No Mosques At Ground Zero

Help Get the 911 Mega Mosque Site Landmarked

YOU can still be heard  – through July 20, 2010. Send your statements to the Landmark Commission.

The Landmark Preservation Commission will take your  statements up until no later than Tuesday next week (7-20-100), by mail, email or fax. Contact info:

Mr. Robert B. Tierney, Chairman
Landmarks Preservation Commission
Municipal Building
One Centre Street, 9th Floor
NY, NY 10007

Phone 212 669 7817  — public info officer and gets you a recorded announcement. 212 669 7855

The operator will direct your calls to the person you want to speak to.

Email: Use their ‘contact us’ link on their webpage for short emails:

Or Use or for long statements

Fax: 212 669 7960

The Commissioner announced that they will accept statements from all parties via any of the above means of contacting them.

Make sure you include the  building address, 45 Park Place, The Burlington Building,  in the subject line of your statement.

Request a 9/11 historic district be created that would include  45-47 Park Place as its first landmarked building in the new district. Please make a separate request for the creation of the historic district as well.

If you need background for your request – go to this post for specifics.

The key points here are the historical, architectural & cultural significance of the site. Point out the significance of the Property in light of the 9/11 attacks, given the properties’ proximity to Ground Zero and the fact that pieces of one of the planes landed in the building.  It was part of the attack. The landing gear of one of the planes that crashed into the World Trade Center towers flew out  and into the Burlington Coat Factory building.

Landign gear

Don’t let  the committee ignore these  facts. It  is outrageous  and disrespects the victims of 911 by even considering that this building holds no significance .

Write, call, fax  the Landmark Commission NOW and let them know that you deem  45-47 Park Place worthy of landmark status!

(video) Pamela Geller Debating Ibraham Ramey (MAS) About Mosque
July 17, 2010, 3:51 am
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On American Morning  (CNN),  Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs debated Ibrahim Ramey of the Muslim American Society (MAS)


For a detailed report on Ibraham Ramey, MahdiBraymugshot

a supporter of Hams and Hizb’allah, go here at Atlas Shrugs


VIDEO-Landmarks Preservation Commission Meeting (7-13-10)

UPDATE- JULY 17: A few photos have now been added along with all 5 videos  (please scroll down)

July 13, 2010 at Hunter College. The NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission held a Public Hearing on the landmark designation proposal for 45-47 Park Place ,  the Cordoba Initiative…aka The Ground Zero Mosque. The meeting lasted approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes.

Slide show of pictures:

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Video of meeting posted in 5 parts: Part 1 of 5 begins with the Commission Chairman, Robert B. Tierney and a staff member read a description of the building. The first speakers represented the mosque and opposed landmark status.  However, the Cordoba Initiative reps quickly digressed to a discussion of the religious reasons for the building rather than the landmark status.   Then those who support the landmark status for the building began to speak in response to both, landmark  and mosque.


Part 2  of 5 continues with speakers who are for and against the landmark status amongst these (in Part 2) are Robert Spencer (more  from Robert Spencer at Jihad Watch ) and Rick Lazio. However, the Cordoba Initiative had da’wah on the agenda so it was a meeting that had a very difficult time staying on topic which was, landmark status!


Part 3 of 5 ( in switching tapes, lost name of woman speaking at the top) Speakers continue from both sides. At approx. 15:00 there are three speakers in support of landmark status who are very compelling. Also, in Part  3, the lunatic commie heckler is finally removed from the auditorium (that was over an hour in to the Public Hearing) Very unfortunate that the police permitted him to interrupt the speakers for so long; speakers who supported landmark status.


Part 4 of 5: July 13, 2010,Hunter College. The NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission held a Public Hearing on the landmark designation proposal for 45-47 Park Place (aka The Ground Zero Mosque). The speakers continue from both sides. There were even more speakers who lost family on 9-11 and spoke in support of the landmark status.


Part 5 of 5: Even as the meeting wound down, and the press was thinning out, there were still quite a few speakers, some of whom were very articulate as they pressed for landmark status. The press that remained focused so closely on the pro-mosque speakers, they manage to miss some very compelling speakers from the pro-landmark side.


UPDATE: According the the NY Daily News, the name Cordoba Initiative will disappear? Seems El Gamal and company as they held their quick confab off on the side  of the audience (post Commission ) have grown weary of hearing the historical, factual meaning of Cordoba . So let’s put some “Lipstick on the pig”! The new name for Cordoba House  is now the rather BLAND: Park51.  (Read more HERE on this obfuscation from Atlas Shrugs)



JULY 14: Video of the Landmark Commission Meeting is now posted . Please go here

UPDATE: Mayor ‘no term limits for me’ Bloomberg continues to twist  and manipulate the Landmark Meeting…constantly changing the location and time….The FIX is in and it is an OUTRAGE. If you are in the area and you see this ALERT: BE THERE!!

From Atlas Shrugs:

Please get this out to your lists. Perhaps someone should wait at the last venue change and let folks know. They have moved the meeting place again. This is deliberate. The fewer people who witness this vile exhibition of cronyism, dhimmitude, and corruption, the better. Bloomberg is a snake.


THE NEW LOCATION IS: 681 Park Avenue

The Public Hearing for 45-47 Park Place application will take place at

681 Park Avenue,
Hunter College Assembly Hall, Borough of Manhattan
(The entrance is on East 69th Street, between Park Avenue and Lexington Avenue).
Please bring a picture ID for entrance into the building.
The hearing will start at 2:00p.m. – end at 5:00p.m.


Why is Mayor Bloomberg trying to expedite the building of the Ground Zero mega mosque, when according to a recent Quinnipiac poll, the majority of New Yorkers do not want it? The World Trade Center has not been rebuilt. It is still a large gaping horrible wound. The 911 Memorial Museum has not been built, although remains of the dead are still be found, and yet Bloomberg is ambivalent about all that….. but the mega mosque? That’s his priority.

One phone call from Bloomberg could table these hearings, giving much needed time for our landmarks legal team to work up our report. The only one who has accountability on this is Mayor Bloomberg. He controls the landmarks commission; they are all his appointees. None of them will go against him.

Make it your business to contact Bloomberg’s office today.

Bloomberg has an obligation to meet with the Coalition for the Preservation of Ground Zero to hear what the 911 families and the majority of New Yorkers feel passionately about.

Contact — Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, City Hall. Write him every day:
PHONE 311 (or 212-NEW-YORK outside NYC)
FAX (212) 788-8123

And it has architectural landmark status –look at these pictures and background info on the architect, Daniel Badger. Read more HERE at Atlas Shrugs

Park palce Broaday landmark

Park Place Broadway landmark
45 Park Place (Ground Zero mosque site) 311 Broadway

Look at the two buildings side by side. The building on the left is 45 Park Place. The building on the right is 311 Broadway, and was granted landmark status in January 2010 by the Landmarks Preservation Commission on the grounds that there were very few Italian Renaissance, palazzo-style buildings left in the city. Yet both buildings are Italian Renaissance, palazzo-style architecture in the same neighborhood. Why is one being granted landmark status and the other being denied that status? A rhetorical question, of course.”

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