No Mosques At Ground Zero

(new video) “Un-American to Regulate Religion?”
September 2, 2010, 12:45 am
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Food for thought: Is it Un-American to regulate Islam? Former USMC officer specializing in cell warfare notes the U.S. Constitution directs us to regulate all religions. (And….is it Un-American to even discuss this? Let’s asl Mayor Bloomberg!)


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What an excellent and informative video! I’ve seen so much information about Islam, but I have not seen information presented in quite this way. I am passing this along!

The only correction I would make is around 2:00 where he mentions “Christian denominations that do not allow transfusions”. Perhaps there are some Christian groups that I don’t know about who have this teaching, but generally it is Jehovah’s Witnesses. They are NOT a Christian denomination. Other than that, this is great.

Comment by Mo

You are correct about the Jehovah Witnesses. Thanks for pointing that out..

Comment by neveragain911

Totally agree with the video above. In about 622 muhammad forced two Jewish tribes out of Medina and when there was only one tribe left and they did not have the power to fight him he did what was really in his heart knowing that he had the numbers necessary to rule. He had ditches dug and brought out 800 Jewish men and boys and 1 woman, the woman is debateable) and personally beheaded everyone of them. This is the “saint” that Islam tries its best to emulate.
Black Jack Pershing had the right idea. There was an uprising of muslims in the Phillipines. He captured 100 hundred of them. Had 98 of them shot, put in graves and pig blood poured over them. He sent the 2 that he did not klill back to tell the others of this and that ended the uprising`

Comment by Jim

This one is gaining mass international interest.

I’m Canadian and simply appalled at your Mayor Bloomberg’s decision on this to maintain his personal political correctness. This is an issue about respect, not freedom. I am not anti anything and a simple atheist. I have no concern if someone want to believe in a being, alien, rock…couldn’t care less. However, a religion that allows the hijacking by extremists to sway the ignorant to meet their ends is really pushing my limits. It should also set off every alarm bell for your American first amendment as well.

To erect a mosque as an offering of peace as it is being touted is ridiculous. It’s a guise to hide the success of yet one more successful Jihad. If the leaders of Islam rally wanted to make a peace offering, perhaps they could start in their own homes where Islam is strongest? How about a few statues of the twin towers erected in front of every mosque in the world so all the good Islamic followers can pay respect to and remember the danger radical religious thinking can bring? Perhaps their religious leaders could hold a memorial service once a year for the innocent that have lost their lives because of their peaceful religion? The fact is, such a statue would be seen as a triumph over the infidels.

Perhaps, this mosque if it actually gets built, can start all their prayers with remembrance of the innocent victims, wait, infidels, that gave their lives??? Let me help…. Here’s a list of Jihads from the last 2 months:

It warms my heart when a religion causes such happiness. It seems to me that you have a religion that has no definitive clarity and can be moulded into anything someone wants it to be. I believe it’s time for our political leaders to step forward and show they have courage and a backbone ( I know…what am I thinking) and protect the people from a dangerous and powerful drug called Islam.

State ultimately must protect the people from fascist and extremist leaders that use religion, any religion, to persuade the ignorant into bidding their deeds or causing risk to their personal or others lives. Ignorance is the real enemy here.

Try yelling bomb at an airport and see what happens. Just try convincing the Judge it’s your god given freedom of speech…

Here’s a brilliant monologue on the Ground Zero Subject by Pat Condell if you haven’t already had a chance to see it.

Stand strong America.
Peace out

Comment by Gary

If we Americans (Christians) cannot build a church in Saudi Arabia, We will not let them build a mosque on our land……Period.
It will not be a community center as they say to deceive americans. Blomberg… can you say that they are good people and your friends, when their holy book (koran) says,”Do not be friends with Jews and Christians”. Can muslims go against their own holy book and the teachings of their prophet. Just throw their holy book on the ground, then see what happens. There will arise a big storm against the West in the whole muslim world.

Comment by frank


Comment by Eric Zarahn

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