No Mosques At Ground Zero

May 15, 2010, 12:42 am
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Thanks to Atlas Shrugs for the update:

Last week, the Community Board 1 finance committee, composed of 12 people, voted unanimously in support  the mosque after Imam Rauf and his wife Daisy Khan, made a presentation. No one knew about this meeting;  no public announcement was made.   The matter will now go to the full  committee (more than 40 people).  The full committee of Community Board 1 will be meeting on May 25.  WE NEED YOU ALL TO ATTEND TO VOICE YOUR OPPOSITION.

Community Board 1 has no legal authority.  Their “approval” or disapproval is in no way binding on the matter, but the media will be there and we need to send a message to Rauf, Khan and Mayor Bloomberg:  This is wrong.  This will do terrible harm to the 9/11 family community.

May 25, 2010    Community Board  #1 Monthly Meeting at 6:00 PM
Three Legged Dog Art and Technology Center
80 Greenwich Street (at Rector Street)

From Bill Doyle, 911 family member and father of the beloved Joey Doyle,

Plans have been announced to build a mega-mosque and cultural center at 45 Park Avenue, just 600 feet from the footprint of the north tower at the World Trade Center site.  The building housed the Burlington Coat Factory, which was reportedly damaged in the attacks and which has stood vacant all these years.  It’s owners sold the building to Soho Properties for $4.85 million dollars in cash.  Yes, CASH.  Soho properties CEO Sharif Al-Gamal has not identified the company’s other investors, but we know that one of them is Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, founder of the Cordoba Initiative  Rauf has ties to Gulf money and has received funding from the Malaysian government, the location of the largest Muslim population in the world.  Malaysia embraces shariah law and has separate shariah courts.  In January, three Christian churches were fire-bombed after a Catholic newspaper referred to the Christian God as “Allah.”   Rauf wrote that while this might have been legal, it was “socially inappropriate” because it upset the Muslim community, 60% of the population.   He also maintains that the Prophet Mohammed was “the world’s first feminist” and that the two biggest myths about Islam was that it promotes terrorism and that it oppresses women.  He says the prophet Mohammed was “the world’s first feminist.”  He embraces shariah law and says that it is a benign set of pious rules which are completely compatible with the U.S. Constitution.

Rauf is the imam of the Masjid Al-Farah mosque, a storefront mosque in Tribeca.  He and his wife, Daisy Khan, (executive director of the American Society for Muslim Advancement–founded by Rauf) have told the media that the mosque is needed in this location to meet the needs of the Muslim population there.  They hope to “grow the Muslim community” in lower Manhattan.  They specifically chose this site because of its proximity to ground zero.  They want to change the narrative about 9/11.  They contend that the 19 hijackers “were not Muslims.”  They believe building a mosque there would amount to “something positive” coming out of 9/11.
911 Mosque Facts Sheet:
Rauf has stated that the U.S. was complicit in the attacks because of its foreign policy which victimized Muslims.  He maintains that terrorism will not end until the U.S. brokers a peace agreement between the Palestinians and Israel and the U.S. stops humiliating Muslims.
Rauf and Khan are saying that:
–the National September 11 Memorial and Museum Foundation has endorsed the plan.  ABSOLUTELY FALSE
–Daisy Khan is an “advisor” to the National September 11 Memorial and Museum Foundation. FALSE. There is no formal relationship.
–300 Muslims were killed on 9/11.  FALSE; around 20 have been identified. The victims were never identified anywhere by religion unless families did so.  There is no evidence that 300 victims were Muslims.
–they are not building a mosque, just a prayer space and a cultural center.  FALSE (see the description of Cordoba House here;  “…the mosque…”)

The media incorrectly reported that Community Board 1 “approved” the plan at a meeting on May 5th.  In fact, the finance committee, composed of 12 people, voted unanimously in support after Rauf and Khan made a presentation.  The matter will now go to the full  committee (more than 40 people).  The full committee will be meeting on May 25.  WE NEED YOU ALL TO ATTEND TO VOICE YOUR OPPOSITION.  CB1 has no legal authority.  Their “approval” or disapproval is in no way binding on the matter, but the media will be there and we need to send a message to Rauf, Khan and Mayor Bloomberg:  this is wrong.  This will do terrible harm to the 9/11 family community.

ALSO REMEMBER: There will be a rally on June 6 at Ground Zero ( specific location soon to be announced)
Updates can be found at
Please write to Mayor Bloomberg to voice your objection to the outrage. Bloomberg is Chairman of the National September 11 Memorial Foundation and has donated some $15 million of his own money to the project, the Cordoba House.
Contact — Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, City Hall. (Write him every day!!)
PHONE 311 (or 212-NEW-YORK outside NYC)

FAX (212) 788-8123

The 12-member Financial District Committee who unanimously approved this abomination: GO HERE, BE POLITE.
And Community Board 1 Members who gave them the authority to do so: GO HERE, BE POLITE.
Fax: (212) 442-5055
49-51 Chambers Street Room 715
New York, NY 10007-1209
Noah Pfefferblit, District Manager
Michael Levine, Director of Planning and Land Use
Yume Kitasei, Community Liaison
Lucy Acevedo, Community Coordinator
Media and other links:
9/11 Families Oppose Mosque here

Rally Press Release

Facebook Group Opposed at 20,000 and counting

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WE must STOP this.. it is Islam laughing at us all.. this is the way they say we now own the USA… we can not let this happen.. if these people had peace in their hearts, they would never hurt America by doing this.. it is all a game and everyone in the US must know about this.. and shame on Bloomberg.. he sold out the ppl of NY and the country.. is he that weak?

