No Mosques At Ground Zero

Video of all speakers from “911 Rally of Remembrance”
September 13, 2010, 5:37 am
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SEPT 20, 2010 UPDATE: pictures and more re the press and the crowds are posted here


September 18 2010- ALL  Speakers are posted now in 15 separate videos.Please scroll down


UPDATE Sept. 16, 2010: There will be no more music (from the power point in another post) interfering with the speeches in this post. Deactivated the power point. Couldn’t mute the beautiful song.


On September 11, 2010: Freedom Defense Initiative and Stop Islamization Of America hosted a Rally of Remembrance at Ground Zero.  To honor our loved ones who  were murdered by Muslim Terrorists  nine years ago and to say “NO Mosque at Ground Zero” Not Here. Not Now . Not Ever!

Part 1: Opening remarks, Taps, Star Spangled Banner and the Prayers


Part 2: 9-11 Family Members, Nelly Braginskaya and Rosa Leonetti


Part 3: Key Note Speaker: Geert Wilders


Part 4: John Bolton


Part 5: Radio Talk  Show Host: Mike Gallagher


Part 6 – Ilario Pantano


NEW- Part 7- Sam Khoshbaten, Muslim Iranian activist


NEW – Part 8 – Steve Malzberg


NEW – Part 9- Dan Weber of AMAC ( The Association of Mature American Citizens )


NEW- Part 10- Andrew Brietbart:


NEW- Part 11- Joseph Nasralla,  Coptic Christian Activist

NEW: Part 12- Jordan Sekelow, American Center For law and Justice


NEW: Part 13Darla Dawald Grass fire Nation and


NEW: Part 14- Jim Lafferty of VAST


NEW- Part 15- Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer-Closing Remarks



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Comment by ihatebloomturd

Geert might not be able to be president, but Pantano can. I like his attitude.

Comment by Citizen Warrior

Bravo Geert Wilders, you are my man!

Greetings from Amsterdam, Holland

Comment by Tonny

Thanks very much for providing this video coverage to those who couldn’t be there. Even for those who could, as these are very important speeches and bear listening to more than once.

Comment by Rona

We need a Freedom Party, or its equivalent, here in the US.

Comment by Eric Zarahn

Thank you Pamela and Robert! Keep fighting against Victory mosque! Next time it will be even more people there and we will come with our signs! Enough of the political correctness.

Comment by Dave

Thanks for sending me the details of the rally. I pray,God open the eyes of American Cristians. Majority still do not know how islam is dangerous for the whole world. I salut all of you and Mr Geert Wilders who came all the way from Holland to support this event. Imam Rauf said that they are here to extend their hands for peace and harmony. How stupid statement is this. Is he going to disobey his holy book(koran) that says do not be friends with Jews snd Christians. Unbelievable. It is only to deceive ignorent americans. If he really want to build bridge, then let us build a church in Saudi Arabia.
Americans! Open you eyes and minds, this is your country. These people had come to make money here not to own this country. Wake up. God bless you.

Comment by frank

I voted for Obama, I was wrong!!! I cannot believe people think it is ok for this mosque to be built on sacred ground. The buck stops here! The line has been drawn! I finally see what my conservative friends mean by political correctness being our down fall. NO mosque on or any where near ground zero. May the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob bless our Country and help all to see what is going on! Amen!

Comment by Leigh Stevens

Well done.Excellent speakers. How come this got no media coverage except for a sentence or two here and there!!!

Comment by Judy Hawley

here is a compromise. let them build the.mosque. But ask them to have an engraving on it honouring 911 victims and a proclamation that “we as muslims believe in separation of religion and state and will not ever try to work for installing sharia”.

Comment by freeman

If they won’t agree to that here is another suggestion:
In Spain, at Seville some local people found a way to stop the construction of another mosque in their town. They buried a pig on the site, making sure this would be known by the local press .Islamic rules forbid erecting a Mosque on “pig soiled ground”. The Muslims had to cancel the project. This land had been sold to them by government officials. No protests were needed by the local people and it worked.

Comment by Judy Hawley

I found the verses in the Koran that co- responds to the name of the development (Project51) and the address of the mosque (44-46 Park Place):
Why, you may wonder is Imam Rauf, the Muslim leader of the Cordoba Initiative,which has spearheaded the construction of the Ground Zero mosque,so insistent that it not be moved to a different location? The answer can be found in the Koran. The planned undertaking is named project 51 and the address is 44-46 Park Place. These numbers refer to verses in the Koran that reveal what Rauf’s real intent is in building the mosque:Jihad by Dawah, destruction by stealth; more specifically the destruction of “the people of Noah”. Moving it to a different location would cause it to lose this religious significance.

This is a Trojan horse that Rauf is trying to move into the city of New York. Don’t burn the Koran. Study it and all the 5 holy Islamic books to learn what we, the kafirs,and western civilization are up against. Islam is not a religion. It is a political movement probably more dangerous than Communism and as dangerous as Nazism.

Project 51; address 44-46 Park Place
Chapter 51; verses 44-46 in the Koran:

Sahih International(translation version of the Koran)
But they were insolent toward the command of their Lord, so the thunderbolt seized them while they were looking on.

Sahih International
And they were unable to arise, nor could they defend themselves.

Sahih International
And [We destroyed] the people of Noah before; indeed, they were a people defiantly disobedient.

Knowledge is power!

Comment by Judy Hawley

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