No Mosques At Ground Zero

(video)Huckabee: Pamela Geller on Mosque at Ground Zero
May 16, 2010, 9:46 am
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May 15, 2010

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For more on June 6, 2010 Rally at Ground Zero

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Bloomberg and his moslem friends are anti-American nuts. I say not only NO to the mosque at ground zero, but HELL NO.

Comment by John Major

This is a deliberate slap in the face from Muslims.
Their wish to dominate all other religions is well documented.
In England we have an immigrant (Yasmin Alibhai-Brown) that states “Enlish people should beware in a world that is commingwhere the East is taking over”
It is too late for my country as there are too many appeasers, but your country has a chance to turn the tide.
They will never be satisfied.
The more you give in the more they will demand.

Comment by Terry Cope

Pamela Geller hit the nail on the head.
Muslims know no boundaries because the “Free West” knows so little about the intrinsic character and incentives of Muslims.
Muslims don’t give up their attempts to dominate our culture until they are forced to stop in an unequivocal way. As it is, the West is considered cowardly and soft and a fit prey for the True Believers.

Comment by Catalin Deak

I’m moslem n I don’t agree about planning to build a mosque at ground zero, as I know as a moslem, ethically in Islam to build a sanctuary,it should be clear build on the free conflict area, n found out permission from all society around that area.
In my opinion the best solution for this is, try to dialogue to person or institution who responsible on it or dialogue with islamic organization in America. I think there is possibility to stop that planning if you talk the reason to them as you give in television.
Thanks alot,
Sincerely Yours,

Comment by dinceu

dont allow muslims to get a foothold anywhere in your society.mosques are the breeding ground for terroism,look what the have done to england and most of europe,because of appeasement,we are to tolerant of muslims,it was founded by the sword,and they continue to spread their evil by the sword.ground zero is hallowed ground

Comment by english

I bet the proposed mosque, like other existing mosques, bless the 19 hijackers (15 of whom were saudis).

As PG said, let back stabbing saudi arabia FIRST let a church be built in saudi arabia, as a “good will” gesture.

Comment by Eddie

This whole issue of a Mosque-Islam Study Center at Ground Zero is strictly about sensitivity for the victims, families, city, state and country regarding 911.September 11th is not just something that happened and we move on etc and biz as usual…it was a direct attack on USA by Islamic Extremists-terrorists-criminals..Islamic non-extremists (vast majority) should simply have sensitivity towards fellow americans of all faiths killed in 911, and not lobby their faith via the use of the 911 Ground Zero site to push their NY agenda.Can they use our USA freedom-rights etc to push their project?…we know they can, its the way our system works, happily so…should they?is the question: NO. If Islamic groups in the US don’t get this notion, it shows all they are interested is in pushing their faith and agenda, without any regard for others sensitivities re. such a despicable and cruel act.Hope Pamela Geller keeps up the fight to not allow this.

Comment by Tom

Just because it’s almost a decade since 911 doesn’t water down the pain for family, relatives,friends etc of the 911 victims.So,the terrorist might have been Islamic extremists, but still a part of Islam when you see all the cheering that went around many mainly-islamic countries on 911..I won’t forget seeing that on TV, people laughing, yelling, smiling, making fun of the US, mocking etc.Our 911 deaths are not a material nor business issue; it is strictly an issue of sensitivity,loving, passion, caring, feeling,that comes from all that were connected in a direct way (family), less direct way (friends-workers),or simply US citizens and residents that felt for their fellow men-women-children that were wiped out in such a cruel way.Its only and all about sensitivity for the loss of life(plus injured etc) and the way it happened. So are we so cold as a society that we are just going to look at 911 and say , “well, lets move as usual in NY..want to build an Islamic Study Center next to or on Ground Zero?…have the cash?…big deal about 911 guys…just build it!!.No way…we must take a firm stance against the Study Center, let them build it elsewhere, not even remotely near the Twin tower site.How dare they show such a lack of feelings towards the victims and site it happened at? A poll shouldn’t decide this..the victims families and friends should decide this…All the islamic Study Center is concerned about is their Islamic agenda…the hell with where they push it…if they were allowed to,they’d put an Islamic Study Center next to the graves and cemeteries of the 911 dead…they don’t care, they don’t have feelings…just money and lawyers and their own political-religious agenda.

Comment by Thomas V.

There is no limit on how we can be so reasonably-stupid in the USA…which is why the Islamic Center will most likely be built.They know the US system…their rights…the methods to lobby Islam etc…so, if allowed, there is no question about rights..which in this case is simply not the issue. The issue is sensitivity towards families of victims, friends and country…can this be imposed, sensitivity issues? no.Islamics (non fundamentalists and fundamentalists, extremists included)will simply look at how to achieve the Study Center-Mosque at-near Ground Zero,period…forget sensitivities and grief of families,.They are directly using (using) 911 to make their statement about Islam, not indirectly…directly.Without 911, the Center might be built anywhere…”with 911, build it on or near Ground Zero, the US will have to allow it if we get the right lawyers and lobby properly…”

Comment by Robert

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