No Mosques At Ground Zero

NYC arrival of America’s 9/11 Memorial Ride (8-21-10)
August 22, 2010, 7:01 am
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UPDATE Aug 23: added more pics (slide show) Please scroll down

VIDEO as the bikers  exited the Holland Tunnel:

August 21, 2010. The Holland Tunnel, NYC. Americas 911 Foundation Memorial Ride. Bikers (700-800) rode from Shanksville, Pennsylvania to the Pentagon and the came roaring into NYC .

DSCN0846 copyright

In the morning they will form a memorial line on the north end of Ground Zero.

CIMG0069 copyright

The America’s 9/11 Ride is about remembering the Heroes, Volunteers and Victims who lost their lives on September 11, 2001 and since.

CIMG0074 copyright

It was an amazing and thrilling and deeply moving experience to welcome them as they exited the Holland Tunnel.

bikes 8-21-10 010 copyright

The bikes formed a caravan uptown (with police escort) to 54th Street and 7th Avenue.

bikes 8-21-10 013 copyright

bikes 8-21-10 003 copyright

bikes 8-21-10 005 copyright

And then they had a great ‘block party’ at 54th street.

DSCN0888 copyright

DSCN0896 copyright

More pictures will be posted of the bikes, particularly the police bikes which had the State ID on them. Lots of pics were taken of the 700-800 bikes parked at that location. That will be posted next.

DSCN0814 copyright

DSCN0833 copyright

Part 2 Slide show at Ground Zero:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Part 3 is different States ID when they were at 54th street

Vodpod videos no longer available.

For more info on their ride, go to


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I have this idea, lets ask the chief iman which Islamic city he would like the heart bombing out of so there could be a cathedral built.
At the same time it could be pointed out to him that the bombing would be paid for by donations by the America public and not funded by the military,then perhaps he would get an idea of the strength of feeling.
In the mean time stop buying from or selling to any Islamic country that does not condemned this, within 6 mounths most of them would be back in the stone age

Comment by virtualstranger

Wonderful Idea.

Imam Rauf a is real muslim from inside like 9/11 muslims. But he is using other tecniques to fool americans. Why can’t we build a church in Saudi Arabia.

Comment by frank

I wish i am w/ you danicaI love I am adopted by AMERIA GOD BLESS august 21 1968 my native land was invated by Soviet troops
social,-comm. YOU open your arms to us. Thank you America/Czechslovakia/ I have the same feelings ,who is inveiding us now?
thanks danica

Comment by danica

It is so disheartening that Americans actually support building a mosque on our sacred Ground Zero. Further, it is embarassing that these leftist morons running the show support it also. Mr. Bloomberg, Ms. Pelosi, Mr. President – you should all of you. The purpose of the mosque is to mark a victory. Muslims consider 911 and the death of nearly 3000 people, most of whom are Amercians, a victory. Apparently so do some Americans as they support this grossly indecent and insensitive initiative. Stop this now America! Come together! Attend the rally. I know I will and I hope to see you there. And Carmen, I like your idea about the pigs. I could certainly recommend a few pigs for this purpose. Their names are mentioned above. KG.

Comment by Kelly

I’m a middle eastern guy. I really dont know why this muslims allways tryin to make some HEADACHE around the world. I think because of those BS… they beleive.

Comment by Petrus

Whats going to happen when in five years all these mega mosque that they want to build all over the USA are really safe havens for jihadist. There being ran my the Muslim Brotherhood. They will be ran by terrorist groups. Do these liberals really know what ther getting themsevles into? Are they going to start saying muslim prayers over loud speakers 5 times a day. Are muslim women going to start wearing veils on their faces. Are they going to ask for footbaths at airports. Are they going to start yelling in the streets for Sharia? SOUNDS CRAZY? Thats what Europe is facing right now. Take a look whats happening in the U.K.

Comment by Ron

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