No Mosques At Ground Zero

Part 2- MTA & “The Case of the Disappearing AFDI Ads”
October 4, 2012, 1:10 am
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Originally, this follow-up post was going to focus on the parodies that have sprung up around the ridiculous “Mona E“.  Mona Eltahawy’s credibility as a journo is in tatters, I hope,  with her audacious “Free Speech for ME but not for THEE” ; as these posters and video so deftly reveal:

From iOwntheWorld:

And The Peoples Cube

A “John Smith” had some fun with this musical parody. Mona is now One Big Joke.

Even the NY Post  got in to the act:

This exposure should have been the end to the insane vandalizing committed by the rabid lib/progressive/soc/commie  free-speech opponents. However on October 2, as I conducted a follow-up on the ads….Something just didn’t seem right…..There was something a foot, but what?

Late Night Edition, Tuesday, October 2. Found in a few subway ad locations, that the ads are either grossly damaged or gone . Seems the “Thought Police” are still roaming through underground.

The ad at 23rd street and 8th Ave went from this:

To this mess below….

Also, on Tuesday evening I noticed, two ads are gone. No where to be seen. This one at 49th street (the N/R) : GONE

The other at  34th st (1 line) – GONE

Mona’s spray painted ad was replaced

But, next it was carefully vandalized with pink signs taped on. (Thanks to TD for this catch)

And now, the new sign, post-Mona, has an odd glop on the ad…

The 44th street ad is right by a Transit Police station.

Perhaps that’s the only reason the ad at 44th St and 8th Ave has just a few scratches.

And the FABULOUS Pamela Geller confirmed we still had an ad at 28th Street (6 line)! But, that was Tuesday. I still wanted to know why some ads were missing.

2nd Update. Wednesday-October 3, 2012. The Case of the Disappearing Anti-Jihad Signs” continues. Made a discovery at the TWO locations I had returned to. They had been replaced, not damaged, REPLACED by two very sickly-green ads connected to the very ‘social justice’ commentariat aka: the “Methodist Church-USA”.

The Methodists For Social Justice” pukey green signs can also be found at their Face book page,  here.

Here’s a look at how those locations look now, on Wednesday October 3.

49th st ( N/R)

34th St (1) the AFDI was covered up by the Social Justice ad

44th St ( 8th Ave)

Times Sq corridor

It took AFDI a YEAR to get their ads approved by the MTA and yet, somehow, the  “Social Justice” propaganda machine not only got the MTA to put up their signs, but to also cover up …to remove the AFDI signs. Co-incidence? Or, perhaps….something is VERY rotten at the MTA!

This arrogant destruction and obstruction of Free Speech, could it actually turn the tide against these tools? We can HOPE….

“The Attack of Mona Eltahawy on Free Speech”-Part 1
October 3, 2012, 12:43 am
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On Tuesday, September 25, 2012, the NYC Subway was the scene of  the “Attack of Mona E”. Vandalism /Free Speech,  as long it favors Mona Eltahawy, she sees no difference . But… first the Ad:

The Defeat Jihad ad was created as a rebuttal to the anti-Israel campaigns that were in the NYC subways during October 2011…

It took a year to get the AFDI rebuttal ad approved by the MTA. And once posted, the Defeat Jihad ads were immediately put on a ‘hit-list’. The locations of the ads were published in social media by Cyrus McGoldrick-NY CAIR  …

And Nancy Mansour of “Existence is Resistance“, a group of hip-hop ‘afficianados ‘ who self-identify  as “Fakestinians”. They, too, posted the locations of the ads. NO one was shy about encouraging their members “to take action against the ads”.

On Monday evening of the first day of the AFDI ad campaign,  this vandalism at 72nd st was posted on their Facebook page.

And by Thursday, the 27th, “Existence is Resistance”  proudly posted a video taken while they vandalized another ad:

Tuesday afternoon, the 25th,  was only the second day of the campaign. I went back to the subways looking for damaged ads, planning to interview passers-by for a reaction to the message. I began at 44th and 8th ave. where an ad had been vandalized the night before, finding this ad had been cleaned-up quite well.

Headed to the F Line (Fifth Ave and 57 st) where I found a poster had been vandalized.

Did my best to remove the obscene stickers.

Then went back to Times Sq. where I had seen al-Jazeera and Donna Nevel the day before; a high-traffic location. Thought I might even catch an interview or two. Guess the NY Post had the same idea. On Monday, along with Reuters and other media, they had covered Cyrus McGoldrick’s’ photo-op flyering.

But, today, as I arrived, the only press I saw was the NY Post. I saw a childlike sign taped over the ad and the NY Post crew chatting with a fellow in an on-camera interview.

The Post crew then directed him to carefully remove the paper sign from the ad while they took photos. As he finished, I took the opportunity to tape a brief interview with him before he walked away. This is my video before the “Attack Of Mona E”

I asked the NY Post crew (there were 3 of them) did they know who taped the sign to the poster.

I got coy looks of silence for each question. “Do you know who put up the sign. Did you see who put up the sign. Did the person who put up the sign stay around to see them take pictures”. And then, as I heard cries of “oh,oh,oh”, I turned to see MONA Eltahawy beginning to spray PINK PAINT over the ad.

She was a ‘vision’ in her loud pink coat armed with a can of spray-paint. I discovered later that Mona had posted on twitter: she was coming, in a pink coat,  to vandalize the poster. Obviously determined to be noticed… and she was.

 I attempted to reason with her, “Did she think she had a right to do this”. “Yes, Yes Yes” to everything as she sprayed, sprayed, sprayed.  Mona Eltahawy was hell-bent on spraying that ad. With no police to stop her, I had to take a pro-active stance …. I stood between MONA and the AD.
This is the NY Post raw video.

Free Speech be Damned” and my person be damned, as well. Mona never stopped spraying.

She sprayed my back, my bags, my gear and managed to get spray paint on my eye glasses because she kept spraying beside my face and eyes every time I turned my head.

Once the police arrived, they were great; calm and polite considering how RIDICULOUS Mona was behaving. As they took her paint-can and cuffed her, she whined, pouted and insisted she had done nothing wrong.


Here’s my video, with an” inside view” of the assault”.

