No Mosques At Ground Zero

Mayor Bloomberg, can you handle the truth?

From Atlas Shrugs : “A giant mosque planted on the site of Islamic destruction…. Sort of a  giant victory lap. Any decent American, Muslim or otherwise, wouldn’t dream of such an insult. It’s a stab in eye of America. What’s wrong with these people? Have they no heart? No soul?”

Mayor Bloomberg, “Have YOU no heart, no soul?”

You may hide but you can not run from the truth. We who support “No Mosques at Ground Zero” are duty-bound to respect and protect those who were murdered at Ground Zero and you, Mr. Mayor, should do no less, The challenge is on. America and New York will not ignore this outrage. Your move...

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Shortly (if not immediately) following the horrific events of 9/11 New Yorkers and Americans throughout this nation were displaying or saying the slogan “We will never forget”. One would see the slogan on banners, written on the back or side windows of vehicles… even T-shirts have been printed with the promise to always remember the innocent lives lost and the ones who were responsible for it. Unfortunatley it seems that Mr. Bloomberg has forgotten what horror our nation experienced that September morning. To continue to allow a mosque to be used and upgraded to a muslim cultural center in the reminiscent shadows of the Twin Towers is insensitive to the people he should be the most sensitive to. Instead Mr. Bloomberg is choosing to be more sensitive to Political Correctness and more concerned with avoiding backlash from supporters of Islam than to be in touch with the echoing crys of the vitims and the crys of today from their loved ones, friends and every American that remembers the tragic catastrophe that was brought upon America a little more than 8 years ago.

In my opinion, the very act of muslims wanting to operate a mosque (let alone upgrade it) so close to where such a tragedy occurred at the hands of their religeon does not show remorse but displays arrogance. It’s as if they view that hollowed ground as a site of victory instead of a site of tragedy. Afterall, one only has to take a look at where the money to fund their shameless project is coming from (Saudia Arabia and the Middle East in general)…it wouldn’t be surprising if the funds were drawn from the same accounts that funded the tragic events of 9/11.

In respect of the nearly 3000 lives that were lost that early September morning and in respect to the survivors, families, friends and America in general, the elected officials of New York City, the State and this nation need to “step up to the plate” and say enough is enough. They need to reflect back on September 11, 2001 and stand up and say “Never again 9/11”

Comment by Bill

Muslims died on 9/11 too.

Comment by Texan

And your point is?

Comment by neveragain911


Comment by Craig Davis

Hey Texan,

…We don’t want the mosque or the Muslims period….Would we have allowed Nazis in during WWII to destroy us and build Nazi monuments? …

Comment by Juan Valdez

The tragedy here is that our politicians like Mayor Bloomberg and the news media have not removed the blinders from their eyes or earplugs from their ears long enough to realize that dealing with the Muslim radicals on a business as usual basis will leave is with no freedom or liberty but subjugation and slavery. That’s what we will leave our children and grandchildren.

Comment by Wanda

Another example of our politicians failing us, will they never learn that appeasement does not work. We have to be strong and stand up to this evil religion (islam).

Comment by Craig Davis

India has been appeasing Muslims for ages and see what we have got in return. US especially has been shamelessly accepting money from the Middle East especially Saudi, Kuwait, Qatar and in return allowing stupidity to rule their minds.

the Americans do not care. they are trying to be politically too correct and have lost the ability to dstinguish the right from the wrong.

What is Obhama going to do next have Osama Bin Laden for the innaugration. Can u tell me what freedom you have in an Islamic country.

Sadly America is appeasing a cult not a religion

Comment by Anil Dsouza

What ever Happened with that movie “Swordfish” with John Travolta the government should watch that movie. That spot would generate how much in taxes on the property that prime area it could be used to help us in our hard times a Masque is tax exempt they don’t pay nothing that means the more of them that go up the more our our taxes go up. They don’t pay for utilities look on your electric bill they don’t pay nothing I wonder what Fridays are going to look like at congregation or at Ramadan one whole month the country needs income and yet they tax exempt properties go up so the cost comes to us well we owe them a lot of money billions I Just don’t understand America has sold out They should convert the White house in Washington DC to a Masque we are fighting for America and they are taking over what a spit in the face of American Soldiers who are fighting right now

Comment by Richie

Now they want to build a Mosque at Ground Zero in NY..Why don’t we just give them the country?
I wonder what Obama will do and say about this? Time will tell but everyone should start now to learn to speak Spanish and Arabic..Or what ever they speak.
They said that they would take America without a shot being fired, seems like it is coming true..No Mosque..Make it illegal to build any new ones in America. Keep America, America.

Comment by Keithmj

I can’t believe what has happened here. This mosque will be a place of celebration of Islam’s greatest victory in history, which was the attacks on the world trade center.
This attack is the seed of hatred that has become a cancer in Islam.

Comment by DCInfidel

i can’t believe the people of america are going to let this happen,you must get out on the streets and demonstrate. if you just sit back and do nothing they will let them build this terrorist breeding ground,lets not forget obama is a muslim is he not

Comment by ossie

Its very simple. Anywhere there is violence ona grand scale in the world, ironically there is some ties to muslims. Take cities like Bombay they have built mosques and dargahs all over the city and these places were used in the 1996 Bombay blasts to store bombs. Won’t america learn from past mistakes? Stop encouraging these people they will end up hurting you in the long run.

