No Mosques At Ground Zero

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf: What did he know and WHEN did he know it!
May 17, 2010, 2:10 am
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Islam: Friend or Foe?

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf is on record. NMAGZ received an urgent memo saying, ” ….in the strongest possible terms, get a copy of Rauf’s book “What’s Right with Islam is What’s Right with America.” (Also published as What’s Right with Islam.)

You can speak with great authority after reading it.”

They continued, “Rauf’s embrace of Shariah is all there, although he deliberately obscures the fact that Shariah is a non-secular form of government. And when speaking of  Shariah courts, Rauf is careful not to use the term Shariah as he  attempts to compare  Orthodox Jewish religious courts to Shariah compliant courts. He also trashes corporate capitalism while devoting several pages to the phenomenon of African American Muslims. “

There’s lots more so,” PLEASE, READ THE BOOK.”

The meticulous Alyssa Lappen wrote that Rauf’s book was published in Malaysia in 2007 under the title, “A Call to Prayer from the World Trade Center Rubble”. We’ve also been made aware of the book’ s subtitle: Islamic Da’wah from the Heart of America Post 9/11.” See also a picture of the book’s cover which shows the Statue of Liberty and the Manhattan skyline–minus the twin towers.” It was pointed out that “Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf certainly knows how to tailor his message to his audience.”

(Rauf in Malaysia in 2007, selling his book) .

And there is more at the Tribeca Trib where his wife Daisy Kahn is shown with her power point presentation…”… which should remove any doubt as to what they’ve said publically about their plans. The Tibeca Trib proclaimed:

CB1 Committee Hails Plans for a Mosque Two Blocks from WTC Site

By Matt Dunning
Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf address Community Board 1's Financial  District Committee Wednesday night. Rauf's group, the Cordoba  Initiative, hopes to build a 13-story Islamic prayer and cultural center  on Park Place. Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf address Community Board 1’s Financial District Committee Wednesday night.
Rauf’s group, the Cordoba Initiative, hopes to build a 13-story Islamic prayer and cultural center on Park Place. A proposal for a mosque and Islamic cultural center, planned to go up on Park Place, less than 600 feet from the World Trade Center site, was met with unanimous and enthusiastic approval from Community Board 1 members May 5. (snip)

In place of the current building, where the Initiative has been hosting weekly prayer services since late last year, the group hopes to construct a gleaming 13-story worship, educational and cultural center. Daisy Khan, the Initiative’s executive director, said the center’s programming would be modeled after established religious community centers such as the 92nd Street Y.  “It’s going to be a place not only for Muslim activity, but interfaith activity of the highest order,” Khan said.

While planning for the new center—to be called the Cordoba House—is still in the preliminary stages, Khan said the Initiative hopes to outfit the $100 million facility with a 500-seat performing arts theater, fitness center, swimming pool, and library, as well as public conference rooms, basketball courts and restaurants. Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, who co-founded the Initiative with Khan following the Sept. 11 attacks, said the center’s construction would be the culmination of years of planning, as well as the physical manifestation of his group’s efforts to better integrate Muslims into the larger American culture. (snip)

“If we do this right, we want to franchise this concept, and build other Cordoba Houses like this in other American cities, and cities around the globe.”

The proposal, which some speculated might be met with criticism from Community Board 1, instead drew a round of applause from the board’s Financial District Committee during a presentation Wednesday night. The 12-member committee voted unanimously in support of the center’s construction.

Cordoba Initiative executive director Daisy Khan fields questions  about programming possibilities in her group's planned $100 million  cultural center.Cordoba Initiative executive director Daisy Khan fields questions about programming possibilities in her group’s planned $100 million cultural center.

