No Mosques At Ground Zero

NEVER FORGET 911:June 6, 2010: BE THERE!!
May 18, 2010, 2:02 am
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This is total bullshit, if they want to show that Muslims are a part of American Society then first take this project elsewhere to show their soladirity to the 9/11 victims. Secondly they are trying to show that their religion is peace loving when actually it is NOT.

Comment by Moh

. what the mosque was founded in New York wanted …????

I think that’s an idea so crazy it ,…!!! should those who have an idea that knowing that America is not the all-Indonesia gala is always based on the religion of Islam. that even in the government of Islam that they should also hold leadership.

meruapakan was a very crazy idea, as Indonesian Christians “reject the hard desire, they may trample face 90% Americans who flock of sheep god

Comment by evant

. what the mosque was founded in New York wanted …????

I think that’s an idea so crazy it ,…!!! those who should have know idea, that America is not Indonesia that everything is always based on the religion of Islam. that even in the government of Islam that they should also hold leadership.

It is a very crazy idea, as the Indonesian Christian “hard reject that desire, they may trample face 90% Americans who flock of sheep god

Comment by evant

America people should be aware? cause 9/11 is one example. Never forget about 9/11. What do they want after 9/11 ? want to take control new york or america.

if there’s some thing small different opinion about religion they get angry so much and make anarchy to gain it. but if there’s some thing different about other religion, their answer “not know or similar answer”.

book “WHAT DID HE KNOW AND WHEN DID HE KNOW IT”, try to describe “extern people outside them” but if rotary to 180 degrees become “WHAT DID THEY BLIND AND WHEN DID THEY BLIND IT”, do imam feisal can answer about it.

“Try to open it and you’ll get it”



Comment by IMMANUEL


Comment by hengky

There is no doubt that Mulims and Mohammad are pigs. Disgusting pigs that don’t belong in my country. When i was in 9-11 i felt the sheer presence of devil himself and when i looked…. it was the face of a muslim. I will never respect this religon and i will not allow my friends who died in 9-11 to be treated in a disrespectful manner. If islam is the “peaceful religon” then peacefully move somewhere else.

Comment by Kelly

No mosques and no churches at a ground zero but just statue for reminding that the war world for the terrorists….I’m moslem but I hate terrorists who killed God’s creatures.
Fachry Albram,MD
Jakarta ,Indonesia

Comment by Fachry Albram ,MD

This is far more than just a mosque. It is a symbol of Muslim triumphalism. When they conquer territory, Muslims build mosques OVER existing houses of worship. The Dome of the Rock, which is built on the Temple Mount, and Hagia Sophia, which replaced St Sophia in Istanbul, are but two examples. This edifice on Park Place would be, for Muslims, further proof of the subservience of the United States to Islam and Shariah law. The effect would be to encourage the Muslims to commit further atrocities against us. IT CANNOT BE ALLOWED!

Comment by Stuart Kaufman

Hooray for standing up to Sharia and the planned-but-we-hope-stopped-by-strength monster mosque! I hope the turnout is excellent and the bullcrap brainwashing that this is any kind of effort towards “healing” and “interfaith harmony” is revealed as Taqika – the officially sanctioned lying to infidels (that’s all of us who aren’t Islam practitioners) until they are vanquished.
Come! Stand up for Western Civilization! Protect America and protect from further pain the family members and friends of those who were murdered in the name of Islam.

Comment by Lori Lowenthal Marcus

My play, NINE ELEVEN, is available for a benefit.

While they are ripping our hearts out, the privately owned Federal Reserve and IMF are rending our democratic values and economy.

Anyone who can, be there on June 6. Great work!

Comment by Dara Mc

What about the Full Community Board 1 Meeting at (

Full Community Board Meeting
5/25/2010, 6:00 pm
Three Legged Dog, 80 Greenwich Street, Manhattan

According to the NY Post:

Board chair Julie Menin, blind-sided by the move, predicts “this will be overturned by the full board” later this month.

Read more:

Is anyone planning on attending this? I support the June 6th protest but what if the board doesn’t nix it because people protest after the meeting?

Comment by doireallyneedausername

It is necessary for all the freedom loving people in the world, whether they are in India, Israel, America and Europe to galvanise the opinion through every means available with us, about the great danger of Islam.

In fact, even the so-called moderate Muslims are dangerous because, at the end of the day, they are still willing to believe everything written in the Koran.

Sorry if I am sounding alarmist, but unfortunately, many of us in the Western societies are beginning to take our freedoms for granted. We have to use all the means at our end to get rid of societies like Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and the entire gulf region in the present form and take a proactive role in creating secular democracies in those regions. That alone can guarantee a world which is peaceful and liberal.

I have never seen any moderate Muslims demonstrate against the atrocities and intolerance being practised in Saudi Arabia or other ‘Islamic countries’. In other words these so-called moderates are also silent abettors of the crimes going on in the name of Islam.

Just like you cannot be a moderate Nazi, you cannot believe in the full Koran and yet call yourself a ‘moderate Muslim’.

Either get rid of the violent bits in the Koran and believe in the revised Koran if a Muslim claims to be moderate, or convert from Islam and embrace a religion like Buddhism, Hinduism or Christianity.

What must we do immediately :

1. We must use every means at our end like posting comments on Youtube videos especially videos which talk of allah etc., writing to newspapers, posting comments on boards to tell Muslims to revise their Koran and delete the violent and extremist parts of Koran
OR encourage them to convert, if that is not possible.

2. We should relentlessly use all possible media at our disposal especially the free internet etc. to create awareness of the tremendous criminality of societies like Saudi Arabia.

While the Muslims expect the west to provide all nature of freedoms to them, including the freedom to shout from the roof-tops of their mosques that allah is the only god, they deny even the minimum freedoms to minorities in countries where they have a huge majority.

In countries like Saudi Arabia, Pakistan or others the non-Muslims live a life of second class citizens. In Saudi Arabia there are no churches, temples or synagogues etc. The job advertisements in Saudi Arabia often ask that the person should be Muslim directly. Is this not a clear case of discrimination based on religion.
Where is the tolerance that they demand that others should give them? When Muslim women in France want full freedom to cover their face, why are they not giving the same freedom to non-Muslims in Saudi Arabia?

While even the state of Israel has arab MPs, how many jewish politicians are there in the gulf states?

This terrible hypocrisy of the Muslims must be exposed relentlessly. Appeasement minded politicians like Hussein Obama never raise these issues when they talk to the Arab politicians.

Comment by Rocky F.

I’m so sick of the islamists lies,they’re so full of crap it’s nauseating. I’ll be there on June 6 along with my sister and we can hardly wait! Let’s all give them a dose of their own medicine,i.e.,”Don’t you dare spread any more of your vile, barbaric, misogynistic,hateful,deadly,slavish,idiotic political doctrine in our country! We’re fed up!

Comment by christine

OVER MY DEAD BODY! I lost people in 9-11. I worked in the WTC when it went down. This is a slap in the face to me. HOW DARE THEY. The United States was NOT born a muslim state, why are we so worried about offending muslims on OUR soil??? If I can’t celebrate my Christmas like i used to without offending some muslim, then i don’t want a mosque near the WTC cause it offends ME…. HOW DARE THEY LET THIS HAPPEN

Comment by Kelly

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