No Mosques At Ground Zero

Map of Human Remains One block from Ground Zero mosque ….
September 10, 2010, 9:22 pm
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NY Post, September 10, 2010: Here’s the chilling proof that Ground Zero stretches well beyond the boundaries of the World Trade Center site, and reaches close to the proposed mosque and community center.

A map compiled by firefighters who sifted through the wreckage of lower Manhattan in the seven months after the attacks shows the gruesome discovery of human remains stretched as far as 1,135 feet from the middle of the trade center — including remains found just a block from the mosque site.


Also in the NY Post: Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, who describes himself as the “visionary” behind the mosque, told CNN this week, “This is not Ground Zero proper. No one’s body is in that location.”

The map was obtained by The Post from sources after the Fire Department did not respond to requests to review it. It shows that remains were found just 348 feet to the south of the mosque site at 45 Park Place, on top of the massive post-office building that stretches along Barclay Street, from Church Street to West Broadway.


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I am totally opposed to the mosque being built, it would be the biggest kick in the face to all Americans. These people think they can come to our country and just say and do whatever they want. We can’t go to the Middle East and preach anything without being attacked. The guy behind the whole project has terrorist ties and is trying to raise money for this with other terrorists. We should never let this happen on our soil.

Comment by Paul Popek

And now this evil, sly dog claims that Ground Zero is NOT hallowed ground.

He and Mayor Benedict Arnold Bloomberg should be deported…

Comment by SHMystique

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