The crowd watching “The Attack of Mona E” found her foolish, particularly the black lady in white who is laughing at Mona as she was taken away by the officers. Sweet…

Mona was kept in a holding a cell over-night for vandalizing city property (the walls) as well as the ad. She still insists she did nothing wrong. Ask any tagger, Mona, “Spray-paint is so NOT legal!”

Perhaps next time, Mona might decide to hand-out flyers or speak to passersby, instead of destroying an opposing point-of-view like a brown-shirted thug. Shutting down the free-speech rights of others is NOT her right.

However, Mona Eltahawy, Cyrus McGoldrick and Nancy Mansour are just three of the players in a nasty movement  to control and censor all criticism of Islam. It’s called : Sharia Law. Islam (Sharia) is creeping, inching forward, threatening violence as it deconstructs our legal system.

I’d like to thank Mona, for her audacious law-breaking vandalism where she so eloquently exposed her lack of respect for American Law and for giving us this opportunity to fight back against bullies and thugs like herself, Cyrus and Nancy…. Seize The Day. (We are now) Fighting For Our Freedoms with a whole new bus ad campaign!

“…this is a global war and islamic terrorism isn’t a response to our foreign policy or support for Israel as so many leftist and paulbot ignoramuses believe.”  This is a Global War.

For more on the new anti-jihad ad campaign: GO HERE


Muslim Day Parade-NYC-2012 ( Updated w/Videos)
September 24, 2012, 12:35 am
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The Annual Muslim Day Parade. September 23, 2012. NYC.The Theme this year, “Islam Advocates Peace and Justice for All“.

UPDATE: Added Sept.29, two short videos (Please scroll to bottom)

They say.”Since 1983, The Muslim American Day Parade has brought together Muslim-Americans from the five boroughs and beyond, celebrating the rich, cultural traditions of a faith that has provided hope, support, and comfort to generations of New Yorkers.”

The Grand Marshall this year was Councilman Robert Jackson, a “revert” to Islam. At a previous Muslim Day Parade, Councilman Jackson proudly declared that Harlem is the “NEW Mecca”  (what a guy)

The routine doesn’t change. By 12:30 the wudu ‘trough’ is being set up.

and used…

The children pose sweetly for the cameras.

And are used to dawa all who pass by

The NYPD Marching Band waits to lead the parade down Madison Ave (always to “This Is My Country”

The floats are the same each year. And every where you look, there are rude, offensive ( dare I say, blasphemous) messages that ignore history and perpetuate the many Lies Of Islam

Where are the Christians and Jews with their signs. Would they even be allowed?

This sign kept popping up in different places. Not sure if there was more than…or if it was the same sign:

This was a new ‘patriotic’ niqab:

And of course, before they marched, there was the obligatory BIG SHOW of Muslim prayer on Madison Ave:

With the women in the back

and the shoes…

And then …This is My Country….

One we arrive at Madison Sq Park, the tables selling abayas and hijabs are popular with the women.And the food…the chicken…very popular

Wonder why some wear the niqab. It seems most do not.

There was a small showing for the ‘Fakestinians’

And lots of dawa , dawa, dawa lies to confused the naive.

And the book table and many topics as well as the Muslim blasphemy calling Jesus Christ a Prophet who is lower than Big Mo. ( Book Title: Jesus a Prophet of Islam)

And in spite of these offenses and the return of the obscene Piss Christ ‘art’ work, no Christian “savages” appeared on the scene burning flags and destroying embassies.  I did catch these two niqabbed ladies attempting to have a chat:

Before I wrap things up, take a look at this NEW table hosted by the Muslim Consultative Network:  “Draw Your Own Subway Sign”.

“Don’t Hate, Educate”

Interesting dodge, cause the subway signs produced by Pamela Geller of The American Freedom Defense Initiative will be doing just that: Educate

Peace. Love. Islam is the way ?” If you buy that, then I’ve got some swamp land for sale…..


VIDEOS (Part 1)

Part 2


And a slide show with a few more pictures:

Censorship or Free Speech? When Some Religious Ads are More Equal than Others…
March 9, 2012, 4:20 am
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What’s wrong with these pictures? Anything. Everything or Nothing. Good or Bad? Depends on who’s in control of the message. It’s a new ad-campaign scheduled for Williamsburg (Brooklyn, NY)  written in Hebrew and Arabic.

The offensive message did not go unnoticed by the Jewish Community. They met with the Community Board and permission was denied, The ad was moved to another part of Brooklyn.

But the Muslim Community in N. J, where this atheist ‘choice’ was to be posted as well, is feeling oh-so-grand and open-minded. The Imam said they have a right to express themselves. You know, Free Speech. So, it would seem: Jews BAD. Muslims Good.

There is another ad-campaign coming to enlighten potential reverts. Again, with the Muslim dawa (GOOD)

Countered by an ad-campaign opposing the Sharia Invasion [Pamela Geller hasmore on this campaign sponsored by AFDI/SION here ] So, will this campaign be judged as rude. Not nice. (Bad?) Will it be stone-walled. Will Free Speech be denied to those who oppose Sharia?  Some ads are definitely more FREE than others….

Some background.

I’ve been collecting some of these ads since 2007. And, perhaps, the saga of the NYC Intifada t-shirts is one time they had some blow-back to their dawa-plans. The public outcry caught them off-guard. Claiming it was an innocent logo and a misunderstanding of Intifada didn’t work.  In case this has been forgotten,  Bloomberg was forced to ‘request’ Principal Almontaser to step down as Head of KGIA.

Score one for the Infidels.

Moving on to the Bus Ads.

The ad-campaigns promoting Islam (and others) seemed to be everywhere. Guessing they were doing “good” cause there was no public out-cry.

MuslimsForPeace  “Love For All- Hatred For None”. This was placed only on two  42nd st crosstown busses  (in 2010). Back and forth they went all day….

In 2010, found this bus at the end of the line, in Battery Park City.It’s okay to criticize God, but if it had been the Moon-god or Big Mo, that would have  been ‘bad’.  “This Chapter Will Changed Your Life” (2010- 8th Ave- midtown). No threat, no harm-no foul, cause no mention of Islam….

Detroit had a campaign…

Seattle was busy….

