No Mosques At Ground Zero

A Peaceful Protest at the Ground Zero Mosque ( June 25, 2010) and more….

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On June 25, 2010 , concerned citizens held a peaceful protest  outside the Ground Zero Mosque (the  former Burlington Coat Factory). The hosts of the rally were ACT-Manhattan and the Human Rights Coalition Against Radical Islam. Everyone inside and out  was polite (except for the mosque security-thugs). The message from the citizens… build your mosque somewhere else not on sacred ground.  Finally, after their prayers, some of the Muslims spoke with the peaceful protestors. However, as the video reveals, they remained perplexed as to why this location for a mosque is offensive to those who had friends and family murdered by 19 Muslim terrorists on 9-11.




Vodpod videos no longer available.


Perhaps Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf  has much bigger plans for this mega mosque at Ground Zero. Bridge-Building?  Financed by whom? Da’wah Central and conversions….

Feisal Abdul Rauf

His ‘out-reach’ to the community might  not be about  lovely community rooms and swimming pools. His  Cordoba “Community Center” and  those  da’wah bridges just might “welcome” lots more converts like Allison Poole El Gamal.  She’s the former Baptist-Muslim Convert who spoke lots of da’wah and taqiyya at the Community Board 1 meeting  on May 25 in Lower Manhattan.



Interesting that CNN just happened to cover Allison’s conversion . Her Imam was , of course, was  Imam Rauf.

Is this  our future?

What more could the Great Imam hope for, as he continues his father’s  legacy, leading the infidels to his new Islamic Center and to convert…convert…convert. Perhaps it will even grow into a mega-mosque just like the house his father built on E. 95th street

A very big mega-mosque with a very TALL minaret. Maybe we can look forward to the same at Ground Zero ?


But, first they’ll  have to tear down the factory with the 9-11 plane debris and most likely the remains of those murdered by the Muslim Terrorists

But, Daisy Kahn, wife of the Imam, thinks this is no ‘big deal’

No big deal, huh? Peaceful Christian missionaries are arrested on the streets of America because they are  too close to a Muslim Festival.


And bus ads that offer refuge to Muslims who have left Islam are challenged and removed from busses and taxis because they ‘offend’ Muslims? (Guess that’s a ‘Big Deal”) What happened to freedom of speech in America?  Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs would like to know.

Muslims have placed their own ads on busses saying “Why Islam”?

And ads on subways  saying, “Islam? You Deserve to Know”…

And atheists  have proclaimed on city bus ads “You don’t have to believe in God to be a moral or ethical person”. Is no one is offended ? What gives?

Once the Cordoba” Community Center” is built will there be lots more rules, rules, rules (like in Dearborn) about what we can’t do on a public street (because it might offend a Muslim? ) We must no longer remain silent.  This outrage must be stopped.  Let the TRUTH be told and say “NO to a Mosque on Ground Zero!”

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Are you now suggesting that we should be offended by the atheists’ stance on morality and ethics?

Comment by Patricia Ellis

Simply pointing out that Christians and Jews are placed in similar positions and they don’t scream that they are offended. However, if you think the wrong thoughts around a Muslim…he’s a offended.

Comment by neveragain911

This muslim garbage is the product of extremely sick and depraved minds. After all, muhammad was a PEDOPHILE and a RAPIST, himself. If these animals want to meet allah, it is our job to arrange the meeting. Soon!

Comment by Darrell Lynch

Only way to have peace in this world is separate muslims from other religions.Islam prohibits muslims to live with infidels. No immigration from islamic world .Deport if they don’t want to follow our secular laws.

Comment by arsi


Comment by George Reisman

I urge ALL of you who see what is going on here to Buy, and READ, “Stealth Jihad” a comprehensive book by(Robert Spencer)showing whats in store for America and how Islam seeks to be THE Single World Religion….think it cant happen ?, thanks to obama, it’s already started….

Comment by Chief_Cabioch

if you want Truth about islam, …google Taqiyya-kitman, read for yourselves what islam says about lying, it’s the Qurans own words, though some will swear islam is the religion of peace……they Lie

Newt Gingrich made a good anaolgy, after a terrorist was arrested and went to court, a Judge asked him how can you attack America after swearing an Oath to protect it ?,

answer, America is my Enemy….I lied….when will we stop fooling with these people?, how can ANYONE ever believe a word they say?, under ANY circumstances ?….WAKE Up America

Comment by Chief_Cabioch

islam also insists those who speak ill of islam to be silenced, why do you think we no longer call them Islamic terrorists ?, wake up people, the State of Oklahoma passed a NO Sharia Law , to STOP any attempts at instituting Sharia Law in Oklahoma…., it’s coming, and You’d Best get Active before it’s to Late….

Comment by Chief_Cabioch

First of all the law in Oklahoma means nothing because when they (muslims) become the majority and control the votes they will just change the law. Second, has this mosque been approved and in progress? If it gets built I’m finished with this country. Sorry, I just can’t take anymore of this islam BS…

Comment by JR Atkinson

US you need to do something about this. I don’t live in US, I live in Canada. I watched you go through 911 and it sickened me. You are being destroyed. You need to get that mosque out of there. Tell them to “hit the road” and take their mosque(s) with them. I am Danish by birth and believe my homeland did the right thing by standing up to the islamic radicals. You are the mighty USA – kick ass!

Comment by B.J.

[…] And on June 27, we caught the ‘ever reasonable” el-Gamal outside the Ground Zero Mosque( video link is here) […]

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