No Mosques At Ground Zero

Community Board #1 meeting & “vote”( based on the slick taqiyya of Imam Feisal Rauf )


The Community Board meeting was a shameful display of political correctness and multi-culti ‘do-gooders’ , even elected officials, who accused anyone who was opposed to  the Ground Zero mosque to be a bigot.

Freedom of speech had a very restricted presence at Community Board #1 . They played a game of allowing those they called bigots to speak, but that’s all it was… pretense  of listening….a GAME. They had no intention of  learning anything from the informed and concerned citizens who opposed any mosque at Ground Zero.


Pamela Geller of Stop the Islamization of America  (SIOA) was one of the first speakers! ( NEW LINK – Audio repaired)


We were going to post the Imam and his wife speaking to the board,

but their slick taquiyya was difficult  to sit through at the meeting so why listen to it again! (Why  give them more opportunities to trick the gullible.)


An  example of  gullible do-gooders….these  dhimmi-priests:


Apparently the meeting went to 10:30 (starting at 6 PM) we were out of there around 8:30 (after Debra Burlingame spoke to the board about the threat of Sharia Law that the Imam supports).  But, the people kept speaking (possible thinking their words would have an effect on the board’s non-binding decision) instead, the Board VOTED at the end of the meeting… even though they had made a very big display early on that they were going to table the vote!

LOTS of discussion about Roberts Rules of Order and a supposed  rift among the board regarding that proposed motion “to table”. A  red herring.  By the end of the meeting they voted to accept the proposal to build a mosque. And they had a prepared statement from Borough president, Scott Stringer, read after the vote.  So much for ‘tabling the vote”…


Here’s Debra Burlingame of 9-11 Families for a Safe and Strong America when she spoke of the threat of  Sharia Law, the Imam and his Ground Zero Mosque. Shamefully, the Board had no interest in learning anything  that might have changed their vote….


All evening, many people spoke from their hearts in opposition to this insensitive proposal of building a mosque at Ground Zero.

Sadly , the dhimmification of America has taken root here in Manhattan! But, freedom loving Americans must continue to expose  the taqiyya of imams  like Fiesal Abdul Rauf making the Rally at Ground Zero  even more important.  June 6, 2010… a moment in our history when Americans must come together to say “No to a Mosque” at Ground Zero and to “STOP THE ISLAMIFICATION OF AMERICA!”


UPDATE as the news articles come in:

NY Post article…hmm…Odd lead from the post saying WE are waging “jihad”, can’t say it really speaks to what was pouring-forth from our hearts and minds. NY Post is here.

AND… as side-note, this fellow… screaming hard and loud…standing up to be seen. He appeared to be with a woman who was quite comfortable with the board (will post her picture shortly) Was he a loud-mouthed PLANT? For the cameras?

NY Daily News is here. Their headline lead with the lovely and slick imam who claims that they are the ANTI-Terrorists; that statement should be amended to anti-Christ and it would be more truthful. Taquiyya anyone??


Will be posting excerpts from a few more video moments and pictures  and finish up with some final thoughts as they come in…


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This is too sad. Is it the end of it?
What happens now to the June 6th rally?
If only we could mobilize One million people to march.
How about plastering photos of 9/11 all over the property? How about organizing a big sit-in (like in Bangkok), anything to have our outrage heard…

Comment by Philippa C.

Don’t allow these people to build the mosque there for the sake of not only America, but world.

Comment by ravi

If you oppose straitly you can’t get success. So twist the issue.

How about having a multi-faith building, which Muslims happily share with Jews, Protestants, Catholics, and any other religion which wishes to sign on, such as Hinduism?

Since the victims of 9/11 were of many faiths, including Islam itself, what better was to express honor than “a project to honor those who were harmed on September 11. It is a project to proclaim our patriotism to this country and to stand side-by-side all men and women of peace.”

If that is the ostensible purpose of a mosque, that purpose is even better expressed with a multi-faith center.

Of course, such a center would proclaim, not Islam’s superiority, but its equality, with other faiths.

