No Mosques At Ground Zero

UPDATE: FDI/SIOA 9/11 Rally of Remembrance: Yes to Freedom, No to Ground Zero Mosque
September 8, 2010, 1:18 am
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(had to deactivate the power point, couldn’t mute the beautiful song…sorry…but you can click through to their site and watch it there)

September 10th, scroll down please for an update on speakers…

On September 11, 201 , at 3:00 PM,  the human rights organization, Freedom Defense Initiative (FDI), and Stop Islamization of America (SIOA) will be hosting a pro-freedom Rally of Remembrance against the Ground Zero mega-mosque at Park Place and West Broadway.

Ground zero bus

Dedicated to the men, women and children who lost their lives; those brave people who gave their lives and to the Heroes that responded to the emergency : 11 September 2001

This is what we are responding to (had to deactivate the power point, couldn’t mute the beautiful song…sorry…)

( PLEASE click through for an amazing Power point presentation was  created Feb 2002)

And remember, we strongly encourage everyone to bring flags. U.S. Flags, States Flags  and flags of other countries are welcomed as well.

TAKE NOTE: No flags mounted on  wooden poles,  the NYPD won’t allow wooden poles (large or small) ,  however the plastic PVC has been permitted at many rallies.

The rally will begin at 3 :00 PM,  with a brief memorial service for the victims of the 9/11 attacks, for the families of the victims and for the nation; featuring prayers offered by a  Rabbi Steven Axelman,  Pastor Jim Garlow and Father Christopher Manuele of the Melkite Greek Catholic Church .

Tom Butterfield, will play taps. He is a descendent of General Daniel Butterfield, who wrote “Taps” during the Civil War.

The confirmed list of speakers includes 9/11 family members Rosaleen Tallon

Rosa P. Leonetti

Nelly Braginskaya, 911 family member, mother to Alex
default-1.jpg image by antipodean-2009

Former U. S. Ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton (video message)

File:John R. Bolton.png

Dutch Parliamentarian and freedom fighter, Geert Wilders  (live!)

Journalist, Andrew Breitbart (video message)

Ilario Pantano, War hero and North Carolina Congressional candidate

Mike Gallagher, Nationally syndicated conservative radio host

Jim Lafferty, VAST

Lisa Vincent, widow of author and journalist Steven Vincent, who was killed in Iraq

Simon Deng, Sudanese ex-slave and human rights activist

Darla Dawald, national director,

Professor Richard Connerney of Pace University (Pace lost 4 students and 43 alumni)

Daniel  Weber, Founder and President of The Association of Mature American Citizens, a conservative alternative to AARP.

Sam Khoshbaten, Muslim Iranian activist,

Joseph Nassralla, Coptic Christian activist

Satya Dosapati, Hindu Human Rights Watch


Jordan Sekulow of the American Center for Law and Justice, which has filed suit to stop the Ground Zero mega-mosque.


Join Up with the largest Caravan in America coming cross-country to the 9-11 Rally!

And watch for more news about our sister organizations in Europe and Australia that are holding solidarity rallies on September 11th. SIOA colleague, Anders Gravers, will be speaking at a solidarity rally in Europe.


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[…] UPDATE: FDI/SIOA 9/11 Rally of Remembrance: Yes to Freedom, No to Ground Zero Mosque […]

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I wish I could be there. I will be there in spirit. We can’t let them build this mosque. I respect religions. Do they respect ours?

Comment by ingrid Fitzpatrick

Let us not forget our soldiers and marines who have been fighting and dying since 911, being killed by the same networks of Islamic Terrorists that brought down the towers. More than 5,600 patriots have been killed post 911 not to mention the tens of thousands of atrocities carried out in the name of Islam. We should be calling for a hault to all Muslim immigration to this country immediately and this issue needs to be framed as an issue of national security, rather than one of religious freedom and Islam needs to be denounced as an intolerant political ideology and stripped of it’s recognition as just another world religion. Only then can we fight this as it needs to be fought.

Comment by Charles Gili

I agree that we must call a halt to all Muslim immigration immediately, for the simple reason that there is no reliable way to distinguish a violent from a “moderate” Muslim. They all learn from the same book, the Koran. No one has the God-given right to immigrate to this country. The safety of the American people must come first. We must make our politicians understand that.

