No Mosques At Ground Zero

SIOA & AFDI New York Premiere Ground Zero Mosque Film [video]
February 23, 2011, 9:22 pm
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Update: There was some interest in putting the screening all into one video. That is now posted:

Or scroll down to watch the speakers individually.

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On February 20, 2011 (Muhammad’s birthday), approximately 200 people came to Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer’s New York Premiere of their seminal, groundbreaking documentary.

This powerful film exposed the shameful media biases regarding the proposed Ground Zero Mosque; Imam Rauf and wife Daisy Kahn can do no wrong in their eyes.  But, now the truth is out in this amazing documentary.

DSCN8096 copy

Also on hand were 911 Family members, who revealed the even more outrageous treatment they have suffered under Mayor Bloomberg and his commissions.

DSCN8183 copy

They have pleaded to deaf ears that this mosque not be built on the graves of their loved ones. They do NOT want a Ripley’s believe it or not memorial SEVEN floors underground.

DSCN8107 copy

The house was packed. Many stood. It was a deeply moving presentation and the audience was riveted, and after the screening,  after the Q and A


DSCN8165 copy

DSCN8159 copy

DSCN8171 copy

They left even more committed to stopping this outrage.

DSCN8136 copy

DSCN8153 copy

Part 1  Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer. Opening remarks before the screening.

Part 2 After the screening, Pamela Geller introduced the 9/11 family members who were present. Nelly Braginskaya, whose son Alex was murdered that day, spoke first. As always, she speaks with simple honesty about Daisy Khan, Imam Rauf, Obama, Mayor Bloomberg and the loss of her only son.

Part 3 Rosaleen Tallon spoke of her brother Shawn, who was murdered that day. She also introduced their mother, an Irish immigrant who is proud to be an American, passing that same joy and pride on to her children.

Part 4  Rosaleen Tallon, Sally Regenhard, Rosemary Cain and Rosa Leonetti. 9/11 Family members. All spoke and took questions from the audience. Powerful testimony from them all.

Part 5  Rosaleen Tallon, Sally Regenhard, Rosemary Cain and Rosa P. Leonetti, respond to more questions from the audience : Ted Hayes from Los Angeles, a woman from Bucks County Pennsylvania and a woman who is an ex-Muslim. And thn Pamela Geller gave a rousing wrap-up to the discussion.

DSCN8199 copy

DSCN8201 copy

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You did a fantastic job, on the film and the premiere. Sorry we couldn’t chat longer, but that’s the way it goes. Hope this film takes off as it heads west.

Comment by Gerard

Thank you for being a coherent voice that clearly sees the threats to Western Civilization that mainstream islam presents. It is unfortunate that our leaders can not do this for us; as you have pointed out, they try to mislead us.

My main point :

It would seem that islam has forgotten that one of the pillars of islam is compassion.

Do you see any islamic ( almsgiving ) compassion to those made unfortunate by their “so called misguided” islamic believers ? Will they assume responsibility for the damage the “misguided” do ?

If the ground zero mosque is to promote islamic “peace and understanding” – why don’t they first take responsibility for their errant children and chose the compassionate path ?

Why doesn’t Islam indicate that they deeply regret what their “misguided children/people” have done in islam’s name, indicate that this is not done in islam’s name, and make an effort to award the families of our fallen heroes a generous life time compensation for their loss, medical funds to cover the emotion and physical care for the survivors as well as their life time economic loss, economic compensation for all the economic victims of this act of war such as NYC’s total cost to manage and recover from this cowardly attack, comprehensive compensation from the largest ground zero business cooperation down to the smallest dust covered business and apartment within Manhattan, this also means that they will compensate the world’s airlines for the projected lost revenue after this war crime, fund the world wide cost incurred by all governments that “make air travel safe” from their “misguided faithful terrorists believers”, and fully fund any monument that the American people want to construct to honor our fallen heroes from this act of terrorism with no conditions. This would show that they are truly compassionate and assume responsibility.

Note : Included are the related costs/compensations incurred in Washington and Pennsylvania too.

If they even consider this compensation as a compassionate act consistent with their faith – then they should compensate all non islamic victims of islamic crime past, present, and future. Then we would know that they really are serious and against the terrorist acts that they “say” they are.

An Aside : I am not going to wait for them to provide an answer – we know what it is.

Of course, if you watch MEMRI – you know what they are really saying; but this email is for the people who do not read MEMRI’s info and need to wake up by asking the ” How compassionate is islam ? Are they really sincere about as religion of peace”.

Back to the main point :

Then the world would truly know where islam really stands on acts of islamic terror. ( Again, we all ready know. They support it. )

( Rhetorical ) What do you think ? Any chance ? Will they do this ? Will the world then wake up when islam says no – sorry – we can not do this ?

How about this ? Will the Muslim Brotherhood promote this act of compassion, provide the funds, as the “non violent secular organization” we are told they are ? Is this too much to ask ???

It seems that previous european leaders are now starting to wake up and speak out about multi-culturalism and that it is a failure.

With your effort – hopefully it will not take that long here – for the people to see what is going on – they need to wake up.

Back to the main point :

As we know, the best the nations’ of Islam could come up with, as a collective answer, is to fund the building of a NYC mosque…… ah – islamic peace and harmony…. what would we do with out it…..?

How is it that this self glorifying act is not seen for what it is; and, even considered an acceptable possibility on US soil by our government, by our people ???

It does seem that our current government has given up and wants to give our country away.

It is like insanity has become sanity over one night’s sleep and no one remembers what it was like the day before.

I just can not believe that this is happening.

May G-D Bless the work that you do. It is needed.


Comment by Martin Claus

Pam is 1000% correct when she says, it is up to you to make it happen for people to know where the ground zero burial grounds are going to be. The media could care less unfortunately. and sadly most politicans won’t do anything unless pressed. Marching might help. Over throwing governments might help. Perhaps, Obama ought to go also….think about it.

Comment by amy

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