No Mosques At Ground Zero

Park51: Sept. 9, 2010 (was it a full moon?)
September 11, 2010, 4:21 am
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It was September 9, 2010, and in two days  it would be nine years since Muslim terrorists murdered almost 300o innocent people. Their fateful “mistake” that day…they went to work  or they chose to travel, to fly somewhere (for work or play)  but on that day, September 11, 2001 they were murdered in the name of Allah.

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With the proposed Ground Zero Victory Mosque looming on the horizon , Americans are wounded but wiser. Yet, looking at the odd assembly of people and perspectives at the corner of Park Place and Church Street on this day, the wise seemed to be no where in site….we decided it HAD TO BE A FULL MOON.

Foot Note: Will have to fill in the blanks on who these people are, after the 9-11 Rally.

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300 people or 3000 people? check the first paragraph once.

Comment by ravi

That was an unfortunate typo. Thank you.

Comment by neveragain911

These people could not possibly have a knowledge of the qur’an.
Muhammad wrote the book upon which their religion is based and if you study him you will see that he was a cold blooded murderer!

Comment by Jim

Look like that majority of Americans have lost their minds. They cannot understand who is their friend and who is their enemy? You have notived that how muslims love their holy book. They can even give their lives for that. This the same book clearly says to9 muslim,” do not be friends with Jews and Christian. It is very clear, that how muslims can go against their holy book(koran).
Imam rauf can never be a friend to christians…if he says, it is to deceive americans.

Comment by frank

Thank you for saying it straight frank, took the words right out of my mouth. Too true. It’s far too easy to pull the wool over some of these people’s eyes sometimes. These polititions fear them, and they shouldn’t; America was founded on the pure notion of freedom AND justice, and in doing his we are not showing these innocent dead any respect. They’ve purely done this to cause more trouble and to start a riot. I am so so very disgraced. If they want “peace” like they said then they need to stop doing stupid stuff like this. Why is it that they can burn our American flags but we cannot burn something of theirs without being chasticed for even having he notion? I don’t understand it, it’s not adding up and these families are not getting thier due respect for thier loved ones.

Comment by Americangrrl

By building a mosque two blocks away from ground zero this is a slap in the face to the families of those who died that fateful day. It is highly rude and lacks morals in doing this. There should be nothing there but monuments for the men and women who lost their lives that day. I am not rascist towards anyone in this country, becuase I love people of all colors and walks of life; but in doing this this is done in bad taste towards everyone, everyone who was affected that day. This shows NO respect towards those who lost thier lives and it is putting salt in the still open and sore wound of 9/11. In doing this they have mixed religion with state by building it near a place that used to aide in government control, also they have asked the government for thier help on the situation saying they are being denied their religion. This is sick and twisted and is causing an uproar. And any logical peace making person would have said to them NOT to do this because it is in horribly awful bad taste. I am highly disgraced by this. May those who lost their lives on that day not be disgraced by this horrible injustice.

Comment by Americangrrl

I am trying to find out everything I can about what the qur’an says but the one thing it does not tell me is:
Do muslims enjoy western cultures such as movies, plays and shows on Broadway, singing, dancing, do they attend and celebrate American events such as 4th of July shows, parades, fireworks, etc.
In general I guess I am interested in someone out there telling me if they have a joy of entertainment such as westerners and even europeans enjoy or are the a solemn, gray, joyless culture. Please respond if you know for a fact about any of these practices or non-practices of islam and muslims. I will not capitalize either of the words until someone changes my mind that it truely desires to be friends with all religions . NOT until it desires PEACE because we all know that that means to all of them that peace will be when all the world follows islam and shari’a.

Comment by Jim

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