No Mosques At Ground Zero

A Masjid in Manhattan and the amplified call to prayers
June 23, 2010, 2:50 am
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UPDATE on a BRONX masjid and Call to Prayers amplification from 2009 (Tuesday, Nov. 17 2009)

A Bronx mosque that had sought a sound permit to amplify its morning call to prayer has quietly rescinded its application.

But the Jame Masjid mosque’s revocation of the proposal didn’t hush its neighbors, since the mosque plans to resubmit its request to play the undulating ribbon of Arabic invocation, or adhan, through a loudspeaker during four of five daily prayer times.

Residents called the plan, which was unveiled in October, an imposition on the daily lives of a diverse community. The idea of prayer booming through the streets also touched off cultural resentments.

“When in Rome do as the Romans do,” said Gerri Lamb, who lives a quarter mile from the mosque. “If you’re not in your own country, in your own culture, then you can’t force me to be a part of it”…

The comment, made during a Community Board 9 hearing on the issue (though the proposal was off the table at the moment), seemed to sum up neighborhood tensions. The local advisory board had asked residents to avoid that type of commentary while testifying, but Lamb received uproarious applause.

For those who live around the Virginia Avenue mosque, the daily din threatens their quality of life. Over the course of a year, a muezzin will have sung the call to prayer 1,460 times.

Residents frowned upon the constant disruption. They envisioned life with the incessant sound filling their living rooms. They pictured school lessons pausing as it permeated through local classrooms. They said the prayer would be equally piercing to local businesses.

The mosque has omitted the first in the daily sequence of five prayers. That first prayer is said around 5 a.m. — a predawn hour that would probably would have provoked a greater outcry.

But locals criticized the need to amplify the call at any time, especially in this technological age where alternatives like an iPhone application with daily prayer time reminders can be used. “Why do we all have to hear it?” asked Gwendolyn Brown, a 20-year resident. “That’s imposing their religious beliefs over ours.”

Some worried that an approval for this mosque’s sound system could set a precedent for other religious institutions seeking permits. “What are you going to say when the next mosque comes?” one reverend asked.

For now, local board members do not have to weigh in on the plan. The issue created so much debate at an October forum that the local advisory board rescheduled a second public sounding session for last night at IS 125 on Gleason Avenue, a much larger venue.

Nobody testified in favor of the plan.

Mohammed Ahia, a member of the Board #9, said that the mosque needed to submit plans at a later date because they could not draw enough support at the second hearing. The date coincided with mosque members performing haj, a religious pilgrimage.

Ahia, who also worships at the mosque, said that the Arabic intonation lasted about a minute, each time it is performed. “It’s a nice sound,” he said. (!!!!!)


So here we are …2010…and ya gotta wonder, what was their Plan B? To be continued….


June 22, 2010

Amplified prayers on W. 29th St….



Madison Avenue and 41st St….New York City…..(Muslim Day Parade)


WHY is the Jesus in the Koran NOT the Jesus of the Christian Bible? (8th Ave and 45th St)


“Da’wah? Anyone? (8th Ave and 42nd St)

Say no to Sharia Law. Sharia Finance. We can no longer remain silent.


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F*ck sharia law. It’s preposterous. Any religion that dispenses with common decency among people does that so-called “Faith” a disservice of the highest effing order. I’m sick of hearing about sh*t like people being flogged in saudi arabia for mingling. What Deity would think that to be the way things ought to be? And a mosque anywhere near Ground Zero? It’s political correctness run amuck. Absolute horsesh*t. I’d tell the applicants to jam their request up their arses. That’s how I roll.

Comment by Del Frosh

This Islamicization is sickening. Thank you for alerting us.

Comment by Eric Zarahn

This is OUTRAGEOUS! We cannot tolerate this in the US. Moslems want to force upon us their religion and this nonsence has to stop.
If they want to pray they should go to their mosques and not impose thier religion on us. Let them go back to their countries. ENOUGH is ENOUGH!

