No Mosques At Ground Zero

Jan 21-Times Sq: Global Day in support of Egyptian Revolution (vid and pics)
January 28, 2012, 10:19 pm
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January 21, 2011 at approximately 12:30 PM. Times Square


DSCN1066 copy

Decided to check out the Egyptian Revolution Rally taking place just after

the first light snow of the winter season.

Their stage was late, so sans amplification the rally leaders were chanting

and attempting to kept the crowd busy until their errant truck/stage arrived.

DSCN1083 copy2

DSCN1088 copy

It was a small crowd comprised of familiar Leftists, “Palestinians” and

Islamist protestors.

DSCN1163 copy

DSCN1118 copy

Usually, I’m called a Zionist, a Racist, a Nazi and a hate-monger but today,

I was lectured, told outright HOW I was to write about the rally or else LEAVE

because (you see) ” I’m an Islamophobe who WORKS for Pamela Geller.”

Policing me was Marxist/Fakestinian agitator, Andy Pollack. Andrew Pollack of

  Al-Awda NY who loves to press his hulking mass into my space while proudly

declaring that I had to stop filming.

DSCN1113 copy

He kept his little soldiers busy infringing on my freedom of speech and

assembly by attempting to block my camera with flags and bodies.

Nice, huh? The games Lefties play….

DSCN1106 copy

Two young women in the rally were ‘alerted’ by Pollack to not speak with

me because I “WORK for Pam Geller”. One of those girls was Micha

(Michelle)Balon of the STAGED #OWS marriage (arranged to please the easily

duped MSM.)

But, Micha doesn’t seem to be ‘married’ anymore. Her face book page says

she is interested in MEN and makes no mention of a ‘husband’

DSCN1108 copy

My other critic was Nada Elmansy (in light blue hijab) She said I can’t be

trusted to write appropriately about Muslims!” However, I appreciate that

she took a moment on camera to actually express why she was there.

DSCN1110 copy

Some more pictures of the signs….

DSCN1135 copy2

Yearning for bread, dignity and ….”Social Justice”!

DSCN1141 copy

Socialists…Revolution…. Freedom…Justice For All!

DSCN1149 copy

Anti-Israel (lots of kuffeyas ) and Anti-America….

DSCN1170 copy2

DSCN1133 copy

It wasn’t just a rally about those martyred in Tahrir Square…

DSCN1100 copy




Facts are the Muslim Brotherhood and the Sharia compliant government is

antithetical to a  a free society, to a democracy.


The Islamist parties have won 72 percent of the seats in the lower house…

the revolutionaries of Tahrir Square were disgraced at the polls and exposed

as an insignificant social and political force…The Muslim Brotherhood (and its

fellow jihadists in the Salafist al-Nour party) will control Egypt’s internal affairs.”


Yet there were no signs criticizing the Muslim Brotherhood.

DSCN1147 copy

If there were Christians at this rally ( as they claimed) WHERE were the

signs supporting the Copts.


This election is “.. bad news for women and for non-Muslims. Egypt’s Coptic Christians

have been under continuous attack by Muslim Brotherhood and Salafist supporters

since Mubarak was deposed…The military massacred them when they dared to

protest their persecution.”


I heard nothing protesting  the attacks and murders of the Copts, martyred

in Egypt because they are CHRISTIANS. Will the Muslim Brotherhood and the

Sharia compliant government be any better? (crickets chirping)

DSCN1151 copy

Is Egypt a country on the verge of a real Democracy?

Were those killed in Tahrir Square fighting to live under Sharia?


” …the Islamic fundamentalists now in charge of Egypt (who) don’t

need a constitution to implement their tyranny. All they require is

what they already have –a public awareness of their political power

and their partnership with the military.”


DSCN1089 copy

Leaving no doubt that this was also a protest in opposition of Israel.

“...the new regime ( in Egypt) which allows Sinai to be used as

a launching ground for attacks against Israel and as a highway

for weapons and terror personnel to flow freely into Gaza; clear

signs that the peace with Israel is already dead – treaty or no


“..the depth and breadth of America’s losses, consider that on
January 25, 2011, most Arab states were US allies to a greater or
lesser degree. Mubarak was a strategic ally…In Egypt, it was clear
that the Muslim Brotherhood would emerge as the strongest political
force in the country.”

Keeping the Revolution alive in Syria, in Libya, in Tunisia, in Yemen (in Egypt)…

and in ‘Fakestine’… FREE FREE etc etc etc etc …. Reminding us that America is:


looked upon with increasing contempt and disgust throughout

    the Arab world.”

After all,  Ramsey Clark and his International Action Center was promoting,

organizing , supporting this rally.  His organization is not just critical of

America it is ANTI- America.


DSCN1175 copy

No Old Glory flying along side the flag of Egypt. Just signs, signs and

more signs blaming America and praising Socialism.

DSCN1192 copy

Their “Hope and Change” for a democracy is just an excuse to build

another  Saudi Arabia; another Iran compliments of the Muslim Brotherhood.