“Everything I’ve seen here, I like very much,” committee chairman Ro Sheffe said following the group’s presentation. “I think it’s a wonderful asset to the community.” (snip)  However long it takes, committee member Pat Moore said new construction at 45 Park Place was long overdue. “Finally, we get that ugly space taken care of,” she said. (NMAGZ: That UGLY place still holds debris from one of the planes that hit the WTC)

(snip)….a wealth of endorsements from secular and faith-based organizations in the city—including the National Sept. 11 Memorial and Museum, the Jewish Community Relations Council, Trinity Church and the city’s Catholic Archdiocese— ( NMAGZ: perhaps it’s time to start-up a letter writing campaign) … (snip) KAHN CLAIMS: “Most of the resistance we’ve encountered has been from people who don’t know the Muslim community,” Khan said. “Its just fear of the unknown…”

The Financial District Committee’s support could be viewed as a significant victory for the project (snip) … events like the Time Square incident can be damaging to groups like the Cordoba Initiative, they can also be a call to action for peaceful advocates of the Islamic faith. “It sets us back, because we end up having to prove ourselves all over again,” Khan said. “On the other hand, it’s a huge motivator for us to push back against these kinds of extremist views and actions.” ( END Tribeca Trib article)


NMAGZ: There’s much we must and can do.

1. ATTEND THE CB #1 MEETING on Tuesday evening, May 25 at 6:00 PM. Even though the Board wields no real power, their unanimous gesture is egregious and should be challenged!

Write letters. Make phone-calls.

Contact Mayor Bloomberg!

AND what of Mayor Bloomberg ? (Who has remained shamefully silent on the building of a mosque so close to Ground Zero.)

There’s always June 6th, 2010. Building bridges just might include a recommendation on  that symbolic day that Cordoba House  show some sensitivity towards the 9-11 families and build elsewhere. ( The added insult,  construction begins on Sept. 11, 2011)

It’s time Mayor Bloomberg to break the silence!

Stop this outrage.

Join us at the SIOA Rally at Ground Zero on  June 6, 2010.



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The arrogance and insensitivity of such “project” is mindboggling. How these people even consider building a “cultural Centre” (Muslim Propaganda Center)near where thousands were murdered by muslims radicals is beyond comprehension? If liberal-minded Authorities collaborate with this insult to decency then the American people have some serious questions to ask themselves.

Comment by brent

I agree with Muhammad R.Abdul Rauf that not all islams are terrorists. I also believe that all islams who read the Koran believe that it is ok to kill infidels. Time to put the shoe on the other foot.

Comment by paul bernard

Not a good idea.

Give ’em an inch….

Comment by David Walker

Absolutely disgusting.
Where is the basic respect for 3.000 poor innocents ?
We must stop them.
Mike, Paris, FRANCE

Comment by mike vh

NO !

Under No circumstances.

The Constitution is not a Suicide Pact.

By any means necessary, Stop it!

Comment by 317

What a good idea, allow a 100 storey mosque to be built in New Yorks financial nerve centre. Then the fundamentalists can buy a nuclear bomb from their muslim brothers, who used to be part of Russia, place it on the top floor and detonate it where the blast can do the most damage. No need for another plane, they can just carry the bome in a suitcase up in the lift and Hey Presto! The Mayor is even a jew yet he trusts a muslim, what an idiot.

Comment by Peter Allan

Is this a joke…? Islamic terrorists killed 3000 innocent people and they Imam and his wife claim that its a fear of the unknown….???
Its so evil.!!!

Comment by Hansel

nous sommes français et outré !!! c’est carrément de la provocation!!!amérique pays de liberté et respect, nous sommes avec toi.

Comment by christophe

I’m no OK whit moschee in NY Ground Zero. It’s terrible

Comment by Marcello

Stop the spread of this criminal, primitive ideology, the Islam. Stop it while is still chance and time. Muslims are in their majority, captives of their own book, but this don’t make them less dangerous for our normal society, compared with the islam terrorists. Islam’s main weapon is demography and spread. America is their goal. Please stop it. For the sake of entire world.

Comment by Adam

I’m not American but you have to realize that Islam is very dangerous. Very very dangerous..!!

