No Mosques At Ground Zero

Pictures & a report from the 9-11 Rally of Remembrance at Ground Zero
September 20, 2010, 8:20 pm
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Please click on pictures to see the original size at flickr. To see more detail in the crowd shots

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And videos of all the speakers are posted here:

1.DSCN2234 copyright 2

2. DSCN2242 copyright

3. DSCN2234 copyright

4.DSCN2245 copyright

5.DSCN2250 copyright

6.DSCN2252 copyright

7.DSCN2253 copyright

8.DSCN2254 copyright

9.DSCN2255 copyright

Slide show Part 1

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Slide show Part 2

Vodpod videos no longer available.

After the rally was over, they was some meeting and greeting with the crowd (even though security had to remain on-alert)

1.DSCN2289 copyright

2 DSCN2288 copyright

3 DSCN2286 copyright

4 DSCN2293 copyright

5 DSCN2296 copyright

So…who do you think the police were protecting from violence….US or THEM

DSCN2301 copyright

And here’s their “non political” flyer. Our rally was a respectful Rally of Remembrance …. NOT POLITICIZING. Read how THEY rallied, their hard-core anti-American leftists on 9-11 and the dhimmi-press ….said THEY were non-political:

8 CIMG0014 copyright

9 CIMG0017 copyright

10 CIMG0016 copyright

11 CIMG0018 copyright

And the ubiquitous and very political 9-11 (We are Change) Truthers were there (all day and into the evening):

12 DSCN2161 copyright

And Crazy Commie Guy (the press can’t get enough of this paid agitator)

1 DSCN2057 copyright
2 DSCN2041 copyright

The Remembrance Rally was crawling with mainstream press (cameras and reporters)literally falling all over each other but they shamefully give face-time to all of these weirdos and Leftists, not to the Remembrance Rally.

3 DSCN2146 copyright 2

4 DSCN2068 copyright

Guess their supervisors/editors don’t like the message:

5 DSCN2074 copyright 2

With premeditation they chose to ignore the HUGE peaceful and respectful gathering of AMERICANS without out right lies and distortions.

DSCN2081 copyright

WHERE is all of the video they took the verifies how peaceful, respectful and HUGE this rally was. This was at 1:30…and the crowd was into the second block already. People were packed shoulder to shoulder…all the way to Chambers by 3 :00 Pm and the police turned away hundreds if not thousands….

DSCN2038 copyright

DSCN2071 copyright

DSCN2072 copyright

DSCN2043 copyright

Stand Tall. Stand Proud. And Say NO to a Mosque at Ground Zero. Not Now. Not Ever!!

DSCN2246 copyright 2

DSCN2322 copyright

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Please don’t built your mosque there.
It’s America, not Mecca.

Comment by anonimous

No matter how right or wrong, good, satanically evil, smart or dumb an idea or goal is, if you have the right amount of money you can sell it. You don’t believe me? As I speak, on the ground where thousands of people have died in a the most cold blooded evil act committed in some time, planned and instructed by Islamic extremists, our country, the United States of America, is contemplating building a mosque overlooking Ground Zero. The very thought makes my blood boil to the point where I have to restrain myself from throwing something. The fact that someone would have the gull to voice such an idea is beyond comprehension. I wonder what the reaction would be if someone suggested erecting a statue of Hitler overlooking a Jewish community or a cotton plantation adjacent to an NCAA administration building. Why not just go and spit upon the grave of every soldier that’s died in Afghanistan and Iraq or for that matter every war we ever fought? Why not a towering swatzstika by Arlington Cemetery overlooking the very graves of soldiers who’ve given the ultimate sacrifice for the freedoms that we allow these extremist cavemen to abuse and rub in our faces? Why the entire country isn’t rumbling like a volcano of rage at the announcement of this preposterous insult is something I will never understand. Why the President of the United States haven’t given a formal speech denouncing this idea and whoever is funding it, not to mention any names, SAUDI ARABIA, is something that common sense and decency is demanding an explanation for. We as a nation have been beaten into submission by money driven values, political correctness and fear and it stinks to high heaven.

Comment by PatriotX

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