No Mosques At Ground Zero

Our First Muslim President betrays America over and over (video)
August 14, 2010, 9:49 pm
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Fabulous video from Project Shining City.

Our First Muslim President, Barack HUSSEIN Obama.

Let’s make 2012, the year of real  “Hope & Change”.




Image: An anti-mosque ad depicts a plane about to crash into a flaming World Trade Center and a proposed mosque.

911 Mosque Rally at Ground Zero: Bolton, Gingrich, Wilders,Thomas, Berntsen,Breitbart


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First of all I would like to thank Robert Spencer and everybody else that is working so hard to put a stop to this affront. I also wish I could do more to put a stop to the islamization of the world. I’ll be there on sept 11.

Comment by Aurora M Martel

Me. President. You have really ruined this country, in just a short amount of time. Thank GOD. Oh thats correct look GOD up in the dictionary. We are not a Muslim country like you. You are a Stupid #@$%@*^% Idiot. May you burn in HELL

Comment by Bridget Demner

Definitively build a mosque close to ground zero is an insult to the memory of the victims. NO MOSQUES ON USA!!! Obama go to hell!!!

Comment by Juan

At the same time—what’s the minimum baseline for what is an acceptable distance? That’s what I would want to know—in terms of city blocks. Would 3 blocks be okay, or 4 blocks?

I am sure that they would sell it to the 9/11 families (in Rich Fields voice) but only if the price is right!

Comment by Adam

im really not sure how far is the middle east in miles

Comment by vic

The Spirit of the Law is mising. The law is what they are counting on in all things. The Spirit of the Law is common sense and the Islamic extremits and many Islamic have no spirit and make decisions that are wrong. Their sense of right and wrong is missing. They are insensitive to the needs of their own countries and to this one, especially. They want their man made rules in this country and a scar on the face of America. This is like a desecration and a victory symbol of what they did to our country for the world to see. It has nothing to do with “healing.” It is symbolic to them of just how stupid Americans are to allow them to pay homage to them and their own after killing Americans. They are deceitful and liars and are pooping in the face of America and rubbing it in by building this anywhere in this country, let alone in the State or city where they killed our people. They are not our people and should leave their customs back where they are acceptable. They are not acceptable here. What they did and are doing is not acceptable. If they were true Americans they would not ask or accept this slap in the face. The Spirt of God is leaving America and the Spirt of Law is fading into this one-world religion. There is awaiting a time coming from these people such as has never been seen before. We dirtied this country by playing their game using our own law to promote their agenda. God blessed this country and we have soiled it by allowing them to take root here. We owe them NOTHING. They are not of us and our destruction is their agenda, no matter how they sugar coat it.

Comment by blackyb

I feel sorry for those dull headed people who elected this dirty deceiver president. He is a big lier.He never be a christian. He is a muslim from inside. He pretended to be a christian just to cheat people and get votes. 9/11 hijackers had a real connection with islam.

Comment by frank


Comment by sara

Every decision Obama and his gang of thugs make is to promote an agenda that is against America and for her destruction. People who kill babies and say they care about your health care is a liar. Obama has no idea, nor does he seem to want one of who the people in the country are. He is not of us. He does not think like us and he is using his position to destroy this country through education, financial maneuvers, overloading the courts systems by allowing illegals, invading our security and interefering into private and states’ rights. This allowing same sex marriages will finish overloading our social security systems and those applying for survivors benefits, divorces, mixed up children and hostility to the point it will implode. If I know it, they certainly do. These people in the armed forces will apply for and receive spousal benefits as well as any children they adopt or inherit. It is all wrong and not good for this country. People from other countries are bringing diseases in and not being screened for these when they slip over the border. Many people from Mid Eastern groups as well are entering this country with destruction on their agenda through these border states. We do need some help and at this point, God is our only hope. This has grow way beyond what our legal system can or will do. They have STACKED the Supreme Courts of this land so going that direction will not help this country.

Comment by blackyb

He s following the muslim teachings that it is ok to lie to advance Izlam. But because of his Ego, he thinks that peace loving people all over this world are easily fooled. I’m from england and I say “Rid him”….He’s a deciever and a snake.

Comment by Paul Walsh

Even if those behind the mosque and those who’ll manage and attend it are all perfectly well-meaning, loyal American citizens, radical Mulims all around the world will spread the word: ‘We attacked New York and now we have a mosque right at Ground Zero – behold what holy war achieves!’ This is a huge propaganda victory for Islamofascist ideology and a boost for international Muslim aggression. The failure of America’s elite – sadly including its confused young President – to see and prevent this is shameful and frightening.