Comment by Jacklyn


Comment by rakhmat

You Just Paranoid…

Comment by rony

Just because you are paranoid doesn’t mean someone isn’t out to get you!

Comment by ckoshea

There is always someone will get you, doesn’t matter if you are islam, chrictian, jew, or hindi…

You ready to life you better ready to die and if you not, don’t live, so stop blaming religion grow up and face your life your live in.

I’m a muslim ain’t mad at you, I don’t make distract just to getting back at you.

Comment by rony

Yea… I noticed ti. Well I guest the owner of this blog doesn’t like to be hear both side of the story… ^_^ Funny is it mat?… lol

Comment by rony

For no reason in the world muslim shall have a religious centre in ground zero, it would be like say that they were right!!! NO NO NO NO!!!

Comment by Paola

The only thing for muslims that could be built at ground zero, would be a prison

Comment by Paola

just want to share about islam, live in Indonesia (the biggest moslem country in south east asian) made me can devide kinds of moslem:

1.Good moslems (only few): usually don’t practice islamic way of life (shariah law), very liberate, modern, respect pluralism.

2. most moslems: practice shariah law, don’t want to attend any non moslem celebration day invitation, don’t want to shake hands to say non moslem greetings, dislike non moslem implicitly, don’t want to accept food from non moslems neighbor, disagree when non moslems prayers houses are being built around them, and most of all, they hate pluralism implicitly.

3.Bad moslem: hate non moslems explicitly, extremely hate pluralism, because shariah law taught them.

from my point of view, you can value them…

good moslems are only few…

most moslems are a lot…

bad moslems….?? i don’t know…

from its tree you can judge the fruits

Comment by Budiman Wicaksono

Most muslim practice syariah law? What syariah law are you talking about? Make prayer, charity, hajj etc? Of course they do. That what makes them muslim, if they don’t then what kind of muslim they are.
But if you refer to stoning or your imaginary examples such as don’t want shake hand with non-muslims what I found very strange, then they are not implemented by those ‘most muslim’. I never heard that kind of habit by muslim in Indonesia.
I know this being a non-muslim indonesian you think you have previledge to misinform your non-muslim friends about the way muslim truly are.
Anyway, about building mosque in ground zero I strongly disagree because of 11 Sept 2001 tragedy.

Comment by sayamasihbelajar

Man, i’m Indonesian, shariah law is ruining harmonious life between moslems and non moslems,

back in the ’90s when Indonesia was still pretty secular country and bad influence from Middle East (shariah law) hasn’t existed yet, my moslem friends found it was okay to shake hands to say xmas greetings, but now, it’s very rare….

i asked them why they don’t want to say xmas greetings or other religions greetings?

they say that their clerics (ustad/ulama) taught them…

man… what kind of religion is that?

teach mankind to hate others… and separate from others…

dude… that’s evil…

Comment by Budiman Wicaksono

You’re so funny Budiman…

There is only one source and roots for Moslem. Bad moslem are not exists (nobody wants to be bad…u know). ANd IF Shariah law taught us to be a bad moslem, you probably will not exist also. As the author say, there is a freedom of speech, but it is wiser if you know what you’re saying. Goes for me too…lol

Comment by rakhmat

Yeah.. what ever..

that’s the fact.. most moslem have superiority/inferiority complex

remember dude… the world is not round anymore, it is flat…what happens in other part of country can be seen in a second…

the internet, the news, showing the facts of Islam’s truly face..

have you seen the news around the net? or TV? do you live in turtle shell?

Comment by Budiman Wicaksono

ya ok, whatever too…
i’m still living in a round world by the way, in a dark giant turtle shell, with black&white television and low speed internet…yes i can see the world too…at last…that is why i know that you’re wrong…maybe me too.

One thought, if you own a very influencing media, such BBC or Reuters, with thousands of informations, you need to filter them, one of your filter might be your own opinion instead of facts, if it make a good benefit for you, you will think, why not!

