No Mosques At Ground Zero

Landmark Commission (video) votes to deny landmark status for 45-47 Park Place
August 3, 2010, 11:09 pm
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Update August 6: New video of  Zead Ramadan, the Hamas-linked CAIR leader who  spoke to the fawning press outside the Landmark Commission at Pace University. This was after the commissioners voted 9-0 to deny landmark status to the old Burlington Coat Factory at 45-47 Park Place.

August 6, The Weekly Standard: STATS on opposition ,  “According to a Siena poll from yesterday, 61 percent of New Yorkers oppose the Ground Zero mosque. ( 56 percent of New York City residents oppose the mosque.)”

Read specifics on the poll by clicking on Siena (above)and click on picture below to enlarge for better reading:

Update August 4: added a few more pictures…. AND from Andrea Peyser at the NY Post: “A New Hijacking”

Yesterday’s 9-0 vote by the Landmarks Preservation Commission to deny the soon-to-be-mosque landmark status essentially gift-wrapped the site and delivered it to the venture known as Park 51. This was the latest outrage against those who cry at the thought of seeing an Islamic temple rise atop their loved one’s ashes.[…] Critics, including Abraham Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League, have been demonized as “racists.” And not just by Muslims. Mayor Bloomberg, the mosque’s chief booster, suggested offensively that those who oppose it are dumb Islamophobes.” Read more


Update : with info on the commissioners….as we prepare for a lawsuit! Atlas Shrugs has the details and from Robert Spencer:

“…immediately after the Tuesday vote, the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) characterized the Landmarks Commission decision as “deeply offensive to many of the victims and families of the 9-11 tragedy.” Jay Sekulow of the ACLJ explained: “The actions taken by the City of New York represent a blatant disregard for the city’s own procedures, while ignoring the fact that this is a historic and hallowed site that should not be destroyed to build an Islamic mosque. It has been clear from the beginning that the city has engaged in a rush to push this project through – ignoring proper procedure and ignoring a growing number of New Yorkers and Americans who don’t believe this site is the place to build a mosque.” As the ACLJ is representing a firefighter who survived 9/11 at the World Trade Center site, Sekulow announced: “We’re poised to file legal action on behalf of our client to challenge this flawed decision and put a stop to this project. […] “…no one is even calling for the expulsion of the Muslims who are currently praying in the existing former Burlington Coat Factory building at 45 Park Place; the Burlington Coat Factory is not a thirteen-story triumphal mega-mosque.”


August 3, 2010. 9:30 AM. Pace University. The Landmark Commission was holding a brief 30 minutes session to decide the landmark status of the former Burlington Coat Factory.

Lots of press  was waiting to get in when we arrived at 8:30 AM.

Cameras all over the facility, from every angle (particularly CNN)

And this was early…it got only more and more crowded

At 9:30 , the Landmark Commissioners each gave a statement and then voted.

No surprises here. It had been announced the day before that they would NOT be granting landmark status to the Burlington Coat Factory; a building  (that still holds a part of one of the planes that was slammed into the WTC on 9-11).

The Commission voted 9-0 to deny landmark status to this building. SoHo Properties/Cordoba  Initiative  may now  demolish 45-47 Park Place as they prepare to break-ground on  Park51. This unfortunate ‘community center” will have its ground-breaking on September 11, 2011. The outrage continues….

In attendance were Daisy Kahn (wife of Imam Rauf) , Sharif El-Gamal (SoHo Properties) You can click pictures to see a larger resolution of picture.

and Zead Ramadan of CAIR. (Robert Spencer has more on this Hamas-linked CAIR leader)

(However, Imam Rauf  is still MIA)

Also, present were  Pamela Geller of SIOA (Stop Islamization of America)It was annoying having to sit for even 5 minutes, let alone  35  minutes that the commission used to play out this charade….

And Rick Lazio (Republican candidate for Governor). Rick  is also looking none-too-pleased…

But, this lovely Upper East-side type, is smugly leaving no doubt as to whose side she was on:

Someone should have told her, if you want your sign to be read, USE A  BLACK MARKER!

The J-Street Dhimmi Brigade: looking gloomy….