Comment by JD

it is also in belgium. The moslims take the whole world and nobody want too see this. greetz from belgium

Comment by Patsy

what a shame! America still hasn’t understood Islam / Muslims. We have to stop this. Obama making more softer towards Muslim religious people.

Comment by uma srinivas

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the mosq on the ground zero would amount to rubbing salt on the wounds of all the families of the victims.
They were killed with the war cry of ‘alla ho akbar’ and now the same cry would be screamed at them 5 times a day with a claim that it is sound of peace !!! my friends americans…it seems that america is heading towards self destruction.

Comment by Don

Beware Americans.
Through legal illegal migration/immigration, rapidly increasing population, living out of state charity islam is all set to attack your nation fibre. Europe is fast reaching at a place of no return, you guys have got little time in your hand… utilize if fiercely or be ready to get perished. Those so called secularists would seal your fate for ever.

Comment by Don

these guys are laughing at america!!!
they r sayin “we blow up 3000 GOOD AMERICANS and we get away with it and now we building a shrine so u remember our power here”
we hav 2 stand up to it
spread the word NO MOSQUE ON GROUND ZERO

Comment by jamie

So there is actually no ‘freedom to speak’ nor ‘freedom to act’. What ashame for the greatest country who claim to be the one who honoured freedom.
9/11 itself still remains an unfinished story, some says it’s highly conspiracy theory from their own goverment.

Maybe it’ll help if they stop ‘helping’ other countries such Afgans or Iraq.

I’m Rakhmat from Indonesia, my english is poor but not my heart.

Comment by rakhmat

What do you think about Saudi Arabia? A muslim country through conquest that gives no freedom to worship to the Jews and Christians that were there before Islam. The freedoms in America is why all are here…and those freedoms are being abused not by Americans…

Comment by neveragain911

If there is no freedom to worship other religion for you is bad, than it’s bad. It’s their government anyway, at least they don’t claim to be the country with freedom.

As a moslem, building a mosque is always good, but in this case (WTC site), maybe not-really a good idea because of the sensitiveness things, but again, we still don’t know who did it( i don’t know if you know), if America still think that ‘the religion’ that did the accident, i have to say it, but i think you are wrong.

Enough with Rambo, Batman, Superman and all other man, but sending soldiers to every country sometimes is not a good solution, don’t you think? ( Or it’s correct when oil are involved). But if you must(because there are a ‘REALLY BIG’ budget to spend), send those soldiers, as many as you can to Israel, they’re the one who killed children and women, but they never be a terrorist because they’re not moslem…so funny ya.

Comment by rakhmat

I am appalled that the Mayor would even consider such a proposition as allowing a mosque to be built on Ground Zero.

Comment by Warren Revere

I’m far from New York, in Montana, but New Yorkers have had some proud moments in my memory. One was when they stopped the Ku Klux Klan from marching in the city. New Yorkers said they could March, but only if they didn’t wear their hoods. They didn’t march, of course. We cheered in the West. Another time was a month ago when I visited this great city for the first time, took my pligrimage to Ground Zero, sat in a nearby deli and watched construction workers from the site come in for their lunch, American flags proudly displayed on their hard hats, their spirit high, rebuilding as only Americans can do. It was a proud moment. We are all affected by the hatred of 9-11. Our sons and daughters are being maimed and killed. When I heard of the mosque planned for the area near Ground Zero, I couldn’t believe that anyone who believed in the American ideal could even consider such a horrific, mean-spirited gesture. It changed my mind about something, something very important. There is, in my opinion, no “moderate Muslim” only “Muslim”. New Yorkers, you must help the rest of us have a voice in this matter. We are dying and suffering also, we came to your aid and will do so again, any time, whenever needed. Rise up and strike down this hateful despicable idea.

Comment by Dennis Erickson

This is absolutely unbelievable! a muslim mosque on the site where muslims killed our people… nobody seems to understand (in this disgusting climate of political correctness) is that ALL ISLAM is RADICAL ISLAM! Read the Qa’ran or Koran or however you spell it. It instructs them to kill the infidels (us). Read it, understand where these sick, backward people are coming from. They are poisoned by their beliefs, and are on a mission to kill us and destroy our society. If you don’t believe me, READ IT FOR YOURSELF! The politically correct crowd such as Barack HUSSIEN Obama doesn’t want you to know the truth about the ABSOLUTE EVIL of Islam. Read for yourself, then form your own opinon… We *MUST* destroy ALL Islam in this country and worldwide before they destroy us!

Comment by Kyle

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