No Mosques At Ground Zero

From American Thinker, “… a Cultural Center or Islamization?”
May 21, 2010, 2:44 am
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“Which Islamic organization in America, Europe, or Arab-Muslim country condemned the recent attacks in Upper Egypt, where innocent people were killed while leaving their church on the Eastern Christmas Eve?”

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“Where are the Islamic voices opposing and protesting the persecution, oppression, and discrimination in their own homelands in countries such as Egypt, Sudan, Nigeria, and Iraq, to name just a few?”



“Islamic actions, not words, are what Americans need to heed, and we must be cautious toward what we are being told by those whose actions are lethal around the world.”

(excerpts from)

Ground Zero Mosque: A Cultural Center or Islamization?

By Ashraf Ramelah

May 20, 2010

….. the Planning Commission of lower Manhattan has approved the construction of a $100-million mosque near the site of Ground Zero. ..The thirteen-floor building… will reach a height of one hundred feet… a cultural center which will work to bring harmony between Islamic culture and New Yorkers…constructed in a city still bleeding from one of the worst civilian attacks since WWII,
Pearl  Harbor under attack
still suffering with the sad memory of the destruction of the World Trade Center and the loss of almost three thousand lives.
After almost nine years, New Yorkers and all Americans still wait to see the replacement of the destroyed towers… P1050895
Instead …a proposed Islamic cultural center… A rendering of the mosque presented to Manhattan's Community Board   1   Financial District Committee.
a landmark and a memorial to the victory of bin Laden and company as a sample of Islamic jihad against Western infidels.

As a professional architect, I wonder why the Planning Commission of lower Manhattan decided to keep its residents uninformed about a project in this sensitive location with such purpose and proportion. A project of this size would normally need in-depth urban study and infrastructure planning.(snip)
Aren’t we the least bit suspicious of this desired harmony when public condemnations or demonstrations of remorse made by Muslims and Arab leaders regarding this barbaric act have been few and far between? (snip) Furthermore, all Americans have suffered the offensive rumors that claim the origin of the 9/11 attacks to be an inside job by our own FBI or the American Jews — insulting our intelligence and humiliating the victims and their families with this insidious form of denial.
Let us not forget as well that New York City Mayor Giuliani refused to accept a donation of ten million dollars from a Saudi Prince as a pledge to rebuild whatever was destroyed by Arab terrorists (his own fellow citizens) in lower Manhattan.
(snip) By using his heart in a moment of great courage, Giuliani gave the whole world a lesson in confronting Arab hypocrisy. At a time when Americans were in a state of shock, the insensitivity of such an offer by the Saudi Prince was counteracted by the American spirit embodied in Giuliani’s wholesale rejection of money coming from the same source as the attackers in order to dictate their own agenda and buy our sovereignty.
… a statement made by an imam indicating that the intended cultural center would bring “a new discourse in the relationship between the United States, New York City, and the Muslim world.”(snip)  The reality of a supremacist system within Islamic culture should be enough to preclude any dialogue with those who live by the U.S. Constitution and subscribe to the modern culture of New York City.
(snip) A few days ago, in an interview published in Kul-al-Arab, a weekly newspaper in Israel, a Knesset Member, Imam Masoud Ganaim, was calling to replace the state of Israel with an Islamic caliphate.This kind of remark shows the true nature of Islam today…  Leaders of Islam and the Cordoba Institute must… prove to us that they demonstrate the same openness to co-exist with those of all other faiths and beliefs in the nations where Islam dominates.
The free world has already allowed the most egregious actions to take place, such as the placement of Iran onto the U.N. Commission for Women’s Rights, the FIFA reversal of the banning of the hijab worn in Olympic games, and the Egyptian sponsorship of the U.N. Religious Defamation Act….  Shall we add to this list the building of an Islamic mega-center at the sacred site of Ground Zero..?
If New York is in need of a new cultural center in the heart of the Ground Zero community, it should be built and run by those who stand up for freedom, human rights, tolerance, and the love of humanity.
New Yorkers have been the ones to open their hearts and receive immigrants, who come from around the world to seek a better life and share in our freedom — the kind of freedom which those who seek to build this project know nothing about.
Join us at GROUND ZERO – June 6, 2010 –  BE THERE!!

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The islamic proposal is vey offense for all

Comment by Marcello

The terrorist attack of 9/11 is unforgivable. The Fort Hood Massacre ads to our injury, and in my opinion, no muslim lie will suffice to assuage my hatred. I not only abhor the Mosque in the WTC but Mosques anywhere in my country. I will not break bread with any appeaser. I suspect that there are more Americans who see it my way, than not.