That is why my friend, perhaps, just perhaps, what you saw is not really what you think its true. Perhaps, just perhaps, again, there is one huge conspiracy to filter the news before they spread to the world. I’m not the one who is too stupid to believe in the news…specially from western. sorry, i read sport section instead.

You do what you think its right. Peace.

I’m rakhmat, was, still and ever will be stay as moslem.

Comment by rakhmat

well you’re the good moslem,
like the rest of my friend..(a few good men) it’s a rare…

PEACE ^_^v

Comment by Budiman Wicaksono

Hey Rakhmat, This Blog Is Suck Always Deleting our comment, I wonder Why… ^_^

Comment by rony

well, I’m a moslem. But for build a mosque at ground zero, I don’t agree. But I to don’t agree if you are blame moslem like this. as you know maybe at America, and other country there’s so much terror with Islam in the name. But we moslem never recognize them as a part of islam movement. And when we talk about it, there’s so many terror that doing by jew/christian too, in the name of God. Like what they do in my country. But, they never preached.
well, overall i agree to say they’re crazy to build mosque at ground zero.

Comment by Khari

the objective is clear .. to conquer the US and implement Shariah .. just wait the time when people with arabic-style clothes are everywhere in the US and disturb your daily life with adhan screamed-out from mega-power loudspeaker .. the conquest of ground zero will become their ultimate symbol for global conquest.

Comment by Renee

IMAM FEISAL …. if your title book changed like this… “WHAT DO THEY BLIND AND WHEN DID THEY BLIND IT” can u answer it.

Try to recovery your intern to become a lovely act and then try to apologize to Non Moerslem people around the world and wait for Non Moeslem permittion.

Do it and you’ll get but depend on non moeslem permittion.


Comment by IMMANUEL

Comments for Khari May (there’s so many terror that doing by jew/christian too, in the name of God). But remember that only Moslem that destroys/burns other religion’s praying houses with screaming ‘God is Great’. That’s the big difference. The Jews do that because they do not want to share their ‘promised land’, Christians do that because they are lost, but the Moslems do that because it is part of the teaching.

Comment by Renee

The Promised Land (Hebrew: הארץ המובטחת‎, translit.: ha-Aretz ha-Muvtachat) is a term used to describe the land promised by God, according to the Hebrew Bible, to the Israelites. The promise is firstly made to Abraham (Genesis 15:18-21) and then renewed to his son Isaac, and to Isaac’s son Jacob (Genesis 28:13), Abraham’s grandson. The promised land was given to their descendants and was described in terms of the territory from the River of Egypt to the Euphrates river

Comment by faye

Renee, You do not make a strong enough point:

It isn’t that the Jews do not want to ‘share’ the land promised to them by God, they want to protect it and themselves from the islamic nations that would eradicate them, they are sharing their land with many Palestinians and Arabians who chose to stay behind when the Israelites were first given the land. Those people enjoy an extremely better life than any of their brethren in neighboring countries.

People calling themselves Christians have done some very evil things. Christians, not being able to study the word for themselves and learn the truth followed in the paths of immoral leaders who used Religion to justify their evil ends. Other times, people are caught up in mob fury and things happen that shouldn’t. That is true in any religion or even without religion. People get stupid when mob rule rules. When Christians let themselves get involved in evil things, it is because they are not grounded in the Word of God and have lost their connection with God if they ever had one.

Many people call themselves Christians, but they are not Christians at all. In Germany many Christian sheep stopped following Jesus Christ the Shepherd and followed Hitler, often as not to save themselves forgetting their true salvation is in Jesus.

Muslims have been a peaceful faith for a long time, but now they seem to be waking up to the words of the Koran and taking it literally (as a true Word from God, if it were, should be taken) But While the Bible tells us to love our enemies and care for our neighbors, the Koran tells its followers to kill. It is such a violent religion, that muslims kill other muslims just for having a slightly different interpretation to the faith.

