No Mosques At Ground Zero

Help Get the 911 Mega Mosque Site Landmarked

YOU can still be heard  – through July 20, 2010. Send your statements to the Landmark Commission.

The Landmark Preservation Commission will take your  statements up until no later than Tuesday next week (7-20-100), by mail, email or fax. Contact info:

Mr. Robert B. Tierney, Chairman
Landmarks Preservation Commission
Municipal Building
One Centre Street, 9th Floor
NY, NY 10007

Phone 212 669 7817  — public info officer and gets you a recorded announcement. 212 669 7855

The operator will direct your calls to the person you want to speak to.

Email: Use their ‘contact us’ link on their webpage for short emails:

Or Use or for long statements

Fax: 212 669 7960

The Commissioner announced that they will accept statements from all parties via any of the above means of contacting them.

Make sure you include the  building address, 45 Park Place, The Burlington Building,  in the subject line of your statement.

Request a 9/11 historic district be created that would include  45-47 Park Place as its first landmarked building in the new district. Please make a separate request for the creation of the historic district as well.

If you need background for your request – go to this post for specifics.

The key points here are the historical, architectural & cultural significance of the site. Point out the significance of the Property in light of the 9/11 attacks, given the properties’ proximity to Ground Zero and the fact that pieces of one of the planes landed in the building.  It was part of the attack. The landing gear of one of the planes that crashed into the World Trade Center towers flew out  and into the Burlington Coat Factory building.

Landign gear

Don’t let  the committee ignore these  facts. It  is outrageous  and disrespects the victims of 911 by even considering that this building holds no significance .

Write, call, fax  the Landmark Commission NOW and let them know that you deem  45-47 Park Place worthy of landmark status!

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American Christians have become cowards now. They have bowed down in front of a muslim minoriy. Even the christian pastors have lost the Biblical visdom. Rise up my friends. You do not need to beg. Just say, “NO” thats it.

Comment by frank

I am so shocked that anyone would even consider, let alone go as far as this has gone puttin a mosque at ground zero area…..this is our country based on christians values and respect. Its about time we respect our own country and stop this nonsense. They want mosques every where go home, not ours! Cant we do anything for our own country anymore! NO NO No No No no!!!!!!!

Comment by deborah

Arise…..My dear Christian Brothers and do not afraid, speak the TRUTH,if you want to save this country for your next generation.
Shame on you stupid Americans. You have sold this country to the muslims now. Can you build a church in Saudi Arabia?

Comment by frank

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