Comment by Dan

He,s the Anti Christ!

Comment by Tonny

From now on every sunday throughout the year should be slap a muslim day the harder the better till they are wiped of the face of the earth, the first one should be obama

Comment by C Kleszcz

We don’t support violence . However,an awakening that would cause Islam to disappear as an ideology from the earth: bravo

Comment by neveragain911

That is so nazi in principal..and you areplaying in to the hands of the bleeding hearts saying such inflamatory remarks with out even thinking.Not all Muslims are bad or terrorists.

Comment by Paul Walsh

Agreed. We don’t support violence nor the language that some have used to express themselves here at NMAGZ. We will be expecting more thoughtful expression from those who post here in the future. And some trolls are going to be banned.

Comment by neveragain911

See how “good” these Muslims are if you build a Christain “recreational” center in their land. Either these people are stupid or they are attempting to make a mockery of this country. This is like ‘boiling a calf in it’s mother’s milk.” This is wrong. They will not see this is wrong, because it is a one-ups-men’s chip to these people. They will then have bragging rights. They are a wicked and thoughless people to even attempt to do this and turn around and say it is to “heal” relations. We have no relations with them. We know who they are and what they want. They want no relations with us as they have an agenda and that is to kill every Christain American and Jewish person on face of this planet. Face it. Know it, and deal with it because they are geared from birth to do this. They are a virus, a plague and need to go into the desert land where God put them as they are destruction. They destroy. It is their destiny, and if you turn your back on them for a minute, they will destroy you and everything that has made this country what it originally stood for. One Nation Under God.

Comment by blackyb

I agree w/ you Paul, that not all Muslims are bad, but where are all the good ones while all the “bad” ones are out there creating their havoc? I haven’t heard too much criticism from them, directed to their fellow Muslims. Unfortunately, this makes the Christian public leery of all of them. I really try to believe in the Constitution, where it says freedom of religion, but it just gets harder and harder every day. I gotta say no to the Mosque in NYC. Take care

Comment by Bruce Smith

private property is sacrosanct in the minds of a dem, unless one wants to smoke there. That’s way worse than building a temple to a religion next to an atrocity that was committed in the name of that religion.

Comment by Paul

No, it is more like some are using the words and not the Spirit of the Law for which it is intende. The words of the law seem to be outweighing the intention of it. That is where they think they have American by the gonads. They are attempting to interpret the Law without the true intentions of it. It is time for a good lession in common sense. Common sense dictates that this is a slap in the face of America and no matter how sneaky the attempt to cover this, it is another attempt to tell the people they have no common sense and the Spirit of the Law does not count, but just the hollow words that are being used in a context that attempts to further destroy man’s ability to think what is right or wrong. This building is WRONG any way you look at it. Stand up for what is right. It is a desecration. It is an abomination. Those terrorists who died in the flames would tell you now if they could. It is too late for them and many who want to “progress” themselves into a mind set that teams up with the enemy. Any enemy of God is an enemy to those of you who want freedom to think. Their laws will slip in and do your thinking for you. We owe them NOTHING.

Comment by blackyb

We muslims are totally disagree with the president Obama.
We don’t want to a mosque to be build there! ever and never!
We respect people feelings and what happened there in 11th of sept.


Comment by Mohammad Fadin

thank you for understanding

Comment by Paul Walsh


Comment by vic

I do appreciate what mohammad has said and only hope more right thinking muslims say there peace on here once again mohammad thank you for your reasoning all the best to you and your family paul in leeds england uk.

Comment by Paul Walsh


Comment by vic

We must stop him (Obama) before he pulls a Bloomberg/’Chavez and gets not only a second term, but a third and on-and-on. He may create enough crises that we never get rid of him and his cronies.

Comment by neveragain911

Vis a vis Bloomberg, guess what’s on the ballot in November? Term limits.

(You don’t think that this will not be in the minds of voters, right?)

Comment by Adam

We need to get our White House back and get this piece of sh*# out of there along with Nancy and all the rest of the crap up there.. Lets stand up for our country and take it BACK…..

Comment by suzie

I think this group has gone too far. Saying that building a mosque near ground zero, and opening it on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 is insensitive is one thing. Questioning where the funding is coming from to build this mosque is one thing. But saying that our president is betraying our country, is another. This is becoming ugly and hateful. Obama is not a practicing muslim, and so what if he was? This is America, where we represent freedom of religion. Yes, President Obama invited muslim Americans into the White House during Ramadan. He also held a Seder at the White House at Passover. He also has a Christmas Tree.

