No Mosques At Ground Zero

UPDATE 7-22-10:VICTORY!!NO Muslim Brotherhood aka MAS Take Over Convent on Staten Island
June 11, 2010, 5:29 am
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July 22, 2010: GO TO NEW link for more info on this IMPORTANT VICTORY! There will be no mosque in Midland (Staten island)! The Saint Margaret Mary Church will not be converted into a Muslim Brotherhood project!


June 21: UPDATE with links to articles on the Staten Island mosque. There are reports that the sale to MAS is now in question. From the NY Times here and here.  From CBS TV , go here .


June 20 Final update: All six videos  are now posted. Scroll down for videos. And a slide show of some pictures as well.


The dhimmi politicians continue to offer  our places of worship  to the invader as the violation…the obliteration … of our churches and synagogues continues.

June 9, 2010.

PART  1  is the beginning of a two hour meeting with brief introductions from the Civic Committee and then introductions  of the three speakers from MAS

Ayman Hammous, Abdel Hafid Djamil and Mohamed Sadeia , offering peace and love Allah-style to an over-flow crowd of hundreds who attended  this  Civic Meeting in Staten Island to protest the sale of a convent/church to MAS .




PART Two. The second speaker drones on and on  with the dawa and taquiyya


PART 3:  Robert Spencer presents the first question to the MAS panel.  Ayman Hammous, the second  MAS speaker


PART 4  : The taqiyya dance continues in the Q and A with the Mas representatives and  the over-flow crowd of hundreds


PART 5  The taqiyya dance  went on and on in the Q and A (Add one outraged Chinese Commie -Che Lover who went on a long rant and was finally removed from the hall)


PART 6 – This was the last 20 minutes of the meeting.  A few people didn’t speak in to mic as well as others. Hard to understand. Left them in because the crowd reactions are just as much a part of this meeting as what was said.

Many objected to the idea of an Islamic house of worship in the neighborhood, admitting they are afraid of the property’s new owners, the Muslim American Society (MAS.) The community is also angry at the archdiocese because the sale was secretly brokered by a parish priest who recently resigned. The Archdiocese did not send a representative to this meeting.  Among those who asked questions of the ‘new neighbors’ was Robert Spencer.  He asked,   “Will you here and now denounce Hamas and Hezbollah as jihad terrorist organizations?” But, getting an straight answer was difficult  for Spencer if not impossible for most of those who asked questions.  Many were waiting on-line to ask questions of the MAS representative, but the frustration of the audience grew loud and impatient from the evasive ‘answers’  and then suddenly the meeting was ended.


Will post more of this explosive meeting as the story develops. Meanwhile, here are some pictures …

Vodpod videos no longer available.


And to read LOTS more on the meeting at   Atlas Shrugs and from the NY Times, go hereLinks to other reports from WCBSTV, ABCLocal, FoxNY, and a video from the Staten Island Advance.


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is there an area that they are not trying to take over! Wake up people! Silent deals are never good as you can see by all this takeover in silence!!!! I am scared!

Comment by d jacobs

I realize the Mayor has his hands full with the economy, however, after the Albany budget crisis is over, he should not be afraid to hold an open forum over the proposed mosque. The 9-11 survivors deserve this.

Comment by Warren Revere

As Long as Christians keep believing the Media and this administrations contention that Islam is a peaceful Religion, they wont find the truth until it’s to late, the Quran clearly says it’s OK to Lie as long as it’s serves the Purpose of Islam…and Lying about ANY thing is OK….

Before You side with Muslims, READ the Quaran’s English version..then and Only then can you know the Truth.

Comment by Chief_Cabioch

I’m sure if a “Mosque” is built at ground zero, it won’t last long because someone in their “RIGHT” mind, will ram a plane into it… Pay Backs are a B.

Comment by Mary

now our wonderful Government under obama the Muslim tells us the DOD has lost track of 10 or more Afgani’s from a Texas Base who were being trained as Pilots ?….didnt we go through something like this 9 years ago …AT GROUND ZERO?…are we DONE with Incompetent Liberal Progressives Socializing and letting the muslims loose in the US yet ?

Comment by Chief_Cabioch

obama and the Progressives want us dependent on Foreign Oil,because they know the Money Trails end up in the hands of muslims, the same muslims trying to undermine the US…..

Comment by Chief_Cabioch

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