By the time this campaign was up in Seattle (in 2010)…


AFDI had a counter-ad ready. But, it was met with OUTRAGE because while it dared to support Israel it also used these incendiary words: ‘SAVAGE’ and ‘JIHAD’. (Bad)


Florida was still in the game : “ISLAM: The Way of Life of Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad. ( Guess this message was “good”. No outcry)

But, after this counter-ad was accepted,  Miami Transit panicked . They pulled the AFDI campaign because it was “bad”.  Must never, EVER talk about “Leaving Islam”.


In 2010, when Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer created this next AFDI ad- campaign around the proposed Ground Zero Mosque, the campaign was met with outrage and opposition from the MTA.

Of course, the hypocrites at the MTA took the money, but finding those busses with the ads was an arduous journey to nowhere. Were they even out there? Found this one as it pulled away from the bus stop at 48th and 8th ave. Otherwise, never saw another one on the streets on Manhattan.

Then we have the subway ads.

In 2008, this was a campaign promoting Islam during Ramadan. I took a ride on the F Train “Looking for Dawa. And it was “GOOD” ( so we’re told)

In 2011, I found these two ads in the same Times Square Station.

This one is Good (I guess) cause it’s anti-Israel  and has  NO graffiti .

It’s BAD to support Israel, therefore, this was one has graffiti!

But, in 2011, this ad wasn’t permitted …anywhere….because it dared to mention SAVAGE and JIHAD.  (BAD. Very, very  bad)

And in 2012, also in the subways, found outreach for Atheists at 42nd St. Anything that promotes “There is No God” is , of course, “GOOD”.

At 34th St.  (You are not alone)

The Bill Board Campaigns

I was first aware of  the Battle of the Bill Boards in 2007, when my parent organization ,United America Committee, posted this bill board  in Florida.

From the uproar over UAC posting just ONE billboard in one State, Florida, the conclusion was this was “Bad. It’s not a good-thing to warn or criticize anyone about Islam. [More here from Julia Gorin ]

There’s no shortage of “Dawa for Islam” billboards, so of course, this is ….”Good”.

And then, the infamous Taxi ad campaign of 2011.

When Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer were reaching out to potential victims of Sharia who just might want to leave Islam; to live free from terror of Sharia in a Free Society. But, this was “BAD. Very bad”.

It was a great campaign, placed across the country, but trying to find these ads in Manhattan, an exercise in futility. Even though bought and paid for, I manages to see ONE when I didn’t have my camera. And oddly, this was in Times Square AFTER the month-long campaign was over.

The ubiquitous pedicabs must not be forgotten. Twice I’ve found them promoting Islam (in 2009 and 2008).

First, a bumper-sticker with a personal statement in support of Islam (so it’s “GOOD”)

And Patriotic! So, it too….is good….

2008, these two decals were “personal and patriotic” but, they were “BAD” . (VERY Bad.) Placed on his van by the father of a martyred sailor from the USS COLE but, they offended Muslims at Camp Lejuene, N.C. So, this father in mourning, was ordered to remove the decals. Outrageous.

But, in 2011, on 8th avenue in midtown Manhattan … on a Sunday morning … this  dawa bumper-sticker was “hoping for some Sunday Reverts.” Of course, this would be “good’ so there’s probably no place this car can’t go with that sticker (even though it is offensive to Christians).

So here we are. 2012 with two new campaigns in the news.

AND this campaign….

VS  the AFDI/SIOA Counter-Ad

Pamela Geller,We need to counter this campaign publicly. We must educate America and arm freedom lovers with facts. The U.S. should be calling upon Muslim groups in America to renounce and reject Sharia if they want to be American citizens. “

NMAGZ: I agree! What ads are accepted and what is denied should be monitored diligently. The long arm of Sharia-Law must not  silence the opposition. Before the The Islamo-Nazis’ strike again, Fight back. Expose. Protect and Educate or else, like Europe, we will be devoured by the Dark-Ages of Islam and Sharia.

THE MUSLIM UMMA (anti-NYPD) Protest -NYC -2012- Videos
February 6, 2012, 3:00 am
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 This rally of protest against the NYPD had many speakers with  claims of ‘racism’ against the whole police department; all because of one film.

DSCN1252 copy

“The rally was called by Majlis Al-Shura and DRUM

DRUM- Desis Rising Up and Moving is a multi-generational, membership led organization of working class South Asian immigrants in New York City.  Desi is a common term used by people of South Asian descent to identify as people from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and parts of the diaspora including Africa, England, Fiji, Guyana, and Trinidad.  (“No Human is Illegal”)

DSCN1251 copy

Other supporters of the protest against the NYPD:

Arab Muslim American FederationCouncil on American Islamic Relations- New York (CAIR-NY)Muslim American Society (MAS)Al-Awda NYThe Mosque of Islamic BrotherhoodSocial Justice Task Force of Muslim Alliance in North AmericICNA New YorkMuslim Peace Coalition-USA, NYPakistan Solidarity NetworkNational Congress for Puerto Rican RightsPAKISTAN USA FREEDOM FORUMThe Justice CommitteeProject SALAMBAYAN USAInternational Socialist OrganizationYemeni American Coalition for ChangeDefending Dissent FoundationMay 1st Coalition for Worker and Immigrant Rights

NYC Coalition to Stop Islamophobia
World Can’t WaitAmerican-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC)Arab American Action Network (AAAN)Turning Point for Women and FamiliesAsian American Legal Defense Fund (AALDEF)International Action CenterWESPAC FoundationAd Hoc Coalition to Defend the Egyptian RevolutionCommittee to Stop FBI Repression-NYMuslim Legal Fund of America (MLFA)

Black UnityCAAAV

Jews for Racial and Economic Justice (JFREJ)

Jews Against Islamophobia

DSCN1247 copy2

DSCN1250 copy

A long list of supporters, yet they didn’t pull together much of a crowd. There were lots of cameras followed by spare reportage.  Yet midst those carefully chosen words of “reconciliation” I was hearing reverse racism and calls for riots and violence in the streets, so I let the camera roll-on.

“This is what Democracy looks like  “Rails against mass incarceration. Demands Community Control of the Police. We need to be in control of the police in NYC. SILENCE is CONSENT”

So who hears this stuff? Like this angry, ANGRY woman.

