No Mosques At Ground Zero

HELP to Re-Build St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church at Ground Zero FIRST!!
September 2, 2010, 2:06 am
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From a friend of NMAGZ:

“There was a wonderful Greek Orthodox Church at Ground Zero-St. Nicholas-established in 1916.

It was the ONLY place of worship at Ground Zero and on September 11th, the entire weight of World Trade Center Tower 2 came down on St. Nicholas Church, completely destroying the building and its contents.

Only a handful of damaged icons and religious items were found amongst the rubble.

Parishioner lighting a candleFather John Romas conducting servicesParishioner lighting a candle

We were promised (We-yes I use to go there and to most of us Greeks, our religion is very much a part of who we are) land at 120 Liberty Street by Governor Pataki and then Spitzer. However over a year ago, the Port Authority in conjunction with the Governor Patterson have ceased negotiations–as in “won’t return our calls”.

The PR the Port Authority came out with is that the Church was greedy, wanted money, etc.  All false!!! Now lo and behold and Mosque deal has been done, it seems Governor Patterson had time for that!! To me, its 2 things–an attack on Christianity and money that is passing under the table faster than the speed of light-these are my opinions.

Also, Mayor Bloomberg, has said on the radio that he is in the process of negotiating with the Church, that is an outright lie!

Photos from Epiphany 2007 – Jan 7 at Battery Park, New York City!

(There are many more photos at their site

600_library_04.jpg 600_library_05.jpg 600_library_08.jpg

Here are some links (below) to our  story. If you have any interest and want to update yourself please follow the links.
There is one link sent by AHEPA–that asks to sign a petition. My mission is to spread awareness of this sin. So I ask that you spread the word through email, twitter, facebook or even casual conversation.
At this point Greeks–and more from the East–are aware of this but I we are getting lot of support from Non-Greeks which is so appreciated..Whatever you feel comfortable with I respect.”
St. Nicholas Church, minutes before the collapse of 2 World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001.
New Location

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Who at the Port Authority was doing the negotiating? We need a name so we can push on an individual.

Comment by Lisa Merriam

Good point. I will try to get that information.

Comment by neveragain911

It is my own opinion that Mayor Bloomberg has been told by Muslims that if he allows the Mosque to be built at Ground Zero, the City will be safe from additional attacks from the extremists. I think he is being blackmailed to believe that to be true. Obviously, that is NOT TRUE and another ploy by extremist Muslims to use whatever tactics necessary to get their “CORDOBA HOUSE” – note they are using the same name when Muslims were at war with Spain. CORDOBA HOUSE and the Mosque is simply a monument to their preceived right to rule the world. As always it is always about money and power as no REAL GOD would need or want praise & adoration from people who were forced to kneel (under pain of execution)to his name. The Mayor is just another coward who is afraid to stand up for the right thing. It has nothing to do with his reason of “freedom of religion” as there are many mosques in New York. The Mayor is also concerned with the tax base. Many very wealthy people are leaving or left New York – but what the Mayor does not realize is that people are leaving because the tax base is TOO DAMN HIGH.

Comment by Eva White

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