I am against having a mosque near grdond zero. But I am also against hate speech and lumping every muslim as an extremist.

Comment by transplantednorth

Complacency such as yours is one of the reasons America is at risk of Islam. Islam is well known to be more than a just religion but also a political system. Of which both the religion and the political systems of Islam are charged to govern the world. The mosque at ground zero and the endorsement of it by Mr. Barak Hussein Obama are just subtle ways that Islam is creeping into America and gradually destroying our precious freedoms. Don’t be complacent in regards to this issue and towards how the occupier of the White House supports it…it could very well cost you your FREEDOM!!!! In these terms Mr. Obama is a traitor to the United States of America and should face charges of Treason.

Comment by Bill McT

Exposing the money trail behind Rauf, the el-Gamals and very seriously…behind Obama, is not hate-speech. The attack on America began on 9-11 it did end there. We have every right as free-citizens to question the actions of our President and THAT is NOT hate-speech

Comment by neveragain911

That’s a job for the FBI if money actually goes through our banking system.

Comment by Adam

I will be there on 09/11. My children will come also and will bring their friends. I am proud of them because they are good kids and they are the future of our country. I do not want them to live in islamic country. And I am sorry that all of us are betrayed by our own government

Comment by Elena

So wonderful that your children will be there as well. It is an important day, 9-11. We must NEVER FORGET.

Comment by neveragain911

Obama is a muslim? seriously? I just knew with that hussein.

ew muslim. Im a christian living in a muslim country, do you know how they treated us? even though the christian mostly is the business owner? how they says about our God?

They even attacked their country, hotels full of foregin investor (Mariott, Ritz) bombed bali, the lovely city.

how lame is muslim, not every one of muslim like to kill, true, but they’re taught to be hate with others who arent muslim. its in their bible, its ok to kill, if its not muslim.

how lame.
I was so strongly support obama, but like this thing? I dont think we could tolerate this kind of nonsense, think twice. the muslim will think they take over the ground zero and build mosque there. they will think they win.

my relatives was one of the victim, whats the positive part of it? NOTHING. they just opened up the almost heal wound, and makes the scar even worst. Obama doesnt have anyone that was killed there, thats why he didnt know how does it feels like.

100 million project? for a mosque? after that twin tower has been destroyed? are you kidding me? why dont you support the homeless, the sick and the poor?


Comment by teo

As great as our country is the Spirit of God is leaving it. Can’t you see by the debauchery all around? The pureness and sanctity of life is waning. God will not stay in a country without prayer and where the enemy has used defects in human nature to gain such a foot hold. Where babies are aborted and the older people are put up to sacrifice. Thank the foreigners who have bought into hollywood and undressed America and gave her naked bodies to worship instead of God and the things that have bound this country together. They pretend they do not believe in this, these terrorists, but slip around and drink and commit adultry, push dope on others and destroy countries from within to gain control. Those of weak moral character are being bombarded with hedonism. It is destructive. Read your history. It destroys, it separates families, it brings down governments and perverts the minds of those in charge of dispensing Justice. The progression of destruction in this country is by design and through age-old knowledge. They knew their history and the weaknesses of people. By setting out to kill God, they are killing you. You want to get back at them. Pray. Pray without ceasing as best you can and watch the change. If not for yourselves, for you children and grandchildren. Your grandchildren will not have even the chance you do to pray. God separated this country to have a remenant to help Him. It has been given over to the things that destroy moral and ethics. Men and governments will not solve this problem. It is beyond that, way beyond that. Want to show them who the Boss is? Pray. As forgiveness and mean it, and see what is good and even why it is. There may be one last ‘latter rain’ before the Holy Spirit completely leaves this country in chaos.

Comment by blackyb

What have the liberals and progressives done for you lately?

Taken over the education of your children and destroying those innocent with their filth. They are laying the groundwork to dirty your children.

Killed babies and dishonored the elderly who worked and payed their taxes with their blood and sweat while the groundwork was layed to take away their small accumulations, even their lives when they are in need.

Dishonored the services personnel by making them share living quarters with those who believe in an alternate sexual lifestyle and by leaving service wives and widows at home to scrape a life together from moneys they now have to compete for that will have to be shared by “partners” of those who decide to marry their own kind. This is a sickness in this country that needs to be healed.

Tied up the courts systems with lawsuits and criminal charges that range from name calling to every “rights” squealer known to man. Promoting an agenda many do not even know exits.