She’s not too happy with Obama. Claims institutional racism is even more blatant under a black President.  Points out the Muslims in these country are mostly African-American. Government concerned about recruitment of blacks in prison. THEY have jammed-packed our prisons with young blacks and Latinos….looking to ensnare, to entrap those brothers and sisters in this BOGUS War against terrorism…The REAL TERROR lies in the NYPD.  (3:56) 

Get ready in 2012. You ain’t seen nothing yet. Mass demonstrations. Your anger being expressed on the street. We have to hit the streets in the millions. That is our history. Our future. And HISTORY will absolve us.

Our kids hear this propaganda every day in their ‘sensitivity’ indoctrination classes and they read in their text-books. High school, college, even the reviled NYPD gets the same ‘sensitivity’.

 This guy starts out with….”the NYPD is a subversive, terrorist group. Ray Kelly is Irish Catholic . He slams Irish-Catholics… (but he’s just kidding)… People we call Muslims are 1.5 billion in the world. Not chump-change. 1.5 billion  who serve allah. Can’t blame a whole group for actions of a few… Not the people painted as terrorists. They are hard working. Just trying to get by. Not trying to take over. Show some RESPECT, Ray Kelly. (and launches in to this chant)We gotta make Kelly and Brown go out of town”

(Point of fact, the film does not blame all Muslims)

And of course, our churches and synagogues. We had a priest representing the Christian support groups… but also….

ALL people of faith (faith traditions). There is a deep spiritual sickness in this city. All of us HUMANS can do better….bad ideas have infected this great city…the sickness spreads when we LIE about it. Call-out bigotry and intolerance.FEAR will be checked in NYC. We will SET the TONE for this PLANET………AMEN


CAIR-NY Civil Rights Manager Cyrus McGoldrick (a “revert”… in college… from Roman Catholicism)….  and his associate, the smarmy Zead Ramadan, President of Hamas-linked CAIR- NY was seen laughing within the crowd. I think he and Cyrus looked forward to a playful personal shout out to moi while I was filming. (:0027) Whatever I smiled as did he and then he launched in to his woeful tails of NYPD racism…. He asks:

Is this Justice? Is this Good Government? He also intoned, and was parroted by the crowd (3:17)

“When people come between us, what do we do?  We LOVE one another. What do we do? We LOVE one another. What do we do…?

He also mocked that wikipedia was a source of info for the NYPD. Could this be the same Mulsim friendly encyclopedia source that rights so glowing of Islam, and slanders anyone who attempts to correct their re-tooled history? NOW, wiki is a joke? hmmmm. And in parting, asks the media to “Keep Shedding Light On The Truth”.

Linda Sarsour is the director of the Arab American Association of New York and works for the Muslim American Civil Liberties Coalition. Attends the Islamic Society of Bay Ridge. 

“She DEMANDS the resignation of Keely and Brown caused the LIED. The NYC Police department actually participated in the production of the Third Jihad. And they  demand the re-education of the 1500 police officers who saw the Third Jihad film. The NYPD. Bloomberg’s Army. We demand our civil rights. and Our Civil Liberties.”

In the last five years, the Arab-American Association of New York, which celebrated its 10th anniversary in December, has quintupled its budget to a half-million dollars, drawn from individual donations and foundation support from the likes of the New York Foundation, the Union Square Awards, and the Brooklyn Community Foundation. It is the front line of American acculturation, if not integration, for tens of thousands of ESL-hungry Arab immigrants from Palestine, Morocco, Algeria, and beyond. The organization plays more or less the role that Abraham Cahan’s Forward played for the immigrants of Eastern Europe a century ago.

The executive director of the organization is Linda Sarsour, 31, a Palestinian-American mother of three who wears the hijab and plans to become the first Arab-American on the New York City Council when she runs in 2017, after the local seat opens up. Sarsour, who took over the organization in 2005 and has raised its profile tremendously—she was honored in December as one of 10 Champions of Change by the White House—travels a lot on behalf of the association.


NYC Council Members who spoke against the Mayor, the Commissioner and the NYPD: 

Former Blank Panther and Marxist Loving, Israel hating Charles Barron of the Freedom Party Barron a long-list of what he claims to be racist murders of NYC blacks by the NYPD . The film was tacked-on as he also suggested that the Wall Street Ponzi scheme criminals be subjected to the NYPD Stop and Frisk. He also threatened violence (2:44) 


Melissa Mark-Viverito, represents East Harlem and parts of the Bronx She called the NYPD “out of control.  Her talking-points,

“The A.P. Report. A Grave injustice. Our people profiled for  their religion. It’s UN-American. She warns Bloomberg, Kelly and Brown, that we will not remain silent against the INJUSTICE in this City.”

Councilman, Robert Jackson (a “revert”) at a CAIR banquet in 2007, was oh so coy and acted like an”angel unawares” when quizzed about CAIR and it’s ‘un-indicted’ co-conspirator status. More recently, at a Muslim Day Parade, he proclaimed Harlem as the New Mecca. He speaks today, apparently, to correct a misquote:

“Dave Friedlander, a blog, some of what I said was out of context. I viewed the entire film, it has a negative impact on all Muslims. It focuses on extreme Muslims, but you have to watch even those who are not extreme. Brown lied, as Deputy Commissioner, he has to go. mayor must reach-out to  build trust

Marxist-loving, City Council member, Ydanis Rodriquez, District 10 in Northern Manhattan. (At 2:34)

Says “the film did nothing to improve the relationship of the police with our communities. The Muslim, Jewish, Latino, Black, Asian Communities. All they do is to make this a great Nation. (notice anybody missing from that list?) and with a bit of an over-reach, he says, “Whoever made this video should be in jail.”

And there were also a couple of State Senators thrown in for good measure, one who bled on about how difficult is was to be a gay politician….

MAS-NY (Muslim American Society) board member Abdel Hafid Djamil. (He spoke in 2010 at the Community Board meeting on Staten Island  during  the opposition a selling a Catholic Church and turning it in to a msoque)

“An apology is NOT enough . The training of the 500 officers who were required to watch a prejudicial, inaccurate and vile video starring the police commissioner (requires) the establishment of community control of the NYPD; to over-see the conduct of the NYPD. They  calls on Christine Quinn to investigate the illegal actions of the NYPD against New Yorkers

Brother Shaka Shakur , member of the Mosque of Islamic Brotherhood and founder of  the United Muslim Alliance. Shakur reminds of us of where we are standing.