So let us see whether Islam would be able to tolerate equality, or whether Islam would find it insulting to lower itself to share a building devoted to prayer with anybody.

I know of ONE building on earth which Jews and Muslims share for prayer purposes.

It is in Hevron on the Wild, Wild West Bank. It is the Marat Ha-Machpeleh.

The site is mentioned in the Book of Genesis. The very first recorded real estate transaction in history is recorded therein, when Abraham bought a parcel of land from the Children of Hoth for use a a cemetery. The site is considered the burial site, not only of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and their wives (save for Rachel whose shrine is up the road in Bethlehem), but also of Adam and Eve.

King Herod originally built the present building, and the Crusaders enlarged and improved it.

Today, the site is split in two. Jew pray on one side, Muslims on the other, and the division is enforced at gunpoint by the IDF.

hats off to this person. What an Idea. Please follow his idea and asks the organizers to present this issue.

Comment by ravi

Lying in Islam;

You can LIE all the time in Islam, especially against non-believers Taqqiya

Comment by Sarah

More information about Taqqiya

You really can’t trust Islam. You HIDE your real intent.

Comment by Sarah

Lies, lies, lies;

You can LIE THROUGH your teeth to protect Islam.

Comment by Sarah

“War is DECEIT” in Islam

You can LIE to NON-BELIEVERS = Christian, Jews, Hindus, Atheists, And Liberals.

Comment by Sarah

Rauf is adviser on Islam to the FBI! Forget the fox in the henhouse – this is the slavering wolf.

Speaking of the Fox – London based Bloomberg’s NWO cousins have already sold Britain down the tubes – you take the lambs, and while you’re slaughtering them, we’ll (hehehe) take the gold.

Comment by Dara

BTW – they’re listening alright and taking notes: names, addresses, emails…

Comment by Dara

Insensitive and morally illegitimate, to put it mildly, but then, Islam is Inmoral by itself, Isn’t it? Can an infidel go to Mecca, can a Christian build a Church anywhere in an Islamic country? NO!!! Is the Imam in question raising his voice against this persecution by his coreligionist? Not at all. Taquiyya at its worse.

Comment by Douglas Saballos

Mosque to be Built on Sacred Ground…

The video below is from No Mosques at Ground Zero, which has a wealth of info on what is really going on behind the efforts to help this mosque turn into a reality…

Trackback by Maggie's Notebook

You know that Islamic radicals all over the world are celebrating now. They destroyed a “temple” of non-Muslim business and will construct their own mosques over it, just as they turned Hagia Sophia in Constantinople into a mosque, the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist in Damascus into a mosque, the Temple Mount into Al-Aqsa and the Dome of the Rock, and 2,000 Hindu temples in India into mosques. And of course, they don’t need anywhere near this amount of room for the mosque. Making it this big is all about power and intimidation.

Comment by John

Ask the imam whether he supports the construction of a Church in Mecca. Let’s see how open he is to religious pluralism.

Comment by Eddie

I can not believe these idiots are allowing this to happen. That is a digrase to all Americans.

Comment by Bridget Demner

New Yorkers should start petitions to recall every committee member should be dismissed. Political correctness has become dispised in America. The nation is spiraling into an abyss because multi-culturalism & trying to be PC. Folks are fed up with it—we’ll become slaves to an ideology that’s totally un-American, or we’ll have another revolution. That would be a travesty!

Comment by Dorsey Taylor

It’s sad to see so many Americans falling for Taqiyyah. We are a country of people that cannot see evil in others and think that if we just talk and tolerate we can all sing Cumbaya together…wake up America. We are at war.

Comment by Samira Tamer

NAMES!! Community Board #1….we want names. Who are they? Please list them.

Comment by Infidel Task Force

I believe in freedom of religion in all its aspects. However, to permit the building of a Mosque on Ground Zero is ludicrous. What is New York City thinking? The Islams killed thousands of innocent brave Americans in the Twin Towers on Ground Zero. Now they are building a Mosque on that hold ground? Why? Are they making martyrs of the perpetrators? Please do not let this happen. Let them build some place else.

Comment by Lucy E. Civile

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