No Mosques At Ground Zero

Looking at Lefties as they support Ground Zero Mosque
September 7, 2010, 3:25 am
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45-47 Park Place was once up on a time, the Burlington Coat Factory…DSCN1661 copyright

Until it was damaged by plane debris on 9-11 ,  that remains lodged in the building.
..“New York is the Capital of the world & this location close to 9/11 is iconic,” Imam Feisal

Now, it’s the future home of Cordoba House (Park51) aka the Ground Zero Mosque….

DSCN0680 copyright DSCN0677 copyright

24/7 the Ground Zero Mosque has been feeding the media-beast with “how nice their are” and dropping more than a few snide inferences about “the other side” ….

DSCN0619 copyright

Are they compensating these protestors to stand, sit and camp-out at the Park51 site… day and night? Don’t any of them have regular jobs? Or, maybe, holding-signs in front of 45-47 is their current employment (compliments of ….)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Fact: The Left is the darling-of-the-media. They (the Left) are so ‘wise’ and can do-no-wrong.

DSCN1652 copyright

Leftards : Good ….

DSCN1633 copyright

ANYONE on the Right: BAD (as far as the Left is concerned)

DSCN1500 copyright

Just look at how “wise and thoughtful” these young “Bridge-Builders” are…

DSCN0637 copyright

DSCN0641 copyright

However, Leftists (protestors OR media) never mean it when they say they “respect you” and  “you have right to your opinion”.

DSCN1166 copyright

They do not ARGUE or SHOUT at the opposition (which is us)  particularly if a camera is rolling)…

DSCN1201 copyright

They are practiced at remaining calm while creating a situation where (eventually) someone inexperienced on our-side, starts screaming at them. They will smile and smirk and respond, perhaps, but the novice is the one yelling at the Leftard.

DSCN1198 copyright

Sometimes, they even wear costumes. This Lefty infiltrator counts on his garb as a ” priest” to keep our-side from noticing what his sign says…

His goal, a photo-op. It’s that simple. With this message:

DSCN1253 copyright

He was asked politely to leave, once he was ‘outed’ , and he politely left. That’s our goal! No angry photo-ops….

DSCN1146 copyright

Another example, May 25, 2010, at a Community Board 1 meeting, the media LOVED this guy (who appeared to be on our side). He kept interrupting and shouting through-out the whole meeting. Was he really on-our-side? Or another ruse? ( the Leftards do send in plants)

The press couldn’t get enough of him or this woman. She never stopped screaming. Not helpful to our side. And since neither of these two people were familiar to those who are frequently on-the- scene, we  wondered,were they plants or just  inexperienced?

Either way, the press got what they yearned for: Nasty “Hate-mongers from the Right”. And Calm” Gentle-spoken Lefties” who support the mosque. Chums!

The Leftists are polite, law-abiding citizens who come together to chant their slogans and march ’round and ’round in circles (for hours).
Friends…chums…really nice “bridge-builders”  (just ask the press)


The Lefties cause no problems, co-operate with the police, carry America flags and copies of the Constitution: Wow!

DSCN1248 copyright

DSCN1259 copyright

But, signs like these, mixed in with the crowd, are meant to inflame….


I witnessed two men from our-side getting ‘in to’ it with their-side. They came over, maybe just to look, but the Lefties are very skilled at getting-a-rise out the opposition (us) . They use their signs, under-the-breath cracks and overt aggression; whatever it takes to get someone to ‘bite’.
DSCN1256 copyright

Then, they are calm, quiet and oh-so-NICE again


These two “well-rounded:” jerks yelled anti-VIETNAM cracks at two vets. Then they  laughed and smirked at how ‘funny’ they were. It almost worked with one  of the passers-by but the commotion was diffused fast by someone (not sure who) the police or by someone in-the-crowd…

DSCN1298 copyright

Talking with these Leftists,is pointless. They are pre-programmed  with “racist”, “bigot” and “yadayadayada”…

DSCN1205 copyright

Better to look and then, just walk away.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

If you can help someone like this woman to calm down and to just walk away:  Wonderful!

Give the press pictures of flags, flags and more flags!


Many 9-11 Family members will come together to remember their loved ones  murdered that day by Muslim terrorists…

We will  honor their memories by saying, “NO to a Victory Mosque on Ground Zero”

September 11, 2010 at 3:00 PM

Ground zero bus

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Islam is the world’s great divider, and it should have never been granted religion status in the first place. So now we have to end all Muslim immigration and officially ban Sharia Law. Then arrest and deport if possible, all pro-Sharia Muslims. They are too be looked upon as enemies of the state. Just as Nazis were.

Comment by Christopher Logan

The media will always portray us as the villains. It doesn’t matter how we try to conduct ourselves. It’s part of their agenda. Just look at the press coverage of Israel. Totally one sided. Sometimes it is better to follow your heart & not worry what other people think. Right will win out in the long run. It always does.

Comment by Juggler

When you see these jerks that clearly demonstrate by their dress that they are not muslims, ask them questions about the Qur’an. Ask them about the birth place, early history of Muhammad, about the early years of muslims marching on countries of other faiths in an effort to convine them that they need to convert to Islam, the part that mecca or Medina played in the birth of Islam, etc. As a matter of fact ask those that seem to be muslims. Most of these converts know nothing about Islam and have only converted because their weak little minds could have been converted by anyone in any cause!

Comment by Jim

Please do not allow yourself to be silenced as 9/11 approaches, Dave Patterson and others are calling on you to give up your right to speakout based on the assinine notion that silence is required in respect for 9/11. If anything we need to be ten times as vocal on 9/11. Those calling for “respect” by silence are con artist, don’t be duped! On 9/11 the nation will be watching, speak loud and resist!

Comment by PC

How ironic the leftists tolerate an ideology that would see most if not all of them, hanged, stoned, or otherwise punished. In Islamic countries there is no free speech, no equal rights, no freedom of religion, the very things these nut jobs claim to stand for. They deserve to live under Islamic rule, the others of us who fight this, do not.

Comment by Elaine Pacheco

Islam is not a religion of america. It must be stoped to spread. Please add this banner in the rally. “don’t be friends with Jews and christians”
(koran) verse ? . How it can be a religion of Peace. How muslims can ignore this verse + many others when they respect this book so much.

Comment by frank

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