That we must do our research. These people, what we call the police, this is nothing new. They were called “Paddy-rollers” , they were designed to keep the slaves ‘in-line’. (00:53)Today the police are ‘keeping people in line’ by means of ‘murder and mayhem’. Their strength is in ‘dis-unity’. We can’t wait til something happens to get united.”

Paddy (rollers?) Thought ‘ paddy’ was a reference to the Irish…..not to slaves….

Donna Nevel of “Jews Against Islamophobia” is also very, VERY anti-Israel. Does she EVER smile? ( wow…I found a picture…smiling in the background here) Yet, this is a woman so filled with inner -darkness that to be in her ‘space’ is so NOT a positive experience. Amongst her own, at this race-rally, apparently they LOVE her) as she DEMANDED 

 “Police accountability. Over-sight. Resignation of Kelly and Brown for fomenting and INSTIGATING Islamophobia.”

 Center For Constitutional Rights Police Reform Campaign  was a young woman looking a lot like a Lamis Deek clone. She addressed racial profiling of blacks and Latinos. Claims the NYPD never seems to answer to anyone. Operates with impunity. Insists we need transparency and independent over sight of the NYPD

Al-Hajj Talib Abdur-Rashid, a REVERT Southern Baptist to Islam and Imam of the Mosque of Islamic Brotherhood and is always surrounded by BIG tough thugs. He was the final speaker before their march.

According to Discover the Network Rashid is

  • Imam of the Mosque of Islamic Brotherhood
  • Opposes the U.S. War on Terror
  • Views America as a nation infested with white racism

And author of a revisionist history book, Reclaimed Legacy: Muslim Indigenous and Immigrant Peoples and The History of Al-Islam in America.”…Peace be upon you…. (NOT)

In the video he says:

This is the Time of Revealed Truth.  The Year of the Protestor. And those who LIE. How do we know? Because people of conscience told the truth. This is the time of revealed truth. And those who are Muslim. Trust in Allah. Over come our fears. And to stand for Justice. Chanting:

What do we have to do? Stand For Justice (etc)

Commissioner Ray Kelly’s apology was necessary, but it is NOT sufficient. They have yet to apologize for the INTENTIONAL misleading of New Yorkers as far as that film was concerned.

They took our money, as taxpayers, and then LIED to us.


This unusual fellow joined this protest and was at the anti-War/Iran Rally the next day:
DSCN1253 copy
Video  playlist of all 18 videos:

As the protest marched to the precinct, I heard repeated a few times, “Kelly’s son is a rapist. Kelly’s son is a rapist” and the even more unpleasant, “How many kids did you shoot today. How many kids did you KILL today” as they walked passed the officers at the edge off the crowd. Nice way to foster “Good Will”
DSCN1282 copy

DSCN1288 copy

Followed by prayers back at Foley Square:

DSCN1294 copy

DSCN1304 copy

DSCN1310 copy
A re-cap of their demands:

1. The resignation of Commissioner Kelly and NYPD spokesperson Paul Browne

2. Demand for community control of the NYPD, and a well-funded oversight mechanism with subpoena power

The NYPD has been exposed for participating in the making of, and the showing of the bigoted, Islamophobic film, “The Third Jihad” to 1,500 police officers, and then repeatedly lying about it.  The NYPD has been spying on Muslim communities in mosques, schools, businesses, colleges, and community centers in the five boroughs.

The film depicts the majority of American Muslims as supportive of violent extremism, and specifically names several prominent Muslim organizations ICNA (Islamic Circle of North America), MAS (Muslim American Society), CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations), ISNA (Islamic Society of North America), and others as examples of this.  It also accuses the majority of American Muslims of secretly being part of a conspiracy to take over the U.S. government. 

Commissioner Ray Kelly willingly participated in the making of the film, and while he has apologized, he has not explained why the NYPD chose to lie, on the record, about his participation for well over a year. In the meantime, Commissioner Kelly has smugly dismissed community concerns by saying he has “excellent relations” with NYC Muslim communities on the basis of only talking and meeting with those hand-picked leaders who continue to support him without regards to the experiences and feelings of people in our communities. We know that the NYPD has operated without transparency or accountability, and often with brute force, with Black, Latino, and other communities of color, and youth for decades.


After 1,400 years, the Shias are being targeted in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Pakistan, everywhere,” imam Malik Sakhawat Hussain said after being told that his mosque was in the NYPD document. “If U.S. authorities become suspicious of the Shias, I would say we are a very oppressed community of the world.”

Jan 21-Times Sq: Global Day in support of Egyptian Revolution (vid and pics)
January 28, 2012, 10:19 pm
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January 21, 2011 at approximately 12:30 PM. Times Square


DSCN1066 copy

Decided to check out the Egyptian Revolution Rally taking place just after

the first light snow of the winter season.

Their stage was late, so sans amplification the rally leaders were chanting

and attempting to kept the crowd busy until their errant truck/stage arrived.

DSCN1083 copy2

DSCN1088 copy

It was a small crowd comprised of familiar Leftists, “Palestinians” and

Islamist protestors.

DSCN1163 copy

DSCN1118 copy

Usually, I’m called a Zionist, a Racist, a Nazi and a hate-monger but today,

I was lectured, told outright HOW I was to write about the rally or else LEAVE

because (you see) ” I’m an Islamophobe who WORKS for Pamela Geller.”

Policing me was Marxist/Fakestinian agitator, Andy Pollack. Andrew Pollack of

  Al-Awda NY who loves to press his hulking mass into my space while proudly

declaring that I had to stop filming.

DSCN1113 copy

He kept his little soldiers busy infringing on my freedom of speech and

assembly by attempting to block my camera with flags and bodies.

Nice, huh? The games Lefties play….

DSCN1106 copy

Two young women in the rally were ‘alerted’ by Pollack to not speak with

me because I “WORK for Pam Geller”. One of those girls was Micha

(Michelle)Balon of the STAGED #OWS marriage (arranged to please the easily

duped MSM.)

But, Micha doesn’t seem to be ‘married’ anymore. Her face book page says

she is interested in MEN and makes no mention of a ‘husband’

DSCN1108 copy

My other critic was Nada Elmansy (in light blue hijab) She said I can’t be

trusted to write appropriately about Muslims!” However, I appreciate that

she took a moment on camera to actually express why she was there.

DSCN1110 copy

Some more pictures of the signs….

DSCN1135 copy2

Yearning for bread, dignity and ….”Social Justice”!

