No Mosques At Ground Zero

“Radical” Agenda for Ground Zero Mosque with Robert Spencer and Debra Burlingame (video)
May 23, 2010, 4:31 pm
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Sean Hannity segment on the proposed Ground Zero Mosque  Guests Robert Spencer and Debra Burlingame explain how allowing this to stand may bring about Sharia Law.



We at NMAGZ ask, ” Is this planned mosque at Ground Zero, this Cordoba Community Center, is it planned by ‘moderates’ or   ‘radicals ‘ ? Do they follow a  ‘radical’ agenda contrary to Islam or do they follow  ISLAM.  If they are living and preaching Islam…the Koran, Hadith Sirah….and  sneaking Sharia Law in to freedom-loving countries….then why is that ” radical” Islam? THAT is Islam.


This has  serious implications for all Americans. Get on board to stop this project:



June 6, 2010. Rally at Ground Zero.



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Religious groups are entitled to handle their disputes internally as was mentioned re; Jewish courts. In America a religious group can not force any citizen whether a member of their group or not to abide by the verdict of their religious court. If they tried to coerce someone to do that it would be against the law and prosecutable.

Comment by Abraham Fuchs

Any person who has lost family, friend, colleague, home, employment, income, etc., should sue the buzzards for the emotional pain and suffering this Jihad center is causing.

I lost friends and acquaintances, and a project that I and others had worked on for two years was cancelled overnight. I didn’t complain for three years, in respect for those who lost family and close friends, but the time has come for ALL OF US, whether our loss was catastrophic or minimal, to join together and SHOUT NOOOOOOO! Followed by “Get out of New York.”

Psychologically, the restraint NY showed after 9/11 was incredibly damaging, and I wonder now if all Giuliani’s repressive policing was deliberately conditioning us to dhimmitude.

Comment by Dara

Giuliani?? Repressive policing. You have GOT to be kidding!

Comment by neveragain911

Puzzled by Robert Fuch’s comment.

It would apply were America safe, but as far as Muslims around the world are concerned, their man is in the White House, dismantling democracy on their behalf.

Comment by Dara

This mosque will NEVER be built!

Comment by Attila Kosinski

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