No Mosques At Ground Zero

Found ONE SIOA AD on a NYC Bus!!
September 2, 2010, 2:00 am
Filed under: Islam and mosques, mayor bloomberg sells out, mosque at ground zero

August 25…I couldn’t believe it. Didn’t have my camera ready…I was so tired of looking for taxi ads.

I did that for two weeks (nada) and then BAM!

There was our SIOA (Stop Islamization Of America) bus ad!

Unfortunately, I was clicking the shutter as it pulled away….

Ground zero bus motion

This was the # 20  bus on 8th Avenue at 49th Street. About 7:15 PM.  Since then…no more busses with the ads (PAID FOR) have appeared…


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Good to see it.

The only reason to build it there and on the 10th Anniversary of the multiple murders by muslims, is that they want to display a victory sign.

Comment by Littlenan

I saw one on Broadway about 1 week ago. I think it was on an M104. Haven’t noticed one since.

Comment by Eric Zarahn

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