No Mosques At Ground Zero

Defend the “Newburgh Four” Press Conference (6-29-11) video & pics
June 30, 2011, 3:03 am
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On June 29, 2011 , the NYC Socialists and NYU Law school held a Press Conference at NYC City Hall,

Screen shot 2011-06-29 at 2.45.31 PM copy

Demanding justice for the Newburgh 4 (who were convicted of attempting to bomb a synagogue in 2009)

IMG_0378 copy

Predictably, they claim the FBI did it…

IMG_0379 copy

set them up, targeted THEM …..

DSCN2903 copy

just because they’re Muslim.

IMG_0351 copy

IMG_0369 copy 2

Check out this pdf that was put out by NYU Law School

Quick View of the PDF is here

The VIDEO: Four speakers spoke on the steps of City Hall (before they marched to the Court House)

And on this day, as they waited in front of the court house….

DSCN2896 copy

The conviction of the Newburgh 4 was upheld.  The NY Post reports:”….prosecutors described the men as “ticking time bombs” who needed to be taken off the streets for good.”

James Cromitie, center, is led by police officers from a federal building in New York after being arrested for plotting to bomb New York synagogues and shoot down military aircraft. AP

Justice was meted out to the tune of 25 years. Justice? You got it!

IMG_0348 copy

For more on the: “Muslims are victims of the FBI” go to Atlas Shrugs here >>

Slide show can be found  here

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All of this vile evil filth needs to be removed from America and sent home.

If they wish to walk around in 7th century rags and act like murdering madmen then they need to do so back in the middle east where God put them.

There was a reason God divided us by continents. Send their violent evil souls home.

There is no place for them in our Christian nation.

They are not a religion. They are beheading, murdering, child molesting thugs.

Get out of the USA . Everyone call your Congressmen and Senators and demand they be removed now.

Comment by True Patriot

Sedition, treason, war, infiltration, destruction.

The time has come to build the scaffolding and begin the public hangings.

The Birth Certificate is fake, the man is a fraud, it’s well past midnight, face the facts America.

Communism and Islam are NOT compatible with The West.

Where have all the good men gone? Hello…hello..?

Comment by Jihad Resistance

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