No Mosques At Ground Zero

ANYONE seen Imam Rauf lately?? (While “Rome Burns” what is he up to?)
August 2, 2010, 5:48 pm
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FROM ATLAS SHRUGS: UPDATE and from Claudia Rosett:  where in the world is Imam Feisal?

NMAGZ: Rauf is seen here, at the CB 1 meeting in May, with El-Gamal and their attorney and then, poof as the face of 45-47 Park Ave.

Continuing with Atlas Shrugs:

“Simply locating him this week turned into an intriguing exercise. Feisal Abdul Rauf is chairman of a tax-exempt foundation called the Cordoba Initiative, which is spearheading the nine-figure project to replace a downtown Manhattan building, damaged in the Sept. 11 attacks, with the planned Islamic Center–to be called Cordoba House. Rauf’s Cordoba Initiative has an office in upper Manhattan, from which Rauf and his wife, Daisy Kahn, together with a Manhattan real estate developer, made the Cordoba House pitch approved in May by a Manhattan community board.

But when I phoned the New York offices of the Cordoba Initiative on Thursday morning, seeking answers from Rauf about the money, a staffer told me that Rauf is in an undisclosed location somewhere overseas: “He’s traveling; he’s out of the country.”

Could they provide a phone number abroad where I might reach him? No, I was told. He had apparently gone right off the grid: “He’s unavailable at this point. He’s not feeling well.”

When will Rauf be back in the country? Maybe “the end of August, or early September,” said his assistant. It seems that Rauf, having chafed old wounds and touched off quite a debate in the U.S., has checked out of the country for the rest of the summer. […]

From NMAGZ Sharif El-Gamal (of SoHo Properties) is now the NEW public face of the Cordoba House Initiative AKA Park51. El-Gamal was the spokesman, along with their attorney, at the Land Mark Commission meeting at Hunter College (his speech is in Video Part 1 here)

DSCN9175 copyright

And, also, at the recent CB1 meeting, where he was (again) seen laughing in the shadows with said attorney during  the speech of a 9-11 family member… this was at BOTH recent events.

When el-Gamal spoke at CB 1, he called himself  “a resource” in what was an EIGHT second speech. (Link to that 8 seconds can be found here , at end of Video 2  and at the top of Video 3. It was so amazing, we just had to post it TWICE) For more on  el-Gamal’s appearance at the Land Mark Commission, see Jihad Watch .

And on June 27, we caught the ‘ever reasonable” el-Gamal outside the Ground Zero Mosque( video link is here)

As for Mrs. Rauf, Daisy Kahn, she did attend , unannounced, the Land Mark Commission meeting. Daisy is seated to the right of picture which includes Sammy el-Gamal and standing near stage, another furtive character, Zead Ramadan(Hamas-linked CAIR Leader).

DSCN9177 copyright

Do those who control  the ‘Ground Zero Mosque” , have they sent Imam Rauf  ‘off-the-grid” (due to his current radio-activity?) Wherever,  Rauf and Kahn surely they are  not sitting quietly ‘in-the-shadows’. And we  found this interesting,  SOMEONE is holding a FUNDRAISER for another Gaza Flotilla, a cause that is  ‘near and dear ‘ to the Raufs’ bridge-building hearts.

Flotillas to Gaza and a Mosque at Ground Zero, they are all connected.  The pressure for the same transparency demanded of  Rauf,  must continue with El-Gamal and all who represent 45-47 Park Place. 

Atlas Shrugs continues: “Here are some questions that need answers:

1) Is Rauf’s summer trip abroad doubling as a fundraising tour? If it is, and if he is serious about his professed aim of healing American wounds, then surely he shouldn’t mind disclosing where exactly he’s spending time, whom he’s meeting with, and what he’s promising as the selling points of his Cordoba House next to where the Twin Towers stood. His proposal to the Manhattan community board was approved in May on grounds that his Islamic Center will include “a 500-seat performing arts center & lecture hall, culinary school, exhibition space, swimming pool, fitness gym, basketball court, restaurant, library, art studios and childcare.” Rauf has said in interviews that it will also include a prayer space. One can view that as an Islamic center with a mosque included, or a mosque with a large community center attached. Either way, if Rauf is raising money for this abroad, what’s he promising that might persuade foreign donors to lavish millions on such a facility in lower Manhattan? Who’s he pitching to? And before he becomes available again in Manhattan, where might his travels over the next month take him?

2) How much money has Rauf actually raised? This is deeply unclear. Some statements emanating from the Cordoba Initiative imply the fundraising has yet to seriously begin; some circumstances suggest it has already begun. What’s the real state of play? How much pressure has Rauf put himself under to produce that $100 million to build the center? And that’s just for capital investment. What about operating costs? Rauf told the Manhattan community board that his Cordoba House would create 150 full-time and more than 500 part-time jobs. Where and from whom will that money flow?

