No Mosques At Ground Zero

(video) Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf ramps up his taqiyya rhetoric….
May 15, 2010, 8:26 pm
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Fox News reports on plans for the Ground Zero mosque by the Cordoba Initiative. ” Rauf in this new video has stepped up his taqiyya rhetoric. Rauf  says,   “This project is about condemning terrorism.” (the outrage grows!)

More can be found  at Fox News>>

The 13-story mosque and cultural center will be built on the site of a four-story building that was a Burlington Coat Factory retail store until 9/11, when part of a plane’s landing gear crashed through the roof. The building, which will be razed, currently houses a mosque. The New York City Mayor’s office says “It’s private property, and the area is zoned for uses that include this one.”

Pamela Gellar, executive director of Stop Islamization of America, blasted the organization behind the plans, Cordoba Initiative, and its leader, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, saying the project is “an insulting flag of conquest of Islamic supremacism.”

Regarding the financing of the Cordoba Initiative: “… questions about the financing. [SNIP]  Imam Rauf, who’s also the founder of American Society for Muslim Advancement, ASMA, was an investor in that transaction. The balance of the $100-150 million total cost still needs to be raised, but Rauf says he’s confident it will be. Jasser says that with such a financial commitment, there needs to be full disclosure about where the money is coming from.

“There should be transparency about who those investors are,” he said, ” whether that money is coming from domestic interest or not  and if it’s coming from foreign interests we need to know  because I think that’s a liability  and it shows that there is another agenda rather than domestic security and tranquility.”

Rauf says of their  intent …. “[T]his is where we can amplify the voice of the moderates,” he says. “We have been condemning terrorism since 9/11; our voices have not been heard.” [SNIP] Burlingame says, “The idea that you would establish a religious institution that embraces the very Shariah Law that terrorists point to as their justification for what they did … to build that where almost 3,000 people died, that is an obscenity to me.  Burlingame said she plans to attend a meeting next week of the full Community Board One. She and other groups are ramping up their opposition to the project and promise to wage a long fight to defeat it.”


Dhimmitude awaits us all if we allow these lies  to go unchallenged.


MAY 25, 2010 at 6 PM- Community Board #1 will meet


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I want full disclosure of where they got 100 million!!!!

For we know that the money is dirty, as is this so called man of peace who is the spokesman for this travesty

Comment by JD

I say let it be built. Let CB1 and liberal New Yorkers learn the hard way. May Muslims take over their neighborhood, destory churches and temples, and laugh at them for having a mosque where WTC victims died. With a Muslim in the White House and most of the NY congressional delegation left-wing liberals, New Yorkers won’t ever learn until they are either blown away by bomb or thrown into the sea. And watch on Election Day how they will vote the same liberals right back into office. Don’t blame Muslims. We are
handing this country over to the enemy.

Comment by Steve

The clique of liberals who live in a cocoon of urban sophistication are cowards who believe they will always have an exit strategy. What I call craven and cowardly they call good will. Stop this mosque dead in its’s tracks

Comment by brendan ogle

Is there any way some type of petition could stop this legally from taking place??? For instance, as mentioned…where is the money coming from??? etc., etc. If so how do we get it going??? Former ambassador John Bolton said they can build it anyplace else in NYC…why do they have to build it there and that he though it was quite insensitive also

Comment by Deb Noble

There are a few petitions being circulated, but there really is very little impact these petitions can expect. We must protect ourselves through our representatives and our laws. So far that hasn’t worked. But, we must persevere in taking back our country

Comment by neveragain911

Also, this Imam wants to incorporate Sharia law into American law. He is definitely radical. These type of people will lie right through their teeth to achieve there radical agendas.

Comment by Deb Noble

Implementing Sharia Law is NOT radical…it is ISLAM

Comment by neveragain911

Thank you for replying and truthfully enlightening me. I do appreciate it and agree fully.

Comment by Deb Noble

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