No Mosques At Ground Zero

Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer speak at the Union League Club in Philadelphia
October 17, 2010, 3:21 am
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Video in 3 parts: October 7, 2010, the David Horowitz Freedom Center held a reception, luncheon and book signing with Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer at the Union League Club in Philadelphia

DSCN3538 cpyright

This video was filmed under low-light conditions, but with good audio video. You will hear great speeches and a very good  Q and A.

Part 1: Pamela Geller‘s speech covers everything from the Ground Zero Mosque to Obama and media censorship, slander and propaganda.


Part 2 : Robert Spencer ‘s speech also covered everything from the Ground Zero Mosque to Obama and media censorship, slander and propaganda


Part 3 : A brief Q and A with Geller and Spencer before the book-signing of “The Post American Presidency”


Slide show of a few pictures at the luncheon:

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Left the Union League and walked around Philly. Found the ” Post American Presidency”  HIGH up on the shelves at the Borders across from the Union League.

DSCN3613 copyright

DSCN3618 copyright

After noticing that the Qurans were also in on the top shelf, I was then informed that the Borders policy does nor place the Quran on the lower shelf. Store policy. The Quran is not to be placed lower than the other religious books. Wondering….Does that mean “The Post American Presidency” has been given a ‘place of honor?”

Slideshow of a few more pictures outside the Union League a walking around the City Hall

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Later that evening Pamela and Robert were guests of  students Of “TU Purpose” at Temple University specifically to discuss the Ground Zero mosque. That post will go up next….


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Obama has mentioned Koran first in his speech in Kairo, while real chronological order is Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Comment by anonimous

This and others are little details Muslims will be very aware of, while most average Americans will never notice. Use of the principle of”taquiyya” by the presidency???
Obama seems to know every subtle way to praise Islam or not to offend it. No wonder people think he is one of them, at heart at least, for sure.

Comment by Philippa C.

The same mistake is made by all that try to debate muslims.
Things that Jesus said are reported by others in the bible. The bible was compiled by many different persons that thought they heard the words of God – maybe they did, maybe they didn’t maybe they just had a wild dream and contributed it to God speaking to them. They are the ones that wrote of things about killing those who did not observe the sabbath and other acts of violence.
The Kor’an was written entirely by Muhammad and although he may speak of love he speaks many times about killing non-believers.
If you are going to worship a son of god would you not rather choose Jesus over a murderer like Muhammad. And a murderer he is and was. In 632 he, himself, killed by beheading 800 men and boys in the place of Medina.
If in following Jesus, Chritians preach his words they will bring no harm to others unlike those that immulate Muhammad that speaks of hate and death and killing you have to be suspicious of thos e that follow him and wonder what their tru thoughts are.

BUT All that Jesus said that waa reported in the bible is about love, honor and goodness.

Comment by Jim

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