Comment by Paula

No mosque! This is representative of their religion. I don’t need to have their lies about what their religion is about spoken out to me. I read what their religion represents.
A muslim woman is being helt until the date of her stoning to death for adultry can be carried out. In the meantime the British press mistakenly identifies her as a muslim woman in one of their photos as a unveiled muslim woman for which she receives 99 lashes.
Today a local group speaking out against the Florida Qur’an burning says “Such (protest) groups do not understnad the true teachings of this beautiful book, which champions truth, justice and freedom of religion for all – values that Americans hold dear.”
Just whos truth, justice and freedom are they talking about. I am totally confused. Do they have a “book” that speaks to things that I do not see in the English editions of the Qur’an?
Do they employ TAQIYYA until they have enough muslims in this country to not be afraid to say and do what they really think and intend?

Comment by Jim

No Mosque. Muslim radicals defending their beliefs caused so much suffering, now, American radicals are going to do the same in the name of freedom?
If you burn your own house down to get the insurance money and to rebuild something new, isn’t this wrong? against the law? conflict of interest? The muslim religion is an organization, as far as Im concerned, and unfortunately their representatives took full responsibility in the name of Allah and they should not benefit in any way.

Comment by Selena Cherry-Daniel

Mcveigh wasn’t hollering “Praise Jesus” when he blew the building up in OC. He was a political nut bag, NOT religious. Islam combines religion and politics as one and the same. The Islamist were hollering ‘Praise Allah’ on 9/11!
Since 9/11, more people have been murdered by Muslim’s than all of the people murdered during
the entire ‘Spanish Inquisition’ which lasted close to 400 years. The GZ Mosque/Community Center is there for one reason. It will represent the first major strike by Islam on the ‘Great Satan’, America.
This is why the GZ developer stated that people will come from all over the world to visit it. Do you see a lot of Christian men traveling to your local YMCA from half way around the world for a visit to honor cheap sleeping rooms?
Daisy Khan and Imam Rauf are Anti-American bigot’s and phonies. Pure and simple. In my opinion.

Comment by Bill

I have just watched the video above. I cried. I STILL feel for ALL those families who lost loved ones on that terrible day and for those who still suffer. People are STILL dying from the effects of toxic dust etc., from that day. Let us NEVER forget how those innocent people got up on a beautiful day, went to work, did the normal things they do every day and ended up dead. Suffering the most awful pre death fears the likes of you and I can only imagine. I hate Islam for what it is, cruel, wicked and evil. It must never change and America will never change it. America must rid itself of it. All countries must rid themselves of it. The Mosque has to be stopped. Brave, innocent people died and that site will forever be sacred to their memory. RIP all of you and God Bless America.

Comment by VonnieUK

No mosque. it’s almost 9 years ago, but I remember it as yesterday. I now I don’t understand why they want to build a mosque in that place?! Why there, where so many memories are. Think how people will feel if they come visit ground zero, to remember 9-11, and see a huge mosque. That is just not right.. You guys have my vote against the mosque. We will never forget.
Greetings from the Netherlands..

Comment by JoJo

It is time to say “Enough is enough”. Our forefathers struggled long and hard to make the world that we live in. We need to honour them by taking up the fight now. I have no trouble accepting someone else’s religion, but I do have a problem with someone who says that I am not allowed mine.
America stand firm. We may already have lost the fight here in Britain. If you need to see how bad it can get then search the news headlines for what is happening over here.
I watched the 911 atrocity and remain shocked by it to this day. How they can have the temerity to even suggest a mosque at ground zero is beyond an insult. And politicians who say otherwise should be voted out of office.
I wish I could be with you, I really do. But I will be with you in spirit.
Be what you are best at, a strong proud country.

Comment by Duncan Tait

I hope the Mosque does not go threw! Family and friends.. go to ground zero to pray over their departed family members. If the Muslims can’t and won’t respect us.. how or why.. should we respect the Koran? We can’t and won’t! Also.. this is a smack in the face of our nation and those who lose loved ones there. Its a victory dance to their people in their country. If this actually goes through.. I can bet someone will tear it down.. because its not right.

