No Mosques At Ground Zero

Civic Duty Done! VOTED Romney & NoMoreBama!!
November 6, 2012, 10:49 pm
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VOTED! NYC. GO Romney!!!

Manhattan. 2:30 PM  and the polling place I go to was lightly attended. Noticed I was #334 on the scanner that (I hope) read my ballot CORRECTLY. Nervously took a picture of the ballot before I left the very exposed ‘booth’….noticed that the second language on the ballot is Chinese!Not even Spanish on this one…Go Figure…

Praying we can end the nightmare of Obama. Not even SEIU’s stitching-up of their banner TORN by Hurricane Sandy Banner is going to hide the truth

NoBama has broken this country! Don’t try to repair it…CHANGE IT! NoMoreBama.

Might depend on how many illegals, felons & dead people are allowed to vote once or twice…. you know the game… all those hidden ballots that show up in trunks and closets. And Black Panthers are intimidating voters in Philly and Pittsburgh…. AGAIN…

We MUST Take Back America:


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Keyboarding this on November 7, with the full knowledge that by hook or by crook Obama won the election yeaterday. That in the light of this I’ m glad that I’m no longer a youth and I’m sorry for the children of this country.

Comment by Walter Sieruk

It is rather interesting that in the month of August during a four night lecture about the subject of Islam, during the question and answer part someone asked “Is Obama really a Muslim ?.” One of the speakers, Dr. Daniel Shayesteh, who was in time past both a Muslim and a Hezbollah member and now a Christian answered “I don’t know if his is a Muslim but his deception is Islamic.” Dr. Shayesth also added about Obama that “When he speaks he sounds just like a Muslim.” Also conerrning Obama he is that “He is going to hurt this country.”

Comment by Walter Sieruk

As for the election that was held this month. What a hoax. Furthermore, There was and is enough information out to prove that Obama is a pro-Islamic Marxist and that he will only greatly harm America. In spite of this many people is this country couldn’t or wouldn’t see the thuth about this guy.
That is just how dangerous he is to this country.

Comment by Walter Sieruk

And it continues to get worse… Israel under attack; States seeking secession…Every day is going to drive America in the wrong direction, away from our hard-won Freedoms. Sad Times Indeed.

Comment by pakay

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