Taken the wealth of this country and given to those who come here illegally along with their crimes and diseases to further break the backs of the Courts and Judicial system. Draining this country further by sending help and aid overseas to those who seek our destruction.

Using the Constitution without the Spirit thereof to further every agenda that wil lead to this country breaking into feuding tribes like in third-world countries where their energies are spent destroying one another instead of solving problems that would increase the health and wealth of their people.

Pushing dope and dopers and anarchists into power positions to make decisions for those who want to honor their God, their parents, and preserve honor in this country.

Making fun of God and his people by taking his Word from schools where taxes are paid by all who send their children into these viper dens.

They are causing an overload of every system of government, financially to the point of implosion.

They are attempting to blur the lines between the three branches of government to where confusion and indecision exists and no accountability is taken to hide an advancement of their agenda. This agenda seems to be anarchy. Their lies and deceit is causing such a stir among people they will distrust authority to the point the disillusioned will react against the rule of law. WHY?

What is fueling this? Evil? Has the time come that people in power are following, some unaware, a force that is pushing them to destruction of values that has bound this country together and gave her pride and hope?

If we are going to win. We better think and recognize who the enemy is and where the help is.

Comment by blackyb

Folks there are areas in Paris and Lyon where the French Police DARE NOT enter because of muslim hate of Infidels. The proposed mosque at ground zero area, is actually a FORTRESS AND AMERICAN POLICE WILL NOT DARE TO ENTER IT. What is happening to America? Where are their instinctive preservation? Homeland Security has two devout muslims in high position, can you believe that?
Does America not learn from what is happening, what has happened in Europe? In Bradford, Yorkshire Sharia law is implemented for all the Pakistanis there, it is where the first mosque was built, just look at Birmingham, Manchester and other large cities in UK. Look at all the Isles; Shetland, Orkneys, Faero Isles,Greenland, Iceland. The muslims are all IN PLACE…and our governments are helping them!

Comment by C B Huntington

Im an englishman and I can tell you that here in england muslims (most of pakistani descent) gloat over 9/11, they hang black ribbons from the bumpers of their cars which denotes that they support the taliban and they wear NY baseball caps not because they support the new york yankees but because they are gloating over the attack on new york to build a mosque at or near ground zero would really be the icing on the cake for these people, americans you have got to stop this, I wish you luck.

Comment by alan ferguson

WTF?? Why do the Muslim nation want to plant a center that close to Ground Zero? Because they feel they can, and forever they will be rubbing the faces of all Christians, and families of the people who died in that calamity. The Muslims say “Muslims dies there too” but so what? The whole idea was to get the attention of the world, that they could step onto American soil and do their shit. Freedom of religion does not apply. It would be no different from Nazis planting a shrine of Hitler at Normandy, or the Japanese building a temple on top of the USS Arizona. No different my friends. Say a big NO to anything Muslim anywhere near Ground Zero. I would feel better if they built it in say…Israel!

Comment by Bruce Smith

I almost hate to say this, but I voted for Obama. Thought he was the way to go after all the years of the Bush foul-ups, that he was the “guiding light”. I am getting less and less enamored with this guy, and now he wants to give the OK for a Mosque at Ground Zero?? Next thing I expect out of his mouth is for the American public to pay for this Goddamned monstrosity. The Muslim nation can go screw themselves, for even coming up with such a stupid idea, and screw Obama for backing this dipshit idea.

Comment by Bruce Smith

While the muslims try to promote a picture of a peace loving religious group of people, we should remember how they subjugate their women, wives and daughters, and how much they hate westerners and their way of life. To allow them to get a foot in the door of NYC at this sacred and tragic site would be an outrage that spits in the faces of the people who lost loved ones on that day from Hell, 9/11. It doesn’t matter that the true peaceful muslims of the world really do want to further peace. What matters is that the ones who hate and want to destroy Americans are going to see it as a sign of victory, and I for one don’t feel that being politically correct, or being forgiving or “democratic” is going to do anything but spur their hatred even more. The people of New York City are the ones who should absolutely decide whether or not this mosque is welcome anywhere in their city. And if they say they do not want it anywhere near ground zero, then so be it. Screw politically correct. Power to OUR people!!

Comment by K. Pierce

This is not about regligious beleives or race. This is ABOUT RESPECT. RESPECT for the AMERICANS that died on 9-11. RESPECT for their familys. I’m not saying No Mosque BUT not at ground zero!!!

Comment by Billie Sommers

Mo Mosque at Ground Zero T shirts Avalaible @

Comment by Police HQ Apparel

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