE POLLITICIANS POCKETS. MONEY CANT BUY HAPPINESS AND WE NEED TO SHOW THEM ITS OUR MONEY AND WE WANT IT BACK. ALLONG WITH OUR RIGHTS AND OUR WAY OF LIFE.

Comment by Cromwell

I heard about this story and it made me physically sick. Ground Zero should be a MEMORIAL, not a place for the enemy to point and laugh at, gloating for the rest of their lives. If a mosque is built there, that’s what’s they’ll do.
To everyone who lost loved ones on 9-11, this is the ultimate slap in the face.

Comment by Kelly Crutcher

I live in Amsterdam the Netherlands,
I have seen an infiltration into a mosque by a under ground reporter. The hatred against anything none muslim said their is frightening.
Also the screaming about killing non- believers ………… I am going to cry

Comment by Japie

[…] of course) was the SIOA rally!! El Marco had extraordinary coverage here and here.   No Mosques at Ground Zero has the video coverage […]

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[…] of course) was the SIOA rally!! El Marco had extraordinary coverage here and here.   No Mosques at Ground Zero has the video coverage […]

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This is another kind of ATTACK by “another type of Islamic approach to America.” We will never know who is behind it, where the fund is coming from, or what is the REAL purpose of building this mosque there.

What if it is built, then someone burns it. America and American people will FOREVER BE BLAMED FOR whatever comes after that we have nothing to do with it. This mosque has an issue! It is meant to be a plot for Islam extremists to find yet another reason to destroy us – so they can rule this world for Allah. STAND UP AMERICA!

Comment by denton


Comment by John Billings

[…] in the early Spring.  On June 6, a rally opposing the mosque and attended by thousands was held by Stop the Islamisation of America (SIOA).  The Center for Security Policy helped set up a website for the Coalition in mid June, and […]

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[…] in the early Spring.  On June 6, a rally opposing the mosque and attended by thousands was held by Stop the Islamisation of America (SIOA).  The Center for Security Policy helped set up a website for the Coalition in mid June, and […]

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wow great!

Comment by melisa

[…] Update: videos of speeches are up at No Mosque at Ground Zero. […]

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[…] Pamela Hall posted the videos — terrific coverage here. The blogosphere doing the work of the mainstream […]

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[…] in the early Spring. On June 6, a rally opposing the mosque and attended by thousands was held by Stop the Islamisation of America (SIOA). The Center for Security Policy helped set up a website for the Coalition in mid June, and […]

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