No Mosques At Ground Zero

Message To Community Board #1 and Margaret Chin: I AM NOT A BIGOT
May 28, 2010, 5:38 am
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Two more videos from the meeting of Community Board #1 on May 25, 2010.


At the beginning of the meeting, before anyone had spoken about the mosque, Councilwoman  Margaret Chin, insulted her constituents by declaring that anyone who opposed the mosque was a bigot. Some gave her applause. Others booed her. The Board Chair reprimanded those who booed. Then a member of the community  (at around 3:00) finally made his main point (and the crowd cheered) I AM NOT A BIGOT)




Later at what seemed like the end of the meeting (around 8:45 PM) and  outside the Community Board’s meeting, Pamela Geller and Narian Kataria, a Hindu-American, were warning of the terror caused by Islam through out history.



Unfortunately, the meeting continued until 10:30, and then the Dhimmi- board  voted to accept the outrageous Mosque at Ground Zero.


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Not more moslims, stop islamisatie! groeten uit Amsterdam

Comment by Tonny

Hi Americans,

I’m French, born in Algeria when it was French three “counties”. I was 8 years old when independancy war started and 16 when me and my family just had time to run away from islamic revolution in 1962. You cannot even imagine what I have seen during eight years of terrorism. Bombs in buses, in schools, in bars. When we left Algeria, muslims were telling us : for you a suitcase or a coffin. I thought back to France nightmare will stop. They are invading Europe first and soon USA. My last combat, I hopefully married an American girl 26 years ago, will be to help you to try pushing muslins out of your country. For a mosquee and islamic center on ground zero, there is something you can do. It was done in Sevilla, Spain. The town council accepted to sell to muslims dirt to buld a mosquee. A lot of catholic people didn’t want a mosquee there : solution: they burried a pig in the middle of the field bought by muslims: reaction: muslims cannot build a mosquee on a place spolied by pigs! Don’t say that to Margaret Chin. I hate this woman and it’s an honor to me to be a bigot.
André Chassagnol
Sorry for my my American’s mistake, but I love your country so much, I don’t want to be another Europe and I’m tired to ask you to help us, when we just don’t do anything to fight. I’m 63 years old, but getting rid of people wanting to be slave to their rule make me fell 20 years old

Comment by Chassagnol

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