That is the difference. It is no small difference! And NO, we should not allow a muslim mosque at ground zero. Only because we are a democracy do we allow one at all. Try to build a Christian Church or Jewish Synagogue any where besides Israel in the middle east.

Comment by ckoshea

As per my view, the mosque should not be built on ground zero as it will freshen the wounds of victim’s near and dear ones and entire nation.

Comment by MN

Well, guys, can’t you realize that they put us in such a dilemma? If you reject this project, then every Moslem in the world will make this as an example of how the US people hate Moslems, and they will even hate you for this. But if you approve this project, they will use it for campaigns for rising up mosques in every non-moslem countries/regions (hey, even NY people who suffered from 9/11 have such an open mind and can defeat their fear that they accept the necessity of building a Mosque in ground zero, so what are you afraid of?). And you may believe that this campaign will be told everywhere, even in small villages in far away countries.

Comment by Khan

And if we allow this, extremists muslims will take it as yet another sign of our weakness and it will be used against us. They will not take it as a sign that we hate muslims, they don’t care if we hate them, and they already hate us. They will consider it as a triumph and use it for the expansion of their religion in this nation and anywhere else. Any peaceful intelligent muslims that still exist will understand.

Comment by ckoshea

it’s, as above mentioned, a very radical and primitive interpretation of their book, wich they hold on to, just to spread belief and justify their terror.


The day that Moqsuee would be build, would be a very very sad day … I’m from Belgium and mosquees are popping up out of the ground like mushrooms. Ask yourselves this: ‘Would we be able or allowed to build a church in Marocco, Afghanistan, Iraq? I don’t think so.. So why should we allow them to build those ugly buildings in the middle of our cities and towns. Like someone posted before, there are only a few good ones who understand our rules and laws. The islam won’t stop ’till it conquered the world, it’s time to stand up and fight for our freedom of speech and freedom of living.

America, you can count on us!

Comment by Robby

I eighter don’t live in USA but the news are just unbelievable!!! Is there any respect for victims memory. How they can even market that it’s a project of peace?

Comment by Piia Lajunen

Even here in the Netherlands we consider this as an insult. Why would your government tolerate such an attack? Because that is what it is. A very slow but deliberate attack and you are giving ground away, your own soil.

Those muslims know what they are doing and they are pretty good a abusing your own laws and regulations.

There is only one thing that muslims want and that is Sharia in America.

Never stop resisting and fight for your rights to live as a free man. No Islam slavery!

Comment by Constantin

Islam is the most dangerous and illicit religion in the world…..ever since obama has become the president muslims seem to take the drivers seat in the US…..americans must realise it soon……change the government…..

Comment by rajdeep

This is to all the americans…..dont trust muslims…change the government..the president is himself a muslim………mosque at ground zero would be the begining of the destruction of US……remember muslims…they fuk their own sisters….they can never be any bodys

Comment by rajdeep

Islamists have built mosques on every site of their victory. They destroyed temples in india, sinagogues and churches in middle east and built mosques on top of them. I find this attempt as sinister as that. moslems,if you are right-thinking, stop this attempt at once. Remember onus lies of you(Mr. Khan) to show the world how you deal with non-muslims given your dismal record,it is not on common americans to show that they love you!
It will be an insult to the injuries.

Comment by BB

Have they ever helped the families of the victims in any way? These guys spread phony stories across the world about 9/11 calling it an inside job, spread lies that no jew died in 9/11(as if they would have been most happy if that would have happened). They indirectly help the perpetrators using their clouts/vote banks and never even demanded punishment for them! These guys give excuses and justification for terror attacks everywhere till date, even after so many of them claimed numerous lives. How can they ever make such a ugly demand? These extreme selfish idiots are eager to be accepted only for their personal gains, but dont show any respect for others injuries. Spread the opposition to mosque in ground zero across the world.