Comment by martine dunkel

Hey, it’s New York, and it’s run by Liberals, who will slowly allow the implementation of islam, and Sharia’h laws…..California wont be far behind, I mean where else would liberals try and ban circumcision?

after all, muslims, Islam, and Liberal Progressives have the same goal… Destroy America

Comment by Chief_Cabioch


Comment by George Reisman

It is truly alarming that we are seeing the taking over of our country in this way and that so many are laying down and letting it happen in the name of ignorance, thinking that “they are just like us, just want to live and let live.” PC tolerance is going to kill us and it’s time to stand up for our faith while we are still allowed to have it, because once Islam takes control and power, that freedom will be a memory and we will risk our lives to hold on to it. Wake up, America, before it’s too late and “Old Navy” becomes “Burquas R Us.”

Comment by Jeanne Hipp

someone needs to ask all these people why do they come to America not to be Americans, but to bring their Warped Barbaric Culture with them, and think We are going to not only not notice but accept them and their attempts to convert America to some Islamic state ruled by Sharia Laws without a fight ? do they really think they can keep this “In your Face” religion crap Up and we are going to do anything ?, do they think we will allow Them to do to America what ever they wish by using our own Laws against us ?, they better think again…..

Comment by Chief_Cabioch

They do this damn thing intentionally & knowingly that this is uncivil & vulgarily obscene. This in a way is their way of expressing thier Supermasism . They put Loud Speakers on thier Mosques’ roof tops which wales & blairs five times in a Day in Arabic Language which is just rote & actually few understand. Can there be any further uglier tribe in the world than this. ?

Comment by Kuldeep Dogra

This is like ‘collective’ urination/defecation in OPEN. Idiots !!

Comment by Kuldeep Dogra

Any mosque, of any size, in our country, is an unforgiveable affront . Not only to the 911 folks, but to the entire nation. These bastards are trying very hard to force their sick religion on the world. This s=== is not as much religion as it is a social-political way of life. The entire thing is a criminal situation, and absolutely MUST be stamped out in this country. After all, what kind of a religion can be based on the words of mohammad, who history shows us, was a pedophile, a rapist, and a criminal. As goes the father, so goes the sons. My advise? Buy a koran and read it. Know your enemy.

Comment by Darrell Lynch

We all need to mobilize, start writing the Dearborn Police Captain. This is illegal, this is dangerous, this warrants a huge lawsuit. If we do not al pull together on this one.. this will come to every sate, and NYC will be next once the Muslims get that Mosque up near Ground Zero. We will see a war on 5th Ave, if we do not mobilize to stop this now.

FYI, crosses are being pulled down illegally all over the USA under this admin.

Comment by JD

Please keep up the awareness ….I am from the UK
and the country I love is being gradually and quietly taken over by these ….”people” I live in London and theres times I could believe I was in the middle east – the women (who supposedely hate western culture!)drive around in 4 by 4 cars talking on their mobiles and wearing designer hajibs (or whatever the correct term is for their bat outfits) In our inner cities we our no longer allowed Nativity Plays in our schools because “it may offend”!!!!! I have been spat at by these people because I have the audacity to walk around with my hair uncovered.

they are taking over and our “Political Correctness” MPs are too cowardily to stand up to this sly and evasing evil.

Good Luck to your country I hope your politicians
have more gumption than mine!!

Comment by Scott Atkinson

I’m afraid Sharia is already law. The Healthcare bill exempts Muslims, so that we Christians and Jews will be providing the fruits of our labor under cohersion as a slave class to our “superiors”.

Comment by Pat

Tell me what you mean specifically. Where is it stated they will be exempt and from what exactly?

Comment by Jeanne Hipp

well if the Politicians ignore this, like they do the Mexican issue, there is going to be Violence……..and it isn’t going to be pretty, it’s prolly why they chose a state with no Gun Ownership to begin their March to the White house…..oh wait…they are already there….

Comment by Chief_Cabioch

Islam isnt a religion, it’s a cult, and if people would read the Quran, they would see what it is, and why we should be alarmed that musalims have the US in it’s cross hairs, justn ask a muslim what Taqiyya and Kitman mean, …here is a link to those unafraid of the truth about muslims

Comment by Chief_Cabioch

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