No Mosques At Ground Zero

VIDEO-Landmarks Preservation Commission Meeting (7-13-10)

UPDATE- JULY 17: A few photos have now been added along with all 5 videos  (please scroll down)

July 13, 2010 at Hunter College. The NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission held a Public Hearing on the landmark designation proposal for 45-47 Park Place ,  the Cordoba Initiative…aka The Ground Zero Mosque. The meeting lasted approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes.

Slide show of pictures:

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Video of meeting posted in 5 parts: Part 1 of 5 begins with the Commission Chairman, Robert B. Tierney and a staff member read a description of the building. The first speakers represented the mosque and opposed landmark status.  However, the Cordoba Initiative reps quickly digressed to a discussion of the religious reasons for the building rather than the landmark status.   Then those who support the landmark status for the building began to speak in response to both, landmark  and mosque.


Part 2  of 5 continues with speakers who are for and against the landmark status amongst these (in Part 2) are Robert Spencer (more  from Robert Spencer at Jihad Watch ) and Rick Lazio. However, the Cordoba Initiative had da’wah on the agenda so it was a meeting that had a very difficult time staying on topic which was, landmark status!


Part 3 of 5 ( in switching tapes, lost name of woman speaking at the top) Speakers continue from both sides. At approx. 15:00 there are three speakers in support of landmark status who are very compelling. Also, in Part  3, the lunatic commie heckler is finally removed from the auditorium (that was over an hour in to the Public Hearing) Very unfortunate that the police permitted him to interrupt the speakers for so long; speakers who supported landmark status.


Part 4 of 5: July 13, 2010,Hunter College. The NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission held a Public Hearing on the landmark designation proposal for 45-47 Park Place (aka The Ground Zero Mosque). The speakers continue from both sides. There were even more speakers who lost family on 9-11 and spoke in support of the landmark status.


Part 5 of 5: Even as the meeting wound down, and the press was thinning out, there were still quite a few speakers, some of whom were very articulate as they pressed for landmark status. The press that remained focused so closely on the pro-mosque speakers, they manage to miss some very compelling speakers from the pro-landmark side.


UPDATE: According the the NY Daily News, the name Cordoba Initiative will disappear? Seems El Gamal and company as they held their quick confab off on the side  of the audience (post Commission ) have grown weary of hearing the historical, factual meaning of Cordoba . So let’s put some “Lipstick on the pig”! The new name for Cordoba House  is now the rather BLAND: Park51.  (Read more HERE on this obfuscation from Atlas Shrugs)


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There is no amount of support from anti American religious terrorists that will allow a Mosque to be built that will desecrate the principles of freedom and the terrible loss of life for a guise to train terrorists, educate them so they can repeat 9/11.
If you support this Mayor Bloomberg and other misled liberals agree, remove yourself from office and buy a prayer mat. THIS IS A CHRISTIAN COUNTRY!
Christian principles will overcome, Muslims you are on notice do not push us, we are not to be ridiculed .

Comment by Mark Hackett

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