Comment by BB

I would like to know what super idiot has given them the
approval of this project? The whole idea is unbelievable and wrong.
When will the stupid PC Americans understand that they are dealing with the worst of the worst. The moslems just lie, cheat and try to decieve you. Their goal is to murder you and take over. Which is eactly what they are doing due to American idiots. The only thing the rag heads understand is an “eye for an eye”
Let them have their Mosque in Nevada dessert.
Capt. BJ

Comment by bjorn gadler

[11] For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie [12] and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness. 2 Thessalonians 2:11-12 (NIV)

Comment by ckoshea

No, we should not allow a mosque at Ground Zero or anywhere near it or any place of terrorist attack, ever!

Comment by ckoshea

I don’t understand why you lost your time everyone who want to destroy islam and give it a bad image in the world. Dear citizens of the world, you have to make a difference between terrorists and a muslim practicant. I think that terrorists have no knowledge to understand their religion, so that it’s non sense to them. Kill people is forbidden in islam so If they kill so they not belong to islam. I hope that people who will see my message wil understand my point of view and that will stop judge a religion that they not know it. Thank you

Comment by jay

RESPONDING: “I think that terrorists have no knowledge to understand their religion, so that it’s non sense to them. Kill people is forbidden in islam so If they kill so they not belong to islam. ”

The terrorists understand very well what is required of them according to the Koran, sirah and hadith….they have misunderstood nothing….

Comment by neveragain911

in Indonesia you will called ….SOK TAHU…= Mr. Know everything…

Comment by rakhmat

I ama a muslim living abroad America,i can not say anything about the religion of christian because i have not researched about it but what i know is it is one of the religion which GOD sends people a book and a prophet Jesus whom i love very much. God send Jesus for people, it can not be possible to say he is wrong. But God send the Muhammed (SAV) as the last prophet. I am an engineer and like reading books, i also know my religion. According to my religion, God never tell people to kill someone, attack somewhere,lie,cheat,.. like other religions. What i read above the commends was so rude and show me that people can talk something about what they know nothing about. In my country (Turkey), there are lots of church and mosquitos..When looking from a higher place, they seem wonderfull, please don not be so judging, the world needs to be live peacefully… thanx

Comment by ayy

Living peacefully is a wonderful idea that is not possible in Muslim countries. Even still today, in the 21st century, the “peace’ in muslim countries is the ‘peace’ of the conquered

Comment by neveragain911

you really are full with hatred…are you muslim? lol

Comment by rakhmat

I think neveragain911 a muslim too just like he/her describe islam… ^_^

Comment by rony

It is the end of times. It won’t be long before Islamic extremist feel comfortable and are accepted as they preach their hatred while on American soil. Can you imagine the joy and feeling of control the extremists will feel if this mosque is allowed to be built at the 9/11 site? Where are the political leaders of NY city and the rest of the world? Too busy listening and giving standing ovations to President Calderon of Mexico as he bashes the United States. What has happened to the United States?

Comment by Paul

By the way, althoug i am a muslim, i do not agree with building a mosque near ground zero. In my point of view this is an unnecessary opinion or discussion. People living in America are forced to think that muslims attacked the towers and all muslims are terrorist. This is made by their government and media. Since this is a political game, then they attacked Iraq and killed the babies,civil men and women when shopping, going to school..What i want to ask is “some of Americans think to attack Iraq and kill them, does this make all Americans killer?”Absolutely NO.If there is one innocent in a ship besides 100 killer, you can not sink a ship according to my religion.There are lots of mistakes, faults in the world and being hatred or living by hating is not the solution. What people need is to read and try to search the truths and not letting some media or government games to lead us.Making faulse does not correct the faulse. World needs LOVE and RESPECT and i think the world is too old to resist these.
Finally, this discussion, building a mosque near groundzero, is a mistake and just feels the people living there make feel more anger to ISLAM.Because they think that islam is fully about terrorism which is completely wrong. But i can not judge them because they do not know Islam, they just see some news from newspapers or prejudiced writers…
Anyway, i love people because GOD created us and tell that “noone has superiority than others by means of beauty,prosperity..You only have the superiority by means of your humanity”

Comment by ayy

Yeah! Ira that’s showing them just how intelligent and great Americans are. Just throw in a bunch of nasty language and that makes us look good!? Thank you, but no thank you, you are the last person I want representing this great country in any form.