Comment by Douglas Saballos

We Americans are so good at complaining, pointing a finger at and getting downright angry over the sly inroads made by Islamic terrorists! (There, I said it! They are terrorists wearing a smiley face) But when are we going to do something about it? Are we going to sit back and groan as they build it, this travesty on our beloved American soil? An ugly building that spits in the face of all who lost loved ones on 9/11?

Comment by Carolyn

Very nice…
The mosque might be never build up there, but surely we know that(as you said), Americans are so good at complaining, pointing finger at and getting downright angry… you forget something, they’re soo good at finding a black sheep….and crushing the sheep (to cover their mistake)

Read and comment

Comment by rakhmat

In 1997 I spent 3 years in Saudi Arabia. I was living in Hofuf about 60 miles from Dhahran. I remember the Khobar towers that were blown up killing several service men and women.In just over a couple of months I saw the Khobar towers torn down and replaced with a Mosque on that site. Are we really going to allow them to do this again. It broke my heart that they showed no sympathy or feeling for the American Service men or women who died there. When will we ever wake up.

Comment by Larry Scurlock

If we allow this to happen, we truly are just “rolling over”. If we allow this to happen, we should ALL be ashamed of ourselves. This isn’t about democrats or republicans, this is about being American. We should have a real American statement to the heroes of 9/11, this would not be it.

Comment by maryanne greenberg

As a patriotic American I hasten to correct any false impression that I agree with your “black sheep” theory. America has faults, yes, but destroying our people and the WTC is the imagination of sickos who have their heads in the sand. I have a copy of the Qur’an and I can point out dozens of citations that tell Muslims to kill infidels and Jews and destroy their homes and their government. We Americans will fight for our wonderful country; a country built on determination, love of freedom and respect for those who respect democracy.

Comment by Carolyn

LONG LIVE AMERICAN AND FREEDOM. Us Real Americans who were born and raised here will NEVER forgive or forget 9-11. The innocent people that were killed on that day will NOT have died in vein. They will never be forgotten and I’ll be damned if I am going to let some muslim asshole organization build a horribel ugly mosque or so called cultural center at the site of the WTC. I will burn it down before that day ever happens.

This is OUR land, OUR city, Our country and if I were president I would deport of jail every muslim in this country. They either agree to be sent back to muslimland or they will be jailed here for life!! Anything less is a slap in every REAL AMERICANS face. These muslim assholes are not to be trusted and they are not like any other culture of race of people in this country. There must be an exception to every rule and this is it. I know we are a free country and anyone is allowed to come here to build a life but the muslim and islam should not be allowed here because they are evil thinking animals(plus they smell like shit, could you people bathe once in awhile??)and they are all being brainwashed with that idiot book called the quran/kuran. These animals do not fit into our society as other races of people have.

The Japanese have brought us wonderful cars and some of the best foods as have the Italians, people from India and who does love Chinese food. The Germans build wonderful products and I love their food. I am Jewish but do like the German people as they are not terroristic by their culture asthe muslim assholes are. That is the difference!! There has been many many cultures that have contributed greatly to our country and have made it what it is today but the muslim world has contributed absolutely nothing to America or to the world for that matter. They are rich in oil because they got lucky but settling on land that is rich in oil but they did not create oil, it was already here!! So you see my friends the muslims have not contributed to one fucking thing on this planet except death and destruction and that is how they have been for 1,000’s of years and will continue to cause death to millions until we finally get it and destroy them!!! They need to be watched over 24/7 and we should have islam speaked police guards in everyone of their mosques so as to watch over them carefully.

Our country is not safe with these animals living here. They should not have the rights that REAL AMERICANS do because of their beliefs of destruction for every infidel. That is the difference with them and the rest of the world!

I do not know what else to say here but 9-11 should have been a wake up call not just to AMERICA but to every other freedom loving rightious country and government.

Comment by Ira

I equate the Islamic Cultural Center and Mosque at Ground Zero with AUSCHWITZ!!!! !It must not be allowed to happen!!!

Comment by Carolyn

It’s time the world kick the god addiction in the first place. Islam is the biggest example of why. And building a mosque by the site of its parishioners disasterous handiwork is a desecration of the site. Maybe it’s time we modify the first amendment to BAN Islam!

Comment by Anonymous

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No Mosques At Ground Zero!!!

Comment by irina zolotar

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