No Mosques At Ground Zero

St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church Speaks Out at Ground Zero
December 12, 2010, 6:39 am
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UPDATE: December 12, 2010: ADDED MORE PICTURES TO THE FLICKR SLIDE SHOW (please scroll down)

At 2 PM on Sunday, December 5, 2010, the congregation of St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church gathered at Ground Zero.

DSCN4394 copy

This was a Vesper Service for the Feast of St. Nicholas and, nine years after the Twin Towers collapsed onto this tiny 80 years old church, it’s a mystery WHY it remains un-built.


They still have no church to worship in as they did for 80 years.

3rd-theground-view2 video

DSCN4826 video 2

As we arrived and were being permitted to enter the Ground Zero construction area, the media was being told NO Cameras. No filming was going to be allowed for ‘security’ reasons!  Some of the press was packing up their tripods and cameras. Wonder if some of the left? I was very surprised (as was everyone) at these restrictions. About 15 minutes later, little by little, the word began to spread that only SOME people could film (the diocese) but that too was still ridiculous since this was an event to which the media was invited. Another 10 minutes or so  and  everyone started filming, so I figured that meant me, too. But, never was there a formal “Go” just a sort of whispered…I guess we can film now….

The children of St. Nicholas carried precious artifacts that were damaged yet miraculously survived on that horrific day:A splintered wooden icon, a tattered altar cloth, a crushed silver bowl, a twisted candelabra, a VERY bent brass bell, mangled candles and a liturgical book.

DSCN4499 copy



The vespers service last about 45 minutes. The video  is excerpts from the service with the complete homily from His Eminence, Archbishop Demetrious, Primate of the Greek Orthodox Church in America.

DSCN4460 copy

There was a large turnout by the congregation and media. However, it wasn’t clear who the other reporters were other than  The Daily News who identified herself and you’ll see City Comptroller, John Liu in the crowd. Since he’s been  a very vocal supporter of The Ground Zero Mosque and supports the use of city loans and grants for said mosque, what about St. Nicholas? Will he go on record in giving the same support to the rebuilding of the church? Will he support it financially, too?

Regarding it location, I was told the church (whenever it is permitted to rebuild) will not be at its original location, but just east of that lot. Which can be see a few times in the back ground of the video.

DSCN4489 copy

I’m sorry there’s distracting motion during the Archbishop’s homily. Without the tripod I was getting tired and fighting the sun. It’s only a few times. His homily is worth listening to for what he said in front of City Comptroller, JohnLiu, describing the Church of St. Nicholas in “Ground Zero Mosque Community Center terms”. It’s  outrageous that we haven’t heard enough, barely anything really, from the Mayor and his minions regarding the Church of St. Nicholas. But, since The city is falling all over itself to build a mosque in a clothing store and stonewalls a church that was in that location for 80 years, it seems more than a bit sad that they feel they must also be a ‘community center’.

Support for St. Nicholas. Simon Deng was there (of course)

DSCN4471 copy

This  should be a huge a story but the media coverage was low-key to nothing. Its up to us to make St. Nicholas a priority.

Slideshow of a few pictures

Vodpod videos no longer available.

And as I walked to the subway…a patriot…

DSCN4538 copy


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What a shame that this church is so overlooked while the mosque is fawened over like they are angels..I resent the treatment of the St. Nicholas Church. I resent Bloomberg et al disregarding them. I resent Bloomberg kissing up to the weasely Feisal.

May the St. Nicholas Church be built.

Comment by toliveonthewind

For the life of me I CANNOT understand why a Mosque can be built so soon & at the expensive of the people of New York yet a new church can’t be?? Just who are TPTB trying to impress?

Comment by Coreen Kerr

How sad that the Mayor and his dispecable group are that stupid that they would be willing patsys of satan .God will be their with his questions on their judgement day and will not be so forgiving that they would lie cheat steal and promote satans work.
I would sugest any and all Christans stand up and be counted with God or do you prefer satan

Comment by Betty Whitesell

[…] Last Sunday, Pamela H captured this moving service : […]

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God bless you Pam Geller for getting such important news to us. I am praying the St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church gets rebuilt, where the members want it built. Praise be to the God of the Bible, Jehovah God, the only True and Living God, the King of Kings.

Comment by Deborah Williamson


Comment by james nazarenus

I don’t agree with any of the racist comments that have been made about the Islamic community center, nor do I agree with how this church has been treated. While Catholicism resembles paganism much more than it does Christianity, I feel a church that has been in that community for 80 years should be allowed to rebuild, and should receive a lot of financial help from the city government. What’s being done to them is unfair.

Comment by Tim Shroyer

A 95 year old Chistian Church from the First Christians of the world should be allowed to be rebuild for the Glory of God.

Comment by zena ezechiels

Praying for the rebuilding of your church. God’s blessings upon you and your congregation. In Christ Jesus.

Comment by Deborah Williamson

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