Comment by Leah Chap

Another battle in the same war. Check out the petition:

“Call for Congressional investigation of Islamic symbolism in the Flight 93 memorial”

Comment by Eric Zarahn

‘Freedom of Speech’ in America is now controlled by a religion started by a 7th century pedophile. They burn our flags and threaten to kill us and this was BEFORE the first Ko’ran was even burned. Place the ‘Holy Bible’ in a vat of urine and it’s called ART. TALK about burning a Ko’ran that call’s for the death’s of Jews and Christians and our political and religious leaders run for cover. I wonder how many of our leaders agree with that pedophile thingy like Mohammed did? Islam’s history, not mine! Iran places $1000.00 bounties on the heads of our military and our Comrade President and Gen. Dave get upset about Rev. Jones TALKING about burning a Ko’ran. We NOW take orders from Islam while our President tell’s the world we are NOT a Judeo/Christian country anymore. Something funny is going on in our country my American brother’s and sister’s? Wake up! In my opinion!

Comment by Bill

Go… dear brothers and sisters…..God is with you. I pray for americans that God open their eyes and minds to understand the plans of muslims.
Muslims have a plan and stategy to buld this mega mosque and they are one here and around the world, but americans christians and even jews have no unity. Because they lost their minds.

Comment by frank

I have nothing against Muslims or Islam, not all are “bad ppl”, there are “bad seeds” in EVERY culture,race & religon! However, I am EXTREMELY against the building of a mosque at or near “Ground Zero”. If that is allowed, shouldn’t the religons of the innocent persons that perished there be recognized as well even before that of the Islamic faith. They should be building a Religous Cultural Center that EVERY FAITH can appreciate & partake in. To allow a mosque to be built for it’s religon only, & then have have seperate center for other religons to use, would be putting that faith before the others…that would disgrace NYC, America & the innocents who perished in that abomination & their families who still suffer their lost to this day!!! I watched the towers being built when I was young & watched in dismay, horror, confusion & anger as ppl jumped to their deaths & those walls crumbled down. I still feel those emotions & will never forget…God was w/ the 1000’s that for whatever reason weren’t there as normally would be, the one’s taken were angels in waiting…God’s Blessings to all. everyone please pray for equal rights of all religons to be represented at “Ground Zero” not to the disturbed ones of the Islamic faith that killed innocent people of all faiths!!!

Comment by jennifer

The Muslim terrorists were living and dying according to the teachings of the Koran. They murdered in the name of Allah. They didn’t make that up. It is not a perversion of Islam. It IS Islam

Comment by neveragain911

I felt your comments to be precisely the truth and very well put,it seems that everyone bends over backwards to appease the Muslim faith,it is almost a shivering in boots type of action “lest we upset them again!” it feels almost cowardly to allow this religion to select a site where a vast atrocity was perpetrated in its name,i want desparately to ask a question of the islamic people who planned this mosque,why would they choose that place!,they must have been aware of the repercussions!,it almost seems as if they feel that they have won that area of land in some act of war,how twisted that is!, in my mind they were unfeeling,disrespectful and downright calous to the relatives of the dead heros of New York,do not condemn any reaction against this because it is as just as breathing,these Immams need to take a look at themselves,the potential Koran burner may be eccentric and a little naive,but he should be commended for his reasons,he did it to try and stop the building,tonight September 10th it appears he may have gotten his way,if the news is to be believed,he has put off the Koran burning because he had a discussion with a head Immam(think i spelled it right1)he appears to have got some agreement,however i saw a later video where he said that they lied!,we will see!,if he has pulled it off maybe he has averted a bigger conflict,i do however fear for his safety from these fanatical and wicked people,i hope he has as much protection as we afford to the Muslims of the world as they accept the worlds money in all kinds of ways whilst killing us!!Barry

Comment by barry woodacre

[…] UPDATE: FDI/SIOA 9/11 Rally of Remembrance: Yes to Freedom, No to Ground Zero Mosque […]

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[…] will pray, listen to speakers, many of whom are 9-11 Family members ( list of speakers here)., We will sing , hear taps and, in honor of those murdered on 9-11, say “NO to a VICTORY […]

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I’m so sorry I can’t be there. I’m old and disabled now, and I live in Calif. I’ll be searching the tv and web for live video of the ceremony honoring the 9/11 victims, and pray for the success of the American people in this new battle against evil. Keep our God in mind always and talk to Him.
2nd Chronicles 7:14.