International Action Center
Global Day to support the Egyptian revolution
 SaturdayJan 21st. 2012
Egyptian & Egyptian Solidarity Groups Rally to Support
Egyptian Revolution’s Demands
on the

Anniversary of the Egyptian Revolution
Global Event: The Struggle Continues
New York City, NY
During the 18 days from Jan 25th to Feb 11th, 2011,
the whole world witnessed millions of Egyptian protesters marching in the
streets of Egypt and protesting in Tahrir Square, demanding their basic
human rights: dignity, freedom, and social justice. After decades of patience
and suffering, Egyptians finally spoke out loudly and peacefully demanding
the fall of a police-based authoritarian regime, the end of Mubarak’s dictatorship,
and the establishment of a civilian, democratic state.

This was as much an anti-America rally as it was a pro- Egypt

(Muslim Brotherhood Rally)

DSCN1150 copy

The protestors in Times Square may protest the SCAF but they say nothing

against the Muslim Brotherhood….


“…the military junta…has made its peace with the Muslim Brotherhood.

The generals and the jihadists are negotiating a power-sharing agreement.”


DSCN1073 copy 

And Anonymous…of course… was there with this pithy thought:

“Beneath this mask is an idea and ideas are bullet-proof”

DSCN1081 copy2

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I do support the Coptic Christians, and I do not support Sharia Law. HOWEVER I take issue with the arrogance and anti-human (how else can it be termed) behind the words “Fakestine” and “Fakestinian”. How can someone have such a blatant disregard for a people or a place? You don’t agree with them being there, fine, I get it, but to say that they don’t exist? Isn’t that exactly what some supposed Fakestinians think of Israelis who THEY deem to not belong where THEY are either?? I mean if you really look at it ITS A PIECE OF GODDAMN LAND!! THERE ARE BILLIONS OF OTHER PLACES TO LIVE!! HOW CAN PEOPLE ARGUE FOR 2000 YEARS OVER A PIECE OF LAND??!!

Comment by Lauren

FACT: “There’s never been a Palestinian nation,”… “There’s never been a Palestinian state, no Palestinian language, no Palestinian special culture, which is no different than the Arab culture, but the Arabs have made that a political issue.” Arafat perpetrated this LIE of “Palestinians” …to undermine the Jewish connection to the land of Israel.” They are FAKEstinians.

Comment by neveragain911

Let me tell you that before I offer a rebuttal I am NOT Jewish, Muslim, Arab, Palestinian, Israeli, etc. I am an outsider looking in, and this is what I believe. Your statements are the same as saying that Israel never existed- and one could say that since the STATE of Israel was technically created by the British in the 1940’s. I disagree with aspects of BOTH states and peoples, but your kind of talk is what is preventing peace from ever being accomplished and what encourages the kind of disregard and hatred that leads to genocide and ethnic cleansing. The Chinese do not believe that the Tibetans are who they say the are either, but does that give them a right to say that they have “no culture” or that they “never existed”?? Absolutely not. The Native Americans probably do not accept that Europeans (who have been living on land that was originally theirs for hundreds of years) call themselves Americans and consider what is now North America theirs, but that doesn’t mean that they believe they don’t exist or that they are “fake”. The truth is there is a Jewish, Christian and Muslim connection to Israel and there are other people who live their besides Jews.What about the Christian Palestinians? Is everyone except the non-Jews in Israel fake?? I believe that Jews have a right to preserve their heritage and their religion in Israel, and that yes, Judaism precedes Christianity and Islam, but that doesn’t give them a right to throw other people out and bulldoze homes of people who are living there so Jews from Europe and the U.S. can move in. While Religions obviously have connections to places and events, in this day and age most Democratic countries with sense separate Church and State. Judaism is a religion, not an ethnicity like many try to say that it is. If it was, why are so many Jews ethnically different? While there are actual Israeli Jews from Israel, many Jews in the so called Jewish diaspora have little to no actual proof that they are ethnically Semitic/Israeli besides maybe a family surname that came from an ancestor thousands of years ago that left during the exodus. Many Jews that get the free birth right trip and/or move to Israel and push other people out are in actuality more ethnically Russian, German, Persian, etc. Just because someone belongs to a religion doesn’t mean they own a piece of land. If Palestine is completely fake then that must Palestinians are suffering from some kind of mass, collective delusion. Is there a “Palestinian Syndrome” in the DSMV? I think not.

Comment by Lauren

“If Palestine is completely fake then that must Palestinians are suffering from some kind of mass, collective delusion. Is there a “Palestinian Syndrome” in the DSMV? ” The generations that have bought into this fraud do so because Islam is at war with the Jews and the Christians. They will not stop until they have destroyed the Infidels. You can write long pretty sentences wrapped around an empty moral relativism but that fact is, yes, those who believe this are suffering from a COLLECTIVE delusion.

Comment by neveragain911

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