Comment by Ameet

I never knew the US was sold out for Middle East money. So much for electing a GOOD president at the White House.

Comment by Laughing@US

It seems that Obama would prove to be more dangerous to America than Osama.
It is the vote bank politics that is taking its toll. You Americans need to look at India. There exactly the same thing is happening. Mosques give instruction to people to vote for a particular individual and they go out and do it.
That is how united minority is ruling majority. Now you will see all these would follow – reservation to muslims in government jobs, free education and scholarship to muslims (even in madarssa), madarsa education would be treated at par with your universities, any muslim would be able to put you behind the bar just by crying that you are being partial, love jihad (wherein middle east funded well fed muslims would lure your young girls into love and sex and then would convert them and would produce 10+ children and thus would contribute towards victory of islam and much more…. act faster guys you are losing it out fast….

Comment by Don

Yes this is a cancer, very dangerous. In the name of inter-culture and Inter-faith propaganda they (Imam & party) will try to fool the people of New York in particular and America as whole and planning to implement their hidden agenda to penetrate into the straigt forward thinking Americans mind. This is a danger and to be stoped at the root level. Never allow this Imam and party to success with constructing mosque at Ground Zero. Let almighty GOD bringobstacles into imam and party to leave for ever with this hidden agenda program. What we all can do is to Cry and Pray to GOD, so that the authorities would get devine wisdom to tackle this issue in a prudent manner favourable to the request of NO MOSQUE AT GROUND ZERO movement.

Comment by Mat

Let’s add the 1,115 little pre nates miscarried after 9/11. Their fragile little bodies couldn’t tolerate the shock hormones flooding into their moms, and the Firefighters and cops, still dying, not to mention the swarm of uninsured volunteers suffering respiratory distress from helping downtown.

Yes, where you see violence you see moslems, but behind them are the war mongering bankers, cousins of Mayor Ashke-nazi Bloomberg.

Comment by Dara

Throw bottles of pigs blood on all four corners of the property. This defiles the land according to their belief.

Then go buy the book Muslim Mafia and see how deep they already are in our government.
Join “Act For America” and keep fighting!

Comment by Valerie Bransdorfer

We also recommend SIOA ” Stop The Islamization of America” at

Comment by neveragain911

Islam is a perverted religion of hate ,slavery,wife beaters,pediphiles(old men
marrying little girls)wanting women ignorant and
below the man. They are evil murdering butchers
the perform genital mutilation on young girls!!!
Sharia Law-is barbaric & sick NO MORE MUSLIMS IN THIS COUNTRY!!! Look what they have done to Europe! America fight for our FREEDOM! God Help Us All

Comment by wilma torres

I just saw Daisy Khan calling people ignorant of the muslim religion, this might fly with an american native but not with me, I was born and lived a good portion of my life in Lebanon and along side the Muslims, they are a religion of hate and intolerance, if you are not muslim you are nothing, their goal is to go back to the stone ages and worst of all, you, as a non muslim, you have no choice but to follow. It is the DUTY of a muslim to convert others to Islam and the Koran orders them to convert ” by the sword” it is an absolute disgrace to have a mosque near the site of 9/11 and I positive that it will be a center where conspiracies will be woven.

Comment by Pierre Merhej

I think that the mayor may be deaf….or at least selectively. In case that we are unable to prevent the mosques, then we need to educate the people that want to build them, such as setting parameters for these mosques…..To begin with there should be a really huge electronic bulletin board on the roof of EVERY MOSQUE that displays the message “WE ARE COMPLETELY ASHAMED OF JIHADS! SHAME ON JIHADS. WE RENOUNCE JIHADS. JIHADS ARE A DISGRACE TO THE HUMAN RACE! WE RENOUNCE TERRORISM. WE ARE TRULY SORRY AND APOLOGIZE FOR OUR VERY RUDE, HARMFUL, AGGRESSIVE AND OFFENSIVE ACTS OF VIOLENCE. There should be pictures of each of the victims in between each of these messages And there should be mandatory weekly rental fees for the huge bulletin boards and for the mosque rentals (they should only be rented as we rent trailers in a trailer park). The rental fees should be used to pay for the food, the homes, the clothing and education and for the wellbeing of the very families who have been the victimized by 911 and other Islamic terrorist attacks. ……

Comment by H

[…] I’d reconsider including the 9/11 First Responders pretty damn quick if I were you. You bought your last election, but no  amount of your ill begotten money will save you this time around. Those people are heroes – more than that they are FAMILY – and this is a landmark Anniversary, complete with the unveiling of parts of the Memorial. Yet there you sit making rationalizations and excuses. Pathetic. Shame on you, Sir!! Have you no soul? […]

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[…] I’d reconsider including the 9/11 First Responders pretty damn quick if I were you. You bought your last election, but no amount of your ill begotten money will save you this time around. Those people are heroes – more than that they are FAMILY – and this is a landmark Anniversary, complete with the unveiling of parts of the Memorial. Yet there you sit making rationalizations and excuses. Pathetic. Shame on you, Sir!! Have you no soul? […]

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