Comment by Paula

Just to say that I will be with you all in thought. The memory of that terrible day still makes me cry. The planned mosque at Ground Zero is a provocation and cannot be allowed. God Bless you all. Lydie from France

Comment by Lydie

I am from the UK and because we are small the Muslim population has all but swallowed up the old cotton towns and inner city houses to a man,i wish this country had some balls,i know we fight well but these people live in our country and will never integrate,if their daughters are unlucky enough to fall in love with a none believer their throats are cut or they choke them to death and throw their bodies away like rubbish,we have a mother and father being held for this very crime,i believe thousands more are hidden away ready to be found,good luck on your march,i hope it has the effect of putting back a little fear into the muslim because they seem reluctant to condemn 911,and do nothing to appease it,several pages of the koran it has been suggested (by a Brave Muslim man) need to be torn out,they appear to be quite proud of the fear they instil in us none muslim,problem is they live next door and stab you in the back after saying good morning to you as a friend,Barry

Comment by barry woodacre

i wish i could be there with u but my heart and soul will be with u . At first i thought this must be a joke , to even think that to build a masque at ground zero is like saying thank u for killing all those women , men and children and saying we dont care about them or their families that are still suffering , and giving them the open invitation to do it again somehow or another. To tell the truth i am an Armenian and i understand you all ,go and fight with all your strength dont giveup it is your right fight like you never fought before .

Comment by MaraL

isn’t there any kind of email updates of upcoming rally’s and protestes you can send out to us to let us know when and where to be??? i don’t read the paper or watch the news, so if there is such a list, put me on it!!!!!!

Comment by regina

Our country is falling apart because of these very haters who just want to bring down the infidel…that’s us…the citizens of the United States. I think for sure that the mosque/community center should never be built. The imam said that everyone can go there to pray!…As if any self-respecting and aware Christian, Jew, Budhist, or anything else would go in there! We finally made the trip to the WTC site in January, and were so glad we did. I am appalled that our country was attacked, and was affected when I saw the site. Sometimes when we look at pictures of New York, it seems so big, but in reality, it’s small…and having those planes crash into those buildings was an attack on ALL U.S. citizens. There is no doubt these people use the same Koran, and are affiliated with terrorists, and terrorist money. There is just no doubt. Just listen to what the guy has said in his own land, in his own book, and in other places. (Why is our government using this guy to do anything for us anyway!?) By allowing a place like this to be built, we are perpetuating the illegal immigration of not just muslims…but others…like illegal Hispanics…who have anchor babies and then bring millions of family members here by way of crying that their child is a citizen…which it isn’t, but that’s a whole other story…who also tear this country and our school systems down…just take a look at what’s happened to Hazleton…with no recourse to reverse it. I can’t help but feel like there is an attack on our country in more than one way, but the muslims take the cake, and we don’t want you here…with a claim to be peace-loving, or not. I also think many in this country who sign on to the muslim religion do not have a clue what they are doing…not really. They are just trying to defy authority and go against the tide. THEY are dabbling with the devil! Any way you look at it, that mosque does not belong here whatsoever, and neither do illegals! We don’t want visitors from all around the world to come here, to come see the new mosque. We want people to stay in their own land and work on their own countries, not come here and try to turn ours into theirs…with a plan in the backs of their minds and hearts to slaughter us when they are done building their mosques. I’m not saying that I hate any of these people, but I am saying that we must make our evaluations based on historical behavior…and history is speaking for itself. I stand with those who are fighting against the mosque, and if we can come and rally with you, we will. You are not alone, and we pray to Jesus for the true peace and resolution of these issues. Stay strong and keep up the good work! I do not believe either that the muslims have a right to build here since it is part of the acts of terrorism that occurred here…in my mind, this is part of their war effort and it should be treated as such…not be given rights. They don’t have any rights to build that thing anywhere in this country because of what’s behind it. That includes morally and ethically as well. This issue is not a “religious freedom” issue, it’s a war issue! Where is the common sense? Some people will not like what I have to say, but that’s only because you are blinded to the truth. I pray for your eyes to be opened. NO MOSQUE! To those who lost and suffered, God Bless!

Comment by Cindi, M.Ed.

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