3) If Rauf is now seeking funding abroad, is his provocative choice of a site just down the block from Ground Zero now helping bring money into his coffers? In other words, is any of his fundraising getting a boost from the high-profile debate and distress generated by his plans? One would hope that Rauf picked the site with the best of intentions. But on the chance that the choice amounts in any way to a cynical fundraising stunt, or even a dangerous appeal to potential donors who have lots of money but no love lost for America, full and regular public disclosure of his backers, prospects, plans and financial books would surely help clarify the situation.

4) Whose show is this, anyway? Rauf’s Cordoba Initiative was set up in Colorado in 2004 as a small, tax-exempt foundation. Over the first five years, the Initiative in its U.S. 2008 federal tax return reported receiving donations totaling less than $100,000. Here we are two years later, and the same foundation, hand-in-hand with another hitherto small foundation, the American Society for Muslim Advancement, run by Rauf and his wife out of the same New York office, has hooked up with a real estate developer named Sharif El-Gamal. And, lo! Rauf–currently “unavailable” and huddled in an important meeting in Malaysia–is now the public face of a $100 million project proposing to replace in lower Manhattan some of the “community space” once provided by the vibrant life in and around World Trade Center. Some Americans are left grieving afresh, and many are left guessing, while the mysteries multiply. At least part of the answer lies in such details as where is the money coming from. For that matter, where is Imam Feisal looking for it? And when will he make himself available to tell us all about it?”

NMAGZ: But, “Imam Rauf cannot be reached”. Perhaps  he’s laying-low awaiting the Landmark Commission’s ‘decision’.

BREAKING: from  the NY Daily News: “Board members at the Landmarks Preservation Commission intend to vote unanimously against granting protected status to the 152-year-old building that would be knocked down to make way for the project…” Read more And from Jihad Watch here

Regardless of landmark status: “WHY hasn’t  Mayor Bloomberg demanded  transparency for 45-47 Park Place ?

Mayor Bloomberg, will you honor those murdered on September 11, 2001 by NOT permitting a mosque to be built on Ground Zero? Or will you continue to sell them out to the highest bidder? SHOW US THE MONEY TRAIL!


” The richest Muslim businessman in the world is the nephew of King Abdullah also known as al-Waleed bin Talal bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud. If you haven’t heard already, he’s dropping around $2 billion to $6.88 billion to the currently failing American financial organization known as Citi or Citigroup (Citibank)… why not buy an abandoned coat factory….”

This offensive and insensitive abuse of sacred ground continues, so  be sure to  MARK YOUR CALENDARS. WE need to be at Ground Zero, September 11, 2010, now more than ever.

Ground zero bus

“Please join SIOA and FDI in our solemn protest against the 911 mega mosque at Ground Zero on September the 11th in the afternoon, after the memorial services – exact time and date to be determined.

World leaders, prominent politicians and 911 family members will be speaking. This is a solemn protest.

Please, no inflammatory signs. “Ground Zero is sacred ground.” “Ground Zero is a war Memorial.” “Ground Zero Mosque is Radically Insensitive.”

We will begin with interfaith prayer and the playing of “Taps” for the 911 victims.

If you feel this mosque is an insult, a stab in the eye to those Americans who lost their lives in the largest attack on American soil in history.

Now is the time for all good men and women to speak up and be heard or NEXT year, on Sept 11, 20011, TEN YEARS after the murder of 3,000 infidels, Imam Rauf, Daisly Kahn and Sharif el-Gamal  will break Ground on the Ground Zero Mosque.

This is an OUTRAGE!!


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no mosque . it will only promote more acts of volance.

Comment by jim arnold

no mosque near ground it is secret land to not just ny but all of the u.s it is one of the most important places in the u.s maybe the world to many problems can happen i have no problem with them building somewhere else just not near there everyone has the right of a place to worship

Comment by darrin sansone

Imam Rauf is currently touring the ME on a Obama State Department mission to “build bridges”, and perhaps collect a few bucks on the side for his mosque.

You couldn’t make this up…

Comment by Pat

Islam is an ideology which is hell-bent on world conquest and the establishment of a bloodthirsty ruling clique of Muslims in control of a large majority of second-class dhimmi drones. all Muslims share this great dream. There is no doubt that the Ground-zero mosque will be used to propagate Islam and to foster a view of Islam as a tolerant, benevolent faith, when, in fact, it is nothing of the sort, even for the likes of Imam Rauf, who in the final analysis would undoubtedly admit the divine and unchangeable nature of the savage sharia laws. I say NO to the mosque!

Comment by Frank

I believe, that americans have lost their minds, they have sold this country to the muslims.
If muslims are so good and peaceful people why they don’t allow a church in Mecca.

Bloomberg, sure have taken money from muslims.

Comment by frank

Islam is exploiting our constitution to root in our society. It will do so as we are considering it a religion. But, it is not a religion at all. It must be understood. It is a completely different thing. It is a type of government which does not believe in human right. Only laws of Quran will exist and nothing else. Non muslims have no right and will be killed. Islam has different fronts: jihadi suicide bomber to soft spoken very gentle person- there mission is same to establish Islam.

Comment by samuel

AMERICANS do not allow them to build the mosque as this is a systematic and well calculated effort to disrupt your way of life they are regularly doing so in INDIA and getting away with it. BEWARE

Comment by Jeffrey

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