DSCN1141 copy

Socialists…Revolution…. Freedom…Justice For All!

DSCN1149 copy

Anti-Israel (lots of kuffeyas ) and Anti-America….

DSCN1170 copy2

DSCN1133 copy

It wasn’t just a rally about those martyred in Tahrir Square…

DSCN1100 copy




Facts are the Muslim Brotherhood and the Sharia compliant government is

antithetical to a  a free society, to a democracy.


The Islamist parties have won 72 percent of the seats in the lower house…

the revolutionaries of Tahrir Square were disgraced at the polls and exposed

as an insignificant social and political force…The Muslim Brotherhood (and its

fellow jihadists in the Salafist al-Nour party) will control Egypt’s internal affairs.”


Yet there were no signs criticizing the Muslim Brotherhood.

DSCN1147 copy

If there were Christians at this rally ( as they claimed) WHERE were the

signs supporting the Copts.


This election is “.. bad news for women and for non-Muslims. Egypt’s Coptic Christians

have been under continuous attack by Muslim Brotherhood and Salafist supporters

since Mubarak was deposed…The military massacred them when they dared to

protest their persecution.”


I heard nothing protesting  the attacks and murders of the Copts, martyred

in Egypt because they are CHRISTIANS. Will the Muslim Brotherhood and the

Sharia compliant government be any better? (crickets chirping)

DSCN1151 copy

Is Egypt a country on the verge of a real Democracy?

Were those killed in Tahrir Square fighting to live under Sharia?


” …the Islamic fundamentalists now in charge of Egypt (who) don’t

need a constitution to implement their tyranny. All they require is

what they already have –a public awareness of their political power

and their partnership with the military.”


DSCN1089 copy

Leaving no doubt that this was also a protest in opposition of Israel.

“...the new regime ( in Egypt) which allows Sinai to be used as

a launching ground for attacks against Israel and as a highway

for weapons and terror personnel to flow freely into Gaza; clear

signs that the peace with Israel is already dead – treaty or no


“..the depth and breadth of America’s losses, consider that on
January 25, 2011, most Arab states were US allies to a greater or
lesser degree. Mubarak was a strategic ally…In Egypt, it was clear
that the Muslim Brotherhood would emerge as the strongest political
force in the country.”

Keeping the Revolution alive in Syria, in Libya, in Tunisia, in Yemen (in Egypt)…

and in ‘Fakestine’… FREE FREE etc etc etc etc …. Reminding us that America is:


looked upon with increasing contempt and disgust throughout

    the Arab world.”

After all,  Ramsey Clark and his International Action Center was promoting,

organizing , supporting this rally.  His organization is not just critical of

America it is ANTI- America.


DSCN1175 copy

No Old Glory flying along side the flag of Egypt. Just signs, signs and

more signs blaming America and praising Socialism.

DSCN1192 copy

Their “Hope and Change” for a democracy is just an excuse to build

another  Saudi Arabia; another Iran compliments of the Muslim Brotherhood.

International Action Center
Global Day to support the Egyptian revolution
 SaturdayJan 21st. 2012
Egyptian & Egyptian Solidarity Groups Rally to Support
Egyptian Revolution’s Demands
on the

Anniversary of the Egyptian Revolution
Global Event: The Struggle Continues
New York City, NY
During the 18 days from Jan 25th to Feb 11th, 2011,
the whole world witnessed millions of Egyptian protesters marching in the
streets of Egypt and protesting in Tahrir Square, demanding their basic
human rights: dignity, freedom, and social justice. After decades of patience
and suffering, Egyptians finally spoke out loudly and peacefully demanding
the fall of a police-based authoritarian regime, the end of Mubarak’s dictatorship,
and the establishment of a civilian, democratic state.

This was as much an anti-America rally as it was a pro- Egypt

(Muslim Brotherhood Rally)

DSCN1150 copy

The protestors in Times Square may protest the SCAF but they say nothing

against the Muslim Brotherhood….


“…the military junta…has made its peace with the Muslim Brotherhood.

The generals and the jihadists are negotiating a power-sharing agreement.”


DSCN1073 copy 

And Anonymous…of course… was there with this pithy thought:

“Beneath this mask is an idea and ideas are bullet-proof”

DSCN1081 copy2

The Third Jihad’ Producers Reply to New York Times – 2012
January 25, 2012, 8:21 pm
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‘The Third Jihad’ Producers Reply to New York Times ArticlesDocumentary recently pulled from NYPD counterterrorism training;Times articles filled with innuendo and inaccuracies

January 25, 2012 WATCH THE FILM FREE (Please scroll down) and for more background on the NY Times Holy War on “The Third Jihad”, go to  Pamela Geller .

The New York Times has sharply criticized the New York Police Department for using the critically-acclaimed documentary The Third Jihad: Radical Islam’s Vision for America in counterterrorism training.

The New York Times has published two news articles (,, as well as an editorial entitled “Hateful Film” ( in the past 48 hours.

In response, film producer Raphael Shore has issued the following statement:

“We regret that the film has been taken out of the counterterrorism training program of the NYPD.  The New York Times stories are proof positive that the Clarion Fund’s high-quality and impactful documentaries touch very sensitive nerves.

Those that have blasted the film are attempting to stifle an important debate about the internal state of the Muslim community in America, and whether politicized Islam and indoctrination pose tangible security threats.

We hope that individuals will acknowledge the inaccuracies presented by the New York Times, and the effects that organizations like CAIR have on the fine line between political correctness and honest debate.

We invite the general public to watch and judge the documentary for themselves.  The Third Jihad is now being made available for free viewing online at”

According to the New York Times, nearly 1500 officers, “from lieutenants to detectives to patrol officers” reportedly were shown the film during a period of between three months and a year.

The story of the film’s usage by NYPD was first reported by the Village Voice a year earlier, and police stopped using the film when pressure was asserted by local Islamic organizations.  Pressure continued until the New York Times propelled the year-old story to front-page news yesterday.

CAIR is taking credit for the “investigation” which led to the New York Times’ coverage, with a press release ( demanding that the NYPD install Muslim-sensitive materials in their training curriculum to offset what they consider to be an ‘Islamaphobic’ film.


What CAIR and the New York Times failed to clearly address, is that The Third Jihad is narrated by a devout Muslim, who has a significant record of serving the United States of America, as a medical officer in the US Navy and as an attending physician to the US Congress.

