No Mosques At Ground Zero

August 18, 2010, 6:48 pm
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Ground zero bus

Please mark your calenders. Come to NYC on September 11th, 2010 and then pack up and go to DC for the 912 rally.

UPDATE (Aug 21) for Transport info , go to the Ground Zero Transport Exchange on FB!/group.php?gid=112502342135070&ref=ts

For those looking for rides to the protest or from the Ground Zero protest (Sept 11) or to the 912 rally in DC on Sunday(Sept 12), please connect here.

If you prefer, you can catch the train to DC from Penn Station in NY. It ‘s very easy.

NYPD has asked us to move the rally to 3pm to ease set up. So make a note.

September 11th – Join FDI and SIOA is opposing the Ground Zero mega mosque.

3:00 PM (PLEASE NOTE: 3:00 PM) on the corner of Park Place and West Broadway to ” Rally Against the Ground Zero Mega Mosque”. I know many are looking for rides. hook up here, here or here.

Please join SIOA and FDI in our solemn protest  after the memorial services . World leaders, prominent politicians and 911 family members will be speaking. This is a solemn protest. Please, no inflammatory signs. “Ground Zero is sacred ground.” “Ground Zero is a War Memorial.” “Ground Zero Mosque is Radically Insensitive.”

We will begin with interfaith prayer and the playing of “Taps” for the 911 victims.

An update on the ” Caravan Across America “will be posted shortly!

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It is not about their right to build, its about whether or not they should. As for the left, since when did they start caring about religious freedom?

The Imam who is funding this site is doing it to celebrate an Islamic victory. This is what they did in Jerusalem, Spain, etc.

I pray to God this Mosque does not get built. They have the right, but sometimes reaching out to symbolize unity is something that goes beyond what your able to do and what you should do.

Comment by Anthony J. Retka II

I also pray to God this Mosque does not get built.greetings from Tonny ,

Amsterdam, Holland.

Comment by Tonny

I agree 100% that mosques should not be built any where in the U.S.A. Our country was founded on One God and Christianity, then we allow for a Islam fake apostle Mohammid supposingly sent from God to preach what is the new way of life come into our country and contaminate our citizens? They pounce on the poor and the inner city gangs to help themselves grow. God went 500+ years without inspiring any words to anybody and then he comes down to “muhammid”? Grow up muslims and quit being so naive. If you truely believe in God, read the bible, then tell me if you think God would have sent down a message like he supposingly did to your radical, evil muhammid. BEWARE OF FALSE PROPHETS.

Comment by Melissa

Terrorist moo-slims want to show their victory over decency.

Through the bums out from this Nation Under God.

Comment by Chet Dornfeld

No terrorist mosque.

Comment by Chet Dornfeld

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