Comment by ckoshea

We agree, ckshoea. The profanity is not appreciated by NMAGZ either…

Comment by neveragain911

Hey Owner Of This Blog. Are You Scare Or Something, by Deleting The True…???

Comment by rony

why can you spell?

Comment by john

I am really Fed up with how righteous we need to be nowadays. When will somebody in power with some balls stand up for the rest of us. I think we need to just learn to say no to some things. The family’s that all lost loved ones tragically, don’t need another slap in the face and our politicians should should not be so self concerned in a matter that should just not be allowed. Not at that site !!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by lou g

America, Canada , all Europe ….. needs a President like this- Kevin Rudd, The Prime Minister of Austraila! Here’s what he said:

Muslims who want to live under Islamic Sharia law were told on Wednesday to get out of Australia, as the government targeted radicals in a bid to head off potential terror attacks.

Separately, Howard angered some Australian Muslims on Wednesday by saying he supported spy agencies monitoring the nation’s mosques.

Quote: ‘IMMIGRANTS, NOT AUSTRALIANS, MUST ADAPT. Take It Or Leave It. I am tired of this nation worrying about whether we are offending some individual or their culture. Since the terrorist attacks on Bali , we have experienced a surge in patriotism by the majority of Australians.’

‘This culture has been developed over two centuries of struggles, trials and victories by millions of men and women who have sought freedom. We speak mainly ENGLISH, not Spanish, Lebanese, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, or any other language. Therefore, if you wish to become part of our society, Learn the Language!’

‘Most Australians believe in God. This is not some Christian, right wing, political push, but a fact, because Christian men and women, on Christian principles, founded this nation, and this is clearly documented. It is certainly appropriate to display it on the walls of our schools. If God offends you, then I suggest you consider another part of the world as your new home, because God is part of our culture.’

‘We will accept your beliefs, and will not question why. All we ask is that you accept ours, and live in harmony and peaceful enjoyment with us.’

‘This is OUR COUNTRY, OUR LAND, and OUR LIFESTYLE, and we will allow you every opportunity to enjoy all this. But once you are done complaining, whining, and griping about Our Flag, Our Pledge, Our Christian beliefs, or Our Way of Life, I highly encourage you take advantage of one other great Australian freedom, THE RIGHT TO LEAVE.’

‘If you aren’t happy here then LEAVE. We didn’t force you to come here. You asked to be here. So accept the country YOU accepted.’

Maybe if we circulate this , American citizens will find the backbone to start speaking and voicing the same truths! God Bless America and the Australians for their courage in this New World Order where anything you say becomes either racist, anti-something, rather than speaking out honest truth.

Comment by Ann

This is an old quote . If you haven’t read the SNOPES info on it. There are corrections and updates the info.

Comment by neveragain911

Personally I’d suggest that no mosque should be built anymore in no western countries, they are already in sufficient number and there is no need for further celebration. Who wants really avoid this should go walking their pig pet around ground zero, so the ground is impure and muslims cannot build their mosque.

Comment by Paola

the more I see the more I fear this religion and anyone who follows it. it stands for everything that America stands against. if all Muslims are not terrorists then why are you always “screaming” the same phrase?

Comment by john

Ali’ Imran-84. `Say: “We believe In Allah, and in what Has been revealed to us And what was revealed To Ibrahim , Ismail; Ishak, Yaakub, and the Tribes, And in (the Books) Given to Musa, Isa, And the Prophets, From their Lord: We make no distinction Between one and another Among them, and to Allah do we Bow our will (in Islam).”`

Comment by Rony

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