The beginning of the film states in bold letters that, “This is not a film about Islam.  It is about the threat of radical Islam.  Only a small percentage of the world’s 1.3 billion Muslims are radical.”

The film’s message urges the Muslim community to look within itself to root out the indoctrination that affects a minority of Muslims.

The documentary is founded on credible evidence presented by the FBI of a “Manifesto” published by radicals calling for the implementation of extremist ideology-both violent and politicized-within the United States.

It is no surprise that CAIR does not like the content of the film.  CAIR is singled out in the film for its direct ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, open support for Hamas, and links to terror financing.

CAIR was listed as an unindicted co-conspirator in the 2007 Holy Land Foundation trial, the largest ever terror-financing trial in US History.

As a result of these designations, the FBI has formally ceased all ties with CAIR-as should the NYPD and New York Times.

The NYPD is well aware of the threats that emanate from Islamic radicals.

In the preface to a landmark 2007 NYPD Intelligence Division Report entitled “Radicalization in the West: The Homegrown Threat,” Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly writes, “New York City continues to be the one of the top targets of terrorists worldwide.  Consequently, the NYPD places a priority on understanding what drives and defines the radicalization process.”

The Third Jihad takes an in-depth look at the process of radicalization and indoctrination taking place on American soil.

It is clear that senior members of the NYPD saw value in the film, as did employees of the Federal Homeland Security department, who first gave the DVD of the film to the NYPD.


The Third Jihad features exclusive interviews with some of the nation’s leading counterterrorism experts including former Director of Homeland Security Tom Ridge, former Director of Central Intelligence R. James Woolsey, former NYC Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, and NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly.

According to the New York Times, Paul J. Browne, the Police Department’s chief spokesman said, “that filmmakers had lifted the [Kelly] clip from an old interview.”

This is the first of several inaccuracies to appear in the New York Times’ account.

The makers of The Third Jihad conducted a nearly 90-minute exclusive interview with Commissioner Kelly specifically for the film on March 19, 2007.  Previously unreleased bonus clips of Kelly’s interview are currently available at

Responding to a letter by film producer Raphael Shore, Browne then corrected the record in the New York Times follow-up article.  “I recommended in February 2007 that Commissioner Kelly be interviewed,” he said.

Browne recalled that the film’s interviewer, “asked to speak to the commissioner for a cable film on ‘foiled terrorist plots and the current threat matrix.'”

Several other inaccuracies appear in the article.   For example, the New York Times notes that the film includes a doctored photo of the White House with an Islamic flag atop.  But the photo is one of many pieces of documented footage from Islamist sources.  Yet the New York Times implies that the filmmakers were the ones to manipulate the photo.

The New York Times also inaccurately quotes the film by stating: “‘This is the true agenda of Islam in America,’ a narrator intones.”  But the actual quote from the film is: “This document shows the true agenda of much of Muslim leadership here in America.”

The article intentionally omits that this narrator is Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, a devout Muslim.

The rest of the New York Times’ coverage focuses on character assassination.  While CAIR and others label the film Islamophobic, it is ironic that the film’s detractors continuously point out that the film’s producer has ties to Jewish organizations.  The article inaccurately claims that Raphael Shore simultaneously works for Aish HaTorah.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg questioned the judgment of that those who permitted the usage of the film.  However, Bloomberg’s predecessor Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, who is also interviewed in the film, has praised the documentary calling The Third Jihad, “a wake up call for America.”


646-308-1230 x213

St. Nicholas Church at Ground Zero to be rebuilt- FINALLY!
October 16, 2011, 5:46 am
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From Atlas Shrugs: “Huge props to Congressional candidate George Demos (who spoke at our 911 Freedom Rally) and Governor Andrew Cuomo.”

9/11 Church to be Rebuilt 

St nic church

 George Demos, the Conservative Republican candidate for US Congress in New York’s First District, who helped lead the effort to bring national attention to the plight of the 9/11 Church today praised Governor Cuomo for fulfilling Governor Pataki’s pledge to rebuild the only house of worship destroyed on September 11th.

George Demos said, “Fifteen months ago when the ember of hope to rebuild St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church was nearly extinguished and our nation was embroiled in a controversy about the propriety of a Mosque at Ground Zero, we stood up and let the nation know that it was our obligation to rebuild the only house of worship destroyed on September 11th.


Sadly the breakthrough only came after the Port Authority’s Director Christopher Ward, who had been maliciously blocking the rebuilding of the Church, was forced to resign.

Deal Struck to Rebuild NY Church Destroyed on 9/11

It took a decade, but a deal has finally been struck to rebuild a church destroyed on 9/11, the church and a public agency announced Friday.

The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey said they have resolved their long dispute over how to rebuild St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, a small, 85-year-old chapel that stood across the street from the World Trade Center and was destroyed when the towers fell.

The church and the public agency had been at odds over the details of a land swap that will move the church slightly down the street to make way for some of the giant construction projects now under way at ground zero.

The settlement, mediated by the office of Gov. Andrew Cuomo, will end a lawsuit filed by the archdiocese earlier this year. Under the deal, the Port Authority will pay for site-work and below-ground infrastructure. The cost of that work is estimated to be about $25 million, according to the governor’s office. The archdiocese will pay for the construction of the chapel.

The new church will be about 3½ times as large as the old one, and also house a nondenominational bereavement center.

The leader of the Greek Orthodox Church in America, Archbishop Demetrios, said the church’s continued presence at the trade center site will be “an affirmation of the significance of religious freedom and experience for all New Yorkers and all Americans.”

“We will again light many candles in the new St. Nicholas Church and remember those who were lost to us, and those heroes who so nobly sacrificed their lives,” he said.

Two NY Subways ads: Support Israel & Against Israel BUT…..
October 16, 2011, 4:09 am
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October 14, 2011. Found two ads that made it up in the NY Subways. Same Times Square station , across from each other.  But, a 3rd ad remains hidden from view.

One is from those who are clueless about the history of Israel and the Holy Land. Their propaganda supports a false history bent on wiping Israel off-the-map and remains untouched even though it is anti-Israel and anti-America.

DSCN7884 copy

The other ad is from Stand With Us. It supports Israel’s Right To Exist. But even with their gracious support, those who are bent on the destruction of Israel have defaced this ad with graffiti.