And then, when the charade had ended,  the  crush of cameras inside moved  outside .

The press was swarming this young woman, obviously a convert to Islam: Megan Pugney, of the Muslim Consultative Network. She is quoted as saying, “It was not real Muslims who brought down the WTC”. Also, when asked, she said she is not married. Wonder WHAT could possibly have motivated her to accept the misogyny of sharia law.

And Zead Ramadan, the Hamas-linked Cair leader, insisting he did not represent the Cordoba initiative.  But that didn’t stop him from speaking FOR the Cordoba Initiative (in the minds of the gullible press). Also, swarmed by the very eager press, that he stayed til the bitter end. He did not leave until all of the press was gone.

Another  Dhimmi from  J-Street...”The Community of Yes”….

A few of those who supported landmark status, did get to speak to the press…but not enough….

And for some  info on  Bloomberg’s Puppets there follows a  list of the ‘honorable’ commissioners, the LPC website and a brief description along with their pictures.

Members of the Landmarks Preservation Commission:

Hon. Robert B. Tierney, Chair

Hon. Pablo E. Vengoechea, Vice Chair

Hon. Frederick Bland

Hon. Stephen Byrns

Hon. Diana Chapin

Hon. Joan Gerner

Hon. Roberta Brandes Gratz

Hon. Christopher Moore

Hon. Margery Perlmutter

Hon. Elizabeth Ryan

Hon. Roberta Washington

The Landmarks Preservation Commission is composed of 11 Commissioners, and by law must include a minimum of three architects, a historian, a city planner or landscape architect, a realtor and at least one resident of each of the five boroughs. The Commissioners are appointed by the Mayor, who also designates the Chair and Vice Chair. Ten of the Commissioners receive no salary.


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Utter outrage – shame on all who approve this mosque!

Comment by Debbie in Boston

Prevention and mitigation of Muslim properties is simple. USE pigs blood. It sounds medieval to most but consider the source. Slaughter a regular swine on the proposed property and “paint” the area with pigs blood. The ground is now unclean and an another will be used. Guaranteed.

Comment by Thomas

Why not just give away America ?

Comment by felix sheehan

I don’t believe these people should have the “Honorable” before their names.

In a dream, I heard them sing:

We build our mosque at Ground Zero,
Doo Dah, Doo Dah,
To honor our nineteen heroes,
Oh, Doo Day Day.
Gonna lie all night,
Gonna lie all day,
It is called Taquiya (google it)
It is our lying way.

(sorry about the doo dahs, I’m a southern boy)

Comment by rollin

It’s a shame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Encore une fois l’Occident montre que ses chefs ne sont que des couilles molles !!! La mémoire des victimes du 09/11 est baffouée. C’est absolument scandaleux!!!
La situation est identique chez nous en France! Complaisance et laxisme envers une autre religion issue d’un autre temps, d’une autre époque. Voilà je voulais le dire en français!

Comment by Ray

An attempt at translation from babelfish
Once again the Occident shows that its chiefs are only gutless individuals!!! The memory of the victims of the 09/11 is ridiculed. They is absolutely scandalous!!! The situation is identical on our premises in France! Kindness and laxism towards another religion resulting from another time, another time. Here I wanted to say it in French!

Comment by neveragain911

Take a good hard look at all these people , as they are the people who have forgotten! These were not the pople who lost loved ones, no brothers, fathers, sisters, or children lost to them!

Comment by clive

Osama bin Laden would certainly laugh happily hearing this news.
Someday he’ll slam LAX n then his folks will built another one there.
(The Swiss people are smarter).

Comment by Mathias

Might I suggest the city of New York prepare for the worst case scenario? Watch this place! They think they’ve got a safe harbor right at Ground Zero, God only knows what they’ll try to get away with next!! Muslim power parades? Perhaps they’ll build minarets so the Imam can spout his Arabic nonsense every morning. Watch the money trail!!!!!

Comment by Matt King

Moslims, Bleh, shame on you! Stop these moskee!

Greetings from Amsterdam

Comment by Tonny

Dear friends, read here some suggestions to fight against the mosque at ground zero:

I hope you will win!


Comment by Dante

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