No Mosques At Ground Zero

The Four Stages of Islamic Conquest – Video
October 10, 2012, 3:13 am
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“The goal of Islam is to make all of humanity submit to Sharia law.”

  1.  Infiltration
  2.  Consolidation of Power
  3.  Open Warfare
  4.  Totalitarian Islamic Theocracy

After watching this powerful 9 minute video, if you didn’t know what has been happening here and Europe, GLOBALLY,  you will now….



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On the list the first one is Infiltration. There are many way that this may be done. One of the is the building of the Ground Zero Mosque. The imams who claim the this building will be a “cross cultural center ” are being very disingenous by saying so. To put another way, they are lying. On this subject in a four night lecture in church in York Pa. during the question and answer period someone asked abou the real intentions of the Muslim clerics in wanting to have the construction of the Ground Zero Mosque. One of rhe speakers is a Arab Christian who lived in Syria for many years before coming to America, Rev. Joseph Moussa, and he said that that the message on the construction of that mosque will be taken as the message in the Middle East as “You see whar we did here, we brought down the twin towers and build up a mosque.” The other speaker, Dr. Daniel Shayesth Is from Iran and in times past was both a Muslim and a Hezbollah member and now a Christian stated that the building that mosque a ground zero will be taken as the message in the Islamic world as “We have killed and have been victorious.” Furthermore, in the book written by Dr. Shayesteh entitled ISLAM:THE HOUSE I LEFT BEHIND on page 99 it reads “The mosque is vilal for establishing Muslims as sovereign over non-Muslim in a non-Islamic society. Buliding a mosque in a non-Islamic society or country symbolizies Islam’s claim over that society or country, even with a non-Muslim majority.”

Comment by Walter Sieruk

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