No Mosques At Ground Zero

(video) Pelosi calls for Ground Zero Mosque “Opposition Funding” Investigation
August 18, 2010, 8:40 pm
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Pelosi said, ““But there is no question that there is a concerted effort to make this a political issue by some, and I join those who have called for looking into how is this opposition to the mosque being funded.”

Mary Anne Marsh, a former advisor to John Kerrry , thinks Pelosi  is a savvy politician?  Pelosi claims that the 9-11 families who are  ” supporting this  issue are guilty of was a criminal offense” . No! She is a tyrant ! That’s not savvy, that’s obscene.

Comment from the video post: “This is nothing but an attempt to intimidate the opposition into shutting up. She desperately needs to change the conversation. The Democrats are on Defense, and she’s wielding her trumped up power to get the midterm elections back “on track,” talking about all the progressive democrats “accomplishments.”

THEY just don’t get it’. This is AMERICA that  is outraged. It is NOT a conspiracy!

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OK, Nancy, let’s go over this again. On Sept. 11, 2001, our country was attacked by Islamic jihadists who wanted to destroy us, so they chose buildings that most represent who we are as a country. With me so far?

Almost 3,000 people (not republicans)of ALL political persuasions, religions, ages, nationalities, etc. were murdered.

Almost 10 years later we hear that an organization of Muslims (whose holy book, by the way, tells it’s followers to kill and lie to non-believers (infidels), and push Sharia Law which would deny the same freedom of religion to everyone except Musllims, in contradiction of the very freedom they’re appealing to in our country. These people refuse to tell where THEIR funding for this $100 million megamosque is coming from, but the Imam has connections (such as his father, for one) to terrorism.

With all those facts (and many more I haven’t mentioned but have already been mentioned), and with elections coming up soon, Nancy Pelosi decides to weigh in by trying to make it sound like the Republicans (or worse, “Right wing, tea-party-types” are responsible for the LOUD and completely understandable problems that 68% of the American public has with the LOCATION of this monster mosque that many people (including the NY Governor) have asked the Imam to move elsewhere in the name of sensitivity. But no, that has been rejected every time by this group who calls themselves “peaceful” and “harmony-seeking.” What they are really doing (with the knife stuck in even further by their planned opening date on 9/11/11) is once more shouting to the world, over (as close as they could get)the graves of those with the same holy book as they, “VICTORY OVER THE INFIDEL!”

Don’t get confused by the issues here, everyone (including Nancy). In spite of the President’s words about everyone’s Freedom of Religion, Sharia Law will do away with this freedom, except for Muslims. And will put out “Fatwa’s” (death warrants) for those who choose to leave Islam. They are using this country’s freedom of religion to exorcise it. And now it seems, those who are against that happening (all 68% of Americans) are about to lose our freedom of speech as well, by our own hand? Nice work, Nancy. I’m sure lots of Imams out there are speaking in praise of you tonight, even though you are a woman.

Comment by Jeanne Hipp

We need initiate REFERENDUM in New York.
People of New York is owner of this city not Bloombreg or Obama.

Comment by Vladimir

I agree with you, this is the incrementalism and encrouchment of a hateful ideology into our values and way of life. It is inappropriate all the way around. Please see my commentary on Lee Smith’s piece at . Thanks for your writing.

Comment by FORESIGHT Risk Solutions, LLC

The proposed mosque near ground zero in NYC has a better chance of being a bomb construction plant than a place of worship.

Comment by Gene Hall

Ok why is the us government using our tax payers dollars for the mosque builder / leader trips to the mid east?

From this page on Yahoo news:


Paterson has yet to meet with anyone from the Cordoba Initiative, the project’s organizer. Its co-founder, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, is on a Mideast trip funded by the U.S. State Department. He alluded to the controversy at a dinner Sunday night for student leaders at the U.S. ambassador’s residence in Manama, Bahrain.

“The fact we are getting this kind of attention is a sign of success,” he said.

“It is my hope that people will understand more. … This is something we are doing for our generation.”

Rauf also thanked President Barack Obama, who has said Muslims had the right to practice their religion and build the Islamic center in lower Manhattan. The president later said he wasn’t endorsing the specifics of the plan.

“I’m grateful to President Obama for his support for the project,” said Rauf.

More on the funding of the Mosque leaders trips by our Government (That’s our tax payer money) here:

Comment by vavoom355

This administration is not transparent,it does respect the constitution, and it’s not doing this country any good whatsoever by allowing a victory mosque to be built on ground zero. It’s an abomination to the precious victims that lost there lives on 9-11-01. Due to a religion that talks about peace but carries out violence and hate is not welcome at the footstep of ground zero. Victims of 9-11 are not here to speak against this insensitive project that’s disguised in the name of religious freedom.
There is no way the victims of 9-11-01 would approve of this project and we should not either! Mrs. Pelosi put that memo in your pipe and smoke it! Have a nice day!!!!

Comment by Jeremy

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