But, this ad from SIOA and AFDI is an ad that isn’t afraid to tells it like it is. There ARE savages determined to destroy Israel but this ad has been censored. The outrage is not the ad, it’s that it has been censored…. Freedom of Speech DENIED

NY Law School Symposium “Sharia in America” The Plenary Panel (Day 2) Audio
October 4, 2011, 12:33 am
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Part 10 of 10 of an eight hour Symposium at NY Law School Law Review On “Sharia in America: Principle and Prospects”.  (click image to enlarge)

The purpose was to examine the place of Islamic Law in The United States.

The Plenary Panel is the conclusion of the Symposium. Two of the seven panelists, Michael J. Broyde (Emory University School of Law) – Jewish Law and Mohammad Fadel  (University of Toronto, Faculty of Law)  Professor of Religion and the Liberal State: The Case of Islam, were unable to stay for the Plenary, where the audience asked questions of the speakers.

The Panel for this final Q and A was Umar F. Moghul (University of Connecticut School of Law, Murtha Cullina LLP) who spoke on Sharia Finance; Asifa Quraishi (University of Wisconsin Law School) – Family Law; Kristen Stilt (Northwestern University School of Law) – Constitutional Law; Frank E. Vogel , an independent scholar and consultant on Islamic law and the laws of the Muslim world and Sadiq Reza (New York Law School) – Criminal Law.

Next are some written notes from the Plenary Q and A, followed by the audio:

Q – A woman asks Prof. Reza about the punishment and apostasy in the context of treason.

A Reza refers to the Sunna and the template he used in his slide presentation. Confirms it is a death penalty at a time when renouncing God was seen as a treason, endangering the Muslim Community. Modern Muslims now see this as inconsistent with modern human rights and freedom of religion

Prof. Moghul adds this is not just a modern position. In the Prophetic Era, those leaving the Faith of Islam were left alone; not seen as a threat.

Q – A man asks about problem of marital courts and Islamic legal experts. Can American judges be equipped to perform or is it better to have Muslim Tribunals that are legitimized by American courts.

AProf Quraishi replies, problem under our First Amendment. Non-credible people like bin-Laden don’t help. Needs to be a standard. She doesn’t want State to decide, interpret, Muslim Law. She mentions Gov. Christie.and reminds that just because someone is a Muslim does not mean they’ll infiltrate.

 Prof. Vogel (as he and Prof. Quraisha talk back and forth) mentions something about Common-law/Muslim Law in the Academic Community. Quraishi adds that with a theoretical point one can go to a mufti and get a fatwa which is not necessarily a death-threat.

Q – A woman asks who are the progressives. Is it Prof Quraishi?

A Quraishi says it’s too early to know…

Q – A woman says she has heard a lot about fear. Why isn’t the Muslim Community speaking out to the America Public

A – Prof Moghul says Muslim Community is tiny, it is speaking out, bt it is being drowned out by greater funding. To build bridge, dialogue, quite a bit is being done but voice is being pushed aside.

Prof Reza puts on his ‘scholarly hat’. He rejects notion Muslims  ( any group) has obligation (morally) to address anything said because they are just people going about their jobs as accountants and janitors, with kids; not a duty to refute everything said. ( similar he said to an American Black kid being asked to speak for all Blacks…he’s just a kid.) Those with the job of speaking up for the Community are being drowned out.

Prof. Stilt mentions David Yerushalmi, that he goes after CAIR heavily, when they are supposed to be doing this (as moderates). She admits they don’t always do this well (she may even disagree with them) but claiming they are Stealth Jihadists doesn’t help.

Prof Quraishi continues that it is bad. They are vulnerable to speak out against this level of hate. She was criticized at her campus ( in Wisconsin) for supporting a speaker invited there. She was attacked as an Islamo-Fascist; her tenure was threatened. Community can’t handle such pressure, the tsunami, the burden against reasonable thinking

Q- A very strident man (oddly dressed in high-water pants) goes on-on-on about how ignorant we all are and  takes forever to get to a ‘question’…

In his ‘lecture” he says, “What is the agenda behind and who are those behind it? He is pessimistic . These are Know-Nothings. Rants on about Teddy Roosevelt, a racist. and a Social Idiot. Most people are boobs (he of the odd-attire) Anybody can be an idiot (no kidding!) He proclaims, “It takes TIME to be educated! There are so few (out there) like him .” (says he proudly)

He seems to inspire Prof Stilt who starts in on David Yerushalmi (again). Yerushalmi is not a white-man in North Dakota. He wouldn’t belong either. This hatred of a people or a religion, she asks, “WHY don’t they worry about immigration? The Economy? Why hate? This Ignorance in Oklahoma and Tennessee where there are a lack of Muslims, they should worry about the immigrants taking their jobs.

The Odd-Fellow responds, “This is a Fashion; a fashionable position to Hate.”

Prof Stilt concludes that it is not insignificant that most of this rhetoric comes from Republicans, without criticism; no Party criticism because it scores points at the polls. It’s a political tool, fear. To be afraid like of Gay Marriage, it’s an elaborate ruse to get people to the polls.

Skipping ahead to other moments in the Q and A that are unrelated ….

Prof Quraishi asked,”Why is the Tea Party worried about Muslims taking over; this Islamo-phobia They should be worried about Economics; things International.”

Prof. Reza mentions Tariq Ramadan and a couple of Iranian writers. He says writing on Criminal and Constitutional law not confined to one country

Prof Vogel says there is a lot of disagreement when scholars interpret Qur’an as there are many interpretations. Not one better than another.

Prof Reza  suggest that critics use stray guys on internet to suit their purposes

Prof Quraishi asks, “What is orthodox?” Changes. Organic relationship with scripture to get to changes.  She mentions Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence) is just an understanding of the Law. Fiqh deals with the observance of rituals, morals and social legislation in Islam. With the laws against Sharia, Muslims are afraid to naturally challenge (Sharia).

RE the audio : For the audience questions, I had to reposition the hyper-sensitive recorder when people were not speaking directly into mic (but the rustling noise is usually brief). However, Professor Vogel has a few moments where he, unfortunately, spoke too softly and off-mic. (That too, will pass) The other speakers were always audible.

The VIDEO/AUDIO of the Plenary Panel

I hope you found this series interesting. It has left me with much to ponder and to question.